12 Reasons Not To Fear September’s Gold And Silver Price Smackdown

I absolutely love the precious metals price correction for it allows me to buy more! Nothing would make me happier than to see $800 gold and $10 silver again. The dollar price means absolutely nothing to me. The NWO’s continuing war with precious metals investors is as transparent as it is futile.Their predictable behavior this month is just more of the same and fits hand in glove with the last three years.The last thing men like the George Soros or David de Rothschild want is for regular people to invest in an asset class that has marked the course of human economic progress for thousands of years.These cowards will stop at nothing to postpone their day of reckoning.But fail they shall. Global investors around the world are finally embracing investment alternatives outside the purview of the fractional reserve banking system and the elites know it.

Take some time to consider these 12 disturbing facts and developments before liquidating your metals position, but, most importantly, LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.The following represent nothing less than a prelude to revolution.

1) All of the world’s major banks are insolvent. How much longer can Central Banks around the world run their fraudulent currency swap schemes or steal the wealth from future generations without consequence? How much debt can they create? Their toxic assets still exist, their derivatives are worthless, and their balance sheets are broken beyond repair.

2) When measured in actual inflation numbers,U.S. Treasury Bonds have a negative yield. Why would any sane investor put their money in a paper asset class with a diminishing return? This is a safe haven asset all of a sudden? What a joke.

3) The U.S. zero interest rate policy has destroyed billions in capital and continues to crush savers. In order to have a capitalist society, you need capital. In order to have capital, you need savings. In order to have savings, you need a realistic interest rate/yield on your savings. Do you notice a recurrent theme here?

4) To date, no bankster has been arrested for any crime, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is an insult to those of us hoping for enforceable regulation. All this really means is that the banking fraud will continue-much to the delight of precious metal investors.

5)The global derivatives market is $1.5 quadrillion dollars. This is FRAUD. How can so much speculation in the system create prosperity in a world choking on debt? The Fed et al continually apply the Heimlich maneuver to no avail.

6) Hedge funds and market traders sold their one profitable asset class-METALS- to cover margin calls on their stocks. This is one of the reasons why gold and silver prices are dropping. The long-term fundamental price support for the precious metals bull market remains intact. The only vaccine available for monetary rot IS gold and silver.

7) The COMEX just raised margin requirements on gold, silver and copper again (effective tomorrow, 9/27).This, too, is contributing to the current sell-off. Do not cower in the presence of evil. We hold the money; they hold worthless pieces of paper. The margin hikes are an excellent opportunity to acquire more metal. Accept the gift of volatility with open arms!

FYI: GOLD’S margin was raised 21%, SILVER-16%, COPPER-18%.

8) The insolvent banks are holding onto foreclosed properties-called REO’s (Real Estate Owned)- hoping that once the housing market recovers they will be able to put these properties back on the market and realize substantial profits. Good luck with that. As Jim Willie said in his most recent article, the U.S. Real Estate Market is stuck in quicksand.

9) The stock market has lost 2,000 pts since its May high, and as a result, 401k retirement plans are under assault again. Gold and silver may be extremely volatile right now, but so is everything else.

10) Unemployment has not improved. The gainfully employed aren’t faring much better,either. More than 50% of Americans now make less than $30,000/yr. For an economy built on consumption, this does not bode well for future sustainable growth.

11) The poorest 50% of Americans now own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.The disparity between rich and poor in this country has never been greater.

12) The “strong dollar paradox” is problematic for debt-laden America. A strong dollar for a sustained period is the last thing “the Bernank” wants. A strong dollar kills our exports and makes financing our hundreds of trillions in debt more expensive. Ben’s ultimate goal is to pay back our creditors with worthless pieces of paper. Deflation’s effect is cheaper prices, sure, but it also negatively impacts stock prices, real estate values,pensions, corporate profits and wages. The result is the same amount of debt with far less income and wealth to service it. Eventually, more money printing will be needed to revive the comatose American consumer and to placate Wall Street investors.Gold and silver prices will explode once the Fed fires up the printing press yet again.

