Police State Roundup: 15 Reasons Why I Choose Not to Live in the USSA

I left the United Soviet States of Amerika (USSA) five years ago and never looked back. Upon discovering that government forces executed what I learned was a “false flag operation” (thank you Loose Change), that the economy was one giant Ponzi scheme (thank you G. Edward Griffin) and that there truly did exist a movement for totalitarian world government mirroring Biblical depictions (thank you Alex Jones), I figured I had some soul-searching to do.

I have long been dismayed at the barrage of totalitarian news coming out of Fascistan. Sometimes, in the chaos of “third world” countries where I tend to reside, you actually have more freedom because the typical “first world” police state laws either don’t exist or nobody bothers to follow them. You can slip through the cracks. Heck, I’d driven a car for years without the correct papers.

Here, we are allowed to sell candy, puppies or hamburgers on the side of pretty much any street, authorities would likely agree with you that 9/11 was an inside job, and so forth. The free-market stimulates growth while collectivist government destroys pretty much anything it touches.

Sure, the USSA is not unique, but what was once the spearhead of freedom has become the spearhead of tyranny, and nobody got the memo.

My fellow fluoride-head citizen and Platonic cave-dweller, I give thanks. Without you, none of this would have been possible. While those of us thoughtful and careful enough to read countless tomes and research endless laws and events, you continually deride us. For some of you there is yet hope.

In the land of freedom, the following is a dish served hot.

As a citizen of the USSA:

1) I am no longer guaranteed the right to private property.

Authorities may arrive upon my sovereign territory unannounced, without proper paperwork and force me to demolish my own home before being shooed off the premise. (Not to mention that citizens must pay thousands of dollars in annual feudal fees known as “property taxes”. In many other “third world” countries, the fee is so miniscule I shall not even mention it).

Source #1

2) I am no longer guaranteed the right to sell lemonade for 10 cents,

even on my own property. (Oh yeah, that’s right I forgot, private property doesn’t exist).

Source #2, 2a

3) I can no longer, never mind sell, consume my own food products.

Source #3, 3a

4) I can no longer feed the homeless

(with the food I am not allowed to produce or sell).

Source #4

5) I can no longer BE homeless.

Source #5

6) I am no longer allowed exercise of my so-called rights to publicly record audio or video

(i.e. of police) from the safety of my own property (which I am not allowed to own).

Source #6

7) I am no longer guaranteed the right to own a business.

Source #7

8 ) I can no longer safely use a cell phone on a street corner without being mauled by authorities.

Source #8

9) I can no longer paint in the open air.

Source #9

10) I can no longer travel freely without authority sticking its hands down my pants.

Source #10, 10a

11) My child can no longer freely ride a bicycle.

Source #11

12) I can no longer freely drive a car without the FBI tracking me.

Source #12

13) I can no longer make jokes in public.

Source #13

14) I can no longer hand out eternal salvation.

Source #14

15) I can no longer believe the truth

(i.e. Ron Paul is our political savior, the New World Order is real, etc.)

Source #15, 15a, 15b

Having said that, the reality is that soon there will be no place to hide (as I once personally thanked G. Edward Griffin over lunch, for penning those thoughts decades ago; mind-boggling the places and characters one can wind up with, truth truly is stranger than fiction!).

I’ve been blessed to traverse the high plains of Central Asia, the majestic seaside of the Mediterranean and the chaos of Latin America. The fog of creeping fascism has spread far and wide, its global media and indoctrination systems spreading rapidly.

For those that claim it unpatriotic to expatriate, here is a musing on that. The same might say that it is unpatriotic to question 9/11 or endless wars of death and destruction. Kind of ironic, what did the forefathers do when they faced persecution? They fled to new lands to live as free men. It is important to fight for freedom, wherever you are. Remember, they don’t call it a “Global War on Freedom” (GWOF) for nothing. We can all take daily stabs at the beast.

There are two (2) basic options:

1) Stand and fight:

2) Expatriate and fight.

Both will be needed in time of crisis. Some need to go down the well, others need to hold the rope. Godspeed.

“The death-machine ain’t slowing down, it’s gaining pound for pound.”

First posted to Global Governance Archive.

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  • I expatriate and fight. We are like the Jedi…left to exile from the evil Empire….to return and fight another day when our soul searching is over and we have our own armies that will show said Empire of bankers and other criminals who really runs this world and has the truth as well as the backing of the people behind us.

    Amazing how truth parallels fiction.

  • lastmanstanding

    The founders fought for freedom here…as will I.

