Operation False Flag: A Modern Primer

Definition: When governments or organizations (usually connected to the former) stage highly sophisticated attacks on their own or foreign soil with the purpose of placing the blame on a desirable enemy foreign or domestic, one who has otherwise done no wrong. Essentially a setup, it provides the government entity with an excuse via fabricated evidence in complicity with media to fulfill its various agendas (i.e. war or law making).

As false flag operations gain further ground and frequency, the better you know their history, the sooner you can recognize when they are about to happen or as they occur.

It is a fact that essentially every single war since the Spanish-American War of 1898 has included the use of a false flag operation as an excuse to enter into conflict. The lies have become uncovered after the fact, too late to prevent mass death and destruction.

As practically the only anti-war candidate, Ron Paul recently pointed out such a fact to the other puppet candidates during a debate. The other candidates are heartily calling for World War III which could possibly destroy the planet by dressing up an Iranian invasion, whereas Paul points out that the Iraq war (which has massacred over one million Iraqis) was based on an utter and complete fabricated lie.

Obviously, upon discovery of such a lie, the only logical conclusion would be to end the war and persecute the liars. However, the true controllers of this media-complicit false flag operation merely replaced the lie with another more pliable excuse to fool the fluoride-head public, such as the Truman-Johnson-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-(Clinton) Doctrine of “spreading freedom and democracy” to countries fighting against communism, I mean, terrorism.

15 February 1898, Cuba, USS Maine (260 dead Americans; 15,000+ war casualties)

Event: The explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor.

Fact: The US sensationalist media and government lied, blamed it on Spain and began a “splendid little war” on a false pretext. Spain was later exonerated and “faulty” explosives or ammunition were officially blamed.

The 1962 Pentagon Operation Northwoods document, rejected by Kennedy, planned to commit similar acts, deliberately blowing up ships, and expending the lives of their own soldiers and civilians in order to provide an excuse for Cuban invasion. The report went on to detail how the terror attacks and false flag operation would be dubbed in the media as a “Remember the Maine” event. This would lead one to allude that the strategists are suggesting the USS Maine incident itself was a false flag operation.


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7 May 1917, Irish coast, Lusitania (1,198 dead)

Event: The deliberate sending of a passenger ship by British and American authorities to certain death in German patrolled water, leading to the eventual sinking of the ship by German submarines.

Fact: Despite the Germans having put out newspaper advertisements as warning and it being known that any trespassing ship would be destroyed, instead of saving lives, the Anglo-American governments deliberately assisted in the massacre of hundreds of innocent lives in order to provide a pretext for entrance into the Great War for Civilization, more commonly known as World War I.


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27 February 1933, Germany, Reichstag Burning

Event: Complete burning down of the German state Reichstag building.

Fact: A month after Hitler took power, the government building burned down and served as an excuse to pass an Enabling Act which annulled the constitution and made him dictator. Furthermore, Germany created an enemy out of the communists to use as fear for population control and eventual foreign aggression.


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31 August 1939, Upper Silesia, Germany, Gleiwitz Incident

Event: German soldiers, dressed as Polish, attack a German radio station. They kill a dozen Polish prisoners and claim them as the culprits.

Fact: Provided pretext for the invasion of Poland and beyond.


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7 December 1941, Hawaii, Pearl Harbor

Event:  Attack of US Naval base by Japanese forces.

Fact: The attacks were brought on by the U.S. itself via careful execution of set goals. These included the armament of Japans enemies, cut-off of energy supplies and port access closure. At the very least, the Federal Government knew of the coming attack having decoded messages and instead of warning the Hawaiian naval base, deliberately kept them as sitting ducks to be massacred. This was used as an official excuse for the U.S. to enter into World War II.


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1946, Cold War

Event: The concoction of a grand mythological metanarrative dialectic on a global scale between the two countries of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. by George Kennan and Paul Nitze, among others.

Motive: Establish national security state, provide excuse for development of military-industrial-complex and allow for lebensraum, the expansion of Anglo-American economic “breathing” or “vital space”.

