Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul

Decades / centuries from now, citizens of Earth shall study the rise of Liberty beginning with the movement of the masses from Europe flowing into the new land designated as America.  They shall study of how this movement initially grew out of oppression from tyrants, oligarchs, emperors, and marauders of Asia and Europe.  They shall then read of how this “land of Liberty” was immediately conspired upon by the very oppressors that the masses fled from.  These conspirators were brilliant and patient in their plot to gain control of this new “land of Liberty” while using the constituted freedoms and liberties given to the people to gain that control.  The statesmen in our history repeatedly have warned of the danger of these globalist conspirators.  Our basic founding documents and top tier laws prove this warning was consistently known by true statesmen.  I pray that the future shall reveal that Truth and Liberty shall endure the test of time and corruption…proving that men of the fortitude of Dr Paul maintain a consistent TRUTH…a truth that the masses eventually leveraged into a global Liberty and Freedom.

Thru time, America has had few real statesmen, but enough to maintain a level of validated suspicion of the corruption that attacked from outside of our system…. infiltrating our banks, schools, hospitals, manufacturing sectors, transportation systems, state and federal government, …..and most of all infiltrating our morals.  Our mistake was an innocent one.  Apathy is Pathetic.  The majority of America began living an undeniable dream of applying work ethic and christian principles to their lives while handing the fruits of their labor down thru their generations.  As a people, we generally “went to sleep at the wheel”, and now our car is traveling on the shoulder.  We are at a point that if we can only awaken now, and carefully get back on track without over-steering, we just might be able to continue on our trip of Liberty and Freedom.

Ron Paul is of a breed that is one-in-a-million.  Most people cannot begin to understand a man like Dr Paul.

Ronald Ernest Paul

Ronald Ernest Paul

WE THE PEOPLE are blessed and privileged to be alive at the same time as he.  Dr Paul has made this time in American history EPIC.  This dedicated, intelligent Patriot is as SERIOUS as a heart attack about his concerns for our Republic.  If we do not take heed of his concerns, I truly feel that our Republic shall be lost.  There are but a small handful of existing statesmen who share Dr Paul’s concern, but NONE have been as consistent and directed as he.

Our system is unrecognizable as a republic.  We have gone to hell in a most despicable way.  For over a century we have abused our privileged position among other nations.  We have become a people who believe majorly that we have a “right” to the resources and labor of the world.  As we grew in that attitude, we lost our industrial base in the process.  The people of the world have changed their view of Americans from one of awe and respect to one of disgust and pity.  Prior to that we abused the natives of this land beyond the point of forgiveness.  We can never recover the human resources that we lost as we subdued the “natives”.  We now easily give up almost any liberty in order to cower to the forced “security” imposed by those in power.  Ben Franklin wrote in the Poor Richard’s Almanack of 1738 “Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.”  Our laws are abused upon us daily and nothing is done about it as though an allowance to maintain Liberty…this is a fallacy which needs to be corrected.

I must hand it to Jon Stewart.  In his interview he is legitimizing Ron Paul’s threat to the collapsing American political system, and I must say that he is doing it all while maintaining due respect for and to Dr Paul.  This link is to the three (3) part interview of Dr Paul by Jon Stewart.  It is great to see the humorous side of Dr Paul in this interview.   Those of us who are familiar with Dr Paul know that he is not one to “read” a speech and in fact has a difficult time doing so.  His speeches come from the heart and soul….for Truth and Liberty.


12 comments to Ronald Ernest “Ron” Paul

  • Anon

    President Paul is a cut above the rest, truly, Ron or nothing.

    However, there’s just one thing that bothers me. Paul considers it political suicide to agree with the 911 truthers, and told them not to associate their movement with his. I’d like to at least see him acknowledge the huge discrepancies in the official story, and encourage people to keep questioning everything and not give in to MSM brainwashing.

  • Marty

    I have libertarian friends who do not want to see Ron Paul live when he comes by because “Ron Paul blames 9/11 on us”. Ron is correct in his assessment that Americans do not want to be blamed for anything. They’re having a tough enough time swallowing the notion of “blowback”.

