Possible Flase Flag This Weekend? Operation Mountain Guardian

No way out of the financial crisis in Europe and the US?  Start a war.  We have seen Bernanke punt it down the yield curve and admit that he can do nothing to revive the economy.  After all what Keyensian would have thought 3 years of 0% interest would not have juiced the economy?  I have always had in the back of my mind that the ultimate act in this play is another False Flag.  I wrote about this in an article called The 3 Coming False Flags.   These 3 False Flags would “solve” the three problems the Elite have, Military challenge by the anti-Hegemon states, the financial crisis that is picking up steam, and the truth movement that is crippling the ability for the Elite to manipulate society for their benefit.  Now we have a massive 81 agency exercise in Denver this weekend called Operation Mountain Guardian.

One of the many strange occurrences about 9/11 was the amount of “training” exercises that were scheduled and happened on 9/11.  The really “strange” part was how many mirrored the real life attack.  One specific exercise was called Amalgam Virgo in Jun 2001 studied a rogue nation attacking the east coast.  The following is a list of all the operations being carried out on September 11th by the military:

  1. OPERATION NORTHERN VIGILANCE: This was planned months in advance of 9/11; On the morning of 9/11, where military resources were sent to Alaska in response to Soviet military exercises.
  2. BIOWARFARE EXERCISE TRIPOD II: Rudolph Giuliani made referenced to Tripod 2 in his testimony to the 9/11 Commission. FEMA arrived in New York on September 10th to set up a command post located at Pier 29 under the auspices of a ‘bio-warfare exercise scheduled for September 12. This explains why Tom Kenney of FEMA’s National Urban Search and Rescue Team, told Dan Rather of CBS News that FEMA had arrived in New York on the night of September 10th. Giuliani was to use this post as a command post on 9/11 after he evacuated WTC Building 7. “We were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse,” Rudolph Giuliani told Peter Jennings of ABC News.
  3. OPERATION VIGILANT GUARDIAN: This exercise simulated hijacked planes in the north eastern sector. Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, NORAD unit’s airborne control and warning officer, was overseeing the exercise. At 8:40am she took a call from Boston Center which said it had a hijacked airliner. Her first words, as quoted by Newhouse News Service were, “It must be part of the exercise”.
  4. OPERATION NORTHERN GUARDIAN: The details of this exercise are still scant but it is considered to be part of Vigilant Guardian, relating to simulating hijacked planes in the north eastern sector.
  5. OPERATION VIGILANT WARRIOR: This was referenced in Richard Clarke’s book ‘Against All Enemies’. It is thought to have been the ‘attack’ component of the Vigilant Guardian exercise. During the exercise NORAD placed multiple phantom signatures on the the nations radar systems.
  6. 3 F16’s from Andrews Air Force base just 15 miles from the Pentagon are flown 180 miles away to North Carolina fro a training mission.
  7. Fort Belvoir Virginia 10 miles south of the Pentagon runs simulation intended to test security in case of a terrorist attack.
  8. The Office of Emergency Management on the 23rd floor of WTC 7 run Tripod II a bio-warfare exercise.
  9. The National Reconnaissance Office conducts a drill with the CIA simulating a plane crashing into their office.

I think it is plain to see that both the European and Anglo American markets are in for some very hard times and this weekend might be a “good” time to pull something devious to give cover to a collapse in the market.  The media will focus all attention on the new “bad guys” and blame them for the collapse in the stock market.  This will give those sheeple every reason to dust off their terrorist hunting permit and sacrifice their lives, liberties and fortunes chasing after another illusion.  No where will you hear the real reason why the market collapsed, the massive fraud and deceit built into fraudulent fractional reserve banking system.

Operation Mountain Guardian will be conducted by 81 agencies and, “will be conducted at ten separate locations and will include loud noises, simulated weapons, smoke, emergency vehicles and other equipment that will be audible and visible throughout the day.”  Another reason why I find this weekend very suspicious is that Obama will be visiting Denver on Tuesday.   Most people don’t know that Colorado is the home of NORAD and other massive bunkers the government has built to run the government in case of nuclear attacks.  Denver International has a ton of very creepy apocalyptic imagery.

A 7-ton statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead at the Denver International Airport. Revelation 6:8: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death."

