I Am Proud Of You Guys

I am proud of you guys. I feel that all of my effort to educate people about the benefits of owning physical Silver has paid off.  For the most part, you get that this is NOT about dollar gains, this is about getting your wealth outside of a doomed paper paradigm.  I have taken great care not to just emotionally hype silver about it going to $100 or $1,000.  I have built the largest logical case for purchasing physical silver. (Read the Ultimate Silver Investor.) I have even moved beyond the logical case for silver and I have committed more time to logically thinking about the world in general. This effort is evident in my Sons of Liberty Academy and articles like The Trivium- The Key to Freedom, The 5 Stages of Awakening, and A Decade of Denial and Deception.  Even during my Final Warning a month ago, I announced that I would no longer be proselytizing the benefits of owning physical silver.  I did this because if the Ultimate Silver Investor could not make the real world of  physical silver investing clear for you, nothing will. 

Reading the comments in the Local Field Reports I was happy to see people who really thought logically about owning silver.  This skill is so important during emotional times like this were the paper market is trying to get you to break.  (Read Emotional Momentum Monkeys vs. Logical Stackers.) I feel the past 9 months was well spent in building a firm intellectual foundation on physically investing in silver.

I have never made the case for speculative endeavors like buying on margin on the CRIMEX.

I have never encouraged debt to purchase silver. (Even though I am VERY tempted on days like this.)

I have never promoted investing in mining companies.

I have only promoted owning physical silver.

I am in the process of now building a firm intellectual foundation for a new paradigm with The Greatest Truth Never Told.  This project is a very difficult project to put together, because it is so vast in scope.  I hope that it does for the world what I have been able to do for physical silver investing community.  The process is the same… it is nullifying the greatest weapon the Elite use against us, emotional fear which they create to manipulate us.  The same process they use to manipulate nations into senseless and endless wars, is the same process they use to scare you out of owning silver.  If you think that people are not out to manipulate you, let me present a quote from the man that got us into a decade long war over lies…

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” -Karl Rove

I sat through a 60% hit in 2008 in silver, this was during a time when I had walked away from my inheritance and moved to a new state.  The only thing that kept me sane throughout that whole time was all of the research I did about silver prior to that time.  This logical look at the silver market allowed me to not only NOT to sell, but buy more when others were scared and weak.  This allowed me to see a 500% return as silver hit $49.50 in April.  This time around I am doing the same thing.  I am selling my Jeep, gold and whatever else I can, to buy more silver at these ridiculous prices.  This time around I do not expect a 500% return, I expect an end to this paper charade once and for all. 

I have said on many occasions, any short term paper victories for the Elite, will only lead to long term and terminal physical losses.  Once the blatant manipulation is exposed, and they cannot deliver on what they have promised, the game will be changed forever.  Those that have been thoughtful enough to really understand the true nature of physical silver will be the Meek That Will Inherit The Earth.  After working with and communicating with you all, I am proud to be associated with you guys and I really believe that this is the beginning of something really special.  We will have the power to build a new paradigm and be a blessing on to those that could not, or would not prepare, for the paradigm shift.

Hang tough and keep stacking, our time is coming.


12 comments to I Am Proud Of You Guys

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    To end the travesty of fiat, its alternative should circulate. Stacking is either an initial accumulation stage (a buy-in of sorts), or purely an emergency preparedness measure. It’s 100% passive and reactive.

    Anyone who has a burning desire to bring the circus down should stop thinking in terms of centralized money, start measuring things in silver, and use it. Waiting and hoping for the collapse will not make it happen – actively ignoring the Status Quo will.

    By the way, silver is not the only alternative. Sea shells, oak timber, pigs, baby sitting time, anything will work in any local marker. Silver just happens to be universally understood and convenient.

  • Aeneas8

    I agree that stacking is more of an accumulation stage (at this point still). At some future point that stage will be able to give way to actually using silver to complete transactions. I don’t think anyone can predict the timing of this. Hypothetically, lets say you got the grocery checkout clerk to accept your Mercury Head dime for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. That’s all well and good for your purposes. But until the greater populace is ready to do the same thing there is not going to be any movement into the next stage(s) of returning to a real value-based money supply. What actually will happen if the 90% junk dime is seen by even the most uneducated of the populace is that they will immediately take it out of circulation, thus breaking the chain of movement toward the value-based money we really need. It’s that age-old saying of: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And our weakest link is an uneducated populace, for now.

  • Archangel

    Can’t unlearn the truth. I like Mike Maloney’s discussion about wealth cycles and looking for the next undervalued asset class. Somehow, I think the move will be a step “down” from precious metals, into staple goods, essentials to life. Property/real estate where gardens grow and wells are drilled? At least for a short time. I have much to learn. If it’s not a move from metals to energy or realestate, could there be a paper asset in the distant future that we might move to? For now, silver is it. When enough physical gets into the hands of the individual and there is no longer enough for the hedge funds and ETF’s to control the price, we will hold the wealth, a reset for The People to take back control of our economy. Am I way off here?