“Following proclamation of the Truman Doctrine, a creation of Secretary of State Dean Acheson, the Administration’s propaganda apparatus tried to drum up popular support for their Cold War against the ‘evil, Godless’ communists in the Soviet Union. They believed that they could win popular voter support for huge increases in Federal defense spending by ‘scaring the hell out of America,’ as one of Truman’s advisors put it –perhaps by engendering a ‘war scare to deceive the nation.’” (Engdahl)


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25 June 1950, Korean War

Event: The air raid attack and initial provocation of North Korea by the South followed by an all out war. The first use of a global police force (UN) with the US supporting the South and the Sino-Soviets supporting the North.

Fact: “A war to ‘defend’ South Korea had many attractions. First it would indirectly implicate the Soviet Union as the main supporter of the North Korean regime of communist Kim il Sung. Second, the Rockefellers and the Dulles brothers and their business associates had poured huge investments into South Korea.”

“June 25, 1950, the world received the shocking report from South Korea that the North Korean Army had launched a major invasion of the south. The reports were conflicting however. American historian John Gunther, then traveling in Japan with General MacArthur, provided this first-hand account of an aide to the US General: ‘The south Koreans have attacked the north!’” (Engdahl)


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15 August 1953, Iran, Operation Ajax

Event: CIA and British intelligence stage terror attacks to overthrow a peaceful and democratic Iran, even after Prime Minister Mossadegh successful argues the Iranian case in a world court. They steal their petroleum and replace the regime with a dictatorship, setting up the SAVAK secret police with the assistance of the Israeli Mossad, which is then used for torture and domestic repression.


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17 April 1961, Cuba, Bay of Pigs

Event: The CIA run and failed invasion of Cuba.

Fact: The CIA designed the invasion in order to put President Kennedy between a rock and a hard place, potentially forced to escalate into a full scale invasion and war. Peacemaker JFK was able to maneuver out of the predicament.


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13 March 1962, Pentagon, Operation Northwoods

Event: Plan approved by Joint Chiefs of Staff to kill American citizens, stage terror attacks and destroy remote controlled aircraft among other incidents, to be blamed on Cuba.

Fact: In the vein of the USS Maine and Bay of Pigs, to provide a pretext for a Cuban war. Vetoed by Kennedy, followed by his subsequent assassination.


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22 November 1963: Dallas, Assassination of JFK

Event: The assassination of peacemaking President John F. Kennedy.

Fact: Lee Harvey Oswald had been dressed up as communist patsy. The subsequent President Lyndon Johnson escalated the Vietnam War, being fought against the “Communist World Revolution” and the “Domino Effect.” JFK had planned to pull out of Vietnam. After having been setup by the CIA on numerous occasions, JFK wanted to scatter the agency to the wind, breaking it into a thousand pieces. Besides having confronted powerful business interests (i.e. US Steel), he issued executive orders allowing the US Treasury to issue currency redeemable in silver, United States Notes, not Federal Reserve Notes.


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4 August 1964: Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin

Event: Non-existent, falsely propagated attack of North Vietnamese ship having attacked USS Maddox.

Fact: Declassified files and McNamara himself reveal that the incident was a clear false flag operation. The Vietnamese had not attacked the US, but the case was made for one. LBJ promptly issued the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which took the US to war, enriching the military-industrial-complex, opening up the economies of Third World countries for exploitation and furthering the Cold War narrative.


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8 June 1967: International Waters outside of Israel, USS Liberty

Event: Under the orders of President Johnson to completely sink the ship with crew on board, Israel executes the attacks which last for hours. It was to be blamed on Egypt to serve as a pretext for entry into the Middle Eastern war theatre. Russian reconnaissance saved the day.


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Terrorstorm (2007)

4 April 1968: Memphis, Tennessee, Assassination of MLK

Event: Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. by US Government, blamed on James Earl Ray.

Fact: MLK had been under total surveillance and deemed a threat by the government. A 1999 King family court case found Earl Ray innocent and agencies of the US Government GUILTY of killing the preacher and agent of social change.


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Cold War Era to Present, Operation Gladio

Event: The staging and execution of terror attacks: from gunning down grocery shoppers and explosions in public squares, to assassination of heads of state.

Motives: Create a “strategy  of tension” as a pretext for draconian laws, continue the Cold War narrative and blame communists.


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1977: Stockholm, UN Conference, The Great Global Warming Swindle

Event: Maurice Strong establishes the political agenda of Green Global Governance, later to be codified at the 1992 Rio Summit as “climate change” and promoted by high priest Al Gore first as “global warming,” then as “climate change” and then suggested by some as “global climate disruption.”

