Do Not F@ck With Us

So now that the Fed has announced that it wants to “identify key bloggers and influencers” this reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies of all time Fight Club.  Those that are in power rely 100% of their “Master of the Universe” power on the backs of “lower than dirt” people.  I have known many very powerful people that could not survive without the heavy sacrifice of someone they do not care about at all on a personal level.  I think it is time we see the REAL power we have over the Elite that seeks to enslave humanity.

Each and everyone of us has the power to bring down those that seek to enslave humanity by spreading debt and death.  Through leaderless resistance, we have the power to awaken ourselves and take action to put an end to this paradigm.  This could be a simple as divesting all of your paper assets and putting it into real tangible assets like I put forward in the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.  It could be disassociating yourself with those psychopaths that suck the very life out of you.  Or you could go down the path groups like Anonymous have chosen…

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  • lastmanstanding

    my sediment exactly…the truth will be seen now more than ever…can’t you smell the paper burning!

  • PitBull Pappa

    Kudos to you for putting this up bro!

    Though I love the movie and the message it sends, this particular scene is by far my favorite!!

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Everyone: Create a separate Attack the Fed blog page. Its easy to do on Blogger. Then take the transcripts from a Greenspan or Bernanke testimony, the larger the better and intersperse it with Bernanke is a Pig Fu&<*r or something better (mix it up) and religiously change it every day.

  • Gareth


    The elite on this side of the pond are a bunch of private achool educated wimps that send others off to war to do their dirty work.

    I’d love to have a no-bars fight with Cameron et al. Hell, i’d even tie my hands behind my back – I’ve a few years of Taekwondo and kickboxing experience to activate against him and his cronies.

    As for the baby Rothschild; well he’s a first class wimp.

  • TexPat

    I see Anonymous involved in this Soros backed wall street protest and watch the police using strong arm tactics on the protestors. Makes me think that someone is pushing buttons trying to incite violence. Avoid this scene…
    On another thought, we may need a new postal system, mmmmm. !!!
    How about the Harley Express?

  • PlanetPrisoner

    I love it Silver…
    We KNOW that all of this is true. The only reason that the illusion remains is because so many sheeple participate in it daily… We also know the even we are guilty of propping them up simply by paying our electric bill, hooking to our ISP, buying the gasoline, going out to dinner, ….things we do that FEEDS THEIR FRENZY. It is going to take a major role reversal done by millions over the period of a ONLY few days [similar to the Wall Street protests only LARGER] to create an EPIC catastrophe in their frenzy. This is almost an impossibility…
    We must stay the course, keep stack’n, keep sharing knowledge and exposing them for what they are. The epic catastrophe SHALL occur….it is just going to take a bit of time and alot of effort!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • TexPat

    Pitchman, great idea!

  • Ben

    Yes Sir!

    I have yet to see that movie!

    I also think that this might be like….it has already been spoofed and a lot of people sent in bogus accounts. However, this is the FED and they have a quite a few more tools at their disposal. We shall see. Time will tell.

  • Silverfox

    I need no one to lead me, I blaze my own trail.

    I need no one, but my best friends are priceless.

    I dare to say, if the world had more like us, it would be a different, better world.

    Don’t dare hand me a gun and order me to kill another . . . you won’t like the way it turns out!

  • You can end it all, today. You can take their perceived power away with the stroke of the very same pen that they used to gain their perceived power.

    Redeem and pay in LAWFUL MONEY. It is remedy that is your RIGHT. Demand lawful money EVERY TIME while being paid. When making payments via check put in the memo “Paid in lawful money pursuant to 12 USC 411”

    If you want clarification this gentleman does an outstanding job of pointing you in the right direction.

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