Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not After You

We get called conspiracy theorists and crazies all of the time from those that are in denial.  I have learned to feel bad for those people, because they leave themselves exposed to very foreseeable dangers like the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.  While all of the stuff I have been writing about is factual and have moved beyond the paranoid stage, it does not mean that there are not people out trying to “get” me. 😉

I have written many times that the Federal Reserve is a privately and foreign owned bank that has enslaved the world through the manipulation of fractional reserve banking and usury.  It has enabled the military industrial complex that spreads debt and death throughout the world.  It is at the core of all of the evils in this world and it is mathematically going to end.  The collapse of the dollar debt paradigm will either usher in a new dark ages if the Elite scare humanity into following them for another century or we will see a new age of man if we can learn that we can have debt free money and free energy to usher in a new era.

The Federal Reserve does not deal in money, they deal in illusions.  Their main product, the dollar, is an illusion of real wealth.  They do not care about inflation, since that is all that they do. What they do care about is inflation expectations.  The illusion of low inflation which they manage through many tricks.  Now they are concerned about the illusion of themselves.


The Fed can see you...

The Fed is out to “Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.”  They would not be doing this if we were not hurting their ability to deal in illusions.  Education through the internet has awakened people to the illusion of this paradigm and they will never be fooled into playing in their rigged casino again.  I plan on taking my efforts “underground” very soon to work with only those that “get it” and stay out of the evil gaze.  While I believe that we still have time, this type of action reminds me of what the Nazis did to the Jews before the blood started flowing.  I find it reprehensible, not only what the Fed does, but for some private company seeking to “identify” private citizens that expose their immoral activities.  I encourage you to get on our mailing list or join the Academy, because we do not know how long sites like DTOM will be up and available. It may be soon that our only way of communicating will be private communication.  Either way I am aware and prepared.

“I am very fond of truth, but not at all of martyrdom ” – Voltaire


16 comments to Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not After You

  • Mustafa Cohen

    For any future web project, consider this:

    – an extra domain name with non-US TLD like .eu or .kz (for example, dont-tread-on-me.kz)

    – a DNS management service like ZoneEdit

    – and a mirror of the site on a server that is out of immediate Anglo-American reach

  • Archangel

    What is DTOM’s IP address? I understand that having this can allow access to the website if the DNS record is changed. See

    Also, I have posted here before and “graduated” from the academy before it became free. Well worth th $80 or so I paid. Thank you Chris.

    I do have a question….is there anything keeping people from commenting on articles using another regular’s name? No big deal, just curious if you’ve ever gotten any Silver Shield impersonators?

    Love the site. I have awoken some of my family and closest friends and we’re stacking like crazy! I am aware and preparing. God bless.

    • Silver Shield

      The only very big time I got fooled was somebody posting under Bob Moriarty’s name and I almost was attacking the Real Bob for what the Fake Bob was writing.

      So when Ben Bernanke ever comments on the blog… it will NOT be him.

  • Goldman Suchs

    Anybody catch this? London Gold Exchange just closed shop FOR GOOD!


    • Silver Shield

      Yup. Seems they might have sold more gold than they had…

      “If you don’t hold it hold it, you don’t own it.” -Ponce

      Wonder what will happen to silver when the CRIMEX does the same?

  • Archangel

    Feels good to be in the right place at the right time. No fear here.

  • MightyThor

    Glad to have DTOM here to help give me confidence in these times. I am currently going through the Academy and even though I have been aware of how deep the fox hole goes I still am awestruck at how pompous and evil the illuminati truly are! Thanks for the time and energy that you expend on a daily basis to educate those who ‘get it’!!!

  • TexPat

    The extra domain name will not matter, what SS forgot to mention is this will be a world wide spy ring looking for anything said about the fed, they will label you as no threat, neutral, or threat. Then I’ll bet anything that life will become very difficult for anyone considered a threat. Heck we may have to resort to snail mail and revive the post office. After the interenet it will be the phone system.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    When I hear the words of some lard-ass stock broker or slim cokedup wolf-man wannabe hedge fund idiot call themselves an alpha predator or some other nonsense, I remember the words of the rest of sucker-punched, blind-sided America. “Please, officer. Just for a few minutes. I promise you won’t get in trouble. I know you lost every thing in the stock market like I did. I know your kids won’t go to college now either. And I know you don’t care that your money is now being used by someone else. But could you PLEASE look over there and forget what I am about to do?”

  • TJ

    The great irony of your statement about Jews is that they are the ones running global finance, the Federal Reserve, and the management of the big banks. They are the ones running the mass media and entertainment in order to control perceptions.
    They did this to Germany, provoked a response, and now they are doing it to US along with the rest of the world. And so they always appear to be “the victims”. This time they provoke no response, and instead received protection from the real victims. Ya’ll are embarrassing.

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