My Leap of Faith

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson

I am writing to you today to get your opinion on something I have been struggling with. Everyday I feel more and more passionate about the message of the Academy. My gut tells me that we are very close to a tipping point in our world. What I am thinking about is totally out of the box and actually quite scary for me.

First, I want to let you know last month was the first time that I did anything really to promote the Academy. I wrote 5 articles late at night and we got 17,500 hits to the blog, 3,600 people went to the Academy landing page, 600 people opted in to see the presentation to join and 46 of you joined last month. I am happy to say that out of the 100 or so that have joined so far I have not had 1 refund. I know that all that have joined have seen the tremendous value the Academy offers and how unique it is. Many of you have told me that they would have paid 10x the price of admission to join the Academy.

My dilemma is that, while this is all cool, it is nowhere near enough to make any effective change.
We need millions to see what the Academy has to offer and we are short on time.

I have been speaking with “Professor X” recently and he is a huge fan of the Academy. He came to me this morning about a crazy idea of just giving the Academy away for free to everyone. I have 6 years and $30,000 invested in this Academy and he wants to give it away for free?! This isn’t the first time I have been asked to do this, but I never took it serious until today. This is what I need your opinion on.

“Believe in yourself, the USA needs the Sons of Liberty Academy sooner rather than later or I’m afraid our great country could take a serious turn for the worse. I truly believe what you have to say could make the difference in giving our country (and our Constitution) a chance our surviving what is headed our way. “ – Professor X

My leap of faith.
What is the quickest way to spread an idea? Give it away for free. After all, that is exactly what the Elite do with their Main Stream Media. As many of you know there is tremendous value in the Academy and it is by far the best weapon against the Elite. The Academy destroys ALL of the deceptions that the Elite use to enslave us. It leaves no stone unturned and is the most comprehensive plan to turn around our world. This plan is I feel the best way to get the message of freedom out to as many people as possible while we still have time.

I spoke with another Academy member who is an Military contractor currently in Afghanistan. He has told me that the Academy changed his life. He does not know what to do, knowing what he knows now. He has committed inhuman acts while supporting his family and ultimately the Elite that enslave all of us. I told him that is the sick and genius part of their Elite’s system. You become dependent on the system, so you defend the system.

As many of you know I was raised in the car dealer world of New Jersey. New Jersey had the most car dealers per square mile than anywhere else in the world. In this ultra competitive “scummy” business, I excelled. I used my excellent reputation and my ability to “see into the future” to turn my inventory in record times allowing me a competitive advantage in the market place. Even though it was my family’s business, it was a very shark mentality environment.

I walked away from millions in my family business May of 2008 for two reasons. First, I saw that the business was going to collapse. (Five months later it did.) The second reason was I wanted out of the shark mentality that was so pervasive in my life. I literally left everything behind. My business, my family, my contacts and my life to move to rural Ohio to start an new life for my young and growing family.

My current line of work involves training investors to invest in foreclosed properties. This was a huge switch for me mentally, not only from a bricks and mortar business into an internet business. The real change for me came from the shark mentality to a new mentality of abundance. The abundance mentality is about giving your all and you will receive far in excess in return than you could possibly gain in being a “shark”. It has taken two years in this environment for this to really sink in and now I am ready.

My road block is that there is nothing like the Academy and most promoters “just don’t get it”. Advertising is expensive and difficult to do. Word of mouth for people to buy, is way too slow. And I don’t want to “sell out” and have someone with deep pockets buy the Academy to promote it properly or worse shelve it. My current efforts are good but we simply don’t have the time I feel to grow it without something really radical.

The radical idea is to give away my life’s work and rely on member support to advance the Academy.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

What if you had something so special and that you spent so much time and effort on, would you give it away?

I guess the real question is, what would you do if the next American Revolution started tomorrow?

Would you answer the call?

Would you leave your comfortable world to step into the unknown?

Would you do the right thing when everyone is telling you, “don’t do it”?

Would you sacrifice your life so that others can have a shot at living?

Zbigniew Brezinski had a speech in front of the CFR about the Elite’s fear of a Global Massive Awakening.