Former Soviet Premier jumps on the bandwagon with his Green Cross and call for an “Earth Charter,” testifying to Patrick Wood’s (co-founder, Greenpeace) declaration that the communists have taken over the “green” movement. John Holdren in his 1970’s Ecoscience textbook calls for a “planetary regime” with the power of forced sterilization, working with co-author Paul Ehrlich, who advocates mass extermination.

Motives: To establish world government based on the false scare of man-made global warming and the false science propagated by corrupt scientists, from NASA to the CRU in East Anglia University to the UN and its IPCC. To micromanagement every aspect of human life, with a focus on depopulation and the eradication of the majority of mankind.

Fact: The polar bears are actually increasing! The polar bear propagandists are being investigated for corruption! CO2 is not a pollutant but a basic building block of life! CO2 follows temperature rise by hundreds of years! The greenhouse gas theory is fraudulent! The climate scientists in Australia and New Zealand, in legal terms, admitted their lying and guilt by destroying evidence in what became known as Kiwigate and Australiagate! Add on to that Polarbeargate, Climategate, NASAGate and any others I’ve missed, you’re in for a party!

(See here for a further list)


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The Great Global Warming Swindle
Climate Depot
I Love My CO2
Science & Public Policy
Slaying the Sky Dragon
Watts Up With That?

2 August 1990: Iraq, Operation Desert Storm

Event: U.S. telling Iraq they would have no problem with an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, then using Hussein’s invasion as an excuse to invade Iraq. U.S. lying to Saudi Arabia in regards to massive Iraqi troop alignment along borders as excuse to send in military. U.S. having Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter trained by Hollywood acting company to lie about Iraqi’s killing babies. Etc, etc.

Motives: Entrance into “Gulf War” theatre, natural resources, the start of a “new world order”, Saddam’s threats to stop using US dollars for trade, Project for a New Middle East, military-industrial-complex, etc, etc.


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26 February 1993: New York, World Trade Center

Event: Rental van explosion in public parking garage of World Trade Center, blamed on Muslim patsy who was provided explosives by FBI.

Motives: Provide pretext for establishment of domestic dictatorship and demonization of Muslim “terrorists” to forward mythological “Global War on Terror” narrative.


“CBS News – FBI Foreknowledge of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.” YouTube. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9p1AnhDzWg>.

19 April 1995: Oklahoma City

Event: Bombing of government building via explosives in van and within building itself. Blamed solely on one man (Timothy McVeigh), completely disregarding structurally placed explosives and eyewitness accounts.

Motives: Provide pretext for establishment of domestic dictatorship and demonization of domestic extremist “terrorists.”


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11 September, 2001: New York

Event: Staged terror attacks in vein of 1962’s Operation Northwoods, apparently planned under the Clinton Administration, executed under Bush Administration, covered up by Obama.

Motives: Establishment of domestic (and global) dictatorship, pretext for Global War and demonization of anyone and everyone.

Fact: Government military drills gone live!


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9/11 Truth

7 July 2005, London Bombings (52 dead, 700+ injured)

Event: Train bombing by four “homegrown” Islamic extremists.

Motive: Continue the GWOT narrative, expand foreign presence, increase domestic police state measures, population control by fear.

Fact: Government military drills gone live!


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Ludicrous Diversion
Mind the Gap

2007, Cheney’s Iranian Navy Seals

Event:  Plan to dress up US Navy Seals as Iranian military, attack fellow US Military.

Motives: Pretext for entering Persian war theatre.


Shakir, Faiz. “EXCLUSIVE: To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them.” Think Progress. 31 July 2008. <http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2008/07/31/26940/cheney-proposal-for-iran-war>.

14 November, 2008, Germany, BND False Flag Operation

Event: German intelligence caught letting off explosives.


Watson, Paul J. “German Intelligence Agents Caught Staging False Flag Terror.” Prison Planet.com. 24 Nov. 2008. <http://www.prisonplanet.com/german-intelligence-agents-caught-staging-false-flag-terror.html>.

26 November 2008, Mumbai Attacks

Event: Coordinated city-wide attacks killed 164.

Fact: Western intelligence agent directed attacks!


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25 December 2009, Detroit, Underwear Bomber

Event: Young passport-less Nigerian man is somehow let on to a plane by a mysterious well-dressed Indian man (per witnesses), despite being on a terror watchlist and with authorities having been warned ahead of time by his concerned father.

