“I Get It Now.”

A beginners to guide to investing in physical silver.

The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield has started to cause some waves out there. This massive article covers all of the reasons why you should sell every asset you have right now and buy silver. It has been named “Article of the Week” at Silver Bear Cafe. It started a minor skirmish between 321Gold and me. It has even been translated into 6 languages in less than a week. The most important thing I personally got from the article was a call I got from a friend that I have literally been begging to buy silver for 6 years. He read the article and simply said, “I get it now.”

I have had a lot of questions emailed to me about what to do next. I will try to answer the questions the best I can in this article. If there is something not covered, please ask it in the comment section below.

What do I buy? ONLY BUY PHYSICAL SILVER AND KEEP IT IN YOUR POSSESSION. Don’t get suckered into SLV, custodian accounts, E-Silver, mining stocks, precious metal IRAs, or any other instrument that does not have your wealth in your absolute control. You have to understand why you are buying silver.  It is to have a real tangible wealth in your control while the fiat paper wealth world burns. I could think of nothing more maddening than get this far, to see the potential of silver and then be caught in the wrong form of it. And don’t think that you are going to somehow trade this like stocks. One day this will all end. The world will rush for the fire exits and you will not make it out alive. I have always told my wife that it is better to be years early to this party than one day too late.

The first purchase I recommend is an American Silver Eagle. In my opinion it is the best bullion coin on the market. I bought a Proof 2005 Silver Eagle to symbolize the year I went all in. Silver Eagles are the most popular silver bullion coin. By law, the Treasury is supposed to make enough to meet demand and use only domestic silver production. There are rumors that the US Mint stopped making Silver Eagles this month. January was an all time high for silver sales of 6.4 million ounces. (For perspective that one month is almost as much silver that was sold in 1996 and 1997 combined!) The United States total mine production for an entire year is only 40 million ounces. If we annualized January’s sales that would be double what the entire country can produce, and we are just getting warmed up.

Stand For Delivery

Buying American Silver Eagles also forces the issue with our battle with the banksters. The more they have to admit that they cannot meet demand, the quicker their illusion collapses. The US Mint would meet all the demand that it can handle if the price of silver was allowed to rise.

Shop for the best deal but don’t get too wrapped around the wheel about premiums over spot. When I first started, I was mad that I had to pay $1.50 over spot on a $7 Silver American Eagle. Now, the premiums are twice that at $3.29. The good thing is that as the coins become more valuable, the premiums will rise to. There is a $69 premium on Gold American Eagles right now. I think it will be cool when the premium on silver will be more than I paid for the whole coin.

There are a ton of other national bullion coins out there that like the Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Libertads, Chinese Pandas, Australian Koalas and Kookaburras, and Silver Britannias. Some are very beautiful and command higher premiums based off of their relative scarcity. I can not bring myself to buy any coin that has the Queen of England on it. It is just a matter of principle for me not to have the engraving of an Elitist ruler on my treasure.

Silver rounds are a great alternative to the national bullion coins. If they come from reputable refiners, their purity is certified. They have significantly less premium per coin, but they are not as well known. Personally, I would rather have the Mercedes of coins, the Silver American Eagle, than one more ounce of silver for every 40 I bought.

If you are on a tight budget or more of the survival mindset, then “junk silver” is the best for you. I hate using the term “junk” when describing this treasure. “Junk” silver is merely American coins that had silver in them from before 1964. Most of them are 90% silver but there are some of them that are 40% silver depending on the year and coin. This is probably the most economical choice to buy coins because the premiums are so small. They are sold by the coin, by the roll, and by the bag. These coins are great for having small denominations that are easily recognizable as real money in survival situations. They are great to barter with and make you feel like you have a real stash of Pirate Booty. Stay away from numismatic coins. Too much premium and not enough silver. That is all I’ve got to say about that.

If you are going to invest more than say $50 or $100 thousand in physical bullion then you will need to start buying some bars. Silver bars are more for bulk purchases even though there are some really cool 5 to 10 ounces silver bars available.  Silver bars are great for easy storage and low premiums. They are not a sexy as coin but they get the job done when it comes to preserving your wealth. They stack easily and you don’t really have to worry about taking care of them, because they are the “work truck” of your stash.

