“We Deal In Illusions, None Of It Is True.”


Silver drops 35% in 3 days…

And bounces back 29% in 1 day.

This is an electronic illusion, no different than a movie special effect, designed to get a very real emotional reaction from you to sell your metal.

The reality is that silver is precious and hard to get.

This is the reality that no Wall St snake or Washington manipulator sees.

Most of humanity has valued 12 hours of hard human labor for 1/10th of an ounce of silver.

Their paradigm of spreading debt and death ends when we are no longer able to be manipulated.

Their time is ending and ours is just starting.

Keep stacking.

25 comments to “We Deal In Illusions, None Of It Is True.”

  • Gareth

    Three articles in one day; my hat goes off to you, Chris.

    Takes me a week to think of one and then write it up.

    Glad you’re writing.

    Aye, i’ll keep stacking. Got a 100 gram bar this morning – that’s aprrox 3.22 ounces or 32 days work@ 1/10 ounce per day. It was half my weekly wage so I think, “bargain”.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Bob

    Excellent point. This is one of the many illusions designed to control behavior.

  • nobody

    Thanks Chris,

    It is hard to take these games. Your articles help me through it. I purchased another 30 ounces on Sunday.


  • BlindersOff

    Last week my vehicle was crashed while I was at work…a ‘back into and drive away.’ Mad as a hornet,I went and got an estimate. Ouch. Nearly a grand in damages. I wasn’t happy, but I can’t drive around all dented and broken.
    Nearly a week goes by… I am no longer angry about the drive off, but I still have to make repairs. What turns up…In hundred dollar bills, the whole repair price is left for me no name or note included. Wow.
    Funny thing is that when I saw the cash I wasn’t excited. I saw a stack of worthless paper with 100$ inked on them.
    After JUST getting off the phone having locked in a price of 35$ an ounce for silver, 12 ounces are on hold for pick up after work. Suddenly I am very excited about the repair money. What dents?
    I figured out how to cheap fix 60% of the damage. Good enough. The remaining four hundred and twenty dollars is now a nice stack of real money in exchange for a few dents that soon won’t matter at all.

  • Chris, you never cease to amaze me with your writings, inspiring me to spread the message! I owe all the ounces I have stacked to you, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving it to you,lol. Keep up the hard work you put forth each and every day. We’re here listening, from sunny San Diego…….ground zero for race wars when SHTF.

  • william

    Its ounces that count, the more the better. However if iam short of fait for another “big” buy, I just mail order in one coin at a time every week or so.I buy different coins each time this way to build up a collection of different bullion coins from around the world.
    Some coins are really amazing little works of art, just look at Chinese pandas or Perth mints Kookaburras, Koalas, rabbits, dragons etc. They are master pieces of design and finish.

    Iam in the Uk and with 20% vat tax on silver plus delivery it can be expensive for us compared to American prices. ( Especially when buying only a coin or two at a time ) But to see my “world” collection of .999 AU coins grow is worth this. After all how many pounds or dollors is a one or two ounce silver coin really worth ??. A £ or $ here or there is not very important,is it.

    So as a little side line for us stackers i recommend trying to build up silver coin collections, it can be quite hard finding some coins from reputable dealers but i enjoy the challange and it really is fun.

    Thanks for the articles Silver Shield, much appreciated.

  • william

    Sorry i typed Au ( Gold ) instead of Ag ( Silver ) in my last post. I was not very good at chemistry in school.
    Mind you gold is nice , there is no harm in having a little of it to if you can, but its silver that I am stacking.

  • Gareth

    @ william

    To avoid the VAT you could:
    1. Buy from coininvestdirect that ship out of Germany, or
    2. For purchase less than £18 you can buy from sarniasilver. They’re based in the channel islands and so items less than £18 are not subject to VAT.

    Avoid giving Georgey Osbourne that VAT if you can.

  • PaleoLibertarian

    Chris, keep up the good work! I love all the articles.

    My dad and I reserved a lot of silver at $31 yesterday. Not surprisingly, the dealer is out of silver and will get delivery in a few days. We are buying a bunch, and I am trading my only gold for silver at around 55 to 1, an absolute steal.

    Could somebody give me a few sentences on how exactly the Fed has been destroying America? I know they have devalued the dollar by 100 times over the last 98 years, boom and bust the markets at will, and help some presidents popularity and their chances of getting reelected, all while being completely unaccountable. A look at how this ties in with the bigger picture will be very much appreciated.

  • Silverfox

    I found a silver dime once while turning soil in my garden in New Jersey. Does that make me a silver miner?

    The last pic of dirty hands looks like my hands after a day in the field with the crops. . . maybe I should get some gloves.

    Hormone free, chemical free, pesticide free, nutrition abundant food is priceless!

  • magadates

    Nevertheless, neither silver nor gold will be the only next world currency.
    At best they will be part of a basket of currencies.
    This, simply because the current location and amount of gold being owned by nations doesn’t reflect the balance of powers as a whole.
    I don’t think that targetting 10000 $ for gold and 1:1 ratio gold / silver is serious.
    Gold will have its role to play, but it’s dangerous to be overoptimistic.
    And meanwhile, one still buys one’s stuff every day in euros, dollars, yen…not with a silver eagle.
    Therefore it is wise to sell some of your stuff when it goes too high, too fast, just as gold did in august, because it allows you to buy a later at a discount price, i.e to buy more of it with the same “worthless fiat paper”.

