Silver is the Investment N-word, II – How to Invest in a Scary Economy

I was intrigued by the idea that CNN Money would admit the U.S. economy is a giant pile of steaming s#!t on their front page weekend article titled, “How to invest in a scary economy.”

Without wasting any time, the opening line had me barfing with disappointment, “Our listless recovery has run into a series of obstacles lately — a double dip in housing prices, dismal job growth, a downbeat consumer, and budget debacles on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Are you f&cking kidding me?

What recovery?

If CNN Money was aiming for honest reporting, the opening line would have read, “Our epically prison raped economy, which jumped off a cliff in 2007, continues to smash its skull and guts on the way down all over spiked boulders – namely, skyrocketing housing inventory levels which have further imploded housing prices off their 2010 dead cat bounce high, unemployment rates so shocking that fast food job applications rise to the ratio of 1,000 to one position available, depressed westerners sulk away from buying stuff they didn’t need with money they never had to impress people they will never meet, and the efforts to expand Rothschild’s war of terror on the backs of the formally socially secured enrages the masses on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Bottom line, I was suckered into yet another worthless mainstream appraisal of our economy and witness to their shameless paper asset selling points. Of course prefaced by, “Can MONEY guarantee you a winning ride? Of course not. Focusing on the wall, though, is rarely a good idea, no matter how bumpy the road is.”

Really, a disclaimer that CNN Money doesn’t know s#!t. Big f&cking surprise. Every last one of these “we have the answer” propaganda pieces is laced with, “Yah, this is actually all just bulls#!t to sell you stocks/bonds in/of companies/governments that either own or advertise with CNN, Money or their affiliates.”

After washing themselves from accountability, CNN Money named their hot ten paper assets to do well in uncertain times. Just for fun, I looked at the historical price data over the last ten years. I have a severe biased against paper assets, so I avoided data before the “Tech Bubble” burst in March, 2000, which would have only further skewed (in my favor) the results of testing my hypothesis that “CNN Money issued s#!tty investment advice, yet again.”

Starting from a pseudo-bottom, post tech bubble, I tailed the year-on-year prices at January, plus the August 1st, pre-debt ceiling debacle price and the recent price of CNN Money’s top tier paper assets.

First up, General Electric (GE) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY). Both have been deadbeat losers for more than decade. During both boom and bust cycles, these two paper assets have proved to be sewage runoff.

Next up, Harbor Bond (HABDX), Franklin Utilities A (FKUTX), iShares MSCI Germany (EWG), and iShares Dow Jones U.S. Industrial (IYJ). From start to finish, 2001 to now, these four picks have at least retained their value plus a small gain. Considering the tumultuous ACTUAL inflation rate (see ShadowStats) over the last decade, these origami clowns failed to carry their purchasing power. Also considering CNN Money’s goal to find fiat gems that can rough out poor economic conditions, these origami clowns made me cry. Look at the severe price loss from 2008 to 2009:

The following three CNN Money recommendations – Vanguard Energy (VDE), iShares S&P Global Consumer Staples Sector Index Fund (KXI), Vanguard Emerging Markets (VWO) – don’t have ten years of data. So here is their lame decent since 2008:

Nine down the toilet; one floater. T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Stock (PRMSX) appreciated nicely over the late ten years, but was slaughtered during the Economic Panic of 2008 and still hasn’t recovered that high. So CNN Money, what is so comforting about a 60% drop during a “scary economy”?

Not only were CNN Money’s top ten hot ones criminally embarrassing, this fiat worship pornography NEVER mentioned gold or silver:

Nuff said.

If CNN Money isn’t laughing at all you paper asset investors, as they preach smoking an empty glass bowl to get high, than I will – hahahaha – all the way to the vault.

Silver is the Investment N-word and I scream it everyday at everyone,

Sean Edward C.


PS: Listening to Imaad Wasif. His music always inspires the nonconformist devil to spring out of me and dance all over the keyboard.



7 comments to Silver is the Investment N-word, II – How to Invest in a Scary Economy

  • Golden

    Yep, Went out and bought 9 kgs of silver yesterday

  • Ben


    Great work Vox.

    Facts are stubborn critters ain’t they?

  • Silverfox

    Vox, you’re spot on and worth your weight in GOLD!. . . Thank you for your work. We will use this to continue to TRY to wake up the walking dead. Keep stacking.

  • Rick Toland

    Great article! Love your expletive sarcasm too. Siver and Gold, like the old Burl Ives tune from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer will be the big hit over the forseeable future and if the Dollar no longer holds the title as the world’s reserve currency, they will go even higher. There isn’t even enough paper on a dollar to wipe your A$$…

  • Andy in the UK

    Have you factored into your figures inflation? If not the share price decrease will actually be even worse!

  • MPB

    Outstanding Truth – Excellent work Vox! No real surprise I am sure to anyone on this site but, isn’t it truly sad how many likely believed and took CNN’s advice. Keep Stacking.

  • c0rundum

    Hilarious, and accurate. If it wasn’t so funny I’d be crying.

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