Some worry about drilled and filled bars from the 80’s. Here is a great article on the subject from About.Ag. For the most part, I am not concerned about it because it has been 30 years since there has been any real motivation to forge these bars. I am sure that most of them are out of circulation since no reputable refiner is going to sell something like this. When I bought my 100-ounce bars, I bought Johnson and Matthey bars that were serial numbered and have designs that are hard to replicate on the front and back. When you are purchasing or taking delivery of these bars, look hard at the small and short side of the brick. If it is a fake you should see something different about it. If you are not comfortable with it, for any reason, ask to have it switched out before you take delivery. I do not recommend even thinking about buying 1,000-ounce bars because they are too heavy to move and I do not trust the parties involved in the CRIMEX.

Disclaimer: I do not have any private or professional affiliation with any of the companies below. There are many great companies that are all over the country. If you had a good experience with a company please put it in the comment section below.

Where do I buy? The best deals I have gotten have been at garage sales, local newspaper ads, Craig’s List, and gun shows. Here is where you deal directly with a seller and there is no middle-man. Often you can get silver for at or below spot. Most of the time the sellers are desperate and will make good deals just to get cash. I would caution you to be careful when dealing with people on a personal level. We have all heard of the stories about people being lured by con men and being robbed. If you do buy something off of these personal sites, do it in public like a restaurant or a coffee shop. Bring some one with you as back up. Please know that there are a lot more good people out there than bad guys, so don’t get paranoid.

Another benefit to buying this way is that there is no paper trail. You could literally a mass a huge stash with no one knowing. It is literally a black market where you can secretively and legally ditch your fiat paper for real wealth. This plays well to all of you that don’t like government intrusion into your lives.

I have had a mixed bag with purchasing from coin shops. They are a layer of middlemen trying to make a living off of the buy and sell spread. They tend to only want to sell you numismatic coins because they have much more mark up in them.  Coin storeowners are also very savvy investors and tend to pull inventory off of their shelves when prices crash. I don’t blame them, but it makes it hard to buy from them when it is most opportune to.

One thing I highly recommend is to visit your local coin shop just to physically see and hold this real treasure. We have been so detached from real money. We must physically experience it again; in order to really believe deep down, what we are doing is the right thing to do.

Online is probably the easiest and best ways to by overall. I have personally only done business with Apmex.com and my experience was great.  They have competitive prices and a huge selection. (Please put in the comment section below other places where people can go and buy online and your experience with them.) One added layer of expense you do have to factor in your calculations is shipping. At the end of the day, again, don’t get your panties in a bunch over these extra expenses. When this all goes down, no one will care what you spent on premiums and shipping, only the fact that you actually have the real thing.

Every package I have received has been in a plain, unmarked package and insured box. This might be a concern when you are ordering a lot of bullion like Green Monster boxes. It is not too far out of the realm of possibility that your local public servant sees that Joe Smith at 123 Apple Lane is getting a lot of heavy and unmarked boxes shipped to his house. However unlikely it may be it might be a security concern for you. Here are some of the tricks I have used in the past.

  • Buy before you move places.
  • Ship it to friends and family that you trust.
  • Ship to a place of business that you know the owner.
  • Ship to a rental that you own.
  • Place the order through a coin shop and pay him when it comes in.

Another way to buy in bulk with relative secrecy is buy online and go and pick it up from their vault. I had the most thrilling time picking up my stash in an rental van and armed to the teeth. (THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Check with your local authorities about carrying firearms in you vehicle.  Also it can be very nerve racking. I am a Marine, so I am used to this. I also know never to show my weapon unless I am going to use it.)

Where do I store it? I have two simple rules on storing your stash; don’t keep it in your house and don’t keep it in a bank. Anywhere else in the world is fine with me. Having a bullion stash is like having nuclear waste. You have to control it but you don’t want to keep it in your house. You do not want to bring physical danger to your family. Here is a recent home invasion of a family who lost $750,000 of silver. Thankfully no one was killed. The only thing anyone would find in my house is some of my food stash, tons of TP, and one pissed off and armed Marine with dogs.

$50,000 in silver would fit into a brief case. How hard would it be to hide a brief case if you had to? Hiding silver is a snap because you cannot destroy it. You could literally throw it in your septic tank and it would probably be okay. Here are some ideas that I have compiled just to get you thinking.

  • Do what the Pirates do, bury it. This not only protects your stash, but it prevents you from selling too soon or on impulse.
    • You can throw them naked in the ground. You may want to wrap them up or put them in a container.
    • In order to prevent snoopers with metal detectors bury metal decoys or spread nails all over the place.
    • Got a junker in the yard? Bury it under that.
    • Put big rocks, bricks, concrete or poison ivy over your stash. (This prevents even those who might find out about your stash any easy get away. It also makes them sitting ducks while they dig.)
    • You could encase the bars in concrete to make them look like cobblestones.
    • Put layers in your stash. Put 1,000 ounces at say 2 feet, but 5,000 ounces at 6 feet.
    • Dig with protection or a look out.
    • There is a lot of open and secluded land that you can hide a stash. Most of the Marijuana grown in the United States is grown in National Parks. Make sure that you are at least 15 feet off of any road.

