$5,000 From .gov To Enslave Your Friends and Family

The General Services Administration is giving away $5,000 dollars to social media mavens, who create videos to help people understand federal benefits and services. This program is designed to get you to encourage more people to become reliant on the collective.  This kind of thought is at the very root of all of the problems we face today.  Check out what they want to indoctrinate you with.

They will give away $1,000 dollars for each video that gets more people enslaved into their collectivist system.

  • How do I check the status of my tax refund?
  • How can I apply for a government grant or loan?
  • How can I find a job?
  • How do I get a Social Security card?
  • How can I change my address with various government agencies (e.g., Postal Service, Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration) when I move?

The government/collective is the cause of all of the problems we face.  You cannot solve the a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.  I will sponsor my own contest to give away an ounce of silver for the winner in each of these categories.  The idea is to offer a free market, individualist answer to the 5 questions they want answered.   (Notice I am giving away my own money and it is something of real intrinsic value.)

  • How do I legally get my wealth outside the thieving hands of the government and the inflation of the Federal Reserve by selling all of my paper assets and buying physical silver?
  • How do I make money providing real value to society, when the dollar collapses?
  • How do I quit my job enabling a system that enslaves me and do something provides real value to humanity and that resonates with my own unique talents and abilities?
  • How do I create generational wealth so that my children are not enslaved in a system that is based off of a Ponzi Scheme?
  • How do I get off the grid so that those that won’t leave me and my family alone, can’t find me?

The deadline to submit a video is Oct. 28. The same person can submit videos to multiple categories.  Please post all your entries in the comment section below.  Keep them short and sweet.

“There are only two kinds of people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.” -Silver Shield

We are going to see this nation split in two between those that are hopelessly enslaved in a collectivist mindset and those that see that only freedom and honest money are the way to live.  The time is coming where the lines will be drawn and you had better be ready.  The collectivists in mostly urban areas will be caught totally by surprise and lash out in anger as their almighty dollar fails them, leaving them completely exposed to the inevitable anger phase.  They will eventually embrace the police state that Comrade Bloomberg and Emmanuel will offer.  They will embrace another digital money system and give up their freedoms for security.

“I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.” -Thomas Jefferson

The rest of us will seek a much different path to build a new paradigm that resonates with something inside of each and everyone of us.  If you are like me and believe deeply in honest people and honest money, I will be announcing a plan very soon that I know you will want to listen too. Click here to see how to see this plan.

13 comments to $5,000 From .gov To Enslave Your Friends and Family

  • Revolution is the Solution!

  • lastmanstanding

    Arminius…those who deny that revolution is the answer or will happen are not living in the real world. As disasterous as this will be, there are millions of people who have been sucking the life out of the planet, you, others and me.

    There are people (generations of them in UK and US to name a few) on this earth that have lived of govts. worldwide their entire lives, never having worked one day! EVER! They are content with whatever they get.

    Their time here on earth is nearly up…maybe you and I are one of them. In NO way do I believe that I need anything from anyone but I am willing to be judged on that day.

    When they misbehave in violent ways they will get EXACTLY what they deserve…and I hope its fucking painful.

  • Juan Diegas

    “The government/collective is the cause of all of the problems we face.” Really? I suppose you would trust an unregulated meat industry not to sell you rotten meat? Unregulated banks sure worked out well for all of us. Who did they go running to when they needed a bailout? The government (or collective.) A true capitalist system would have let them fail as they should have. Most large corporations today use the government and our tax money to protect their interests at our “collective” expense. Privatization of profits and socialization of costs is the mantra of the day. The government, damaged as it is, is the only thing left between you and the abyss. Wake up.

    • Silver Shield

      An unregulated meat industry is the best example you can come up with against my example of a worldwide enslavement spread by debt and death… Classic.

      In a truly free market with companies that fail would fail either through people no longer trusting them or they getting sued to death.

      The problem that we have is that these big guys use regulation to restrict the little guy fromchallenging them and then they pass laws like the drug companies get that prevent them from being sued.

      Privatizing profits and socializing losses is called Fascism and I hate to break the news to you but it is collectivist just like socialism.
      They are fundamentally no different with some elite at the top stealing from the individuals below.

      As far as the banks they are protected under this fascist system with the false too big to fail fascist plan. They should have failed and those that were good actors would buy up the assets and continue to be respossible. But no, we get everyone paying for the most irresponsible and reckless allowing them to become more powerful like a cancer that metasizied to kill a whole society.

      As far as government being the savior one collectivist power will not save you from another. A government strong enough to give you everything has the power to take everything away from you.

      Note to the readers: Do you see how those in urban areas are going to run into the collectivist arms of a Bloomberg sacrificing their freedom for safety. They are stuck in a false left right paradigm and think that Washington is the answer to Wall St whenthey are one inthe same and cannot survive without each other. My Ultimate Exit Strategy will address this soon.

  • Juan Diegas

    No, the better example was the unregulated banks. Since you missed that, you and your lost site are not really worth even the effort of an argument. Have a nice day. :}

    • Silver Shield

      No the problem now is not unregulated banks it is the ones that ARE regulated. How they buy the political power in Washington and then call in their political hacks to bail them out.

      You cannot solve a collective with another collective.

      I hate to tell you that you are stuck in a paradigm that will use up all of your energy on something that will never result in any real change.

      Whatis worse is that since you are stuck you will be blindsided when the whole paradigm collapses.
      Good luck with your journey.

      Listen to all, follow none, walk your own path the best that you can.

  • Jeff

    You are missing the reality here. If you accept benefits from the corporate UNITED STATES then you are under their jurisdiction and they can tell you what to do. Now you could declare yourself a state citizen, non resident alien then the US has no affect on you.

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