You Won’t See This On CNBC

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” -Albert Einstein

This “momentum monkey” is calling for the end of the Euro and the savings of millions being wiped away.  He actually is dreaming about this and cannot wait.  His answer is to buy bonds.  My observation is that this guy is part of the problem and his answer is NOT the way out.  He is a rat jumping off a sinking ship and is part of the problem.  A collapse in the stock and currency markets are not going to lead to a shift in wealth to bonds, but into anything that has real tangible value.  When the markets collapse it will be met with a flood of new money and that the real inflation this will destroy the value of the debt that needs to be destroyed and ultimately a loss in the faith of the currency.  This will lead to massive counter party risk the world over and will ultimately lead people to seek safety in real tangible assets.  This momentum monkey will be left just like Katie Scarlett’s father in Gone With The Wind, gone insane because all of his wealth was in Confederate Bonds that were inflated away when what they needed was gold.  As always, remember those that can explain a problem better than you can does not mean they know the answer.

“Listen to all. Follow none. Walk your own path the best that you can.”  Chris Duane

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