  • twisted titan


  • The Old Man

    Sometimes a head to head fight is the answer, sometimes a fighting retreat is the answer, sometimes the avoidance of any contact with the enemy is the answer, sometimes complete withdrawl to regroup and resupply is the answer, but sometimes the fight is best faught from inside the system – unseen and undetected.

    Over the decades I have been fortunate, no, priviliged and honoured, to see one or two so called ‘5th columnists’ at work. These are the real ‘elite’ of our population – brave people have chosen to sacrifice everything – and I do mean everything – in order to become part of ‘the system’, to get inside, to obtain key positions, to guide, to influence in positive ways, to change in positive ways, to ‘frustrate the grandest of plans’, and to eventually stop the cogs that feed the engine which moves ‘the machine’.

    I bear witness that real and enduring change has to come from within.

    I salute those who choose to stay and fight from the inside, those brave people who to all intents and purposes (and under the closest of scrutiny) appear to be part of the problem – yet who work tirelessly and at at great personal risk, and personal cost. Those who sacrafice, willingly, the life they could have for the greater good – to do the right thing. Those whos names we are unlikely ever to know. These men and women, few in each generation, are our best hope of real, lasting, and positive change.

    I salute those who choose to stay and fight the good fight – from inside the belly of the beast.

  • I agree. A friend once related to me the metaphor, where its like a commando unit. Each has their own role to play. The cannon fodder, the tank, the sniper, the commando behind enemy lines, the strategist, etc.

    I had always loved to be one of the commandos behind enemy lines as you have described, but each to his own personality. I could never be able to stand such corruption to get to that point, so I go with the more immediate approach, regardless of consequences.

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” MLK

  • TJ

    You’re not welcome back buddy! I hope you will learn to stand and fight when it comes to your new home.

  • Number Six

    Homes holmes. You probably have never lived abroad, whereas I have my whole life. When your “home” is everywhere and nowhere, and you broaden your horizon (because you never truly understand your own culture until you have stepped outside of it), then we can chat.

  • John

    Your a complete FOOL if you think one man can save this Republic!!! Ron Paul can not do a damn thing by himself. The system is tooooo powerful.

    The NWO/Elitist have been planning this destruction by design for too long to allow any one to come along and destroy it.

    On the note that Ron Paul could possibly do anything…maybe you should look up the words “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”. Yes, that is unfortunately what Ron Paul is.

    Listen here as Ron Paul says that it’s “RIDICULOUS” to think that the US Government had anything to do with 911. He says he does not understand why people go to the “EXTREME to make a BIG DEAL of 911″…


  • Dan

    My Dad and sons served this country in combat, I couldnt because of health I fa iled the physical, and when I look around and see whats happening after all the energy I put into this country, Im pissed, I spent 30 years traveling all over this country painting trying to make this place look better and didnt do it for the money, it was there but that wa’nt the reason. Now I look around and all I see is delaminating structures, its a cring shame. But I think Ill hold the line, its easy to run, I worked to hard on this place. Gods Speed brothers…

  • Backwoods Philosopher

    A little over six years ago as I was doing some Bible prophecy research online, I began to read more and more about the deception and the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in the Biblical last days. As a Christian, I had more than one time read through the entire New Testament, but this time my study took me a little deeper. I asked God to give me wisdom about what is going on in this world and to give me understanding. He answered my prayers. In my research on and offline, I kept digging a little deeper, even into history, and found out that the American government has been extremely corrupt for a very, very long time. A lot of the patriotic flag-waving that we see on the news is nothing but a coverup for the mass propaganda that has inundated this society

    Let’s face it……this particular economic and political climate did not start yesterday. There have been “devils” at the top of the ladder for many years. We talk about not having property rights today. Let’s not forget the famous and horrible “Trail of Tears”, as thousands of Native Americans were run off of their land in Georgia and sent to Oklahoma. Thousands of Indians died and many were terribly mistreated. Imagine someone walking up to your door and telling you that you must go…….. or else……or else you’re raped…….or else you die.

    Let’s not forget how many black people were held as slaves and mistreated. The landed gentry have been mistreating the sharecroppers for generations……and they’re still mistreating those at the bottom of the economic scale. Let’s not forget the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s not forget the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations, the Civil War, the infiltration of Nazis into our government after World War II……and the list goes on. This corruption has been going on for a very long time. Let’s face it, our country’s beginnings have not been all sweetness and light. Of course, the history books will white-wash and dress it up for History class, but the truth still remains. Even our voting process has been so tainted with corruption, that it’s almost a waste of gasoline to go to the polls.