How cool would it be to almost overnight break through to millions of people all around the world and infect their minds with life changing ideas of freedom…

To give the Tea Party the confidence and intellectual foundation to get a REAL alternative to the “lesser of two evils” political system…

To be able to show the entire play book of the Elite, so that no one ever is fooled by their games…

To show the world the crimes against humanity by the few Elite that control our paradigm…

To be able to systematically and speedily take people through the 5 Stages of Awakening...

To teach people how our debt/money system is rigged game…

To give away the blueprint for leaderless resistance…

To really hack at the root of all of our problems… our thinking.

So here I am taking my leap of faith. I will be making the entire life’s work of the Sons of Liberty Academy for free. My hope is that more people will join and see what a tremendous value it is and how it can change their life. I believe enough people will donate to support the Academy to keep it growing and free from outside influence. (Anyone that has paid in the past and would like a refund, please email me a SS[at]SonsOfLibertyAcademy[dot]com.)

Ideas don’t happen on their own. Throughout history ideas need patrons.”

If it is something you like or find interesting, recommend it to your friends and family, it is free.

If it is something you feel grateful for, donate money to the Academy at the bottom of each module.

If it is something you feel passionate about, join us. We are building an army of wide awake Patriots.


32 comments to My Leap of Faith

  • neil misner

    I will not want my money back that’s my contribution. I think it’s something the world should need to know even if it means for free to preserve human life. Yes to free and do it now. Let’s show these jerk offs what the world is really made of!

  • Paul Warren

    Chris, I’m up to module 7 and what I’ve seen so far fills in nicely what I had built as a framework, but had either forgotten or never had gotten the details. My favorite point to date has been the Silver section. That, the rothschild stalking and corporate wars are the simple black and white points to which the herd will finally awake.

    I have many people I’d like to see this material, but as you’ve noted, if it’s too readily available, people tend to discount it’s value. Perhaps if you spread the word only via personal recomendations it would have more impact.

    Regardless, I’m very satisfied with your work and would tell anyone that it is critical censored information we have been deprived of for generations, will save them years of reading and an entire bookshelf of expense. Also, some portions will stimulate a desire for more details and they can go to those specific areas for more research, as I am doing with Lindburgh Sr.

    You’ve seen from the movie on Facebook that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool out there. Tap into the passions of the disenfranchised patriots and things will move.

    Best Regards, Paul

  • Ken Bittner

    I do not want my money back. Period.
    I sense a paradox here though. To most people, something without a price has little or no value. If you choose to give it away for free then how much “value” will it have?
    You know the old adage…”you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him take a shower”.
    I (think I) understand your passion. I sense your frustration just as I experienced my own when I was in my “Paul Revere” stage and hardly anybody wanted to listen.
    Quite a conundrum my friend.

    • Silver Shield


      Thanks for your support and this was hard for me to do.

      I really think this is my final part of my Acceptance stage of awakening.


  • Ji

    Do it like Hulu. Start out free. Get mass publicity. Save the world. Then start charging during the massive upswing as the whole country wakes up. The multitudes of late purchasers will want this info and it will be the most efficient way for people to figure out wtf just happened and how do we ensure that it doesn’t happen again. The individuals who are ripe for this information probably cant afford it or are sick of all the crap out there. I say send it out there and get a huge footprint, then charge a little, then charge market value. Exceeding market value would be crossing over to the dark side and I would have dust off the ‘ol lightsaber and head to Jersey. — peace

  • erick

    hey friend!

    if money is really the instrument of all the manipulation, we should get far away fromm it, AS MUCH AS WE CAN.

    keep on.

  • Tor

    There is a HUGE hunger for people of all political virtues to become a better American. They just need to 1) know that The Academy exists, 2) have the time to participate in the course, and (the most important thing in my opinion), 3) have a proven cohesive strategy of action to make a difference and have confidence they can survive and thrive in the future. [Personally, I think this is the biggest incentive for most people to join].

    As a Ron Paul supporter since 2007 I have been going to weekly Meet-Up meetings with a core group of about 20 like-minded liberty patriots. Most of us have all been elected to office on some level and have slowly but surely gotten into position of establishing the agenda and promoting the policy within our county GOP structure. We have also represented our state at National GOP functions. 3-1/2 years ago we *never* would have thought this was possible, but we are still a long way off to becoming “mainstream”. It’s a complicated process to “re-wire” the way people have been indoctrinated and one that is slow to advance.

