Bob Chapman’s Precious Metals Stop the Panic Report

Bob Chapman takes time out from his extremely busy schedule and joins us for a special precious metals panic report. Gold has dropped to under $1700 in almost no time and it has many investors thinking about heading for the exits. Bob say don’t even think about it. Wait after Tuesday next week, after options expiry, and you’ll be glad you did.

Bob Chapman’s Stop the Panic Report

1 comment to Bob Chapman’s Precious Metals Stop the Panic Report

  • James Woroble Jr

    Who the hell am I do disagree with one of the finest, experienced and most respected analysts of our time, but I do not see this up move. I see a 50-50 probability to the contrary of silver collapsing to the next support level of $20!!!. Should this not occur, the best case scenario for the immediate future will be a languishing between $30 and $35 for an extended period due to the slaughter of investor/ speculators who have been wiped out with no resources to move the price up, and those who are ‘shell shocked’ after enduring the nuking of last May and then again last week.

    I hope Bob is correct, and he probably is, as usual. I just don’t see it in my calculations, nor in my reasoning of the situation.

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