  • mong00se

    First of all that’s because it is political suicide (ever hear of Debra Medina? and that was in a Governors race) but more important where did you hear of him telling the 911 truthers not to associate with him? Ron Paul has never told any organization any such thing. In fact it goes against the entire philisophy of LIBERTY. The Good Doctor is incredibly brave to talk about blowback on the national stage opening himself up to opponents who jump at the chance to accuse him “blaming America for 911”. Would you rather he come out for 911 Truth now and commit political suicide or try to win the office and then expose the corruption that’s running our country?

  • Anon

    I agree with you mong00se, rather focus on winning the election. I’m all for Ron.

    I apologize, I have taking things out of proportion by saying that he told them “not to associate their movement with his.” In fact, according to Ron said the following when asked if the 911 truthers should cease:

    Ron Paul: Well, it doesn’t do me any good so if they care about me they should . But the only thing I have control over is what I believe and what I say . I can’t tell them what to do. So I don’t endorse what they say and I don’t believe that.

    Yes Ron is for liberty all the way, I guess I would’ve just liked to see him be a little more open-minded about the 911 truth movement. I think he could’ve been without coming across too controversial.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • mong00se

    Good reference Anon and I agree a better answser could have been given. In fact I believe even Dr. Paul might wish he would have answered differently or had a more prepared response.

    But the bastards threw him a time bomb on a national stage in front of millions and tried to bait him into an all or nothing response.

    This is a common tactic used by the LSM. I think Chris references this in the SOLA though I can’t recall the name of it.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • Matt

    It is my personal opinion that Ron Paul is a “closet-truther”. On multiple occasions I have seen videos/read articles of Ron Paul stating that he is in support of a new 9/11 investigation.
    This in connection with his various other political views and philosophies leads me to believe that Paul truly believes there is something fishy surrounding 9/11. Like others mentioned he can’t come right out and say that he feels 9/11 was an inside job or was allowed to happen because it would ruin his chance of being elected. How many average people on the street can you talk to about 9/11 being a possible false flag without them thinking you are nuts? They are clearly conditioned to think this way and the only thing that will make them accept this is their own-self considering how much scientific evidence already puts the official conspiracy in question. Ron Paul speaking out about 9/11 being a false flag would have relatively no positive benefit to his campaign. I don’t recall the actual site but I remember reading a blog post about someone denying to support Ron Paul simple because he sided with a new investigation and essentially supported the truthers in that respect. It would be essentially a self-destruction to his campaign if Paul came out about this stuff now.

  • LJack

    Somewhat mixed feelings about Ron Paul (although way positive overall).

    mostly the right message & agenda
    solid credentials & integrity

    Not the best public speaker (in the land where image is everything).
    Getting old/losing vigor, although I’ll admit, he really seems to be on afterburners now, firing & focused … guess he senses its now or never.

    All in all, I’m thankful he’s around and I wish to publicly thank him for his long standing efforts.
    Got my confirmation registration voter card the other day acknowledging that I am now registered republican. Ha! imagine that … me, a republican.

    Last prez election I had to write in Ron Paul.
    This time at least he’s on the ballot for me, even in the primary.

    Go Ron Paul.

  • Vince

    I have been loving Ron Paul since 05 or 06 and can guarantee he knows the official 9/11 story is bogus. I do believe, at this time, it would be political suicide.

    Ron Paul is the epitome of an true American patriot.

    • …couldn’t agree with you more.
      RON PAUL knows what he is doing, and he is doing it from the heart via instinct…..Liberty and Freedom just comes naturally for him.
      RON PAUL 2012

  • now or never

    This is a great read , I am proud of you all for not infighting like all of the others I have been on lately. Ron Paul is a rare breed, I have no doubt that he is the closest that we will ever get to Jefferson, Paine, or Washington in our time. As for the question about 9/11 that they through at him back stage, don’t hold that up as being a reason not to support Dr Paul he is on our side, and remember the last perfect man that was here on earth was nailed to the cross. This is IMHO our last chance to elect someone like him without using the sword as our vote.. God Bless you all, and remember..”We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts- not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution” — Abraham Lincoln

    • THNX for your comment…..we try to be the REAL DEAL here. Lots of great writings of a bunch of great Patriots, of which you are one.

    • Silver Shield

      Just because he did not fall for the hot button emotional issue of 9/11 does not mean that he does not believe it. I went 9 months on this blog without talking about 9/11. To me it is a small issue to the greater things that we are fighting.

      So long as people are divided upon emotional issues we will never solve the logical problems. – you can quote me on that little gem.

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