The Elite and the Planned Crisis with Pre-Determined Solutions

Philosophical Foundations of the Elites Designs

The elite tend to promote ideas and philosophies that allow for exploitation, profit (for them) and dependency (to allow for central control of masses).  This is why you see two diametrically opposed philosophies competing.  One that fosters independence, self determination and rights and responsibility (good for you) and one that fosters dependence, reliance on experts and the relinquishing of rights and responsibilities, often under the guise of “public good” or “personal good” (good for “them”).

Philosophical differences


 Keynes vs. Hayek Pasteur vs. Bechamp; Naessens; Rife etc.
Keynes:  Deficit spending, people must spend to support the economy; savings is discouraged. Dependency on credit and “safety net” since people do not have savings for own safety net. People overextend themselves creating debt slaves.  Booms and Busts.Spending more is the answer, even when can’t afford it.  Artificial growth.Works against the nature of free markets and creates artificial prosperity/growth that crashes into busts/recessions.  Improperly allocates capital to areas that are not helping the economy or to failing sectors/businesses where capital is swallowed up and lost.


[Favored by elite]

Pasteur:  Germ theory of disease; infectious disease caused by germs outside of ourselves.  Create war on germs, cancer etc. need products/ experts and services to control or minimize exposure/ effects, but don’t address the true cause.[favored by elite]. 

We are on a constant hunt for the ‘bad guys’ who we will go out and hunt down (labwork), cut off (surgery), kill (antibiotics, anti-virals, chemotherapy, radiation etc,) or stop (anti-inflammatory, antihistamine etc.) whether it be bacteria, viruses, cancer cells or our own immune system.  There is always something to attack, always something to be stopped.  Never do we work with the body.  Never do we address the true cause.  It’s an outside enemy causing the problem.  We always address its effects and not its cause e.g. infections and tumors are an effect of a problem and not the cause.  Products work against nature (“anti” drugs) or unnaturally stimulate the immune system fooling it into creating antibodies, that are only temporary (requirements of boosters; cause disease itself).  They introduce foreign proteins and harmful chemicals directly into the body, potentiating problems.  People become dependent on antibiotics or other services to take care of illness.  Because we only address the effect and not the cause, relief is only temporary; thus creating ongoing need for treatment and repeat customers.  Treatments change all the time as new science identifies new targets and new treatments.  Nature then overcomes science e.g. antibiotic resistance.  The cycle repeats.

Hayek:  Encourages savings and the acquisition of real capital to build business; self reliance; no need for debt.  Slow, but real growth. Follows natural direction of free markets; allows free markets to clean out the system of bad debt and poorly run businesses and then resets it.  Allows for natural balancing of economy.  Allocates capital to areas that are working well and naturally growing, not to failing banks or other business sectors that are failing or no longer needed. “Nothing is the prey of death: all things are the prey of life”. – Antoine BechampThe terrain is everything.  Your body can only become diseased if it has the terrain (environment) to sustain it (deficient of digestive enzymes, acidic [ph of saliva and urine indicates this], low oxygen state).  Exposure is not what exclusively causes disease (hence some people never get sick), but rather a person’s susceptibility.“Ultramicroscopic sub-cellular living and reproducing entities” (3, 11,10) in our bodies help us, Bechamp calls them mycrozymas, Naessens calls them somatids.  As the body becomes more acidic, the dead matter created provides what is needed for the entities to change from helping and building to decomposing and breaking down tissue/dead matter (somatid cycle).  The more acidity and dead matter, the more the transformation takes place.  So the source of infection does not primarily come from the outside, but is generated from the inside. The entities can change into different types of organisms (pleomorphism) and are indestructible (extreme heat, freezing, etc.) in their base form (somatid/microzyma).  If treated with antibiotics they will revert from destroyed microbes to microzyma and may again become microbes if the environment supports that change.  Hence the birth of chronic infections, and support for the fact that if the terrain is not changed the infection will not go away permanently with any outside “anti” treatment. The body is therefore in a fluxing process of building up and decomposing, so when the body dies for good all that is needed to decompose it is within the live tissue throughout life.  This process creates chronic disease when the terrain remains poorImprovement of the terrain reverses this process and the entities again support healing and rebuilding of tissues and can even reverse disease.

Natural healing modalities work with nature and recognize the wisdom of the body.  They depend on personal responsibility and changing lifestyles to support true health.  The laws of the body do not change and therefore the approach needs little adjustment.  New medicines or treatments may be identified, but their effects can only be helpful and long lasting if it improves or helps to maintain a healthy terrain.  Nutrition, toxin cleansing and rejuvenation of the existing state of the body allow the body to fix itself.

