Somewhere, Silver Shield Smiles…

An E-mail to me this morning from Michelle about silver being on sale today…

Well, at this pace we’ll be below your original $33 buy price soon. I hate to think how big of a hit your reputation is going to take if that happens. Why is it exactly that we HAD to buy physical silver in late August again????

At the exact same time I got this E-mail from Randa with this video…


…if you want to smile too, read the Ultimate Silver Investor.

“Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.” – Belgicia Howell

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  • The Old Man

    This is a ‘copy and paste’ of what I wrote on another site yesterday about this issue, and especially about the ‘paper chart game’…….

    The Old Man
    September 21, 2011 at 10:59 am · Reply
    No one, and I mean no one, who has even the weakest of eyes on the future, and even the most basic level of common sense will sell any of thier physical Silver for the current non-sensical, obviously manipulated, totally undervalued, and only related to ‘paper’ – spot price.

    Even the ‘big boys’ are keeping back thier physical (as you have alluded to in this article as you can’t buy physical at this price!). Many ‘big boys’ are continuing to add to thier reserves. If you are lucky enough to find physical near to ‘spot’ then I suggest you buy it!

    The long awaited paper / physical price divergence is now here and is set to become even more noticable – unless the ‘spot’ price reflects the real and TRUE value of physical Silver more accuratly.

    ‘Paper spot price silver’ may actually crash to $20 a ‘paper ounce’ – but don’t expect for a second that any dealer worth thier salt, and especially not a Coin Mint, will sell physical for anything near that price.

    The wheels are finally starting to come off this ‘paper spot price’ nonsense, and the sooner they all fall off the better.

    You can look at the ‘charts’ all you want, but I can tell you, unless the games stop and Silver goes to TRUE market value, within the space of just a few months we will see two separate markets emerging – the CASINO based ‘paper’ market, and the REAL WORLD ‘physical’ market. There will be different prices per ounce in each.

    Why anyone is still buying into the paper casino after all that has been said and done over the last few months (and years) is beyond me.

    You pay your money, and you makes your choice.

  • Marijan

    Last month I made order with my dealer for 400 silver coins and some gold. Date was set but it was prolonged and when I came to buy I have had to buy bars and different coins from dealer’s stockpile in order to fulfil my order. I did not care that my coins did not came from mint, I just bought what was available. I wonder what would be with my next order…

  • Anon

    Well today the silver price reach an all-time high in ZAR and is up 5% from the end of August, so as a South African I’m not complaining 😉

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    Nah, this one is simple.

    Why is it exactly that we HAD to buy physical silver in late August again????

    Because you chose to.

  • PitBull Pappa

    I remember when I was hesitant to purchase silver at $28.50 an oz because I thought it was getting high, then it rocketed up to just under $50.00 soon after and I was kicking myself for not stacking more at $28.50. Now as I’m writing this silver is at $36.12 and I’m exstatic to be purchasing more at this price…:) I’m hoping it goes lower… a lot lower because I’m not able to buy a lot more than I was able to a year ago when I was having 25% of my after tax pay going towards a wage garnishment. I paid it off within a years time and am now busting my ass making shit tons of overtime to invest in silver…:D

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Gareth

    The electronic price of everything makes no sense, but people have believed it for so long. There are a lotta rapid swings with all stocks these days – apart from Bank of America ha.

    Who knows, maybe Weir’s correct and the entire idea of this exercise is to make the masses fully realise the electronic price is rigged.

    There’s a bullion dealer here in the UK that guarantees spot-related prices, so if the electronic price drops out-of-hours the company is obligated to pay. I’ve never bought from them as they’re usually overpriced, but we’ll see.

    Baird are smarter, as are many other dealers as they stop their fluctuating price when they’re out out hours, usually 5PM-9AM, so if any shenanegans occur they can adapt quickly in hours and have a ‘pass’ out of hours.

    Silver’s selling still on ebay – usually with well over twenty bidders here in the UK.

    Stock some more if you can afford it. Remember you’re gonna need a good stock of food and fuel though – winter’s coming.

