Could You Please Send Me Some Freedom?

It’s expected and encouraged that we believe in justice:

I worked, therefore I must get something in return.
Bad guy did something bad, therefore he must get something bad in return.

But here’s my favorite question: Says who? Where does this idea come from?

Honestly, this is a mindset of a slave whose wildest dream is being a slavemaster: “I want to think that somebody watches me, guides me, cares, protects, punishes and awards, and some day I want to be that important myself.”

On one hand, it’s a demand that the whole Universe be reduced to the size and simplicity I can understand.
On the other hand, by expecting the world to be just, that is functioning the way I think is good and right, I expect everyone and everything to submit to my justice.

I, MYSELF, the ever-crucial ME…

Last time I checked, our agreement with the world did not include a point where it says “Must be understood and approved by Mustafa Cohen”.
Come to think of it, there never was any agreement.

Which means that I am on my own—in the most literal, straightforward meaning.
Nobody’s watching.
Nobody knows.
Nobody cares.
There is no carrot and no stick.
The world owes me nothing.

Which also means that I don’t owe anything to the world.
I did not sign anything on conception.
I am free.

I don’t need to wait for someone to tell me I am free, as this would not be freedom:
Anyone with authority to allow has authority to deny.

Freedom does not begin when everything is permitted.
Freedom begins when no permission is needed.

An extended piece on the hijacked concept of justice will be coming soon.

2 comments to Could You Please Send Me Some Freedom?

  • Jim

    The question, “Says who? Where does this idea come from?” is just another way of saying,
    “By What Standard?” Is there a standard? Who’s standard is it? Etc.

    Biblical Law is the only standard, because it is the transcendent God’s Law. In Isaiah it says, “To the law and the testimony. If they speak not according to the law, there is no light in them.” If you reject God’s law-word you are merely setting up another law word, one that is humanistic and not God-centered and one that does not have the God of the universe (and beyond the universe He created) backing up His Word. You don’t only break the law when you break it, it breaks you. God’s Law-Word has intrinsic sanctions within in, blessings if you obey it and curses if you disobey it. That’s just the way it is. Of course, there is grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ for all those who acknowledge that they are lawbreakers (we all are!) of God’s law and look to Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross for them as the remedy from sin and receive God’s righteousness as a free gift.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Biblical Law is the only standard

    Says who?

    It does not matter what your beliefs are. What matters is whether you feel happier and happier following them.

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