Bio-magnets and somatid therapy increase cellular vitality in a measurable way.  Live blood analysis of the somatids in their initial state vs after treatment can indicate levels of health since the somatid shape and state within the cycle determines the degree of disease present, and vis a vis degree of cellular health.  This can be seen with the somatoscope or similar  microscope.  Naessens microscope can see live objects at greater magnification than the electron microscope, which can only see dead things.  It defies the laws of optics, yet instead of celebration, because of his revolutionary findings he’s been scorned and attacked [hence “Galileo of the microscope”].  (3, 34).

Bio cellular electrical analysis can specify if cellular health is static, progressing or regressing by measuring parallel capacitance with Bioelectrical impedance analysis machines. (38, 39).  The article “the electron theory of life” by Dr. Tom Levy supports Bechamp in that good food causes conditions where electrons are donated and used to maintain electrical flow and good health.  When Oxidized molecules from poor diet predominate the net results are toxic damage.  It would seem that this theory of life also allows for a parallel between the somatid and the properties of energy found in physics “it is never consumed or destroyed.  Instead it is stored in different forms and can essentially relocate in (or transform into) any of a number of different molecules (or microbes)” (38).

Physics and biology are more intimately linked than we currently believe or will accept and physics is a much better healer than using chemistry.  Physics principles apply to many effective therapies (homeopathy and resonance, bio-magnetic therapies and electron flow). The most important thing being consistent, reliable, observable and positive responses to therapy when used appropriately and within their scope of effectiveness.  We cannot deny the effects when using inductive reasoning unless we refuse to see them.  The key is to understand how they are correctly used to obtain the greatest benefit.

I do believe that the future of medicine is in physics.  After all matter is energy.  Human tissue is matter.  Biochemistry catalogues observations of bodily functions, but not the causes of changes.  Chemically manipulating natural processes in order to direct the body to a desired result has been rife with unintended consequences, because human biology is much more complex than science will admit.  Physics principles of resonance, electricity and biomagnetism improve the whole person and the whole person fixes the problem.  Treat with general strengthening let the intelligent system deal with the details (unless you are in a state of emergency).  This is holistic medicine.

Nutrition and diet changes can cause a  healing crisis and will help overall improvement in energy and health (1).  Detoxification removes toxic chemicals and influences to relieve the immune system from its diversion away from terrain maintenance and repair (24); Supplements provide added nutrition, minerals, antioxidants and sometimes herbs to aid in detoxification and improve organ function.  70% of the immune system is in the gut; so gut (intestine) function and organs of elimination such as kidneys, liver are of primary importance.  It’s about giving the body all it needs to fix itself; it knows best what to do.  It was designed that way.  If the body needs help in moving healing forward, giving a homeopathic remedy resonating with the entire symptom picture, the body is already exhibiting, can get the body moving more earnestly in the direction it wants to go (like cures like).  Even the most deadly diseases have been thrown off by strong constitutions.  Your best defense is a good offense. .

 It is illogical to believe there is only one way to do things effectively, and that burying good ideas will keep them from taking root.  It may limit their popularity in the now, but “nothing can stop an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo).  Once people recognize the current program is not working, they will seek other answers. If they realize other solutions are out there and have the courage to walk the road less traveled (for now).

It is illogical to believe that something doesn’t exist simply because we don’t want it to; because it changes our reality and our way of life.  Or that using fraudulent science and bought and paid for scientific “experts” will lend credibility to deception forever.  Natural laws find a way to express themselves, whether you want them to or not, because they are in fact laws and are part of our world; which you may temporarily defy, but gravity will win out in the end.  If people are honest about observing their surroundings the truth will resonate with them.

It is illogical to believe that working against nature with “anti” drugs, chemicals and pesticides won’t create imbalance in nature’s intelligent systems.

It is illogical to believe that the intelligent systems of this world will not attempt to rebalance themselves in a way that will be greater than the original “problem”.  They will compensate for the strong chemical effects; to the point where the problem is worse than it was originally – (Strong action demands strong equal and opposite reaction)- (e.g. antibiotic resistance; pesticide resistance; “super bugs”).  There is a purpose to everything created.  If we strategically kill or stop a natural process another must take its place.  Working within natural systems, and recognizing her wisdom, is the only fruitful way to attain balance.  Man cannot conquer nature, no matter his arrogance to do so.

It is illogical to view the present state of health degradation within humanity and declare that the chronic disease treatment paradigm we are using is working.  Or that drugs and surgery are the best answer we can offer humanity to all disease.  Or that our current ideology of disease could be correct if in fact since its singular use, the decline of health has accelerated dramatically.