    My personal experience is that -most- people are stuck in their own pied-piper paradigm and -no- amount of evidence to the obvious will ever change their mind. The “hope” I cling to is that when a “significant” change MUST happen (and it WILL happen), that enough people who truly understand the principles this country was founded on will be in power to form a coalition and return us to the limited Constitutional government that worked so well for over 150 years…Unfortunately the Military Industrial Complex and the “Powers That Be” (i.e., corporate elites) are more than one step ahead…Duane, I think you sense that time is marching faster and faster and I think you’re right. I don’t think we have another 3-1/2 years before another 9/11 event takes place (not necessarily militant terrorism, but financial terrorism seems very likely).

    What to do? Personally, as an architect, I’d like to establish self-sustaining neighborhoods who grow their own food and provide their own electricity and sustenance. Communities of modern living and familiar amenities. Since communities like this already exist, it’s easy to emulate and improve upon. I believe this would take the “fear” and “slave mentality” out of most people’s lives and allow people to pursue goals that save the environment and strengthen their sense of community. A sense of America where each individual is actually making a real difference on a day to day basis. This is my vision. I’m sure The Academy has many other people qualified in their respective fields who also have ideas that promote Liberty. Together, I hope we have time to make a difference.

  • Brenda

    Quite the decision you have to make there….about the only opinion I can contribute is to realize that no matter how you put it out there—-free or not—there will be a very large segment of the population who will NEVER get it and DON’T WANT to get it. The nomalcy bias thing is really quite a strong mind gripper and will not release its hold easily. I have a whole family with that stuff. For quite a few it will never happen. The good news is you really don’t need most of the population to “get it” in order to get the job done. From what I have read from history, the numbers that actully fought for freedom were quite small. Your passion is a great thing—that is what will wake up many more people who are INTERESTED in what’s coming or what is here. Just hold on to the fact that even though you push it out there—free or pay—-not that many are actually going to be proactve in doing what needs to be done. Too much work—too busy watching American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and even you wake up a lot of people, they are not going to do what someone else can do for them. Just go with your GUT—-it will NEVER lead you to the wrong decision. How many people have you heard through the years say “I wish I had listened to my gut instinct? Do it.

  • This is the right choice you are making. Abundance will be yours. Thanks for all your hard work.

    love and light


  • Dan Grant

    I am up to Module 7 but I have cheated and done Module 10 also. The course is really great. I was intitally interested because I had already found some of the information from my own reasearch over the last few years. Your course has added a great deal of backround and information that I did not have. It has helped me put the pieces together. Getting the “complete” picture is what is hard about doing one’s own research. It is hard to believe the really Big lies out there without seeing the complete history. I have learned a lot from it.

    As to how to share it, I don’t think giving it away is the best idea. As you have said no one appreciates something without paying for it. Word of mouth I think is the best way but you still need an incentive. Perhaps just lowering the price to an easier entry point and giving the money back to those that want to sign up others.

    How about going to someone like Ron Paul and asking their opinion. Have you tried this?

  • rmcnnlly

    I applaud what you are doing and checked out your web site. Fortunately for me, and I thank my father who was a member of the John Birch Society and an avid Ham Radio operator on the Liberty Net from the 1960’s through the early 1990’s, I was able to learn long ago about the Rockefeller/Rothschild globalists and their plans within the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and how the international banks involved us in numerous wars since the days of Napoleon.

    But for other’s who are uninformed this should be enlightening for them. At least you offer them a plan.

    For myself, I saw this coming and positioned myself on a farm and have good friends and family members who now know what’s going on. I’m well prepared in many of the aspects you have offered to other on many plains. But you are on the right track in helping the uninformed.

    Good Luck!

  • Hat’s off SS! Let’s get this Army started!

