3 more drills

As you might have noticed by now, I am trying to keep things simple and ordered. Here’s another bulleted post that may be entertaining or educational, you decide:

  1. When alone, act as if you are in public. When in public, act as if you are alone.
    There should be no difference.
    Plan for every private word you say to become public at the most unforeseen moment, in the most unexpected context.
  2. Process 4 scenarios for every bit of information that enters your brain:
    • what if it is true
    • what if it is false
    • what if it is a 1,000 times smaller
    • what if it is a 1,000 times bigger
  3. Imagine yourself naked in a crowded square.
    If the idea makes you uncomfortable, there’s work to do. Dig into yourself, kill some sacred cows. Keep erasing the idea of you owing anyone anything until being naked in the street does not bother you.

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