    Now about silver, I’m also a bit afraid about the industrial component.
    China’s growth is supposed to be slowing down along the road soon.
    Maybe that’s why silver took so much of a hit, too.

    Sure one should have some metal, and sure it should be physical.
    Doesn’t mean one should buy at any time, at any price..yet.
    That’s my opinion anyway,

  • magadates

    and as a result, as far as I looked, we still buy bread and milk with euros, dollars, so it is no illusion that in 3 days, silver owners just lost for a while 35% of their purchasing power. It is no illusion that they lost 25% of their daily purchasing power from last month.
    It’s a bit twisting the reality when you don’t want to recognize you took a blow.
    I do hope that silver recovers 50 $ soon.
    But if it were only a matter of paper illusion, well the asians, the physical buyers and all wise investors would have propelled the price back towards 40$ by now.
    And still, we are stuck on the 30$ level.
    Reality is a bit more complex.
    I’m keeping my silver. But I sure feel sweat on my forehead, too.

  • magadates

    and last but not least, what about the integrity of some gurus like Sprott, after saying that Rotschild was a devil?
    see here :

    especially, he DIDN’T buy them back after the plunge.
    Bit disturbing, I would say.

    So yeah, I’m a bit angry with the “gurus” who say “buy all the time, any day, any price” or who always see Silver going higher in a few weeks, like Mr Turk who, 2 weeks ago, was still boasting on KWN that 50$ Silver by end october and 2000$ gold would be a formality.

    Nowadays, everybody can have a hidden agenda, or pretend to be an expert without really being one. So I keep protecting myself by buying this stuff, but not too much as if the world would collapse tomorrow, and quite conscious that silver is a wild one to tame.
    Have a nice weekend,

  • magadates

    yes, if you bought all your silver last year at 20$, it’s still quite ok :)
    if not and you bought several times along the year, and your average buying price is around 30$ or more, you will probably have a little reluctance to see the bottle half full right now.
    For sure, buying silver below 20$ two years ago was a great move.
    I’m not sure buying it at 45$ on april 2011 was just as clever, and only the future will tell. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your website and your articles.

  • Silver Shield

    I used to sweat and literally lose sleep over buying silver at $7.25 versus $7.00 and bitched about paying a $1.25 premium or a 17% premium on it.

    Now I laugh at it.

    One day you too will laugh at buying silver at $50 and paying $5 premiums.

    The Collapse of the dollar is 100% mathematically inevitably going to collapse and you have no real choice but to buy whenever and where ever you can.

    It will come like a thief in the night and you will either be ready or not.

  • magadates

    I hope you’re right. Thanks for the moral support. Personnally I think I bought all my silver for a total average of 34$. So right now I’m negative, whereas I started to buy silver a year and half ago. I wonder sometimes if I didn’t get in too late. Especially now, I’m losing in retrospect, especially with this crazy spike down to 26$.
    If we get back beyond 50$, I’ll send you something nice from France :)
    Have a nice weekend,

  • magadates

    P.S : I don’t know if dollar collapse is a given. Maybe at some point they’ll stop printing money. After all, they did their “twist”, not QE3.
    Maybe they’ll think that saving the USD is more important than saving the S&P 500.
    Maybe US has more to lose with a dollar collapse and losing the world reserve currency status than defaulting on a part of its debt eventually.
    I can’t feel as certain as you are about this future of QE to infinity.

    • Silver Shield

      The collapse of the dollar is 100% a mathematically inevitable event.

      In our dollar debt paradigm debt mus be created in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or we will have the mother of all margin calls.

      This will end with a massive default or a hyperinflationary blow off.

      Either way, things that cannot go on forever, won’t.

  • magadates

    I agree…but in case of a massive default, isn’t cash king even versus gold or silver?
    Wouldn’t it correspond to a massive liquidity crunch, so very deflationary for all assets except cash?
    Thanks for the exchange anyway :)

  • Silver Shield

    And what would the response be when the entire system seizes up…

    More money out of no where…

    Inflate or die.

    Either way humanity is going to want off the paper ponzi game and gold and silver will be ready and waiting at much higher prices.

  • magadates

    This is the part I4m uncomfortable with.
    Look at Japan : they have been living in deflation for 20 years, but they didn’t rush on gold or silver. They keep using the Yen.
    If the authorities decide to stop printing money like crazy and we therefore go to a rather deflationary scenario, confidence in fiat money would probably be restored and cash would be king, as price of other assets, including commodities and metals would decrease.
    The “twist” of the Fed instead of more QE is a demonstration of that : even if central bank crooks chose the timing for their bear raid, the decision helped gold and silver in the descent…
    I’m just very uncertain about more QE all the time. Maybe it’s all the rest which will deflate. Real estate, silver, food…

  • magadates

    I just found this at Nathan Economic Edge, he explains my thoughts in a better english :)

    “There’s no doubt that China got overheated and that “growth” (money creation) is now slowing. Because a large percentage of China’s business is American centric, they do tend to follow one another.

    Yesterday a guest posted some thoughtful comments on the Daily Market Thread. He points out that the central banks create and then feed BOTH inflation and then deflation, using the inflationary leg as the set up to trap people in debt, and then the deflationary leg to strip them of the real assets. This is definitely true, central banks have intentionally caused deflation and used it to their advantage for centuries – JPMorgan famously did this, but I also think this is presently the case as well.

    All the central bank has to do is tighten the supply of money, and those in debt wind up turning over real assets to the banks. Thusly the banks profit on the ride up, and then they profit again on the way down gathering assets to inflate again on their next cycle.”



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