  • william

    I recommend watching Bill Stills film ” The secret of OZ ”
    This guy is awake ( He also stacks physical silver)
    Its really a must watch film , he beleives like Silver Sheild that
    “We have the power to build a new paradigm ”

    Here’s alink to his youtube channel

    Thanks Silver Shield

  • neil

    just sold my plow truck for 4,000 and will be investing all of it in silver buy this weekend i am sooooooooo happy right now….am going to buy about 130 oz and now for the bikes to sell

  • Silver Shield

    Just sold the Wrangler to a guy from Craigslist for less than I wanted but i figured with silver so on sale I could hold put for more on the jeep but miss the silver sale. Getting the cash tomorrow and it frees up $400 a month for more preps.

    Working on gold for silver right now… 50ish GSR will not last long.

  • TexPat

    I began stacking and prepping almost 3 years ago, stacking phzz mainly because I saw what was happening to the dollar, our freedoms and the total corruption of our constitution and it’s elected protectors by the current banking regime. Simply stacking as a hedge.
    Me being a “Curious George” sort of fella, it was 6 months after our current president came to office, also at about the same time came a regime change where I work. Soon I found that things just didn’t jibe between what I was being shown on MSM and what I was witnessing around me “I felt it more than anything, but couldn’t put my finger on it.”. After nearly 30 years of job experince my working conditions eroded rapidly with a crew of managers that saw nothing wrong by first trying to tell us what to think “that back fired in their faces”. Then came the decete, lies and collusion to manage and control the work force “That’s a nasty little story in and of itself”.
    So I began reseaching the net for answers to my troubling thoughts, feelings and experiences. Soon I began to discover credible documented information of the
    many evil doings and goings on around us, that’s when I experienced another life altering paradigm shift. “Know I know” Seems like life is full of shifts. I find nothing as refreshing as a blast of truth, it has a way of putting puts things in their proper perspective making life much easier to cope with. Apparently everyone else here thinks the same or they wouldn’t be here. “Or would you?”
    It simply comes down to this, I save, research, plan and prep because I invision great carnage and suffering ahead, “As if it isn’t already happening in rest of the world. It shames me to think that I was dupped into justifing and paying for the horrors that man kind must now endure.” I save physical silver in the hopes of having something to show for my 45 yrs as a laborer.

    Final word, I still save. NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! It is still God, guns, food, water, supplies, silver and gold.
    I have a 401K “Was cohersed into it at work with extreme reserves about others handling my money” but cannot touch it at this time. So this I count as a huge blundering loss to another of lifes many experiences. Am biting the bullet though, retiring “early at age 58” next spring hoping to get my hands on it “401K”, but recent financial and world events make me feel that I will be to late to get anything out of it.

    Good luck to all ya’ll, and may God’s Grace continue to shower down upon us.

    To SS, great work man. Keep it up “A thinking/working/rational mind is never enslaved”, Love ya. Besides you save me alot of time by bringing to me the very same things that used to cost me alot of time to find myself.

    My heritage: Native American Indian/Russian Jew “Both Grandma’s and Mom always warned me to never trust mans authority, I have seen my Grandfather shed tears, Dad and Grandpa stressed hard work and honesty and keeping my word.”
    Let There Be No King But Jesus!!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • dan


    borrow aginst your 401k now it is yours …no need to wait…then when you retire you pay off loan or reduce amount you bring with you an roll to ira.. good luck

  • Ben

    No Chris…thank you.

    Thank you for imparting your knowledge about silver and investing in a tangible asset.

    Might add one thing…

    Karl Rove is the biggest POS from the previous administration. It is he who got people to believe in their programming and elect another member…

  • Hi Fiber

    And I’m proud of the blog, great stuff and it keeps getting better. I think that when the paper game ends we will see at least one last false flag type of black op. A live nuke went missing in a Phoenix drill recently and I feel that tptb are getting desperate. No other reason exists for what we’ve seen recently. Why would NY/London sell PM’s to China and India at such at steep discount at a time like this if the “end game” weren’t already in sight?

  • It feels like I know you personally, Chris. I was “stacking silver”, before I found you. You have informed & helped me expand my thought processed greatly.

  • JayBird

    @TexPat – regarding your 401K, call your administrator (such as Fidelity) and ask about moving to a Rollover IRA. With your years of contribution, you likely have a large after-tax contribution and taxable piece. I found out I could actually roll about 1/2 of my savings into new IRA accounts (one was after tax, which I immediately withdrew and put into physical silver). I never knew a 401K holder could do this until I learned about it and asked!!

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