Children of Depression!

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  • Aeneas8

    Thumbs up guys!!! You are such and inspiration and encouragement. What is so awesome about the Academy, DTOM and the articles is that I have found that I am not alone in my thinking and actions. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Twisted Titan

    A silver dime represents 12 hours of back breaking human labor

    You can get a silver dime for 3 dollars today.

    Get as many as you can so there will be no shortage of those who can tend to your empire to keep it running smoothly while you deal with the task of expanding it.

    Yes the coming paradigm shift will be THAT big

  • Gustavo

    here is the twitter account of that dumb reporter!/ctvbridget

  • A short story about how clueless people are today about silver/money.
    On Friday my buddy and I went to Mcd’s. for lunch. Having arrived at 12:05 the drive-thru line was already around the building. So we went inside, to find a shorter line but only 1 cashier working (are you kidding me).
    The mexican landscaper in front of me ordered $27 dollars of food off the dollar menu (@#$%). Only having a 1/2 hour for lunch we were kinda pressed for time. He paid with all $1’s and some loose change ($%^&). The cashier had a problem with one of the dollar bills he gave her(thought it was counterfeit I guess).
    Three of the other employees looked at it and finally the manager came over (woman in her late 40’s). She didn’t like the look of it either (so they’re counterfeiting ones now, huh). He didn’t have any other money. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and said “Just give it to me. The manager said “Are you sure”?
    I said “Yes, what’s the worst that could happen, I’m out a whole dollar” OOOH. We exchanged bills and as I figured it was a “Silver Certificate” 1957A in pretty crisp condition too. After exchanging high-fives with the other old guy in line (I’m 51), we got our food and sat down to eat.
    We’re freaking doomed I tell you.

  • lastmanstanding

    Tommy…what a freaking score! What are the chance of coming across a treasure like that…at fuckin McD’s!

    I will be 50 in a month…I eat at McD’s once a month. Never know when it will be gone…I remember in the 60’s when the sign turned to, “over 1 million sold!”

    Doomed sums it up.

    SS’s advice to buy silver dimes is spot on…It should be easy enough for everyone to buy 5 a week.

  • deva

    I am hearing tell that copper is a good thing to get into.

    I live in Australia and I am burning your pages up! Investing in silver kgs. Am aware I need to get into coins though… easier to spend, if/when needed. I have a little gold too but feel I will hang onto this for posterity. Not convinced I should transfer this to silver.

    Here in Australia we are not so touched by the doomsday predictions you are predicting. I am not doubting the possibility of this though… that’s why I am investing all my spare cash into silver.

    Really wondering about copper though? What are your thoughts?

  • I’ve been picking up rolls of pennies at the bank and sorting them to pick out the pre ’81 coppers. So far I have amassed 85 rolls. They fit in a NATO 7.62mm ammo can perfectly. It’s a bit heavy though. Not sure how much they’ll be worth someday, but picking them up for face value can’t be all bad. I recall a time (in the late 60’s)when silver was available for face value too. Now look at it.

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