It is illogical to believe that you can cover lies, fraud and theft forever.  The truth will come out eventually and when it does the house of cards will fall.  If an intelligent renaissance of ideas has occurred prior to the fall, and those effective ideas are allowed to root and take hold, prosperity can return all the greater.

How the Elite’s Ideas Take Hold

  1.  The elite engineer a problem 
Financial  Sphere Medical/Health Sphere
Create the Fed; control the quantity of money Create unhealthy food (poor nutrient value), diet plans (high carb); equate processed foods with vital nutrient rich foods and teach ineffective health habits. (26; effects of poor diet)
Trick populace into “taxing the rich” and creating an unconstitutional and unlawful tax on ordinary income; which becomes a means to redistribute the wealth of the common man to desired entities and people. Remove necessary elements from foods by processing to deplete minerals necessary for proper body function.  Add back to foods sub-levels of needed nutrients labeled as “enriched”.  (29) Create laws limiting nutrients available as supplements and concentrations thereof (international standards; codex emer


     2.  The elite add to the problem slowly, raising the temperature of the frog without            him noticing, with predictable negative effects.


Increase the money supply and create inflation, causing people to have to find different ways than just savings to save for retirement.  Creating the need for Wall street. Add un-natural foods to diet (margarine, petroleum extracted and processed fats) that are rancid on the shelf, then oxidize and damage tissue faster [especially when heated!] (23,27,41,10)
Encourage over spending and credit use.  Increase numbers of loans to people who would be unable to pay them back [take interest and the item back when can’t pay].  Forcing families to have both parents work increasing taxes collected etc. Add chemicals and colorings to foods that the body can’t process, cause toxicity, allergenicity and other health problems. (27,24,41,23,10)
Penalize companies, move jobs overseas. Add gmo foods which in one generation cause birth defects and sterilization in mice among myriads of other problems.
Create a consumer instead of a producer economy.  If they don’t consume they are “bad citizens” even if they can’t or shouldn’t buy these things. Add addictive ingredients (sugars) to foods that are the unhealthiest that deplete the needed minerals even more rapidly. (26,10)


         3.  The elite remove barriers to disease or problem progression to accelerate it.


No competition to dollar (discontinue silver certificates) Remove competition through creation of care standards and professional education requirements and licensing that align to one methodology only under umbrella of “public good”. Eliminating all competitors (homeopathic hospitals and medical colleges); effectively putting all other therapies under AMA regulation and eliminating unique advancement in disease treatment because treatments are limited in scope by law. (6,2,4,15, 16, 28)
Remove gold standard Bury any theories (nutrition/food/cheap/simple) about the disease that fix the problemthrough scientific corruption “peer review” and control of regulation/not allowing experimentation on said theories. (Laetrile; Rife frequency treatments; Naessens 712x and somatoscope; Renee Cassie and Essiac tea; Cantron ; there are many more).  FDA tests substances using chemistry when they work using physics; or in any other way contrary to their effective methodology or principles and are therefore determined to be “ineffective” or “harmful”.Dishonest and deliberate misrepresentations of reports or studies that do not support their ideation. (10,3,4,11,16,35)
Unlimited money printing and inflation.  Use threats to continually increase “debt ceiling”. Control dissention in the professional class by castigating those who challenge or prove anything contrary to stated “norms”.  Remove their ability to practice through revoking license (e.g. Rife and associates; even after glowing reviews in all scientific and medical journals of the time; once this therapy’s true potential was realized it was promptly squashed).  Instigate ad-homium attacks on individuals or using propaganda outlets ( to intimidate and discourage people from using the alternative methods or accepting ideas from alternative sources. (10,3,4,11,16,35)
Use power of government to jail or otherwise threaten any serious challenge to status quo. [alternative currency ideas etc.; barter]. Use power of government (FDA) to confiscate data, jail or otherwise threaten any serious challenges to status quoControl the narrative by legally restricting the use of certain words, making them only legal for “approved parties and treatments” (drugs/surgery); this action deemed “for public good” and to “protect from quacks”; while there are iffy practices out there, to say that only drugs and surgery can cure disease when it clearly doesn’t is cognitive dissonance.  To say that legally you cannot claim that vitamin C can cure Scurvy, when Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C is ludicrous and illogical. (10,3,4,11,16,35)
Discourage savings (must spend to keep up the economy); encourage dependence on credit/create need for credit and federally provided safety nets. Create widespread conflicts of interest by throwing money/prestigious positions and perks around to influence scientists and medical professionals toward supporting the status quo.  Science becomes for sale; sold to the highest bidder to lend credibility to the agenda of the elite.    (I will approve this drug for hypertension and allow lower levels of hypertension diagnosis to be established if I have stock in the company that provides the drugs and will profit from it or have a lifelong job there.) (7, 6, 10)
Relegate common sense and long-standing health wisdom to “old wives tales” thus removing self reliance in healthcare (only needed in emergencies) and create fear of doing anything on own or trusting the created wisdom of the body in healing. Create dependency and the need for “health experts” who change their recommendations regularly. Also create fear in population of using any other traditional or otherwise “unproven” (by big Medical/Pharma) modality to treat their illness. Why do I need proof from big pharma when it’s been used for hundreds or thousands of years with good results (homeopathy, oriental herbal medicine etc.)?  Why should I trust anything the FDA says or approves when its own leaders say it doesn’t protect the public? (10, 23, 4, 5, 24, 26, 28)