    So, to those who expatriate…….God Bless You. To those who stay…….God Bless You and God Help Us All. God and Family Come First. For too long, America has worshipped the golden calf of materialism and has kneeled at the feet of idolatry. It’s all about money, power, materialism or sex. The lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life have literally destroyed any remnant of moral fabric that might have been in place. When people put more trust in their gadgets and anti-depressants than they do in God and freedom, well…….. it’s just a matter of time. Remember, the truth will set you free…….

  • Gareth

    Excellent article.

    I’d leave my homeland, England, if I could convince enough of my family to relocate. Alas, I cannot, so I shall stand and fight from here – Ghandi style as we’ve no guns!!

    Everyone has to ‘walk their own path’; you need to calm down, son.

  • @TJ

    I don’t understand your premise. Stand and fight who? Your American neighbors (or roving gangs) who are not prepared to do anything other than crash your perimeter 24 hours per day as the real criminals cower underground in their COG bunkers?

    Number Six is right. Some of us know that being an “American” or “home” has nothing to do within living within defined borders. Being an American, as the Founders intended, is an IDEA…or an IDEAL. There is nothing more patriotic than spreading our American ideals to people of ANYWHERE who are ready to listen.

    The real battle will be when the “elites” emerge to try to clamp down on those of us who did manage to survive the zombie hordes. And that’s why the true warriors, male or female, know that it means nothing to win a battle by “standing and fighting”. Running away to regroup is what George Washington did over and over again. You win a WAR by PERSISTANCE. And the best odds of persisting is to relocate where your odds of survival are the best. And being in the belly of the beast is a roll of loaded dice.

    Someday you will be thankful that there is a calvary out there who didn’t walk into the lion’s den.

  • Mandojim

    This is heavy duty stuff. So real and to the point. We are living in a time that is on the verge of a reality never before experienced in our history. Maybe something similar in the days of Noah?

  • Neo

    i love conspiracy girl. need to find 5 like her to have a dozen children each with

  • @Neo – you are sweet :)

    There are many ladies like me out there…you just need to wake us up like a good man did to me several years ago…my father :)

  • kevin

    has anyone here considered option three? do not fight. how can one fight against fiction? it is not real,have you all forgotten this is just a figment of collective imagination? can you take the step to cease standing under paper idols and serving a lie? it really can be that simple. no fight, no acknowledgement. you are as free as you wish to be, the end is present from the beginning.

    just an opinion.

    • Silver Shield

      I think the most effective way to win is through non violent, non compliance.

      The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield is based off of that principle.

      Starve the system of your capital and talents.

      We do not need to destroy the system, we simply need to stop holding it up.

  • first last

    hay story writer, public notice! how can i grade your mental illness? you miss the only point of this state of satanism?

    when men cast off the God of creation and embrace sodomy only one conclusion?

    10,000 degree fires to follow. this world is about to burn death will seem like a sought out pleasure cuz what is on the dawn of distruction is everlasting torcher pain torment torcher with out end all sinners will burn in hell then a lake of fire and sulfer.

    you can read of the end of satan and his kids in the books of the holy word. so be it!

  • Super

    Normally, this is the last thing I would say but… It is better to leave the country while you still can.
    It is pointless trying to fight because we have already lost. It is too late for that now. I have been watching this unfold for a long time now and we are in the ‘end game’. I don’t believe in fighting a battle you cannot win.

    But where to go ? That is a difficult question.

  • Warmblood

    Everyone has their God given role to play, whether here or abroad.

  • SteveBabylon

    Hey Number 6 (That would be Mr. McGoohan, right?) ..what do you think of the Philippines? Ready to jump this sinking ship, I don’t need to be waving someone else’s flag. I agree with a previous poster and have said it in those words: Being American is an IDEA, but this seems to be lost on those who will not fully open their eyes to present realities.

  • John Taylor

    I too am like minded. If you have the wearwithall to leave then by all means do it. I have tried for years to wake people up and the power of television is hard to overcome. At some point you have to give up and leave.
    The further away you get from home the more like minded people you will find. In my own experience I tried Panama and found 95% of ex-pats still believe in the future of America. I then tried Uruguay and everyone sees the future as grim.

  • @SteveBabylon

    McGoohan it is! I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I would think it a good place to go, depending on exact geographic location and other variables. I have a fellow American who spends time between Phillipines and States (his wife being from over there).