  • Have a boating “accident.” Hiding silver in water is the best. If you have SCUBA abilities, this would be my best way to hide it. You do have to be extra careful not to lose your stash because of murky waters or soft bottoms.
    • Never put it into moving waters like a river. One good rain and you will lose it.
    • Use a black cable wired to guide you to your stash. It is hard to see and is durable.
  • Separate your stash.
    • Never put all of your eggs in one basket.
    • Have at least 2 or 3 stashes even if they are fairly close.
    • Have dummy stashes of maybe only 5% of your stash.
    • This way if you do get compromised you can afford to take a small hit without giving up the full monty.
    • Try to differentiate the way you hide the stash too.
  • The best way to keep your stash safe is SHUT YOUR MOUTH! No one needs to know about what you have.
  • If you do get caught, say you lost it, gambled it away, snorted it up your nose, or leprechauns stole your stash.

How do I sell it? People get really nervous about this one. You can sell it anywhere that you can buy it. Bullion is the most fungible asset on the planet. I could literally be in the tribal lands of Waziristan and be able to sell my bullion but they would not want Apple stock. Most places you can go will pay you over spot. One thing you do need to take into consideration is that you do have tax liability and you should consult you accountant. You are not taxed at the lower capital gains tax. You are taxed at the 28% collectible tax on your profits. I have not looked into this too much since I do not plan on ever selling my silver.

I will at some point use my silver as collateral to borrow against to buy income-producing assets like Real Estate and stocks. I will only do this after a new economic paradigm is created. All of that gain will be tax-free since I will never really ever sell it.

What about confiscation? People throw this on the table as a reason not to buy. In 1933 FDR confiscated all of the gold in the United States. First of all, he paid for them all with fiat money, so it was not like they were out with nothing. No one that I know was ever arrested, fined or put in jail for failing to comply. It was gold and not silver that was confiscated.

It would be a logistical and public nightmare for a government to try to get little stashes buried in rose gardens. I would treat a government confiscation of my holdings as serious as if they came for my guns. In fact, come to think of it, most of the silver owners I know are former military, gun totting and fully aware individuals. I cannot see SWAT teams risking their lives trying to get a couple of coins from people who are adamant about personal liberty and property rights.

I believe the Government and the Elite will nationalize much more and easier money like your 401k, IRA or big stashes like SLV or Eric Sprott’s fund before they try to get your couple of hundred ounces. They will go after and get the 99% of wealth that lies in intangible paper securities like stocks, bonds, and real estate before they make a move on silver. They will also telegraph their moves with trial balloons before anything becomes legal. Also if they do come for your silver it will probably after the dollar collapses. There will be much, much bigger problems on their hands.

The Elite don’t want Americans to own guns either but there is nothing they can do about it. It is not worth it for them to upset the hornet’s nest when there is much easier ways to fleece and control the population. I mean after all the entire world’s silver production is only like $20 billion. The US spends more than that in interest in a couple of days.

Why would the government confiscate something they are selling? The US mint program has been selling silver for years. If the government needed silver it would just take the future production from domestic mines. That is another reason not to buy mining stocks, worldwide.

This is a thinking man’s game and one that will be the most profitable, if you put all of the pieces together. If you have any other questions please ask them below in the comment section and I will do my best to help you. If you would like to learn more and want to support my efforts, join the Sons of Liberty Academy. You can support us by spreading the word and by giving generously to support our fight.


84 comments to “I Get It Now.”

  • RoBring

    I’ve bought silver at APMEX, Bullion Direct both are excellent, I’ve bought and sold on Bullion Direct’s Nucleo exchange- sellers list bullion for sale and asking price; buyers list what bullion they want to buy and price to pay, Bullion Direct handles the transaction for 1% on. buy and sell side. I sold gold and kept my proceeds in my account there, and then purchased silver from account, a good way to convert gold to silver without paying taxes on profit from gold sale.

  • John

    I have made most of my purchases at Colorado Gold.com. Very nice people and prices are competitive. Never had any
    issues; deliveries were always quick. Of course now, a short delay in delivery as metals become more scarce.

  • Jon

    Just came across your web site. Enjoyed your article Get it Now. My questions as a beginner in buying silver should I keep my purchase with Silver American Eagles. Looking to purchase 6k plus. I have talked to a person at Merit that sells silver and he suggested that I buy JFK uncircualted. Because they retain their value better with flucating silver market. Where American Eagles can drop or increase with the market more rapidly. He also mentioned with selling back Silver American Eagles it will trigger a 1099 misc.

