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  • Good video! I do believe we are approaching the event horizon for silver which will arrive sometime in the September- December time frame. 2012 is the paradigm shift that the elite have been dreading and that the world has been waiting for for the last 5000 years. This is an economic war and the banksters know 2012, the fiscal year, begins October 1st and not January 1st, like the sheeple think. The system will fall before the public ever knows what hit them and they won’t have time to prepare. Stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. Get out of paper and into silver before it is too late! Markets trade on technicals and emotions. When the fundamentals finally assert themselves in a major uptrend supercycle bull market like gold and silver are in now, then it is too late and there is no time to act. Five years early is better than five minutes late. Good luck and God bless!

  • HappyCamper


    “the fiscal year, begins October 1st and not January 1st, like the sheeple think”
    Are you basing this on the Mayan or Hindu calendars? According to the Hindu Calendar this year its October 26th (Diwali, is when most small businesses nowadays in India close their books).

  • lastmanstanding

    I just finished watching the video…kudos to you SS.

    Everyday, I look around in my travels. Look deep, but simply into everything.

    The earth has ALL of the answers…she can harm you or she can provide for you if you adapt to her moods.

    I watch people that don’t have a fucking clue wander around aimlessly…I can perdict with absolute certainty how they will react if/when a major event occurs.

    Occasionally I go grocery shopping with my wife. I imagine the full shelves raped of their wares…What will people do when they can buy a complete meal in a box or go to the mailbox to pick up their govt. subsidy?

    So my point…why would something/anything that comes out of the earth NOT be of value? You live on the earth and you were given a brain…use it.

    “The laws of nature are the laws of God, whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth” founding father George Mason. That includes the politicians and bankers.

    I will continue to take the risk of using fiat and reinvesting it in earthly items…keep stacking and God bless all of you.

  • Nate

    Chris, I am just finishing module 10 and there you talk a lot about there being a time where you will want to divest yourself of silver and get into other assets and even paper; things that will provide a passive recurring income. I thought however, more recently that I have heard you saying you will NEVER sell your silver, only use it as collateral. Was it a change in mentality since the modules were created, or am I misunderstanding what you meant?

  • Sid

    Check this out. On the audio link below Rick Santelli, a Floor Reporter from CNBC, has this to say about the COMEX tinkering with margins. You can find this quote on the audio broadcast around 3:30. The question I have is…Does anyone know where to get the transparent program that demonstrates the algorithms by which the margins are raised? Apparently, according to him, people in the business have this program. The problem is…not too many Longs have the program.

    BA-Barry Armstrong, Host of Lunch Money on WRKO
    RS-Rick Santelli, Floor Reporter on CNBC

    BA: You know last week I was hoping to catch up with you because we watched the CME the Chicago Mercantile exchange raise the margin requirements for gold pretty significant. I think they raised them by about 27% Rick and I thought the bottom and I thought that gold was going to do what Silver did in the Spring and it didn’t happen.

    RS: No it didn’t happen and you bring up some excellent points as always Barry. You know the notion of raising or sometimes lowering margins has reached almost a conspiratorial level among many arm chair investors and even the investment class themselves and I want to at least clear that up.

    Exchanges don’t tinker with margins.

    BA: ya

    RS: What they do is they have algorithms that are written and pretty transparent and programs that can be easily gotten by people in the business. Their goal is much more simple and it’s not very conspiratorial at all. Their notion is they need to hold on to the investor’s money, a certain amount of it, to absolutely make sure that at the end of the trading day, or various increments that sub divide the trading day…they have enough money for the worst case scenario of the market movement associated with where that money is going. So in the case of gold, raising margins is more of a function of how crazy the market gets…how big the ranges get, the volatility in the options markets… because unlike the credit crisis where we learned that many regulators like the Bank of New York.. the federal reserve side of the equation… they weren’t really doing their job as regulators

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