Hollywood & Cinema in the New World Order

There is a long list of films whose subject matter dabbles in various degree on the topics of liberty, tyranny and the (at this rate) coming world government.

A short list can be found over at Alt-Market by prolific commentator Brandon Smith (Giordano Bruno of the now defunct Neithercorp Press).

One key issue to mention from the outset is that “new world order” talk in cinema has two basic motivations. One is an honest attempt by the filmmaker and/or producer to peel back a layer of our illusions and attempt to get a foot in the door of the psyche of the mind-numbed public. The second aspect of this attempt is that the visionary sometimes promotes misguided truths.

The other more common attempt is one of deception, where the filmmaker and/or producer seek to further confuse the mind-numbed public by way of disinformation and sophisticated psychological warfare. It is often difficult to discern the two.


Many have come to the author discussing the wonders of the documentary film Zeitgeist. This film touches on subjects such as the 9/11 false flag operation and the private Federal Reserve banking cartel. It then goes on to deceptively trash the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ultimately promotes a new age Marxist transhumanist “new world order” utopia (among other things). A documentary has been produced attempting to refute and debunk a portion of the film.  There also is the commentary by one of the “grandfathers” of the “resistance” (G. Edward Griffin) on the films deceptive nature.

There also is the Hollywood disinformation found in Dan Brown pseudo-Illuminati films such as “Angels & Demons”. Excellent and well-sourced research in English on the historical Illuminati can be found in the book The Perfectibilists over at the Illuminati Conspiracy Archive.

Classics: 1984 to Blade Runner

Classic films that deal with this subject matter include films such as Brazil, 1984 and Blade Runner (which even has a scene depicting government headquarters as a massive pyramid with an all-seeing surveillance eye). Revealed is a futuristic society under totalitarian control.

Humans have become soulless creatures, devoid of spirituality and serve solely their carnal features. These are not limited to promiscuous and meaningless sex (mocking the idea of commitment and binding relationship); the love and attainment of money, power and status; and never-ending shopping and consumption of disposable material items (to fill the spiritual void). Science and technology are inextricably embedded within our lives, demonstrating the transhumanist nature of our leaders’ vision. One has got to wonder whether there is more to life than this carnal triviality and whether the natural but suppressed instinct embedded within our beings telling us otherwise is something to explore.

The Prisoner

“The” classic cult television series (which GGA takes a cue from) on the subject matter of systemic totalitarian control is Patrick McGoohan’s 1960’s The Prisoner. A timeless enduring series whose relevance increases by the day (and any attempt at replication fails miserably). It depicts a man who is able to successfully unplug from the system and its machinations, ultimately demonstrating that long-suffering non-compliance and withdrawal from its wicked ways win out in the end. If a man can be the master of his soul and endure until the end, refusing to “go along to get along” like the majority of the cowardly populace, there is nothing they can do to you. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said a “man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”

McGoohan was a prophet in his day, not only concerning the prescient plot, but even some of the technology embedded within it. He had the off-hand idea in the 1960’s to use a remote-controlled white balloon which would attack and disable any “offender”. Well, the world’s first “beach ball” surveillance drone has just recently been developed!

They Live and The Matrix

Two other classics are They Live and The Matrix. Enough has been said about these to which I won’t repeat here. They peel back the layers of our fake reality and open the doorways of perception into true reality. Plato’s allegory of the cave is ingrained in both (where there exist people so invested in the system, they will attack those trying to attune them to reality). One makes use of special sunglass visors while the other the famous “blue pill, red pill” scenario.

Network is a fantastic wakeup call to the nature of media propaganda and the power television has over the souls of men (one reason the author doesn’t own one). The International is another fantastic depiction, in similar vein, of the manner in which the international banking cartel rules the world (which I suppose touches on the real-life international shadow institution Bank of Credit and Commerce [BCCI]). A recent first-of-its-kind scientific study affirmed that our world is run by powerful financial interests.

There is much discussion around Stanley Kubrick’s body of work and his attempts to peel back layers of reality or misinform the masses. He died not long after fighting over the final edit of his last film, Eyes Wide Shut, which depicted the secret societal rituals of the global elite.

Finally, Terminator Salvation uses the metaphor of the battle between a global network of soulless machines called Skynet and “the resistance” (DARPA and British Skynet anyone?).

