A Fiat Riddle…

From the Desk of Ben Bernanke :)

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  • That’s the beauty of what they are doing, in a race to the bottom all you have to do is come out at the top of the heap to win. Even if you are nearly at the bottom, you are not quite as far down as the others.

  • Ben

    The Dark Sith Lord Keynes was evil incarnate.

    On of the best books refuting his idiotic claims is Henry Hazlitt’s book “Econmics In One Lesson”.

    Here is a link to his book. A free PDF mind you!


    Or..you could buy it on Amazon?

    At any rate, your readers should read this book. Heck, go to his Wikipedia entry and you will find half of his books there for free as downloadable PDF’s.

    The man was ahead of his time.

  • twisted titan

    Thanx for the pdf ben!!!!

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