         4.  Inevitable crisis develops as expected


Transfer of capital to wealthy few Massive rates of Chronic disease in all ages of population; increasing readily as the body cannot function correctly with such poor foods and lack of minerals/vitamins. (42, 43)
High tax rates to pay interest on debt; become debt slaves to the elite Chronic Disease in very young to old age. (44)Firmly establish financial need for and continued medical business with too big to cure diseases:  Diabetes (type 2), Heart Disease and Cancer all diet related, but not in the way we are taught.  Continually expand and create new (business) disease labels for variations in normal lab values/ outcomes or behavior (change ranges of normal; create “pre” diseases) to include more and more patients to receive more and more drugs for longer and longer timeframes under the guise of “preventing it from progressing”.  But because drugs only temporarily stop symptoms and do not fix the cause; the disease progresses anyway and the need for the drugs continues indefinitely. If you change the terrain in the “pre” stage it is much easier to reverse.
Elimination of middle class; siphon off all wealth Establish Lifetime and heavy need for drugs and medical servicesStress individuals, companies and the economy with cost of and extent of services required.  People become dependent on experts for advice and services for care they are now unable to afford.  In order to provide for all that are unable to afford high cost of extensive care the government limits reimbursements and provides healthcare “safety net” for poor, elderly and disabled.  Through increasing numbers of patients on federal medical programs doctors are paid below what it costs to do business.  With not enough private funds to make up the difference; physicians leave in droves or can only take limited federal program patients.  Limiting access to care; prolonging time required to obtain services.
Collapse of dollar; hyperinflation; deflation Financial ruin of individuals and insurance companies, drastic reduction in availability of physician services.


  1. Elite present desperate masses with pre-determined and planned collectivist solutions to consolidate power and control the population.  Money, Energy, Food and healthcare being top priorities for complete control of the people
Central control of money supply; global governance. Central control for acquisition and payment of all healthcare under guise of “healthcare for all”,deny to those who don’t meet criteria for services (age, current disease state etc.) according to “complete lives system by Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel ” or similar “scarce resource allocation” scheme; which could evolve into political affiliation and “death or denial of care panels”; pressured and mandated end of life decision meetings with medical staff/social workers for all and “duty to die” guilt trip etc. [see new “Your life your choices” given to vets “The death book for veterans” article on end of life decisions and Obamacare law].  The elderly, our beloved vets and handicapped are not a burden, but a joy to share our love and compassion with; an exercise in love and patience a chance to exercise the virtues. They can pass on wisdom; history and a whole host of wonderful attributes.We should remember that once it is decided by the medical community there are those “unworthy of life” it is a slippery slope to remove all life that becomes “a burden on society”.  When in fact all life is precious no matter what state, there is always a purpose.  We just don’t always know or understand it.  Remember the Nuremberg trials where the doctors and nurses routinely went into all homes of the handicapped, mentally ill or elderly and anywhere they believed the person was a “useless eater”, those deemed unworthy of life were quickly and quietly put to death; resulting in celebrations of their accomplishments of ridding society of these “useless eaters”.  Remember the past or we are doomed to repeat it!
Create world central bank and one world currency Create need for and then deny care to those the elite desire.
Use RFID and other tracking methods to monitor and control all transactions.  All access to money, gas etc. can be turned off with the flip of a switch. Create central charting systems where all medical information becomes accessible to central planners; your private medical data can now be used against you. HIPAA and privacy standards are a thing of the past.
Restrict or otherwise outlaw any other services that might be used as an alternate to drugs and surgery, which are currently being restricted or rationed.