Basically, the USDollar is the “Hail Mary” pass,the flavor of the month,the leper with the most fingers. The rush into the dollar is a transient event,the foolish endeavor of unrepentant,misguided investor hacks. Fear in Europe is creating tailwinds into our currency, for now. The free market has been destroyed, its form and function barely recognizable. Various global economic machinations resembling money printing, interest rate manipulation, currency swaps, paper money debasement, and a parade of crisis after crisis now rule the day. In time,like all fiat money, the dollar will also be exposed for what it is: an I.O.U. with no intrinsic value. The American people will just be the last to feel the effects of all of these economic misdeeds since our Federal Reserve Bank can print all the dollars it wants whenever it wants.

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”-Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The greed of evil men has disrupted the centuries old social order of mankind.What we are all experiencing together is the greatest economic paradigm shift in the history of the world,an event so complete in its destruction of freedom and liberty that most people simply refuse to acknowledge it. The assumption by many folks that the U.S. government will realistically address its deficits or fulfill its obligations to creditor nations borders on insanity. We cannot and we will not. The current use of political brinkmanship and fear mongering in Washington and on Wall Street to induce a specific political or economic effect combined with the declining participation of working class people in what was once the free market has rendered the current economic model obsolete. Nothing has or will change. The Fed will continue to bail out the banks, our economy will continue to tank, and the feverish masses will continue to pay for it!The strangulation of the middle class is almost complete.And the oxygen is becoming scarce.All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men can’t put humpty dumpty back together again.The accelerating unraveling of free market capitalism is indeed troubling,but the willful disregard people have for one another bothers me more.Things are so bad now that I don’t know which situation is worse: the unparalleled crimes against humanity by the global banking crime syndicate, or the inability of reasonable human beings to see that their once prosperous lives will soon be buried under a mountain of debt they apparently have no problem subsidizing.Either way,precious metals are my preferred investment at this time.

20 comments to 12 Reasons Not To Fear September’s Gold And Silver Price Smackdown

  • twisted titan

    Execellent article and spot on observations…..

    great read

  • Scott Wolf

    Thank you very much for the kind words!

  • Silverfox

    If Soros and Rothschild don’t want the poor to invest in PM’s why are they making it more affordable?

    Who else thinks Dodd Frank are guilty of treason? Thomas Jefferson for president . . . again.

    I think Nostradamus got it right. . . “There will be a great undoing of mankind”

  • Drew in Ohio

    Bet some European countries dumped their Silver and gold on the market to pay off debts or come up with some quick cash…It did not last long.. Gold and Silver are on the way up again.. buy if you can…and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst…

  • Arm

    Yeah, what is this? All points considered why are they driving down the price to the point where those of us that know the ultimate end result are able to load the boat. It’s like their plan has a opposite effect of what they intended. For 99% of the public(sheeple) who are unaware of the metals anyway, it doesn’t matter if they go down in price, but for those of us that are following it and buying physical, were actually glad because we can and will buy more for a discount since the timeline doesnt matter and the end result doesn’t change no matter what they do. This just doesn’t make sense to me. They will just drive more paper investors(people that know the dollar is collapsing too) into physical. Just cant figure it out.

  • Melanie

    Euro crisis (Lehman Brother collapse) is coming.. Greece will default and it needs to be contained.

    They are preparing:
    a) Loading up European Central Bank with freshly printed USD swap from fresh EURO printed by ECB
    b) Timothy Geithner was in Europe recenly to discuss on European-TARP
    c) Slam-down gold and silver to show the economy is in good shape and nobodies want gold and silver

    When Greece default, banks that loan the money will be hit with billions of losses. The USD must be in standby to absorb the shock. Then TARP will kick in to prevent European real-estate from 30% drop like in US.