  • colin

    silver sale, i never been this happy

  • david from the UK

    Still buying only a little at a time now but still buying, VAT makes silver a bit expensive so have to buy it buy the half ounce now from CI silver in gurnsey get it VAT free then

  • Silverfox

    To Michelle, we had to buy in late August to be on the safe side and make sure we were able to invest at all. We do not the hour or the day. What our elected servants are doing is so precarious that almost anything seen or unforeseen could trip them up and launch the silver rocket into the stratosphere. The plans for their designed dollar collapse could have ignited early, then what would you have done? I did dollar cost averaging and stacked all along the way. I invested at between 30 and 49 an ounce and I’m grateful they are still selling it at all. Now it’s collapsing again. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow. . . Taking my wheelbarrow to the bullion counter and going way long. Buy um cheap and stack um deep. Peace Michelle and good luck. Thanks for the video Randa.

  • The Old Man

    There is a guy calling himself the ‘Silver Futurist’ who has gained almost a cult following on the net, partly because of his over-the-top yet similtaneously down-to-earth ‘geek style’ of presentation, and partly because he actually talks a lot of sense (when he actually gets to his points after going round the block a few times!).

    Anyway, I remembered seeing one of his videos (made a few weeks ago) where he talks about his ‘awakening’ and the possibility of ‘$24 Dollar Silver’ in the next few weeks. I’ve attached a link to the video below (stick with it for the jems of insight mixed with the geek speak):

    • Silver Shield

      The points in the video I posted from him are the same fundamental points of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.
      If you invest in silver logically these dips mean nothing, you know the end of the story.
      If you invest in silver emotionally you will be thrown off of the silver bull by blatant manipulation like we are seeing right now.

      My whole time I have been educating people about investing in physical silver has been from the logical level.
      Look at all of the reports in the Ultimate Silver Investor…

  • MPB

    How many “SUPER” bargains in “PHYSICAL” Silver has anyone found in the last 24 -48 hours? That is to match the drop we’ve seen. Personally, I have found NONE, especially not on Silver Eagles. If they are out there I am missing them! (Shame on me!) My local coin shop hasn’t budged and the best move I have noted (In the limited time I have had to search) on ebay is about a $2.00 FRN fiat drop per oz. Not surprising to me anyway and fully expected. The paper world manipulation and REAL physical Silver divide widens and hardens. If you are in Silver for the reasons outlined in Chris’s (SS) Silver Bullet & Silver Shield, this paper game is irrelvant (other than the inevitable unfortunate outcome). I am not going to be selling ANY of mine and will perservere to acquire more that may be sold at these manipulated paper fire sale prices. For that matter, I am still buying anyway….Don’t be swayed, hold the course, FRN / Cost average in. If you can find a bargain then by all means you should BUY into it if you are able! The powerz still have the USS Titanic (aka global Titanic) pegged Full steam ahead! They could care less about reports of obstacles! We are in a race to the bottom- LITERALLY!

  • nod


    Don’t think anyone is worried about reputation here.

  • Two things. Dollar cost average into silver. Buy in regular amounts over time, as little as $50.00 a month. When you accumulate 20 ounces take delivery.

    Two, store some outside the US. is the easiest way to do this. You own segregated silver or gold which you can redeem for cash or demand delivery. Very cool. Get it out of he way of the US government.

  • Lowell L Morse

    If you have an issue with dealers, dump them. I would recommend Northern Nevada.

  • Reputation?

    The view here is:
    Holding for the long term is the only way a person can be sure to preserve the wealth of their toil and possibly come out ahead.

    Nothing else can safely store your wealth other than one of three things: 1) anything that’s in your hand that you can use. 2)Gold. 3)Silver.

    This is not speculation, but if a person is only interested in making short-term gains; silver is a wild mare to ride.

    Everything that has happened in the past and nothing that has happened since has ever proven it wrong. I consider the subject a moot point; and therefore a distraction.

  • Purple Frog

    If silver had instead gone to $100/oz, what would you do? How would you feel? Would you sell? Would you buy?

  • Silver Shield

    @purple frog

    I would have felt about the same. So long as silver is denominated in a mathematically doomed currency like the $ it makes no difference to me. Therefore I do not measure my wealth in terms of $s I use ratio investing. I do not invest in silver to ever sell for the same doomed dollars that I did not want 6 years ago, I invest for the mathematically inevitable collapse of ALL paper assets.

    Everything else is just a plot twist in a story I already know the ending to.

    The good guys ride off into the sunset with the silver….

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