    What I probably should have disclosed in the post was that I have lived most of my life overseas (though a natural-born American) and as a mobile nomad, have a choice as to where I can lay my head.

    Another thing is that when the US Government officially dubs “you and/or members of your family disloyal citizens” (like it has me), well, I don’t need extra paranoia in my life.

    You can hear kristalnacht a ‘comin, and the few Jews that had the foresight under Hitler’s reign, well, they got out of dodge.

  • TJ

    That’s right. Because unlike yourself I actually claim a homeland. I trace my ancestry to American Revolutionary war veterans on both sides.

    When your home is everywhere and nowhere, you have no home. You have nothing meaningful but your own fleeting whims. You have no loyalty to anything but your immediate person and ideological abstractions.

    Those that are tied to their homeland, do not appreciate rootless egotists imposing themselves on them.

    You are not entitled to residence amongst nations that belong to others. One does not need to dwell amongst foreign cultures to understand and appreciate them. In Southron culture, few things are as shameful as a deserter. But perhaps you never were one of us.

    This is my country, this is my family, this is my heritage. My God-given blood and my soil. I fight here.

    >Homes holmes. You probably have never lived abroad, whereas I have my whole life. >When your “home” is everywhere and nowhere, and you broaden your horizon (because >you never truly understand your own culture until you have stepped outside of it), >then we can chat.

  • @TJ

    Nobody is imposing their will on you. All we ask is that you understand our decision to choose. The following is my own personal observation based on experience, so please bear with me…but it is my understanding that those who are quick to draw conclusions about our long-term intent do so not because they don’t trust us…but rather because they do not trust themselves if tempted by the thought of true and total freedom from bondage or control.

    The only thing that we can truly claim as our own only exists as long as someone else cannot take it from us by force. So again, if you choose to stay and “fight”, more power to you since in a war there must be soldiers at every level. But at the same time I hope you keep in mind that we have not abandoned you and we understand how you feel, even if we don’t agree at an individual level.

    If people like myself and Number 6 truly didn’t care about you or abandoned you in some self-serving way, we wouldn’t take the time to share our knowledge and experiences here. I don’t need to do this…posting here as do others like me since it only draws unwanted attention to us from malevolent forces that cannot keep tabs on us since we are no longer part of their “matrix”…but they still fear us since we have the education, resources, and intelligence to really stage a resistance in the future. Again, watch Star Wars 4-6 and really take a hard look at the message.

    If Obi-wan and Yoda had stuck around, they never would have been able to teach Luke, Han Solo, Leia, and everyone else how to overcome what was otherwise an impossible battle from the perspective of those planets who had to face the Death Star straight up.

    So again, we are not the ones you have to worry about. We support your decision. But at the same time we are trying to warn you of what is coming so that you will be able to hold your ground against the very people who you thought that were your neighbors…and your people. Your people are those like-minded individuals who see the bigger picture.

    So we thank you for sticking around. But at the same time, I hope you won’t mind people like us who will be the ones who help you clean up the mess after all of the carnage has played itself out. Like it or not, you WILL need our help later.

  • b-lock

    Repent Amerika (especially Christians). Turn from your evil ways. The curses of Deuteronomy and leviticus are upon our land. We are reaping the seeds of destruction that have been sewn for decades, no, for a hundred years. fifty million slaughtered babies yanked from the mother’s womb and flushed right down the toilet. God’s creation, innocent blood that will be accounted for. We have no place to run, ultimately. The New World Order is up the road, brothers. Curses coming to all countries. God will judge all peoples. Soon, very soon, I believe.
    It’s time to pay the piper. Unequal weights and measures. Pornography. Lust of all kinds. Perpetual war. Murder of millions, born and unborn. Little time is left. Collapse is coming. Prepare. Brace yourselves. We are headed for ugly times.
    This will be for many years. We will never see America as it once was.
    We have reached critical mass. Too many parasites in our land. We are the Rome of our day. The zombies are deaf, dumb and blind. They all support the system with their votes. The politicals have sold out and will never do what is need ed to right things. It must collapse before the rebuiling begins. Many must be removed.
    In the old testament God told the Jews to clean the slate of the promised land. Why? Because the land was so corrupted that the people had to be wiped out. There are too many of us who believe in the welfare state to turn back the tide.
    Over $200 trillion in debt. It will not, can not be paid. Impossible. Job base destroyed.
    I will fight in my own way. I will not give up or give in. I’m in it for the long haul. May God be with us in these days.

