3/4 of Productive Age Americans Lie to Themselves

credit card debt helps dictate career choices for 74 percent (@ Bloomberg)

It means 2 things:

  1. 3/4 of people of the most productive age feel nothing good about or outright hate their job. They only count days till direct deposits. Which means that the result of their “work” is of low quality. When every new day brings a new portion of crap into the world, it’s only this long before the world exhausts its crap-processing capacity.

  2. 3/4 of people of the most productive age are daily lying to themselves. When every day 3/4 people in the world have to scorn themrselves, their jobs, their work, their debt, their entire life, how can the world be getting better?

When we notice that they are educated and honed to support a profoundly unsustainable system; that they are chosen for their ability to ask no questions, it’s obvious that they are not only digging their own grave, but also have no training to get out of it.

8 comments to 3/4 of Productive Age Americans Lie to Themselves

  • Wally

    Let’s not forget their is an entitlement generation coming up adn feel everything is owed to them. Maybe that’s why they are unhappy….

  • Ben

    Or…maybe this was set up and planned over 100 years ago. Maybe, just maybe, with the help of technology, this is all coming to fruition. How do you account for that entitlement mentality? Are people born this way or is it a learned behavior? I would also contend that there are “entitlement” slobs in every generation. No group is exempt. Their are leaders in followers in each birth group. Some of the young people today are some of the brightest, motivated and decent people I know. Some of the biggest a-holes I know are from the “greatest generation” and the “boomer generation”. How do you account for that notion? Point being, let’s not always try and group people together and wedge them into some type of behavior pattern. I think it would serve us all if we actually started communicating with one another. It can’t hurt can it?

  • GregDiablo

    Boy, is this ever true. I have worked scut jobs my entire life due to being a musician. I even have a degree, and it didn’t help much (now, having listened to podcasts on John Taylor Gatto’s work, at least I understand why). Ben and Wally are blaming the victim here; I was psychologically abused, miseducated, thrown into a capitalist system that clearly favors extroverts, and then expected to excel. I am sick of hearing this “entitlement mentality” B.S. from paleoconservatives; look at the sorry state this country is in. You think that is due to working class people like me just trying to make a living? It is due to the corrupt nature of our leadership and the lack of accountability for white collar crime. I’ve never been arrested, been in serious debt, claimed bankruptcy, or thought So-So Security was going to save me. And you think I’m the asshole? Better take a look in the mirror, gents.

  • Wally

    I have mentored numerous students coming out of college and 80% of them do not want to pay their dues and feel like a job is owed to them. Sorry but when I started in my industry we had to learn and learn and learn. A lot of other instructors were complaining about the same mentality coming from this generation.

    No, I am not saying everyone but I do see a huge increase.

    Don’t know many times I have tried to communicate with them but the ego is too big. Maybe its the computer generation……

  • Ben

    Cognitive dissonance is a beotch.

  • Silver Shield

    Debt is slavery.

    Emancipation is coming.

  • Ben

    @ GregDiablo

    Perhaps you should reread what I posted. I am not sure where you thought I was speaking about an entitlement mentality or blaming the victim? I was merely pointing out that it is not limited to one age group. Please read what I posted again and see if you get that take from it. My contention is that there are “entitled people” in every age group. It does not matter how old you are. As I wrote, I have seen “entitled individuals” who range in age from 8 to 80. Age should not matter when you give into the programming.

  • Wally

    Of course we see “entitled individuals” from every age group…..it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Personally I think a much higher percentage of college students coming into the work force think they are entitled and thus don’t want to work for it.

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