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I had two essential conversations yesterday with men who not only understand what’s up and where we are heading, but also do what they can to Wake Some People Up. A handful of insights that happened in the course of both conversations are jotted down below.

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  • Will S ever HTF already, because, really, if everything is THAT bad, why is everything still up and running? William Gibson has something to say: “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

  • Tyranny and anarchy exist in their pure form only for a few moments. They morph into each other cyclically throughout human history: decentralization -> small governments -> huge government that eats itself -> decentralization, rinse+repeat. In other words, it can be said that we are living in anarchy right now. The catch is that we are in the stage where the strongest males, not the smartest humans, arrange everything the way they want. By design, this stage cannot last long and cannot end peacefully. After thousands of years, the scheme is boring and, honestly, how can a circle be called “progress”?

  • When the establishment comes up with the whole security circus, it can mean only 3 things:
    – they are insecure
    – their agenda are absolutely unreasonable and maintainable only by threat of violence
    – the tighter the security grip, the nearer the end of status quo

  • How did each of us get that first impulse to stop trusting the imposed description of the world? I remember my case. I just learned from mass media about how devastating drugs were, how they should be eradicated, how everyone must say no. And I thought:

    Law enforcement guys are so selfless, brave, strong, trained, well-equipped and well-funded, to put it mildly. The country is run by, presumably, the wisest men in the nation. Now, if I, an average Mustafa Sixpack, can come up with the plan to track every dealer to the upper-level dealer and so on up to the national distribution center and up to international production centers, why can’t you?

    It drove me nuts because I understood that such a primitive solution can be overlooked only when people in charge really, really don’t want to see it. Then I read Cat’s Cradle, and all illusions were gone.

    What’s your story?

  • Delegation = rejecting a part of responsibility.
    Freedom = responsibility.
    Delegation = partial rejection of freedom.
    Big governments’ goal is to force citizens into delegating everything.

  • A government that you cannot visit, ask questions, check any time and in any way you want is too big. If your president does not know your first name and does not recognize your face, the government is too big.

  • Lust for power is a psychosis. Abused childhood? Genetic engineering? A project like MK ULTRA?

  • People at the helm cannot come up with a solution to the mess they created. They are bred, generation after generation, to suck energy out of the world, not to convert it efficiently nor, god fobid, to generate any value. They have no organ or enzyme in their bodies that makes you think about consquences. All these krugmans, bushes and bernankes are delusional vampires, plain and simple, and they have no clue whatsoever about what to do when all their peasants are dead from hunger or excruciating servage fees. I have serious doubts they are even capable of understanding each other.

  • Lucifer, serpent in Genesis, Prometheus, Enlightenment are all the same concept: putting my judgment over that of Nature, setting me above everything, splitting the world into me and others. “If I can’t see it—it doesn’t exist”. Greed and vengeance replaced creativity and confidence. Dividing the world into any kind of Us vs Them is negative and counter-productive, and belongs to current Status Quo, not the next.

  • What do CEOs of Coca-Cola, Kraft and McDonalds feed their own kids? Where do they get it? I know there is Whole Foods, but how can I trust anything they claim on their labels if I know full well that all they want is my wallet, not my well-being?

  • The closer to collapse, the more likely we are to hear the powers that be blurt out bits of truth. They are too busy ripping apart whatever’s left of the world to care about protocol. Plus they feel they are not trusted anyway.

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