  • I’ve heard it a thousand times. Our forefathers fought the revolutionary war and won. Because they shot the bloody british by ambush. This is false. The French aided the Americans and it was as big as the British therefore it was the revolutionaries that barely tipped the scales of the balance of powers.

    Today there is no helper to fight against the US dictatorship. None. The America of my youth is gone forever to be nothing but a province of the United Nations.

    There is no getting away from it either. No matter how far you run the economic system will be globalized and all the laws will come out of the United Nations. Everyone will eat dirt like the Haitians. That’s the future. Either God will destroy this old demonic system or we, and our children, will live in a never ending dark ages, there are no alternatives.

  • This is why I have set up my own self-contained hydroponic vegetables and fish pond system. It is powered by solar, wind, and hydro power. I also have exchange barter deal systems where I’ve taught my neighbors how to be self-sufficient and defend our community should the need arise. Whatever we do not need, we sell at other organic markets. The people here in the Philippines will not tolerate a crack down on our barter based economy. The masses depend on it to survive.

    So while there may be truly no place to run, there are ways to unite the people by covertly educating them to be self-sufficient. I have people who work for me who make $10 per day and are very happy. I also have people who work with/for me who make $150 per day since they have been able to set up their own system similar to mine. The ability to earn is based on your ability to work and to organize.

    One does not need the fiat system to survive and even thrive. To make it happen one must discard all of their preconceived notions with respect to minimum standards and political correctness. Once the free market has truly taken hold of a community, the only way a foreign power can win is to completely wipe it off the map.

    Again, history has clearly shown that the ability to persist is the key. This is why no foreign country has been able to invade and maintain their hold on Afghanistan. There are warlords within Afghanistan who are “untouchable” since the US/UN forces know that to take them on is a losing proposition.

    In other words, one can stand up to a bully and the bully will back down…as long as you have enough people who share your ideals and will defend them to the death. Good luck finding that in the average American suburb or subdivision. Most people in the States these days barely even know their next door neighbor, so I can see how most Americans cannot fathom how resistance is possible elsewhere in the world.

    As Number 6 said, the only way that you can truly understand your own culture, for better or worse is to live outside of it for an extended period of time. Only then will you understand the strengths of what it means to be an American….as well as the depressing realities of just how weak and soft the average American is today.

    And yes, if you cannot fathom living on $10 per day, then you are indeed one of those who will not survive what is coming…since the only way that the USA will hit a bottom to where it can grow again is after people learn to live on $2-10 per day in the USA. Mark my words, this is coming, like it or not. But once you learn to live on $2 per day, it is only then when you will learn how to work together to start to build true wealth by investing the other $8 that you will earn in sustainable living.

    This is the reality of what is coming. The only way to beat the coming system is to learn to accept temporary pain…and then build a new system without dependence on banks or governments. Once we show TPTB that we do not need them, they will be powerless to stop humanity from ridding itself of the parasite class forever.

  • Christopher

    A good article might be made on a list of the freest places to live and why.

  • Raimundo

    I beg your pardon Sir but there is a point not covered.Guns! Private owned weapons.
    Taking that in account don´t ever consider coming to Brazil, because here we are living a nightmare concerning the use and ownership of firearms.
    If you think this IS an important issue, then the choices where to go became pretty slim.I think Americans still retain certain rights, God given if you allow,that people in most countries can´t even dream of.
    Regards, Raimundo

  • Number 6

    The final thought I will give to the arrogant Americans, who have never left their country, blindly and in idolatrous manner worship at the temple of country, is that as a Christian, we are in the world, but not of it. We owe sovereign allegiance to God and not nation. Many of the founders were Freemasons of varying degree and the supreme being of that sect is Lucifer.

    I was actually discussing this the other day with my pastor, whether the children in his orphanage should pledge allegiance to their flag. We kind of both decided it was a sham, meant to keep us in our place. Sure, I feel ties to the nation of my blood (not the USA) and as well as the nation I was born (the USA), and perhaps one day I will return when the time is right.

    Right now however, I am trying to do God’ work and that can be done anywhere and everywhere.

    Take a page from the Machine Gun Preacher: http://www.machinegunpreacher.org

    Are you going to call him un-American?

  • TJ

    It is you who are arrogant, claiming to do God’s work. The true nation is the nation of blood. In fact, your first use of the word “nation” is a perversion of the word.

    Blood is Inherent in the definition of the word “nation”.