This is all pretty creepy stuff that would give the Elite cover as people run around saying that it is the Apocalypse, while others will blame Elenin Comet.  The very real cause is the same bad guys that have enslaved humanity throughout history. They are just going to have to get much more sophisticated if they plan on fooling humanity for another 80 years.

This all may be nothing, but I am sure that there will be some sort of “pearl harbor” event that will lead us down the final path to tyranny.  The key to all of this is that whatever is coming has to come in order for this paradigm built on spreading debt and death to end.  It will not go quietly, but things that cannot go on forever, won’t.  When it is over a new age of man will be born.   Your only role is to be aware and prepared to see things as they are and do your best to stay ahead of the curve.

15 comments to Possible Flase Flag This Weekend? Operation Mountain Guardian

  • Anon

    We can all just pray and hope that the sheeple’s consciousness has been raised enough to say “no more! we won’t fight your wars for you anymore!”

    The elite has already pulled the terrorism card, we won’t be fooled twice. They’ll have to get very creative this time.

    On 28 October 2011 is the end of the Mayan long-count, and the supposed start of a new golden civilization. Maybe this is it, maybe we can rid ourselves of the elite’s tricks once and for all.

  • Aeneas8

    Whatever the elite are drawing attention to, it is wise to be looking at their other hand.

  • Paul Prichard

    This fear mongering is getting so so tiresome. The general public need to grow the hell up and tell their public servants to shove this s**t up their you-know-what.

  • Andy in the UK

    I don’t know what is going on these days. I do try to stay away from all the conspiracy stuff on the net, but I can tell you that globally there are a few potential issues that anyone can look at right now and draw their own conclusions:

    Firstly I know some good and reliable people who have recently got back from the Middle East and they have told me that Israel is currently ‘beyond’ high alert (in part due to the Palestinian vote for State recognition in the UN) – make your own mind up as to the significance (or not) of this – bearing in mind current tensions and the potential for more military action by Israel against Lebanon, Gaza, or even Syria or Egypt is real (they may even risk taking on Iran).

    Secondly, Turkey (the number 2 force in NATO, second only to the US don’t forget) have also put their forces on a raised state of alert and have already deployed extra naval assets. Is this significant? I don’t know.

    Thirdly, there are confirmed reports that Iran is showing increased activity, including the movement of resources and key assets to protected sites. Again, is this significant?

    Fourthly, the Russians are being unusually quiet at the moment, except for having very publically sent some negotiators and experts to Syria. Now, with Libya being contained are the Russians concerned that the NATO cross-hairs are being focused on Syria?

    Fifthly, there have been some strange movements of politicians and military assets over here in UK in the last few days.

    Finally, this comet Elenin business is starting to get a bit out of hand – there is way, way too much information, disinformation and downright junk about this comet on the net – yet not enough detailed scientific data. Strangely this has actually left me thinking that there could well be something to this comet (hidden and well covered by all the BS).

    I have a couple of friends who understand scientific stuff, and they, like me feel that there could be more going on here than first meets the eye. No, its not a ‘brown dwarf’ or ‘the planet nibiru’ (we would not be here now if it was!), but its chemical make up (and therefore its potential electromagnetic influence, and / or gravitational influence on the Earth) seems to be in question.

    Also, its lack of coma / tail raises questions, as does the potential for it to discharge a hydrogen sulphide coma (which could interact with the Eaths atmosphere) if the comet is affected by the earths magnetic field.

    Also, some of the data on earthquakes during alignments with Elenin does actually stand first inspection (I have not studied the data in any depth so it may turn out to be rubbish upon closer inspection) but there does seem to be something worth a closer look – especially as more than one source predicts the next Elenin induced earthquake (I say next as apparently there have already been a few along the ring of fire) to hit the West Coast USA on September 27 – just when Obama, and some other key figures, (plus even some scientists from NASA too apparently) will be safely tucked up in the Denver bunker.