  • Ray

    Silver Shield,

    I joined the academy seeking knowledge and guidance on how to prepare for the painful hard times that we all know have been brewing for sometime now. I am on module 7, and can’t wait to get to module 10. I am just thrilled to know that there are other like minded individuals that see the writing on the wall and understand what is at stake. Chris, all I can say is follow your heart.
    I am an Engineer, once self employed before my business crashed in 2009. I had to pick up and start over and learn some very hard lessons. At one time I was learning Spanish as fast and as hard as possible, I envisioned moving and getting the hell out. Now, that is not possible. I will stand and defend my family, my community and the Constitution. Follow your heart, do what you think is right. I’ll never take a refund! We all here have everything in common, and through the Academy we are brothers, linked shoulder to shoulder for freedom and liberty.

    for Freedom and Libery


  • Free would be good still able to a few bucks using ads?? love ur research just a little broke over winter months>>> didn’t feel it would be fair to use and ask for a refund just being honest……Think what is going on is the start of the great tribulation for 7 years??????Things happening around the world soon coming to a town near you!!!I seen the light the second year bushy was in lots of crap from friends then about first year of second term they started to see the light……Made some money on the fall of gm bought put 1 year out either 06 or 07???would have to look friends thought I was smart but it was easy record car sales and lost billions anyways I enjoy ur emails till ur free or I get back to work in a couple of months thank U

  • quest-ion

    As a way to reach more people, what about teaming up with others such as Dr. Mercola and NaturalNews; SOLA complements them well.

    You can potentially write articles for NaturalNews, for example; I think they have a large subscriber list and Mercola definitely does.

  • Paul Cole

    I am about half-way through your course. Much I learned long ago but I have learned much too. You have integrated a lot of information and have made it coherent.

    I do not want my money back either but I do not think it should be free. You can reduce the price to $17.76 but I would not go lower. This is not YouTube. It has great value and when you give it away, you cheapen it.

    You must face the fact that most people will turn away from this because not everyone is truly willing to be free. It takes great courage and responsibility and most people are too frightened by both the information you present and the challenge that lies before them. Those who respond positively are the ones you seek.

    Finally, believe in the Great Spirit, Creator, God, Source, however you view the Power that is in you and everyone else. Attune yourself to All That Is because It will guide you and uplift you. It is impossible to accomplish anything without belief in Divine Providence. In truth, we are all one. There is only One and there are no others. He is not without, He is within you. We are all One.

  • Jeff

    I have known about the Academy for quite some time. About 2 weeks ago I submitted my email address for more information.

    I lost my job in Aug. 2008. I was unemployed for nearly 2.5 years. During that time, all I could do was look for a new job and try to understand what was “really” going on in the country and world of ours.

    As long as I had a job to go to, I was never politically active. I did not have a TV, (American Idol, Dancing with the Stars) addiction, I just worked and did my best to support the family. I now truly understand what is really going on. I did finally land another job, only to have it move from full time, to an “on call” status. That means I am “off the clock” more than I am “on the clock” at any given time.

    Could I afford to join the Academy? No.

    Do I need all the information possible to defend our Constitution and our former way of life? Absolutely.

    I am in my 50’s. I remember when damn near EVERYTHING was “Made in the USA” and anything not made in the USA was considered junk and cheap crap that only a fool would buy. Now the table has been turned.

    I read about Thomas Jefferson, when he was a member of Congress. Back then, the position was unpaid. He had to travel to and from Washington DC on his own dime. It came time for re-election and he said, he could not serve another term, without going bankrupt. He was not in it for the money and the status and the power that those currently in Congress seek. I believe that most of Congress would resign if they were suddenly paid the Federal Minimum Wage and were required to live in a dormitory setting when in Washington DC.

    Your “Leap of Faith” is a very good thing. Perhaps future historians will have a chapter in their books all about the “Sons of Liberty Academy”.

  • RobertH

    i agree something like this needs to be out in the open, however you already know what will happen.

  • Suk

    Give it away Chris.
    Even if there are some that will not value it, there are many more that will.

  • Chris,

    This is truly a blessing. I have no other words that comes to mind right now being that I’m not so religious. I found this place from seemingly random related videos on YouTube. I feel sorta guilty this is for free. Not that I’m complaining, its just the price doesn’t matter for something one truly believes in.

    I truly believe in what you are doing and for those of us such as myself at 22. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to finances and all. I am not here just to gain money, I’m here to be free those in power or the elite. I want to be free from their control their enslavement. Upon hopefully finding employment soon I will most definitely contribute the best I can.