    Definition of NATION
    a (1) : nationality 5a (2) : a politically organized nationality (3) : a non-Jewish nationality b : a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government c : a territorial division containing a body of people of one or more nationalities and usually characterized by relatively large size and independent status
    archaic : group, aggregation
    : a tribe or federation of tribes (as of American Indians)
    See nation defined for English-language learners »
    See nation defined for kids »


    Middle English nacioun, from Anglo-French naciun, from Latin nation-, natio birth, race, nation, from nasci to be born; akin to Latin gignere to beget — more at kin
    First Known Use: 14th century

    Whatever your nation is, it is not America. spare us your pulpit theatrics. God created the nations. What you are describing is Babel.

    Matt 9:16 What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  • @TJ

    And the problem with nation is the cancer that is politics. Politics is a symptom of a terminal cancer that is known as government. Government is the abomination that is the modern nation-state.

    As states(wo)men we can be immune from politics. But one does not require a state to lead a virtuous life.

    So as an American I will defend and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But I will never pledge allegiance to any flag.

    So will you choose to live as a free sovereign human being as the Constitution and Bill of Rights declares, or will you be a creature that is a slave to the State?

    The choice is yours to take the red or the blue pill. I took my pill years ago and I don’t regret it one bit nor will I apologize for it.

  • And don’t forget TJ, I am your girlfriend, your wife, your sister, and your mother rolled into one. It is women like me who truly understand what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote that piece of paper that the average American wipes their ass with today every time they whine for this or that. William Cooper was totally right. Now I see why some of these fake patriots hate Bill Cooper so much…because he ALWAYS told the truth.

    So you had better recognize what us alpha females REALLY think but we rarely grow enough to say it. You had better learn to show some respect to the females that brought you into this world and shelve that self-rightous man-made control system bullshit.

    Please my young souled brother. I beg you to hear our words. We need each other more than you know.

  • And I also have a secret stash of guns….a BIG one…and I know how to use them…so BEHAVE :)

  • yoyo

    I am so totally in love with conspiracy girl!!!:)

    Go CG!!

    Too bad there aren’t more of you around. The toughest, most intelligent woman I have ever read.

  • Old Hippie

    As a descendant of men and women who settled this land in the 1600’s, seeking religious liberty, I am both proud of this country and ashamed of the performance of those charged with governing this country.

    Every damn crisis that comes along (which is actually an event engineered into a crisis) is grabbed by some group of political hacks and turned into an opportunity to seize more power and create more intrusive laws, starting at least with World War I and the sinking of the Lusitania. They capitalize on the emotional effect of certain events, and as a result much of our tax money and legislation is a result of emotional appeal, rather than a review of relevant data.

    Now the actions of Congress resemble those of a magician, distracting us with some attention-grabbing headline while the real action takes place outside of our awareness in closed-door Ways and Means committee meetings. Suddenly, Voila! Billions more are being spent, on war efforts, on meaningless “jobs” programs, on housing programs, and on and on and on ad nauseum. Every time they pass these kinds of bills, they authorize the spending of vast sums of money, which comes from our pockets, with no discernible positive effects. The real net effect is that super-large corporations, i.e. big banks, agri-business, major pharmaceuticals, weapons and munitions manufacturers, and government employees are the only beneficiaries.

    It’s as if the whole system is designed to return us all to a state of feudalism, wherein a very select few sit on thrones of gold in marble halls while the rest of us scrape to get by and feed and house our families.

    Is opting-out the best way to fight such corruption? Hard to say. Our vote has no real substantive effect. Between Bush and Kerry, we were still faced with choosing between two skull-and-bones Yale graduates. Every presidential election is a choice of lesser evils, and each new office-holder seems to bow to a higher authority who hides in the shadows, pulls strings, and collects vast sums of TARP money.

  • Number 6

    Like Silver Shield says, starve the beast; by going into self-imposed exile (for however long) some of us do not comply with the system and already in one fashion fight against it.

    I will go one further and comment on all those who fled to the “new world,” would they be considered cowards for not making their stand in Europe?

    I am willing to die like my ancestors, who died not for political beliefs but for the cause of Christ. They had stakes pulled up through their anus to their shoulders, evading critical organs and left to die for not converting to Islam. I’ve decided to choose my battles, however, I also remain involved politically albeit to slightly lesser degree.

