I Beat The Pants Off Of Warren Buffett This Past Decade

You did not have to be a financial genius to have beat the pants off of Warren Buffett over the past decade, you just needed to see the trends.  The cart shows below that the man known for “Permanent Value” did not see the permanent in real tangible assets like gold over this past decade.  I actually did much better than the chart below. I estimate from the deposit from my first house I bought in 1999, to the money that I made from the house when I sold at the top of the housing bubble in 2005 and the value today of the gold and silver I bought in 2005, I estimate that I have made 3,750% in the past 12 years.  Not bad for a kid, that no one listens too

The sick thing is that this is measured in dollars.  I am planning for the collapse of the dollar and a new paradigm to stay ahead of the curve.  The REAL purchasing power of my wealth has grown in excess of the gains in the dollar and when the dollar collapses we will see even more exponential growth.  I can tell you that lunch with me comes a lot cheaper than Warren. :)

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16 comments to I Beat The Pants Off Of Warren Buffett This Past Decade

  • Howard

    I’m sure Warren has lots of gold and silver hidden somewhere , I find it hard to believe he don’t c the collapse comming, but u gotta hate the garbage that’s comes outta Warren these days…

  • Silver Shield

    Nope. Warren HAD 135 million ounces but sold it “too soon.” I believe he was forced to sell with his involvement with AIG. It coincidentally was the same amount of silver that started the SLV which I believe to be a tool of price suppression of the Elite.

    The reason why I wrote this little article is to prove that you do not have to get into the rigged paper casino to make money.

    I am sick of all of the hero worship of guys like stock investors like Buffett, bond investors like Gross, bankers like Greenspan and RE investors like Trump. These men rose To unbelievable wealth buy being in the right place at the right time and going with the paper tide. All of them seem to be myopic on the ramifications of the dollar collapse.

    I encourage everyone to treat that single issue as their number one factor in determining who you are taking advice or following.

  • Andy

    All i see now is gold getting killed, some say by 500$ and even G. Celente got it wrong when buying and later selling Swiss franc. They own it all and can do everything they want.

    • Silver Shield

      The Swiss Franc is fundamentally no different different than any other paper fiat currency.

      Aww poor gold got “killed” and it is at $1,787! It is STILL below it’s inflation adjusted high high of 1980.

      I have only recommended physical silver and it is STILL below it’s nominal much less inflation adjusted high of 1980.

      Any temporary paper win for the bad guys only leads to more long term and permanent losses on the more important physical front.

      Like all man made paradigms and schemes they will collapse because they rely on an unnatural and unbalanced force to prop it up.

      In the end they will fall and the meek will inherit the earth because they saw the fallacy of this paradigm and prepared for the next.

  • nobody

    Great Article Chris. I have been buying since silver was $18.00. I currently have 4100 ounces of physical. I still own some preferred private stock in a local bank which I inherited, I am having a difficult time selling those shares. All other paper assets have been sold and turned into silver. Andy, the manipulation is very fustrating. Just hang in there.

  • Gareth

    I love information put onto a graph.

    Cheers, Chris

  • James

    The thing you have to understand is people are scared to death to put a portion of their life savings into something which to anyone looks like it may already be at its peak with the performance over the last 10 years. I do not believe it is at its peak but could certainly see it dropping 50% overnight. Since you bought in 10 years ago you can withstand a 95% drop and still feel good about it, where anyone else buying in today is going to be psychologically and financially crushed if that happens. It is quite a different thing for someone new to covert to silver than for you to keep converting your money to it. There are no guarantees, the powers that be could simply invent some new form of currency and bypass silver and gold altogether. Given how few people hold gold and silver do you honestly think the world is going to let only those with gold and silver have all the wealth in the end? That would create even more disparity between the rich and poor.

  • Silver Shield

    Which is why people need to read the Ultimate Silver Investor so that they are absolutely confident in what they are doing.

    There is a guarantee, the dollar collapse is a 100% mathematical inevitable event and that ANY paper wealth inside the system the day that happens will be lost at a time when you will need it the most.

    The only logical place to store your wealth in that scenario is in REAL tangible goods and none is better than silver.

  • George Silver

    So all in all when everything is said and done the Silver price suppression scheme has been of great benefit to you.

    So why complain?

    • Silver Shield

      Because it this paradigm that is suppressing silver is also spreading debt and death throughout the world for some psychopathic elite to enslave humanity.

      Because there is still an opportunity for people to get out with their life and wealth intact.

  • James

    The guarantee of the dollar collapse (which I believe is very likely, but by no means guaranteed) does not mean that silver will skyrocket, it only means that something will replace it, that may very well be another currency, gold, silver, or bartering, no one knows. Haven’t you ever thought that in the same way Warren Buffett lived in the right time and knew the right things to take advantage of the gigantic growth in fiat currency and the stock market, so may you be in the right place at the right time currently?

    I have read the Ultimate Silver Investor and don’t remember the issue of disparity addressed, was it? The question goes: Given how few people hold gold and silver do you honestly think the world is going to let only those with gold and silver have all the wealth? That would create even more disparity between the rich and poor than exists today.

    • Silver Shield

      The collapse of the dollar is a mathematical inevitability the $120 Trillion of unfunded liabilities will be wiped away through an outright default of the debt or it will be hyper inflated away.

      No one can dispute that.

      Our monetary system is based on debt and like John Maynard Keynes said in the end “we are all dead” and so is the dollar.

