Inflation: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Understand

Here are two cartoons to help America understand what inflation is all about.

Watch at 4:00 how Cobra plans to destroy the world.

8 comments to Inflation: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Understand

  • PitBull Pappa

    Very nice… unfortunately by the time most people realize this it will already be too late…:(

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Archangel

    Damn that was awesome! I used to watch this show all the time. I get it. I guess Benanke should have watched more toons. Stacking..

  • BlindersOff

    ‘And the truth will set you free.’

    Outside the chemtrails are falling, and the Sheeple breathe deep unaware; unbelieving. GMO ‘food’ and Monsanto satanic crops replace God’s creation that we were designed to consume nad the fat and poisoned order another round. Money has been replaced with the Judas kiss of fiat as deadly as the mercury vaccines the elite push for their population control.
    A tipping point comes; or has passed already..that place in the story where nothing can ever return to life as we knew it…….. Already we sound old when we ask, “Remember when…..”
    I take my paper fiat in after payday and exchange it for silver. It feels like I am cashing my check twice to get money once.

  • BlindersOff

    Cartoons…the old ones, rock. So much is deteriorating today, and so fast. It is such a blessing to hear and see the truth spoken and still get a lite laugh out of it. I think that is the trick. We have to remember to laugh, even if just a little. The road ahead makes no promises.

  • twisted titan

    watch cobra commander teach economics as well

    mark 4:17

  • Not sure if you’ve seen this Silver Shield, but the CFTC decided to Provide Temporary “Reporting Relief” for Commodities 4 Days Prior to Beginning of Cartel Silver Raid.

    Gee, I wonder why the cartel needed to be exempted from reporting commodities trades 4 days prior to 9/22.
    Think The Morgue is attempting to extricate itself completely from their naked short silver position? Combine this news with the fact that the CFTC has again delayed their meeting/vote on position limits from Oct 4th to Oct 18th makes it start to look that way…


  • Troy Ounce McClure

    Does anyone know what the premium is on a Cobra coin currently? I’m having a hard time tracking one down. Looks kind of like a Krugerrand.

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