  • @Silver Shield

    Your wish is granted :) It’s not what I wrote earlier or had in mind…but I thought it was appropriate to write up a crash course on connecting the dots with respect to all of the info that is heavily documented and known to most of us…but never really put together without several 2 hour documentaries by different conspiracy researchers. William Cooper was the first to put this together for me in my mind. Alex Jones does a version of it, but he is still nowhere as polished as William Cooper. On a scale of 1-10, William Cooper is a 9.5 (nobody is perfect) with Alex Jones at about a 6….most others of their genre are about the same or below with respect to their skills as a showman. Alex Jones is the best fear-monger with respect to entertainment value while everyone else is bland by comparison…so their rating suffers, but not by much. William Cooper was skilled due to his incredible command of the English language that was always logical and to the point. Alex Jones, by comparison fumbles, blubbers, and says annoying faux pas such as “could care less” (it’s COULDN’T care less…argghhh annoying :) ), and rambles on and on in repeating himself to drive his point home. Therefore he caters to a much broader audience ranging from those who tolerate him (me) to those who think he is a demi-god, and then finally those who hate him because, frankly, that’s what leftists as well as those others with sociopathic tendencies. This is why William Cooper was assassinated…since he had over 10 million listeners by the time of his death and probably would have up to 50-100 million worldwide daily at this point…a number that would dwarf all other radio hosts combined. Other great researchers that allowed me to connect these dots (Jones is given my credit for his ability to connect dots and research also) goes to G. Edward Griffin, Webster Tarpley, Catherine Austin Fitts, Alan Watt, Noam Chomsky, and several others that I am forgetting off the top of my head.

  • Sheeple Herder

    Molon Labe MFER’s!

  • erwin

    To Conspiracy girl! Greetings also from the Philippines where I chose to reside since 2003.My credid to you and since we both live here, how about starting to talk and maybe get together one day, i,m living in Angeles City ( and not in those bars!)and would dearly love to talk to someone like you who knows what,s really going on! Best wishes Erwin wegscheidl@yahoo.com

  • Its time we started an underground…or many of them as did France and others in WW2…u cant fight govt in the open like Rome…you’d be wiped out…guerilla wars are coming and are only way. Freedom ain’t free.

  • What?s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & assist other users like its helped me. Great job.

  • Ron

    The amusing part of this article is it points out the amazing amount of fear people would rather experience over fighting to gain their rights back. Why wasn’t the Patriot Act shut down? Because people didn’t fight to have it nullified. That’s pretty well when all of this started.

    By the way, if you expatriate, that means you’re running away, and therefore have no further interest in helping the country out. So what happens when the country you’re in now falls down the same hole? You run away again, and again, and again. It’s apt you used the word “hide”. If Usanians had more backbone, they’d have the system changed back to the way THEY want it.

    As a Canadian, I have no problems stepping up to authorities who don’t know their rights and responsibilities. NONE. I’ve evicted police from properties twice in the past (Vancouver Police, no less), and have challenged them on other occasions when they’ve had their collective heads up their respective posteriors.

    Why? Because I, like few others, fight for what’s good for humanity.

    I hold less sympathy for Usanians than I do contempt.

    (People like Alex Jones are selling fear instead of solutions. Jones isn’t the only businessman people look up to, is he?)

    Some final notes:

    2) I am no longer guaranteed the right to sell lemonade for 10 cents,

    Selling lemonade without the proper permits? Lemonade stands were useful decades ago, but nowadays the population is larger and you have more creeps on the streets as a result. Without proper facilities to keep products clean, anyone could sekritly dump a little something nasty in the lemonade (whether or not they’re related to those selling the drinks). If any of the RAGBRAI cyclists had contracted something evil from the lemonade, who pays the legal costs? The city, Abby and her dad. It’s a nice gesture on the part of the lemonade vendors, but they didn’t do their homework before erecting the stand, and now have a reason to complain

    I’ll throw the word “ignorance” in here just for the heck of it.

    3) I can no longer, never mind sell, consume my own food products.

    Selling or distributing unpasteurised milk across state lines is clearly against the rules. If you don’t like these rules, work to change them. If you’re outvoted, deal with it. (Or run away to a country that’s more “free”.)

    9) I can no longer paint in the open air.

    Wow, now you’re really laying it on, aren’t you? If Schaefer was painting a bunch of ducks in a pond, would he have been questioned? No. However, since the Usanian media has people (officers and citizens alike) in a regular state of fear, people like Alex can now look forward to seeing some repercussions for their pieces.

    (Besides, this is free advertising for Alex. I’m betting, if he’s got any business sense, he appreciates the irony of this situation.)

    14) I can no longer hand out eternal salvation.

