Peter Schiff Wants to be a Serf!

Peter Schiff tells us why he’s becoming a serf. After his testimony on Capitol Hill and his frustration at the lack of understanding and appreciation that his teachings and ideas received from certain members and academics, he is seriously considering serfdom. Since he already gets no respect, serfdom has a number of economic advantages. This could definitely be the start of a trend. We’re not exactly sure who he will accept as the lord of the manor, but we’re looking forward to the results of his experiment and wish him the best in this newest of endeavors. If this idea appeals to you, reach out to him and tell him you want join his Serf Club.Peter Schiff on being a Serf

1 comment to Peter Schiff Wants to be a Serf!

  • robert thomas

    Becoming a serf? Join the club peter,you are already one. Any citizen outside the enchanted city of Washington need not apply. An illegal tax code with a punitive system for not complying,(jail) gets you a free membership without dues.

    It’s curious – 300,000,000 people controlled in chains by 400. We as club members must be an awful stupid bunch

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