Did Steve Jobs Really Think Different?

When Apple hit the comeback trail a decade ago, it had an advertising campaign called “Think Different.”  In the campaign it featured a picture of Albert Einstein.  One of my favorite quotes from Einstein is, “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”   I would contend that Steve Jobs did not really think different, because he was still in the same mentality of consumerism, and that man can tinker their way to utopia.  Yes, he did think different in management and design and I have bought an embarrassingly amount of Apple products. I believe history will show Steve Jobs was not a visionary as much as the last man of the Information Revolution before humanity woke up to really think different.

I wanted to use the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs yesterday to point out a very important issues that will ultimately lead to the collapse of the world as we know it.  Our paradigm is predicated upon man’s drive to overcome nature.  We build houses to protect us from the cold.  We drive cars to take us faster than our feet can travel.  We create ponzi schemes to insure us against life.  We spend billions of dollars on medicine to live longer.  We fight wars to steal other people’s natural resources.  We create gadgets to consume more artificiality.  Our whole way of life is not real.  When I saw not real I do not mean that we need to live like cavemen to be real humans.  I mean, looking at our way of life, is this really why we are all here?

“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

Steve Jobs was no doubt a brilliant man that was a huge influence on the world.  His mastery of the technical and marketing theatrics helped create the most valuable company in the world.  In the end even the great Steve Jobs could not overcome nature.  What the most powerful man cannot do in his own personal life, humanity cannot do in our own generational life.  As a humanity we live a very stressful, unfulfilling life filled with debt and death.  Despite all of our efforts we cannot stop reality.

“Most men live lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.” – David Henry Thoreau

Look at how you live, are you living your highest and best life?  The sad answer for so many is no.  Why?  We are a fascinating creation that can breathe, think, and feel, living on a beautiful planet that has a thin layer of space that has just the right mixture of air, water and light as we are flying around the sun at 18 miles per second.  We have the ability to feed, clothe, educate and provide shelter everyone and yet we waste so much of our time and energy on war, debt, taxes, and chasing a consumer lifestyle that leaves us broke and depressed.  Even the way out offered by our paradigm either leads you back into the same paradigm.  Or worse, asks you to create a fantasy world where you are able to put up with this sick way of life in the hopes of a better day.  Most live a self delusional or drug induced stupor to get through the fact that you are stuck in a paradigm that does not resonate with your soul.

“There are only two people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.” -Silver Shield

I believe that we all have a special purpose here on earth and that we are special.  If given the opportunity, we could all create a life that resonates with the natural talents and passions that God gave us.  Individually we could offer real value to our fellow human and improve the lives of others around us.  Unfortunately, we live in a world created, perpetuated, and owned by men that would rather see you slave away doing things that provide no value to humanity and die alone, depressed and broke.  Our privately owned, debt based monetary system enslaves the whole world in debt, funds the largest military ever to secure the natural resources and slave labor of other nations, controls the media that manipulates nations into senseless and endless wars, controls the politicians that keep us chasing our tale, promotes a vapid consumer lifestyle that keeps us empty and searching for the next high.

“In the long run we are all dead.” -John Maynard Keynes

 The old paradigm that thrives only off of spreading debt and death throughout the world is coming to a mathematically inevitable end.  Our debt based monetary system must create more debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before or it implodes in a spectacular mother-of-all margin calls.  This constant expansion of money is the force that propels nations into war and fathers to work extra hours away from their families.  There is a limit to the amount of debt that can be created without destroying the currency it is denominated in.  There is a limit to the amount of wealth that the top .01% can control.  There is a limit to the amount of lies, pills and delusions humans can take.  There is a limit to the amount of natural resources we can consume.  Things that cannot go on forever, won’t.

The Agricultural Revolution lasted Millenniums…

The Industrial Revolution lasted Centuries…

The Information Revolution lasted Decades…

The Final Revolution is here.   We have it in our power to create a new paradigm using all that we have learned to create a way of life that brings out the best in humanity and resonates with what we are.  We simply need to create a way of life that is in balance with nature and not against it.  This means not only physically, but emotionally, financially, politically, intellectually and spiritually.  As great as Steve Jobs was, what did he do to advance humanity?  If anything he kept humanity stuck in a unnatural consumer debt cycle by offering more gadgets to delude the masses from challenging this way of life.

Steve Jobs played his roll at the end of the Informational Revolution, but we now see that all of the information in the world means nothing without Awareness of what it all means.  What good does faster processors and unlimited bandwidth if the information means nothing?  What good does it do if this information keeps people from rising to their highest and best self?  What did your life mean if you got the highest score on a video game or never missed an episode of your favorite show?  What good does it do if we amuse ourselves to death?

With the coming collapse of all man made systems with the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar, man will be forced to confront a new reality after all illusions of money, careers and relationships are wiped clean.  When the dollar collapses, it will be the single largest event in human history.  There will be massive upheaval in every aspect of every persons life.  In an instant all savings and economies will be wiped away.  This will naturally lead to anger, starvation, riots, revolutions, wars and death.  While this horror story will play out, it is necessary to get humanity to reexamine what is it we are actually doing here on earth.  We are not here to just consume at the expense of others, there must be something more to life than that.