    Its really great to have the choice and freedom to contribute what we can. Everything you put in to this is priceless. The outcome of real Sons of Liberty stepping up IS going to make a change. However I just hope fake people come along and use your knowledge for personal gains. Being that if they did not believe they would not “pay” for Freedom of our current state in society. A person at 22 such as myself trying to get a grip on life really can use this knowledge to do good for my country I was born in. I’m not the typical “proud” arrogant American but, as an interracial baby. I’m really happy I’m not living in Nicaragua right now, and I don’t ever want to flee there for whatever reason.

    I cannot thank you enough.

  • I apologize for all my typos.Fake people dont come along.Free from enslavement.I dont want to be some worker bee in life.I want to have the freedom in life to do what i love without having to be forced by society. I want to better my country and help others as well. Its hard for me to get a grip on life right now.I want to get a degree in a trade, I want to write music for myself I cant do any of this without a job. Would I give away my music for free??? The time and cost it took my to record and distribute it? To a select few I believe I would.I would because Im not into music for the money or fame. I do it because it serves a purpose in my life, if others connect with that great. I understand somewhat what is at stake here and how a person might feel giving away there ideas and hard work.thank you again.

  • Mark

    You are doing the right thing as a true Patriot. Although many have found great value, all these people telling you that if you do not charge for the Academy then it somehow cheapens the message. This is absolute bullshit. If the message is good and right…it MUST be free. If not it is just another PRODUCT being marketed for what could be ulterior motives. This is a PART of your continued awakening. I believe people will donate. John Tate and Ron Paul, although ASK for money from me on a regular basis, do not withhold the information we need to fight the corruption in the District of Criminals.

    And as for this not being spewtube…wanna reach the people??? you had better at least put teaser videos on youtube to attract the masses cuz 200 people does not even make a movement in my town.

    I applaud your decision. Continue your awakening. The truth can not be sold.

    • Silver Shield


      You were apart of this decision also. Thank you for your blunt opinion and glad to have you on our side.

      As far as YouTube I have almost 700 video on 2 channels all pointing to the Academy.

      The only way for this to work is if 200 reach out to 2000 and so on…

      The Academy is just the rally pole.

  • The Southern Mexican

    Great move on your part.

    I want to share something with you. What keeps people in poverty is the money system.

    I know you know that already and provably rolled your eyes, but hear me out.

    If you create a system to keep track of credits and debits and the reputations of members, you have in effect created a new money system. And the members of your money system can make things happen.

    That’s to say, credit and debit money system on top of the Federal Reserve System. You then give Credit advances and members call “Sell” their goods and services into this new system.

    The reputation record gives faith to the individual that he is credit worthy of doing business with.

    Give it a shot and soon you will see have goods and services begin creating new wealth for many that are sitting idle.


  • Kel Vannoy

    THANK YOU so much for making this free, made my day. I am a broke ass full time college student living off of student loans and so are many of my peers. Now I can easily spread the word to all of my ignorant friends/peers and hope they will educate themselves now that it’s free. You will reach out to way more people now. As the academy continues to grow I am confident that people will donate, as would I if i wasn’t already borrowing all of my money. Knowledge is power and all knowledge should be free. Once again, thank you very much for doing this.


  • Mitch M


    I appreciate your dedication. We as a nation need to come together to stop these crazy ways of our Nation.

    Thank you for giving and leading, you will not regret it.



  • Dear Chris,
    Great article. I have been writing now for over ten years in this fight. I am honored that you used my HL Hunt story as a link. It is a slow awakening process but rest assured – we will win. It was pamphlets in 1776 that won over the public back then. Today’s Internet will do the same in our current fight to once again reclaim our rights as free men. Keep up the good fight with pen in hand. We are recruiting the hearts and minds for the coming struggle. There will be much confusion so clear thinking will be required. Education offered now will be vital in the future if we are to find our way. Read “The Roosevelt Myth” by Joe Flynn. The chapter covering the great depression is called “the dance of the crackpots”. Confusion reigned supreme as every nut came forth and proposed this crazy idea and then another. Much wealth was squandered in the process. We just don’t have that luxury this time. Clear thinking will save us in the future and now is the time to educate.

  • Professor X

    Rock on…….

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