    YES YOU CAN. Holick was giving out bibles at a Muslim mosque. Churches are businesses. Business owners and reps are free to have anyone evicted that they wish. These laws have existed for many, many years.

    Why didn’t this joker hang out on a street corner outside of the mosque, off of the property, to do his business? Because he was trying to stifle Muslim beliefs and traditions in a country that is striving to get over the Muslim hysteria caused by 9/11.

    I’m glad Holick was convicted. The guy’s got a load of hatred waiting to be unleashed on the masses. He should have his own YouTube channel just to cement his position as a religious crackpot.

    (Note: The link you provided for point 8 is out of date. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/25/denver-police-officers-in_n_840811.html is probably what you’re looking for, though, judging from the supplied video image.

    So, as it stands, ask yourself, reader, whether you’re happy with the system as it is, or you’re willing to change it. Any other option has no purpose other than that of self-victimisation. Zero.

  • Ron

    To Conspiracy Girl: Kudos. You’re one of the few who realise that the people are more important than the systems, and encourage people to run the systems rather than allow the systems to be self-governing. That totally kicks butt. I’m havin’ a drink in your honour, now. 😉

  • Number Six


    Actually, I’ve had friends personally kicked off the streets in California for preaching the Word of God while the cops left the Hare Krishna’s alone.

    The point of the article was to describe the “state of the union” today. For the last time, this has nothing to do with running away. Most of my life I’ve lived outside of the USSA, with more than one nationality. If anything, going to the US would be “running away.”

    You miss the whole point of the lemonade stand, we should be allowed to set up without a permit. I’ve lived in countries where they can do it and life is much the better for it. It is up to the individual to determine whether or not they want to “risk” drinking their lemonade. Take a trip outside Canada to other countries and experience it. I’ve had incredible experience living in countries where I had no regulations no nothing in the back of my head to constantly worry about.

    Instead, what do I get in the US? Sexual harassment and porno-scanning at the airport, unnecessary fines by the IRS and even prevent family members from getting government work because I and them are deemed “disloyal citizens.” Gimme a break…

    And who is to say I haven’t been working to fix things? There are multiple battles on multiple fronts, one of my other countries is looking into joining the totalitarian EU. I guess you cherry pick, at the end of the article I say that all of us, in the USSA and outside need to continue to fight. Whatever, like Chris says, its better not to deal with the negative folk.

  • Cristine

    The loss of freedom from an overbearing corrupt government started way back with the issuance of the social security number. The issuing of the Social Security number was never ever intended to act as an identification card to which people are not allowed to exist in society without one. The Social security card is used as a tracking device. The Federal reserve..another big mistake. The Patriot Act being abused by the government for the stripping of rights in cases not considered terrorists acts. It just keeps on snowballing. The writers of our Constitution never intended for the Government to have the control they have. What was it Bush said…the Constitution is nothing but a piece of damn paper. Yes… we have lost all our rights to privacy and protest and the states just kept on letting the government have more and more control over every aspect of citizens lives. The government regulates everything now. Any power left unchecked will eventually become corrupt. Someone on here.. made the comment that sometimes it needs to fixed by someone on the inside. This is sometimes true if you can find that person or persons who has the courage to fight along with you. It is becoming increasingly hard to distinguish who you can actually trust. Don’t expect the media to actual help as the media is sanctioned . We are a very corrupt society. The United States is third on the list of most corrupt countries to live in. It makes me laugh when people say “land of the free”. Your only as free as the government will deceptively lead you to believe you are. God help us all.

  • Cristine

    I would also like anyone out there that has doubts about Conspiracy theories and corruption in government start doing some research. Start with a big company called Monsanto, check out Tyson chicken. Check out the death of Senator Nancy Shaffner among others who have mysteriously turned up dead. There is so much evidence everywhere..including a trail of death. I could go on for days. Just look. Open your eyes!! It’s right in front of you..connect the dots.

  • Jeff King

    it will not be like most people think. Most people think we cant defend agianst the Military ,drones and whatever. Several countries are doing just that. U.S can’t win anywhere. Why could they here , unless everyone lays down. China is moving into 2 States I know of and who knows who is really comming across Mexican borders. If U.S had any sence they would put) our troops at the borders and not allow any of China’s contracts. BUT they own us. To be in debt is to be a slave. There are no exceptions.We have (the world ) comming beyond what anyone can imagine. God will intervine at the last moment as promised and solve it. That doesn’t mean to sit on your butt. Do what you can as the Lord leads . Many will die but many will not.

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