Well, it started out as a great Sunday, a few chapters in the 1599 Geneva Bible, working in my shop, filling the bird feeders, washing my car, green tea and sunshine in my favorite chair, chatting with my San Antonio friend….all while noticing there were actually no ChemTrails today in the sky over Nashville.  I found IRENE to have coasted away into a Listened to some old Pink Floyd and Segovia while teaching the neighbor’s kids a bit about whittling and bird watching.  I am thankful.

Here we go with the week before what seems to be a celebratory week leading up to 9/11.  Why do we celebrate 3,000+ catastrophic  deaths?  The cementing of our Police State is something to be celebrated?  Why is it that we are on the 10th year post 9/11 and we STILL do not get anything but half-truths and rhetoric?  National Geographic aired the 9/11 Tribute show on tonite which literally made me puke.  And I had made such a great beef, bean, carrot, onion, squash, and guacamole burrito with black beans and rice, some homemade salsa topped off with a frosty-chilled Corona w/lime.  I then also put myself thru the “Geo W Bush 9/11 Interview” on the same channel.  Why do I put myself thru this stuff…..WHY?  I do such things so that I am prepared to carry on an intelligent debunking conversation about the Truth of 9/11 this week to someone who may spout some untruths from that show back at me.!!  THAT’s why I do it!  ..for the same reason that I watch CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or NBC on rare occasion.



I am a True Patriot. ….would have it no other way and will spend the rest of my life gaining the knowledge needed in order to fill the bill.  What I do not enjoy is having to spend quality time in order to stay adrift of the disinfo that is spouted by the privileged neocons, elected supposed civil servants, and MSM talking heads to all of the sheeple that are more concerned today of the New Orleans vs. Oakland football game or the Mtv show “I Just Want My Pants Back” than they are in the $16T debt we have or the $3T we have given to Israel in the last decade.  Bush talked of how “sorrowing it was” for him to look out over the “homeland” that day and see all of the chaos and pain.  He talked of how he had to “build his composure in order to comfort America while he was also hiding his offensive feelings.”  “I couldn’t sleep, thinking about the day, thinking about the next day…..” …”I grabbed Laura, Barney and Spot (dogs), and my 45…we headed to the bunker.”….”I had a hard time sleeping that night”. “The next day it was a, uh, um, ugly scene, I decided I was gonna shake everybody’s hand. I found a palpable blood lust coming from the workers on the scene” ……… WELL JUST CRY ME A RIVER, WILL YA?  WE AMERICANS REALLY HATED RUINING YOUR SLEEP THAT NIGHT!…AND WE TRULY HATED RUINING YOUR DAY!….

NO, President BUSH didn’t once mention that his Daddy had been meeting with the Bin Laden Family AT THE WHITE HOUSE, the very same morning!  He did not ONCE mention that he knew that Cheney was in total control of the deceptive operations going on that very minute!.  He talked of “thugs” killing Americans on our own soil……did he mean the FDA or the ATF….?? He is such an idiot that he even said, “I didn’t have a strategy, I was living day-by-day!”  ….and to think that I voted for this guy.…WOW-that was another lifetime ago.  Sheeple actually watched that show and were probably feeling sad for this lying elitist ass.  Well, I will say one thing for our people, at least we instill enough fear into our government so as we aren’t put to death in mass graves by the tens of thousands, as what happened in Iraq by Saddam.  We do have some who cower to authority but. by GOD, they are the minority.

We must be vigilant in our awakening of others.  We must be fervent in our own quest for TRUTH.  We must be aware of the propaganda that others are being exposed to in order to counter-info the propaganda that others are aware of.  After all, you guys, we can’t ALWAYS be talking to the choir, ya know?  The shit is so deep that I carry my boots with me to use at the quickest of moments!  It is time to share websites, email addresses, DVDs, printed handouts.  It is time to get out of our comfort zones …. “talk the talk” & “walk the walk” to those who have not seen our DVDs, our YouTube channels, our blogs, our books.  There are 14 months of ACTION ahead of us.


RON PAUL 2012!



6 comments to !WAKE UP SOME PEOPLE!

  • People like me need to read articles like this even though you are not saying anything that we (like-minded people like us) do not already know whether consciously or unconsciously. It reminds us that we are not alone and this further inspires people like me to expand on our own ideas that we’ve had for years but weren’t fully motivated to get fully mobilized. Well between sharing on sites like this I’ve committed to awaken at least 3 people per week face-to-face as well as further motivate people in my network.

    Time is short, but it is still plentiful. The sheeple are ready to listen to us. We just have to, as you said, know our enemies even better than we know ourselves so we know how to defeat them by pointing out the absurdities and moral bankruptcy of their lines of thinking.

  • @Conspiracy girl:
    You are correct. “Ipsa scientia potestas est”
    Those who can make you believe absurdities,
    can make you commit atrocities.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Paul Prichard

    he even said, “I didn’t have a strategy, I was living day-by-day!“
    A guy who is president and admits to not having a strategy ?
    What utter incompetence.

  • Ben

    You’re a better man that I am Planet. I have given up that call. I have reams of emails, text messages and plenty of interpersonal interactions claiming my foolishness. I have washed my hands of it. I am helping the people in my SG and people that are close to me. That is it. As you all of stated, time is getting shrot, I gave it my best shot and I am willing to pay the piper when my name is drawn. That is the choice I have made for myself. Perhaps I may change my tune when calamity strikes. And if those people come knocking, they will get a heaping helping of “I tried to tell you”.

    Best of luck.

  • lastmanstanding

    how/where can i find out more about hw meeting with the bin ladens?

  • @lastmanstanding
    Here’s a start: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4874421830690006054
    ///although the DVD is what you need to get… here.. http://coreofcorruption.com/FilmTrailers/tabid/493/Default.aspx

    “Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito” -Virgil
    “Ipsa scientia potestas est”

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