Strong Like Bull

A $5 interday reversal before the CRIMEX option expiration tomorrow, is a HUGE signal that the worst is over. Given that this is the second assault on silver since May taking us almost 50% below the recent high, I doubt they have much more to gain out of another assault. The weak hands have been flushed and only the strong hands have survived.   I hope this encourages all paper silver buyers to join the “good” guys in the physical market.

I finally sold the Jeep today, so I will be buying much more silver tomorrow.  I am working on becoming 100% invested in physical silver getting rid of the few ounces of silver while the GSR is in the 50’s.  One thing you can say about me is that I certainly practice what I preach.

The ferocity and the shortness of this attack gives me great hope that this is the final push.  I am encouraged by the response from the stackers out there, you guys get it.  The Euro is done, the Dollar is done, all paper assets are done and despite this recent attack, NOTHING is ever going to change that.  This is not about perception and confidence, this is about mathematical inevitability.  Get your wealth into REAL tangible assets and out of the rigged paper casino.

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