Motives: Continue false “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) narrative. Provide excuse for the continued expansion of TSA and DHS powers and domestic security and surveillance grid. Increase funding, etc.


Tarpley, Webster. “State Department Admits: Detroit Christmas Bomber Was Deliberately Allowed to Keep US Entry Visa, Board His Flight.” TARPLEY.net. 10 Feb. 2010. <http://tarpley.net/2010/02/11/state-department-admits-detroit-christmas-bomber-was-deliberately-allowed-to-keep-us-entry-visa-board-his-flight>.
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2 May 2011: The Nine Lives of Osama bin Laden

Event: CIA asset Osama bin Laden announced dead ten years after the fact.


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2010-11: Operation Fast & Furious

Event: Direct selling of weapons by US Government to Mexican drug cartels. US Government oversight of drug traffic into U.S.

Motives: Annul 2nd Amendment, incite violence as pretext for US intervention and provide pretext for “common security” integration for future North American Union (i.e. Plan Merida, US-CAN Common Security Perimeter, etc.).


Farago, Robert. “FARAGO: Was CIA behind Operation Fast and Furious?” Washington Times. 11 Aug. 2011. <http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/11/was-cia-behind-operation-fast-and-furious>.
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Codrea, David. “Source Claims ATF’s Tampa SAC Walked Guns to Honduras.” Examiner. 6 July 2011. <http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-national/breaking-news-source-claims-atf-s-tampa-sac-walked-guns-to-honduras>.

22 July, 2011: Oslo, Norway: Anders Breivik

Event: The massacre of civilians via bombing and shooting by a right-wing domestic extremist blue-eyed caucasian Norwegian. Another instance of where a police and military drill went live, this time only twenty-six minutes after the drill had ended.

Motives: Continue a “strategy of tension” in the vein of Gladio. Shift narrative from left-wing and Muslim extremist to right-wing domestic populace, essentially broadening the suspect spectrum to now include anyone and everyone. The perfect pretext for the rendition and unwarranted arrest of any individual regardless of evidence or racial profile.

Fact: Government military drills gone live.


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This is rather a brief list and much more could be added. Certainly they are not limited to the US-centered network but apply also to that of the Russians, Israelis and other entities.

Studying the conspiratorial and realistic view of history may tend to make one view nearly every event as a larger “conspiracy.” Given the nature of the degenerates in power, that is unfortunately pretty much the case.

However, facts should objectively be checked and events weighed before mindlessly declaring them part of a systemic conspiracy. By their very nature these events fit the dictionary description of a conspiracy regardless, whether part of a small group of discontents or the systemic dark forces behind deep events, well detailed by Professor Peter Dale Scott. Let us pray these dark forces spare countless lives by foregoing any vile plans they may have for the tenth anniversary of their New York false flag operation.

Essential Documentaries:

Terrorstorm, 9/11: In Plane Sight, Loose Change, Core of Corruption, Fabled Enemies, 7/7: The Ripple Effect, The New American Century, Operation Gladio (BBC), Kill the Messenger: Sibel Edmonds

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    Terrific compilation, Number Six. Great name, too. For a few more Reichstag fires throughout history, consider this article at WhatReallyHappened. (It was reprinted massively, with and without credit, so you might have seen it already.)

  • Hi Fiber

    Awesome article man, really ties together alot of whats out there in a single thread. I would add the Miami 7, the Portland Somali, and those crack heads in Brooklyn that the FBI gave fake bazookas to the list of false flags. Even the “threats” against Letterman and Southpark were from the notoriously fake “Revolution Muslim” group, a bunch of Brooklyn “converts” like Joseph Cohen and Zachary Chesser pretending to be jihadis. Any ethnic Muslim or recent immigrant with a group and website like that would have been gitmoed in a New York minute.

  • Matt

    Great information all compiled into one post. Will make it much easier to share

  • GREAT post…I will certainly be sending a link to this one across to some of my numb-nuts acquaintances who can’t seem to even sit through a “Core of Corruption” DVD! THNX, you spent some time on this.

  • Wow this is a great compilation. Keep them coming….now I’m really getting motivated to finish some of my own writings seeing how being around all of these great minds is a truly humbling exercise :)

  • Jeff

    I am in agreement with about 80% of these.

    I am just not buying the whole “Global warming” is a ploy to enslve us all bullshit.