      Yes I see that Buffett and the rest were in the right place at the right time and so am I but the difference is that I am changing with the flow and WARNING people about the flow.

      Where was the genius Trump during the housing bubble?

      Where was the genius Buffett with the stock bubble?

      Where is the politicians about this hyper power that is about to collapse.

      To answer your questions about gold and silver… Where is humanity going to find value in a world that ALL paper assets are rendered worthless?

      Beanie babies are going to be a better investment than a 30 Year Treasury.

      The disparity is going to be tremendous.
      There WILL BE NO MIDDLE CLASS when this happens.
      Just because it is not fair does not mean it is not going to happen.

      Mine and yours job is to play the cards we are dealt.

      I believe that the meek shall inherit the earth and those that did see this coming will build a freer and fairer and sustainable way of life.

      I would want to build a world that have decentralized power.

      I would want a world where gold and silver and copper and nickel and even debt free fiat IS money and we have a choice.

      I would want a world where fractional reserve banking and Usury are illegal.

      I would want our troops to come home and end all of these wars.

      In this world the poor would be better off, because they will not be in debt.
      The average Bangladeshi peasant is worth more than the average American, at least they are not in debt.

      I would want a lot of things but until this paradigm dies and very needed death, none of this is possible.

  • silverdoc

    Speaking of silver suppression, looks like some of the perps at JPM are being called out by name for their market manipulation tactics:

    Robert Gottlieb – Managing Director/Trader
    Marcus Elias – futures floor broker
    Chris Jordan – senior silver trader

    This statement shows the magnatude and scope of this operation:

    “During 2008, The amount of the increase in the value of JP Morgan’s short COMEX silver short positions was at least $100,000,000 and was as much in excess of $150,000,000 for each $1 decline in COMEX silver prices.”

    and this,

    “On August 14 and 15, 2008. JP Morgan’s trades caused a very large decline of almost $1.41 per ounce, or approximately 12%, in COMEX silver futures. This represented an approximately $220,000,000 increase in the value of JP Morgan’s COMEX silver short positions.”

    So for anyone who is wondering why JPMorgan would be short for so many years in the silver market, with that kind of insane profit available, wonder no more.

  • lastmanstanding

    James…if the dollar went down tonight while we were asleep and you awoke in the morning, what would you have? Millions of worthless dollars or a pile of gold and silver?

    We have worked all our lives. We have a modest home in a beautiful place. We have sacrificed for a quality life away from huge paychecks of the city. (With no regrets.) We have kids, grandkids, dogs, a garden, means to protect ourselves and wonderful friends. We have NO RETIREMENT plan.

    We have decided to go the pm route because it is real, it comes from the earth, it has always been the standard of trade forever and IT IS OUR ONLY OPTION for real wealth with the USA being destroyed by sick fucking individuals. (and I’m saying this with alot of faith!

    I was buying silver before I found DTOM…I believe I was one of the first 100 people to sign up for the SOLA…I did it solely for my grandboys…i figured $170 was worth it after reading Chris’s story about his family in NJ. That was after I read the “Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.” (Recommended by Jason Hommel.)

    I don’t think I need to say that I got my money’s worth.

    James…risk is my middle name. I don’t give a fuck about being rich or poor.
    Disparity is just a word in the dictionary.

    I just want my family to survive. What is going on now is wrong…we must stand together and we must stand strong(er).

    With that said, I’m going to build a campfire in our pit, pour a glass of Jack D., light a nice cigar and enjoy the beautiful evening that God gave us.

    “give me liberty…or give me death.”

    ps. i bought 30 silver eagles today…fuck the banksters.

  • Gareth

    lastmanstanding writes, “What is going on now is wrong”

    That, in a single sentence, is exactly how many people feel.

    Many that purchase silver are motivated by the silver bullet aspect of the move. Every ounce or 1/2 ounce coin we buy assists the transition to the next paradigm, and will help us to build a better world.

    Seeing people starving in Africa, endless wars, misery and debt are a feature of allowing a group of psychos dominate our life. This must end as, like lastmanstanding states, it’s just “wrong”.

    We know how to grow soil; we know how to organical farm crops; hemp can provide locally produced bio-fuel; there are many hidden technologies; we are many – ‘they’ are few.

    There are powerful ‘good’ guys, and powerful ‘bad’ guys. Learn your role. I encourage people to grow their own veg – food independence is important and it’s something I can do. I also keep firing-off silver bullets, sometimes 1/2 ounce ones at a time.

    We can all do something – so do something today.

  • James

    “To answer your questions about gold and silver… Where is humanity going to find value in a world that ALL paper assets are rendered worthless?”

    It’s the rich few who will lose everything in paper, the poor and middle class have nothing already, so they have nothing to lose, in fact they will get a free house, car, credit wiped, etc as they owe all of that to the rich, and when those debts are void possession is 9/10 of the law right?

    So say all paper assets are all worthless, and now you have the rich and poor alike (everyone in fact) holding all of their wealth in their current physical objects (car, real estate, land, etc). Now there exists this tiny (less than 0.1% of the world population) who have been buying gold and silver and hoarding it since they gambled this was coming. Do you think the world is going to let you keep gold and silver since it is most likely the only basis for a sound monetary system? Perhaps, its not a huge leap for everyone to logically say all paper assets were reset, so shall all precious metals for the good of the country/state/world.

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