PSA: Silver will act as a store of wealth! How will it get there?

If their is anything this site and SOL stresses, besides a large position in Silver, it’s to think!   “Listen to all. Follow none.”  With that in mind I am providing a link to “WHAT I BELIEVE ” is an important piece – well two pieces.  I have problems with certain aspects of each but they may provide perspective to current market gyrations.

This serves as a public service announcement.

Deflation, Inflation, and Hyperinflation; there is a difference between the last two.

Read the first article from ZeroHedge here: Ackerman Takes Fresh Look at Old Foe Lira’s Ideas The second article, “How Hyperinflation Will Happen” is in the body but I urge you to pay attention to the first article and then read the second.  There is also a link to the “The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide” at the end.

From: PSA: Silver will act as a store of wealth! How will it happen?

By Pitchman: Inflection Point

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