  1. Our response to this should be to provide for ourselves what the elite’s system won’t 
Find real information and answers to what is really going on in the alternative media. Educate yourself! Find real answers to health questions outside the AMA/FDA controlled avenuesRemember the MD is ONLY ONE opinion he/she is not THE only opinion on how disease can be or should be treated; even though no one can say they can treat or help any disease under penalty of imprisonment etc. [control of the narrative].  Remember medical errors/care is the #1 killer of Americans (783,936 deaths in one year circ 2001); and increasing since AMA/FDA became the king of the castle (7) and their hypocrisy of eliminating any other modality that even slightly harms one person much less kills one!  Doctors are only trained to use pharmaceutical drugs and surgery and should only be able to speak to the effectiveness in their eyes of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.  After reviewing all options, we should then be able to decide from many modalities the path we wish to take and be freely able to pursue it; being fully responsible for that decision.  Life is never without risk in any situation.  I would rather live with risk than be controlled by the illusion of safety.  When the terrain is managed there is very little risk, indeed very little need.  When you consume great numbers of drugs and services that work against nature and your body’s natural protective responses the opposite is true (except in extreme emergencies where suppression saves lives).
Use real money (precious metals, commodities etc.) Take responsibility for your health, fix your diet and bad health habits (not the politically correct ones, see 26,29; )
Create real free markets; barter networks; skill swaps etc. Find healthcare that can solve problems and not just palliate (limit) symptoms.  You know the medicine does not fix the problem if you can’t eventually stop taking the treatment, if your body doesn’t eventually overcome the problem with treatment (provided the terrain is fixed and stays that way).  Some degrees of organ damage cannot be reversed and so this is an exception to this rule.  Create alternative medicine networks and health conscious communities.  Remember and ask for age old health wisdom “everything in moderation” etc.  Identify those instances when MD help is essential and when it is not (5)Get to know your body and how it communicates to you imbalances (10, 24); learn to respond to subtle cues of the body (dry eyes can indicate significant dehydration etc.) and you can prevent greater problems.
Foster community cohesiveness by supporting local businesses and building relationships, and keeping your money out of the hands of the globalists. Keep your hard earned money from going to big pharma, read up on, become familiar with and be open to using alternative medicine instead where applicable (modern medicine still rocks for emergencies, structural surgery and injuries). I love my arnica for blunt/trauma/ injuries/bruises/bleeding; calendula cream for burns/skin injuries, cantharis for 2nd & 3rd degree burns and a whole host of other homeopathic (hpus) remedies.
Create laws that support using real money [gold and silver] as legal tender as the constitution indicates. Create laws at state and local levels that protect freedom of healthcare choice for individuals even in the case of cancer and epidemic or contagious disease treatments (especially since more and more “germs” are becoming antibiotic resistant)  and greater freedom of practice within a specific discipline’s norms [e.g. herbalists regulate herbalists education, standards of practice and herbs; homeopaths regulate homeopaths and homeopathic education, research and medicines etc. each field regulates its own treatments, standards, education, research and medicines] and is therefore responsible for them..  Forbid the AMA or FDA to control the other disciplines.  Decentralize control to state levels.  Create competition so that the best therapy for the patient wins, instead of what is best for the pocketbook of the elite.  Remove litigious barriers to care; set limits to compensation and common sense restrictions to the ability to sue. [Restoring patient responsibility].  Allow tax deductions for individuals who wish to contribute to research in their chosen mode of therapy, establish centers of research for each discipline and full treatment rights for all disciplines within their scope of education/practice.  Licensing not by state, but by modality specific boards in each state; with no additional tax annually to maintain the license.  Each discipline takes care of its own providers requirements for practice and ongoing education etc.  Despite arrogance and resistance provide for committees which integrate all disciplines to establish collaborative norms and bring modalities closer together to determine strengths of each modality and where its effects are best used because each has its own set of skills and excellence, mankind should be able to benefit from the strengths of them all! One is not better than another if they all bring about positive change in patient health (not just suppression of symptoms).


“We’re not living in Stalinist Russia, or Nazi Germany, after all We’re in Canada!  When am I, and all the rest of us going to win the right to be treated (for diseases) as we see fit!”  [instead of how the establishment deems we should be treated]. Jean-Hubert Eggerman. (3)


Remember; the best approach is to know all options (you are currently only given one and expected to take only one.); once options are known weigh pros and cons.  Then decide what you want to do.  Consider using the approach which follows natural laws; and actually can heal you with the least risk [modern medicine/drug therapy causes the greatest number of deaths even of any disease (7)] and if nothing else works and you have no other option modern suppressive therapy which in chronic disease only palliates and cures nothing will keep you going for a time, while continuing to add new problems. Good Luck!



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Chronic disease in the young page 9

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