Care for Some Astrology?

Who hasn’t heard about the Age of Aquarius and the paradise it promises. I question every single salvation peddler, and in this case I found out that there was another side to what they are trying to sell.

There is no uniform Aquarius. Aquarians, like all other signs, come in two polar flavors, not just the warm fluffy paradise pink. But first let’s look at their shared features.

They are all crazy—not “mentally challenged” way, but “coming up with the most abnormal and unpredictable solutions” way. They can connect the dots where we don’t see any dots in the first place. What is obvious for them today will hopefully become obvious to our grandkids. They rely on reason, which helps them cut off all sorts of emotional fluff that we can’t notice, because we take it for granted. Being such freaks, they are rarely understood and because of this often feared.

Now the differences.

On one pole, there are Aquarians who listen to their own drummer from the future and try to share his divinely beautiful beat with less fortunate neighbors. They are brutally honest—but it’s OK, because it’s hard to tell when they are serious and when they are making a joke for themselves. Their net worth tends to be zero, because they don’t care about net worth. They have only a couple of friends, but for them they will do anything. They treat janitors and kings with equal geniune respect. They create really, really new things—that is, those that did not exist in any form before. They hate any kind of restraint for themselves and for fellow humans. Ultimate freedom is their essence. They usually know a lot and think quickly. Their motto is “Our future is amazing“. Think Mozart, Lewis Carrol, Edouard Manet, Swedenborg, Charles Darwin, Jules Verne.

On the opposite pole, we have Aquarians who only understand freedom for themselves at the expense of others. They are obsessed with power: unbearable micro-managing despots. They use their beautiful minds to enrich themselves: why, indeed, not prey on those who are less gifted? While the first group use their brainpower to drag the world into the future, this group use their brainpower to invent new lows in all kinds of perversion. (Curiously, these are the 2 aspects of the same obsession with all things new.) They don’t give a flying fork about other humans. Rich and influential Aquarians almost invariably belong to the second group. Their motto is “My future is more amazing than yours“. Think Opra, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison, Ayn Rand, and my personal favorite—Dick Cheney.

It is now understandable why both humanity and the Eye on the Dollar are looking forward to the Age of Aquarius. Whether I like the Status Quo or not, I can’t fail to recognize they have been working very hard to make their version come true.

8 comments to Care for Some Astrology?

  • Marijan

    WTF is this????
    Astrology? Fist of all if you do not know that there are 13 zodiac signs and not 12 you talk of something that you know nothing. Second, if you beleive in this shit again you know nothing, not just astrology but about life as well.
    After article with D.Icke this is second article which have heavy use of BS as its foundation.

  • Silver Shield

    Listen to all.
    Follow none.
    Walk your path the best you can.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @Marijan: Not reading what one doesn’t like is the key.

    Also, thank you for an opportunity:

    >> you do not know that there are 13 zodiac signs and not 12

    >> if you beleive in this shit again you know nothing

    I do indeed know less than you about “this shit” without calling it this. Think about it.

  • KD

    mustafa stupid dork – move Reagan group 1, add Obama group 2 (if u believe te birth certificate) – now go categorize urself

    • Silver Shield

      I have to laugh at Mustafa getting more negative feedback on an Astrology article than my “controversial” article about 9/11…

  • Andy in the UK

    Mustafa I get the message behind the message. Maybe you should have added the searchable term ‘Elenin’ to really set the cat amongst the pigions’.

    The Internt is ablaze with Comet Elenin (Elenin = Extinction Level Event Nine).

    Everyone from Bible Bashers to Project Blue Beam theorists are banging on about a big event coming. Even the rapureists (if thats the rifgt word)are telling people that Comet Elenin will give rise to a Biblical warning to manking (in the form of ‘3 days of darkness’).

    I can’t make head nor tale of it all, but the Internet activity on Elenin (which some say is not a comet atall but a super-massive Brown Dwarf has gone mad. Apparently it last passed the Earth at the time of Moses.

    Because NASA have added debunking pages & rasurences to their website, yet advised all key staff to prepare for ’emergencies’ and stock food / bug out the conspiracy theory lot are out now too!

    We live in strange days!

  • jazzy

    For those that are interested..

    i like to keep an open mind, although i may not agree with everything been said,every article or piece i decide to read is given the time..
    If it resonates its a good opportunity to fill in the blanks..

  • Robert

    The illuminati is working towards the New World Order, the Old World Order of Babylon. Notice that Osama Bin Laden was announced dead on May 1st same day Adolph Hitler was announced dead this is also the same day the illuminati was formed. I am amazed at how little people have made this public. Not a shocker just like Obama fake birth certificate and his fake ssn that failed e-verify. But he remains to be President, strange first President in history that is a total fraud yet he remains in power. Obama could not even apply to be a Secret Service Agent because he would not pass the background check but all of a sudden this guy is leading this nation down the toilet. If no one is shocked that Obama is very close to being the AntiChrist I do not know who else he would be. The US Dollar is going to crash the New World Order plans is just that, FEMA Camps, FEMA Police, Secret Police that has same power as regular military, America is heading down the same paths Germany did with Hitler in power. Obama promised everyone the world and all they got so far was a pack of lies. 9/11 was a inside job to strip freedoms if its not obvious then your a blind sheep. Whenever they plan on staging the next false flag surely it will bring forth Martial Law. They will relocate people into FEMA Camps. FEMA has the Red/BLUE List. Written in Moral and Dogmas by Albert Pike a 33rd Degree Freemason. Blueprint for World War 3 is in there. To have the Christians, Jews, and Muslims fighting to the point the world accepts Lucifer as god. Do not believe me look it up its written in there book. They already did World War 1 and World War 2… Sit back and get ready that is why CIA Rebels occupying Libya… Setting stage for World War 3…. Remember this one day in Germany everything was fine with there money the next day all there money was worthless, I believe this is how things are going to happen in America. After all these people in power did not even see the Recession coming.

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