    I am just as cynical and awake as anyone…but come on. I think that many of you who deny that man has any effect on our climate is first, underestimating the influence that billions of tons of CO2 and hydrocarbon emissions can have on an atmostphere over the course of 150 years and second…that there is really on ONE side who has massive financial interests at stake in this arguement. (guess which one? – hint, it ain’t that douche AL Gore – hahaha)

    I am more mistrustful of TPTB than anyone I know – but this is just one of those issues that I don’t see how any sensible person can not see through and know which side is right – if only because of the fact of how violently opposed to any new emissions regulations the oil, gas, goal, utilities and chemical corporaitons are – that right there tells me that whatever they are against…is probably the “right” thing – that type of thinking had pretty much proven itself right over and over and over again since the beginning of civilized man – whoever the monied interests are against….had “right” on their side.

    So….I’m with you on the Tonkin Gulf, Pearl Harbor, Reichstag / 9-11 fires, Kennedy, M.L.K, Iraq….and think we are already living in a Orwellian nightmare (of which most people are totally unaware) – but I just ain’t buying the global warming as a ploy to implement the NWO bullshit your selling – it just don’t make any sense for the rich people to fuck up a good think they got going….

  • If you read their own documents, from Club of Rome, Report from Iron Mountain, to the UN to other scientific reports, you WILL realize the fraud. If you haven’t been passionate and curious enough to do the time researching these facts and dry reports, well, then there is nothing I can say to convince you.

    What about the medieval warm period 1000 years ago where it was hotter with more CO2, with less than 1 billion people and no industry?!

    What about the fact that CO2 in itself is so miniscule it is irrelevant? Or that it is a building block of life?

    I do believe we are destroying our environment through pollution, but that is another matter, not what these guys are talking about (i.e. CO2).

    What about the countless fraud? They faked the “hockey stick”. They faked the warming data, they admitted it. They take data from only 62% of the weather stations in hotter areas and leave out the colder ones. I can go on and on…they’ve been caught destroying their evidence in Australia/NZ court, proving they were lying about it.

    I’ll leave you with the latest CERN experiment which finds the sun the primary cause for warming: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100102296/sun-causes-climate-change-shock

    How does Piers Corbyn accurately forecast the weather using solely lunar and solar data, weeks and months in advance, completely disregarding CO2 data? I’ve purchased his reports and verified, simply incredible, far outshines the MET office or anyone else.

  • James Woroble Jr

    9/11 US Military Drills, The Fear of a Repeat False-Flag

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    You Can Feel and See the Fear

    Here we are, 11 days away from the 10th anniversary of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and you can almost see the fear in the air.
    To help pull off the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, the American traitors were aiding their Israeli back-stabbing counterparts by holding numerous military drills on that day,….

    Some even claim there were 46 military drills held on that fateful day. Whatever the real number, it’s easy to see that the Neocon and Zionist butchers behind 9/11 made sure there was so many military drills taking place on 9/11 that it would add to the confusion and help them provide cover to their FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.



  • James Woroble Jr

    Secret Recording: 9/11 Effects Wearing Off, Need Another Attack – Rumsfeld


  • trudy

    If Michael Crichton had lived to write a follow-up to State of Fear, the plotline might well have gone like this: at a top secret, state of the art laboratory in Switzerland, scientists finally discover the true cause of “global warming”. It’s the sun, stupid. More specifically – as the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark has long postulated – it’s the result of cosmic rays which act as a seed for cloud formation. THIS IS FOR JEFF who still seems to think
    co2 “causes” global warming. He should keep up with CERN science.

  • novipazaarboy

    One night in Feb. 1996 I picked up L. Fletcher Prouty’s book “JFK, The CIA, Vietnam” from the library. I was going to walk home, seeing it was only 5 blocks away, but I decided to go into the tavern across the street and have a few beers. I sat down next to an older man, who was a regular there. He was part owner of a local family-run publishing company; mainly printing local weekly newspapers, shoppers guides and farm papers.
    He saw the book and started talking about how he served in the Navy near the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964. He proceeded to tell me about how him and other sailors threw dead bodies of Vietnamese people dressed in navy uniforms into the water, preparing for the Gulf of Tonkin activity. He spoke in such a matter-of-fact tone, which he often did, that I had no reason to disbelieve him. He basically went on to say that most of what the government does is pretty much smoke & mirrors.

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