Resonate VIII- Paris

I have never been a big fan of rap, but by the looks of things it seems to be the place where the message is resonating the strongest with the truth that we are spreading here. Check out Martial Law.

I know that this next one is from Louis Farrakhan, but the words could have been said by Ron Paul.  Try to push past your cognitive dissonance and see that blow back must be understood by all and we cannot have the same messenger for all.

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  • mong00se

    Agree on Farrakhan. I don’t endorse him but I do endorse the truth. I saw a sermon of his posted where he was preaching about the Federal Reserve and commended Ron Paul for for trying to expose them.

    Here’s another artist that may resonate with you. See if you can guess what movie the beginning quote is from.

    Diabolic- The Truth Part 2

  • Slake Thirsty

    I believe it was Terence Stamp in “Superman”. Forget the name of his character. Starts with a Z.


    Hey Doc,

    Paris and a few other rappers have been sharing the “truth” for decades. One of the reasons the shepple are still sheep is that they allow minor differences between them and others, to separate them from information that can save their bahhh-lives. Remember the divide and destroy method is still almost 100% effective and will be 100%, IF we don’t wake up, very soon!!!

    Thanks for being objective enough to share the truth with America, even if some of the smaller minded ones complain because they don’t like the messenger, disregarding the fact, that the message may be their salvation.

    May God bless and protect you, as you continue to spread light to a dark, asleep world.

  • mong00se

    General ZOD was his name!

  • Matt

    One of the main problems I see with Paris and many of his like is his ideas relating to a solution. He clearly sees that there are problems with the system and points them out but I don’t feel that he is headed in a right direction solution wise; he falls for the left-right paradigm.
    Either way it is certainly waking some people up.

  • mong00se

    Silver Shield brought this up in the past with Rage Against the Machine as well. The singer Zach De La Rocha speaks alot of truth but his songs always seem to point to collectivism as a solution.

  • Matt

    yes I am definitely aware; Rage is actually probably my all time favorite band (have their whole discography including unreleased/demo stuff) and certainly did a great deal Waking me up. It is refreshing to see bands and artists like this speaking out about the problems. You can clearly see that they are frustrated with the system in place now. Another musician you could add to the list is rapper Immortal Technique:
    He points out these problems but associates himself with socialist solutions.
    It is very similar to Rage; basically a hip-hop contemporary.

    I do though appreciate that many of these artists don’t overload their songs with solutions to the problem (at least most of the time); instead they just point out the problem and allow the listener to find their way. Hopefully the listeners will find their way here or other sites of the like instead of the Zeitgeist Movement, Socialism, or other collective ideologies. This is another reason why it is good to mention these and other songs on the site. It should certainly help newcomers discover the site.

  • Doug

    I think Louis Farrakhan is amazing. I watch everything I can from him. In America, you only get the real truth from where you least expect it:

    Louis Farrakhan
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    Ron Paul
    The Ugly Truth
    …and a few others.

    If you own a television, you ain’t getting it.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    I don’t have any problem with FREE ASSOCIATIONS of people forming collectives which operate in a collectivist manner. I just don’t want them to force me (or anyone else) into these associations.

    We need to be fighting against the idea of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. If many groups want to form many different societal interactions, as long as moving between these various societies is done by voluntary choice and not at the point of a gun, I really don’t care if “Rage Against the Machine” wishes to set up a socialist group.

    The truth is, there are too many people with too many different ideas as to what makes a “good government”. Again, as long as people are free to choose their government, I have no problems with any form of government (IN SMALL GROUPS.) There should be no force involved.

    I don’t think I’ve formulated my ideas here very well, but my point is that the problem isn’t socialism, communism, capitalism or what-have-you, it’s the FORCING of people to live under one of those systems and that system only. Any system which requires force to live under is an unviable, unnatural system.

    A fair and moral system is one in which people form their associations VOLUNTARILY, not by force.

  • mong00se

    Mos def agree. The truth of Rage’s lyrics resonated inside of me even though I had no idea why at the time. Haven’t listened to Immortal Technique but do know he’s a friend of Diabolic. It’s amazing once u go thru it the 5 or 6 stages Silver Shield talks about it’s like God grants u discernment. It doesn’t matter where/who the truth comes from cuz u can discern the falsehoods from reality.

    It has to start somewhere
    It has to start sometime
    What better place than here
    What better time than now

    All hell can’t stop us now

  • mong00se

    “The use of force” is one of the most basic fundamentals that i connected with even before i became aware. I remember being a kid thinking where do these people get the right to tell all the other people how to live. Who determined all of their rules are so perfect for the masses. Little did I know.

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