    • Silver Shield

      JFK uncirculated have lower premiums because it was money from the government. Silver Eagles had per coin premiums of $1.49 a coin and they are double that now. As far as retaining value better, I don’t by that the Silver Eagle is the Cadillac of silver coins and are always in high demand. That being said I do recommend starting off with junk silver and then Silver Eagles simply because you can buy more for less and in smaller quantities.

  • The Truth shall Set you Free

    I am curious about Terry Coxon Self Directed IRA –

    I am interested – I was curious if you knew anyone that took advantage of this.

    ” I just don’t want to pony up $77 for what might be an e-book that may or may not be worth it. http://www.passportira.com/unleash.html
    Terry Coxon

    • I am working w/ a financial planner (I am a ‘recovering’ planner myself) who has been setting up LLC as the depository in the transaction. Bottom line- it is a loophole in which you can take physical delivery of your IRA metal!! You can use any IRA custodian you wish, goldstar, new direction, etc. If you don’t wanna flirt w/ the loophole New direction IRA allows you to pick any depository you choose, and I have discovered great things about the dakota depository. i would love the opportunity to be your bullion supplier. I can compete w/ the cheapest of dealers and we have free delivery. Any Silver shield brothers and sisters will get my family pricing- NOT on website. Call us and ask for me. Will

  • Charles Steiner

    Terry Coxon, so far as I can figure out, is a scam artist. He sells you poorly written and poorly edited instructions on how to build your IRA into a limited liability company and because the advice is so complicated, he invites you to hire him as your consultant for executing the so-called LLC. Unless you’re already quite savvy in business, you will get nothing but crappy PDFs for your $77.

  • The Global Debt Crisis: How We Got in It and How to Get Out
    by: Ellen Brown, Truthout
    Monday 6 June 2011


  • Professor X

    Silver Shield is absolutely correct about having metals in YOUR physical posession. I recently read an article on Ronpaul.com about suspicions that the DHS may reserve the right to inspect lock boxes at banks. THAT is a scary thought!

    However, one practice I have been slowly getting into, is trading XAU/USD (gold/dollar) and XAG/USD (silver/dollar) with my forex broker. This would be a foolish practice if I kept the lions share of my funds in the brokerage account. However, whatI have been doing, is emptying my profits monthly (sometimes bi-weekly), and buying physical gold/silver with the proceeds.

    Why? Because one can trade these currency pairs using 100:1 leverage…… so, I consider it buying physical metals at discount, when all is said & done. Sometimes I think I just do for the irony of the whole thing (LOL).

    BUT….do NOT just jump into such a thing if you dont know what youre doing. Maybe Ill write an article about it.

  • Professor X

    Oh, and I use APMES as well…… very good service I find

  • Professor X

    APMEX…… that is

  • Ty

    The point is to get more American to diversify toward physical, it a very simple idea.
    I gave my 5 year old nephew an American Silver Eagle for his birthday. I explained to his dad what it was, the American history of gold and silver, and diversification in this economy. After the conversation, he asked me to include him in my next coin purchases.
    A few weeks later, I gave him a call. To my surprise his son loved the gift, and how excited he was to receive it. The reason the American Eagle is appealing to him is because it is unique from all of his money collection. It is shiny, and boy do kids love shiny things… and beautiful design was a plus. When it is unique and hard to get, they want it even more. It is not like an average family have American Eagle lying around. All of a sudden his dad ask me if he can also get some plain round. He wanted to get different design for his boy. Kids don’t know any better, they want different design in their collection.
    Over dinner, my friend and I was talking about “how American can we can get physical gold and silver more wide among the mass?” The idea is to give physical gold and silver as gift or present, not simply just silver eagle, but even round, semi-numeric, and collectable. It is just a simple idea. The coin should be, but not necessary, placed in a gift box for style and presentation, similar to American Eagle box. This is a conversation starter about the coin, American history backed by gold and silver, diversification of different access, etc… Don’t talk about manipulation or conspiracy, which can shy them away from physical; that part can come later when people get more interested.
    Just like how the DeBeers convince the public that diamond is forever, we can do something similar to gold/silver. For women, they want something stylish as gift, gold and silver jewelry are acceptable. Although, jewelery might not be getting the bang for your buck, it still take the physical off the table.

    We can start with the grass root, starting with people who have already been purchasing physical. Eventually it will spread and get more people into the idea.

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