    I must state that I have not done any detailed research into Elenin, I am only summarising my opinion based on the very limited data I have looked at. However, I can state that the only way that Elenin could affect the Earth in such a way as to cause a significant earthquake would be if the comet was not a comet at all, but an object of high mass – so much so that its gravity could affect earth (in the same way the moons gravity pulls the oceans across the planet causing the tides), but not so great as to affect the orbit of earth or disturb the orbits of any other planets in the solar system. If it is an object of very high mass then the gravity-well channels between the Earth, the Moon, Sun, etc during alignment (25th, 26th, 27th Sept) could then very well be affected enough by Elenin to disturb weak fault lines on Earth, potentially causing earthquakes. Apparently there is a scientific paper on this and M6 earthquakes but I have not read it or found it.

    There is also of course the real risk that Elenin could indeed be used as ‘cover’ for some sort of false flag event, or any other event for that matter – by the US, by Israel, or by any country with appropriate resources. But I risk getting into conspiracy theories if I travel down that road. That said, desperate times may well mean that some people may choose to take desperate action, so I will keep an open mind and stay sharp.

  • Andy in the UK

    @ Silver Shield
    September 23, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    If you were responding to me then please accept my appologies. I was not suggesting that your article was another conspiracy theory. I fully appreciate the need for awarness.

    I too, like some other people I have spoken to (and also like some who have commented on other postings on this website) have seen enough coincidences and enough strange goings on recently to have increased my vigilance. As I also stated, desperate people are likely to do desparate things.

    I was actually supporting your article with my comments, although perhaps not as clearly as I would have liked to. So again, sorry if I gave the impression I was undermining the article in some way, this certainly was not my intention. Andy.


    A nice nuke going off in a major US city would do wonders to distract the people from American Idol.

    Haven’t we been “set-up” to expect such a think with the books and movies? Nothing will surprise me and we KNOW those who run the world need to do something to take control of this internet.

    Too many people are being educated about the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporation and too many people are learning about building #7 on 9/11.

    Something BIG has to happen. Good thing I have food for a year, water supply and enough guns/ammo to take on Detroit. I will need it.


    Yes, the performance will be have to be the be “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH”. Expect anything and question everything!

  • Silverfox

    Is it true if someone were to set off a suitcase nuke on Wall Street that it would shut down the stock exchange indefinitely?

    Is it true all the banks are there and our credit and debit cards won’t work at places like the supermarket, gas stations and ATM’s?

    Weather or not, it sounds devastating.

    Who would do that. . . I guess some crazy terrorist. . . or some hired hand for the elite (dirty job guy) or would our own government arrange it?

    But not to worry, you can’t just make one of those. I mean it’s not like there’s any plutonium lying around that could be bought on the black market right?

    And our government wouldn’t arrange anything like that right?

    Glad I live far from there and I’m aware and prepared!

  • Mr. Black

    That horse is there because of the football team, the Denver Broncos. Their logo is a blue horse with an orange mane.

  • Carlos

    I also think they are giving us a few hints. The Denver airport is one of the most sinister modern constructions in the world and it does seem to be built for something big. I hope it’s nothing though but is it a coincidence that the Elenin believers are predicting something big for this weekend too? The only good thing is that we’ll know the truth just next week and even if nothing happens we know the false flags are an increasing possibility in the near future. Everyone take care.

  • BigJoel

    Wow. I’ve always been somewhat suspicious of our government and it’s intentions, but you folks take it to an entirely different level.

    Tell you what, you guys can have my portion of guns, freeze dried food and gold if it’ll make you feel better.

  • Silverfox

    Thanks BigJoel. I picked up the Mikhail Kalashnikov 47 you should have bought today. My family is grateful. 7.62 will put the fear of god into the assailants. For the ones on PCP that come anyway . . . we have a wet vac. The food was a great gesture but I have plenty, however, I picked it up and gave it to my neighbors. They want to make you a saint. As for the gold. . . I’m a silver bull, hope you don’t mind. . . I traded it to add to the white metal stack. Lastly, good luck, we wish you the best.

  • Randa


    They have run out of time, run out of lies, run out of gold (they ran out of silver a decade ago). They can’t even bailout themselves anymore. And this my Friends, is a very dangerous thing.

    They’re desperate.

  • michael federico

    I’m not questioning much of anything I’ve read so far and I have been on the same page for yhers but hav enot acted. I am trying to get on a good size piece of property deveral miles out of town. Feels like the best thing to get off the grid and defend my sace. What do some of your readers think?

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