    Gold and silver will rise as everybody runs for the exit.. Since gold has already been slammed so low, it will rise to USD 2,500..
    If not gold will shoot pass USD 3,000

  • Oscar Cannington

    They drive down the PM price because this is a time when trillions in European wealth is looking for a new home. TPTB cannot have gold or silver looking like a safe haven, so they tank the price by 10%/day to scare off any investors threatening to come to their senses.

  • richard

    A fine read! Well done.

  • rhomethyrst

    Great article! Thank you!

  • Scott Wolf

    I want to personally thank everyone who took the time to read my piece and respond to it.It is especially gratifying to know that there are so many of us out there-people who are not influenced by the mainstream media,people who value real money,and people who will not allow their spirit to be conquered or their mind to be captured by these financial terrorists.I’m very humbled by the kind words.Hang in there,BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD!


    Scott Wolf

  • magadates

    “A strong dollar for a sustained period is the last thing “the Bernank” wants. A strong dollar kills our exports and makes financing our hundreds of trillions in debt more expensive. Ben’s ultimate goal is to pay back our creditors with worthless pieces of paper. Deflation’s effect is cheaper prices, sure, but it also negatively impacts stock prices, real estate values,pensions, corporate profits and wages. The result is the same amount of debt with far less income and wealth to service it. Eventually, more money printing will be needed to revive the comatose American consumer and to placate Wall Street investors.Gold and silver prices will explode once the Fed fires up the printing press yet again.”

    Why don’t you consider one moment the possibility that US will eventually negociate a partial default with its creditors, and maintain the USD as a strong currency?
    Look at what’s going on about Greece and the talking about 50% erasing debt.
    And it’s not the people who would pay the whole of this.
    Sooner or later, western countries will default on their unsustainable debt.
    Why not sooner??

  • magadates

    “They are preparing:
    a) Loading up European Central Bank with freshly printed USD swap from fresh EURO printed by ECB
    b) Timothy Geithner was in Europe recenly to discuss on European-TARP”

    Again, (and I’m in France)

    b) Timothy Geithner was welcomed with sarcasm and many in European summit told him that he was very daring to come and lecture us after the total failure of his own policy to put some order in US mess.
    a) I’m not so sure that the ECB will be able to defy Germany much longer. Yes, they put Mario Dragi at future head of ECN, the Goldman Sachs guy, whose bank lied about Greece to let us accept them into the Eurozone. But nowadays, one cannot do everything they please in Europe anymore.
    So I’m not sure that you’ll see such a QE, Tarp or whatever you call it, flowing into Europe. I don’t think europeans will accept to become debt slaves, especially germans.
    Future will tell.

  • stinky Biker

    The details for the end game for greece and a new start for Germany have already been exposed on Sept 16 by Pippa Malmgren. The link to her artical SEPTEMBER 2011 POLICY & MARKETS is http://www.pippamalmgren.com/77.html. Germany is already printing Deutschmarks as fast as they can.

  • Melanie

    European-TARP called EFSF has been approved by all 17 Euro countries including Slovakia..

    So no big crash is going to happen for the next few months due to the EFSF cushion..
    But gold and silver will sky rocket when EFSF hit the street..ww

    JP Morgan and HSBC have already prepared by slamming gold silver down by teaming up with CFTC, and exit 2/3 of their gold silver short.. They have successful covered their short and now are major long..

    Expect gold silver to sky rocket in a few weeks time..
    But now they are busy buying and being delivered with physical..
    So price will be suppressed until this process has been completed..

  • Melanie

    Greece is not going to default just yet and even if Greece default, it won’t be a major problem because:
    a) most banks have been re-capitalized with USD swap
    b) EFSF will kick in

    but German had printed up their D-mark just in case..
    If Greece default cannot be contained, Germans will be given several weeks to exchange their Euro with D-mark, before Euro is officially discontinue as legal tender..
    But chance for this happen is still pretty at the moment due to banks had been re-cap and EFSF approved..

  • Melanie

    But chance for this to happen is still pretty slim at the moment due to banks had been re-capped and EFSF approved…

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