Chris Duane and Kerry Lutz discuss the precious metals mini-crash

Chris and I meet early for our weekly conversation about life in the new economy. We both agree that the latest precious metals crash is merely a distraction for something bigger coming at us down the road. And we both agree that silver is a screaming bargain at just around $32 per ounce. I am now officially part of the community.

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2 comments to Chris Duane and Kerry Lutz discuss the precious metals mini-crash

  • patriot 101

    Thanks for all you do Chris. Have been reading at your site for awhile, maybe 1 1/2 years. After learning a great deal elsewheres your thoughts and insights where a great addition to my “library” of sources for daily relevant info. Your site is on info sheets that I pass out.
    The last 60 rounds purchased before todays aquisition cost me 49 per. Now that I have a very good understanding of the fundamentals it meant nothing to me when this recent drop happened. Heck, I was walking around the house giggling and fist pumping at the thought of getting a few at $30.
    When I got in at 15 I knew it was at least a five year hold.
    I was at Silver Doctors previous to listening and saw that CFTC info linked through Bixs’ site. Wow! It is this type of info that only builds confidence and re-enforces learned truths.

  • Well done Chris! Good on you for telling it as it is and not backing down. You’re absolutely correct: The criminal paper manipulators and their supporters will lose at the end. Their ill-gotten paper profits will not be worth toilet paper, especially considering the electronic bit.

    On the other hand, all of us who have/are actively taking steps to safeguard ourselves and our families by acquiring and hiding physical silver, will have something precious to fall back on.

    Keep up the good work!

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