Raymond Deane’s independent Travail: Dawn of a New Day

Travail is an upcoming independent film which combines the topics of racism (divide and conquer), the “new world order”, depopulation schemes, 9/11 and so forth while packaged as a fictional fast-paced piece similar to those which appeal to today’s mind-numbed masses.

Having merely reviewed the ten-minute preview, I cannot vouch for the film in its entirety. It is R-Rated and contains graphic language and violence, which is what the masses are increasingly programmed and accustomed to. The trailer begins and ends with thought-provoking Biblical quotes on slavery.

Is Travail a step in the right direction of putting a foot in the door of the mind-numbed public’s psyche? It seems so. I’ve all but stopped attending movie theaters; what is put out is so brain-dead pathetic, I can’t fathom the public which continues to lap it up. Hopefully, movies like this can have some influence on the zombie masses, redirecting them toward higher truths. With any luck, the visionaries behind such projects would be able to not only maintain their integrity (in the face of Freemasonic temptations of riches and fame) but come across enough success to continue their work at a higher level.

Tread Carefully

Travail’s trilogy description also mentions the “Vatican conspiracy” as well as the “origins of religion”. We’ve seen the deceptive and historically inaccurate approach of Zeitgeist. Hopefully Deane doesn’t fall into the trap of blaming the Vatican for everything like the Vatican Assassins, who offer little proof for such grand accusations, having become extremist, zealous and dogmatic in their beliefs.

However, yes, the Vatican does indeed have a very large role to play in the “new world order” scheme (the popes themselves having even declared that we should all work toward a “new world order”). Researcher Adrian Salbuchi describes it as the “new world order’s” ecumenical capital aligned with the financial capitals (New York, City of London) and the military capital of Washington, DC. Something this author has personally witnessed, having visited the (closed to the public) headquarters of the Order of Malta.

Heck, I’ve had drunken Freemasons admit they served Lucifer and that they knew all about the “new world order.”

Sure, the Zionists have their role to play as well, to which there also is a zealous and dogmatic segment of the population that puts them at the top of the pyramid. And there are many more groups in this network. Yet these are all short-sighted views.

It is true the concocted religions of old (i.e. Babylon) and present (i.e. Mormonism, Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.) are used to control people. Even Jesus Christ himself said the majority of his churches would be corrupted, filled with false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing (a point many forget). This, however, does not diminish the truth of the Word he came to bring. Remember, there are actually many more sources for the historical Jesus than there are for conventionally accepted historical figures such as Caesar (this is another issue and I am not about to get into an endless debate on it here).

Ultimately and after all the discussion of who runs the world, who is it that the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the United Nation’s Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing Company) all designate as their “supreme being”?

The one and only: Lucifer; light-bringer; son of the morning; morning star; and fallen angel. (The author has also personally attended Lucis Trust meetings; they claim Lucifer is the true coming messiah and are in preparations for his return). Another interesting fact; did you know the name (or nickname is it?) of the United Nations (Geneva) café lounge is the “serpentine lounge”?

If the global elites follow Lucifer and are preparing for his return, and if these same elites are fixated on the destruction of the message brought by the historically verified Jesus, and if that message is a warning that Lucifer would appear as a false christ before the second coming of Jesus, what can this possibly mean?

Hopefully, Raymond Deane evades the amateur pitfalls of Zeitgeist and self-proclaimed scholars who emphasize opinion over well-intentioned research and sources. Good luck on you Raymond!

Disclaimer: No financial (or other) incentive has been given for the review of Travail.

First posted to Global Governance Archive.

5 comments to Hollywood & Cinema in the New World Order

  • jazzy

    Try ” Esoteric Agenda ”

  • Citizen Doctor

    Excellent article, Number 6! My favorite statements by your namesake:

    “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.”

    “I am not a number, I am a free man!”


    Hello / TENDER MERCIES is a worthwhile movie. JOHN LONGENECKER

  • Jesse

    I studied with witnesses for years but it never stuck. It was always curious how they wanted to disarm me before I could be baptized. Everything was control, even if a scripture didn’t cover it…if they (the elders) told you to destroy or quit_______(enter freedom here), you were expected to joyfully.
    I was told destroying my firearms was an extension of ‘they will practice war no more.’ Many times they even read accounts of how one witness after another went to the Nazi furnace like a good little slave, as if that would impress me to surrender my life foolishly with no fight. The whole control grid was way too dictator oriented…and I was a officer in an elite unit prior.

  • RJ

    You should read about Seventh-day-adventist. Christ has informed us of this very state were in and most true SDA’s have prepared already.

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