2 Silver Linings of Terrorism

Freedom and democracy

Freedom and democracy

Previously, State Operators needed us to feel confident, happy and eager to keep rotating the wheel that generates their wealth and power. We had to feel safe to feel confident. Therefore, they have been doing their best to suppress any information about what’s really going on: poisons in our FDA-approved food, fluoridated water, lobotomized education, man-made disasters, etc. We were not supposed to know about any manifestations of dissent or deviation from “Everything’s fine”.

But the latest 20 years saw a radical change. We are now choked with information on explosions, attacks, bombings, disasters, earthquakes, meltdowns, tsunamis. Terrorists of all persuasions have been having very tight schedule of appearances on every major TV channel and in every major newspaper.

What happened? Why the about-face? Do they not want us to feel safe, happy, confident and docile anymore?

No, they don’t.

Does a noble cause need a dictator to promote? Does a universally good goal require a martial law to be achieved? When you are proudly helping someone to improve things, are you making sure to leave no witnesses? Impossible. But this is a normal behavior for someone who is up to no good.

The State is in its final stage of corruption, where they want us to be super-scared, literally out of our minds with consternation, because they don’t want witnesses. They understand that sane humans will not easily agree to their plunder, so they invent monsters to scare us from public spaces into silence.

If, for example, 9/11 were an event unplanned for, the rulers would go beyond themselves in an attempt to suppress the information, block its propagation, downlplay the impact, restore the damage, unify the nation and figure out how to prevent anything like this in the future. Instead, they trumpeted the tragedy on every corner of the world to make sure everyone knows they want to be seen as a victim to “justify” coming aggression, blocked investigations, downplayed arrant discrepancies in their own reports, ignored the damage, messed up the whole world, oppressed their own nation and paved the way to more and more violence for the sake of violence.

The fact that they did the opposite of what would follow the surprise event tells me the event was designed. By continually lying about it they are forcing even the most compliant listeners to start questioning every action and word of the State. This never-ending stream of lies, a.k.a. terror advertising sends my train of thought in the following direction:

First, they don’t want us to have kids: more people means less loot per capita. Nobody in their government-approved right mind would want a child to be born into the world like this. Second, current generation of State Operators is way, way more stupid then those before them (or they know that they are the last ones). And this is where two silver linings hide:

  1. They are not creating anything. They have no ambitions, no imagination, no goals other than to tear the juiciest piece off the pie that humankind has been baking for thousands of years. The only cause that the State is pursuing these days is pillage. Since they are not creating anything, they need very little workforce. Therefore, they don’t give a damn about confidence or happiness of those who are interested in creating value. Our job today is to step aside and let them clean the carcass of the civilization. Anyone with imagination and a solution to the mess is a nemesis of the Status Quo and thus by definition unacceptable. Today no sane person will seek power and no sane person will be able to hold power. They trapped themselves. Silver lining #1.
  2. Being stupid, they are driven by today’s greed. They can’t plan, can’t reason, can’t communicate — the only talent they have is bullying. Translated into human, their message today is

    But look! You need us! We are protecting you from inconceivable threats that bad people come up with! All right, screw this whole happiness and confidence hoax — you can’t survive without us! Toldya, cough up or you won’t survive.

    Which is, of course, a lie — like everything else they ever said. Ever. We have never had a reason to go to any war. We have never had any reason to have so many people imprisoned. We have never needed so many regulations. There has never been any “we” in the first place — there have been parasites against humans all along.

    Hence the wars, both international and civil, and their inescapable coverage everywhere. Again, our job as rank-and-file humans is to cower in a dark corner and get out of the way while the large parts of the world are being distributed between heavily armed mercenaries. Being small and dispersed, individual humans are scheduled to be devoured later.

    But not all humans will want to be eaten. And this is a silver lining #2: Every grip can be tightened only this much. Every empire falls. Whenever something ends, something else emerges to replace it.

War on terror and accompanying media hysteria are the agony of familiar social institutions. Savage extortion, like there is no tomorrow, is the only resort left for those who were supposed to maintain our social mechanism—once clever and shining, now rotting.

We are reading last pages of a manual; we discovered and made use of every function the hierarchical arrangement had to offer.

Given all of the above, I am sure that the abomination of Status Quo won’t last long. Those of us who will outlive major “anti-terrorist” operations of the near future will reach the age where there is neither circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free.

2 comments to 2 Silver Linings of Terrorism

  • Gareth

    Interesting article.

    ‘Their’ whole web of debt, death, and deceit will inevitably unfold, and will most probably be messy.

    ‘We’ need to be setting up the next paradigm continously as ‘their’ game becomes unsustainable.

    Everyone needs real seeds so we can grow our own food. Most of this started once man started to covet another man’s food.

    Good luck

  • Silverfox

    Does life imitate movies. . . or do movies imitate life?
    “They’re coming out of it. . . increase the dose and use deeper hypnosis”

    The life of a tsunami (tidal wave) is long. Most of it is an unnoticed shock wave in the ocean traveling a long way. Only in the end when it’s too late does it show its true destruction.

    Grow if you can. Save all your seeds. Give them to any that need. Be prepared to supply water to 5 families. . . No, 10 families. Man can live without food for 30 days. Water, only a few days.

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