I believe this will lead to a global awakening that will lead to a Final Revolution in humanity where we can use the Information Revolution to teach the world how to use technologies from the Industrial Revolution to get in touch and resonate with the natural world from the Agricultural Revolution.  We can make a new world that rejects usury, fractional reserve banking, and debt based money, in favor of honest money like gold and silver or even debt free fiat money.  We can make a world where all individual rights are protected from the collective.  We can make a world where there is free energy by using solar power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gas that can burn back into water.  We can make a world that rejects war and brings home our troops.  This will be possible as soon as this paradigm collapses into an utter failure.  You do not need to protest, you do not need to fight, you simply need to become aware of this change and prepare for it.

I am encouraging people to “think different” not about some fleeting consumer device, but about our entire way of life.  (Join the Academy for free.)  When humanity values men that free people from the bonds we and others put on us, then we are on a path that is more in tune with reality.  When humanity invests in technologies that free people instead of tracking and monetizing people, then we are on a path to a higher existence.  When humanity realizes that we cannot change the world to free ourselves and that we must free ourselves to free the world, then we are really on to something.

One powerful story that Steve Jobs is a towering testament to is the power of the individual over the collective.  Steve Jobs was a unique individual that showed that individuals are responsible for all of the great ideas in this world, not the collective.  We need to be encouraging individuals to pursue their passions and not sacrifice the fire in them to go into debt to get some career that will take the best years of their lives.  As a society, we are indebted to those individuals that add real value to our lives.

This dying paradigm only benefits those that provide absolutely no value to humanity.  Think about all of those that are making a killing right now… bankers, politicians, media pundits, military contractors (mercenaries), lawyers, stock brokers, lobbyists.  What do they do to improve your life?   If they all were gone tomorrow there would be a huge weight taken off of our backs, and we would be free to make our world better, not theirs. They are all parasites that take from those that really produce. While those that we cannot live without, are paid nothing and barely making ends meet.  Do you want to know why and why everyone is in debt?  It was designed this way.  Don’t worry though, this paradigm is ending and those people with real value to society will be richly rewarded as humanity will once again see the value of farmers, engineers, electricians, artists, thinkers, scientists, designers, and teachers (not indoctrinators in our school system.)

Individuals seek to create things that have real value to humanity, the collective creates things to enslave humanity.  Prove me wrong and think about all of the great thinkers, inventors, musicians, scientists, and others that created the most amazing ideas and work.  These individuals did not need to steal from others to produce great achievements, they probably would have done their work for free.  All the collective does is steal from all waste on big programs, big buildings and big wars.

If we are to advance as a humanity we need to reject collectivism that only serves a corporation, a military, or a government and embrace the individuals that all have unique talents and drives.  We need to encourage individual collaboration and not “do what you are told.”  We need to throw off these old debts and mentalities to free humanity to reach a higher way of life.  One that embraces real relationships both to man and the world around us.  A new paradigm is coming, are you ready to really think different?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin


If this article resonates with something inside of you, tell me how you feel in the comment section below.  Share this with others and ask them to really think different and please join the Academy.


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  • Bob

    Chris, all of the points that you made in this piece resonate with me. Apple, in my opinion, is just another mass media conglomerate that essentially entertains and distracts the masses from what is truly important. I live two minutes (literally) from an Apple store and I visit that store at least once a week. I notice what people there do with iphones, ipods, ipads, computers, etc. It’s mostly playing games, visiting facebook and Google earth, listening to music, etc. Even the students at the college I teach at, most of whom by far have Apple notebook computers, do much of the same, even in their classes (not my classes). Apple computers have essentially become portable tvs. I think the bottom line is that what makes a difference is not just the quality of the tool (i.e., computer) that you build, but, more importantly, what people do with the tool. Yes, there is great creativity and marketing here, but how have these devices changed the world other than, perhaps, to speed up communication? Apple computers do this no more effectively than any other computer brand.

    I own a Dell desktop for 10 years now, and recently bought a (very expensive) Mac book Pro. Although I’ve used it once or twice, and it is faster than my Dell, there is nothing I can do on it that I can’t do on my Dell. Although it is portable and the Dell is not, I’m not exactly sure why I bought it.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    Steve Jobs was another treacherous, deceptive hack. The only thing he can be credited with is that he was very good at convincing people they needed crap they did not need. He made consumerism look beautiful.

    When Banksy painted something on the wall that separates Israel from Palestine, an old Palestinian man told him “Stop and go home. You make the wall look good.” This is what Jobs has been doing and I don’t see how it is anything to praise him for.

  • What it comes down to: everyone should produce more than they consume. That is, produce that which they are capable of by “following their bliss”. If you love to teach, then teach. If you love to build, then build the greatest works that you can with all your heart. Farmers, doctors, scientists, industrialists, inventors, truckers, merchants. The list goes on and on – but the key is to give value in the ways that you know how.

    A major problem with society today is that the majority of people have a net balance of consuming, rather than producing. Government handouts, welfare, the military, lawyers, politicians, big bankers etc and etc – they don’t really produce anything but they consume alot. They TAKE value out of the common pool but give little if any value in return. Their balance is negative. They lead lives of negative contribution to society.

    These consumers are on the backs of the dwindling numbers of producers. We are carrying them, doing all the work that needs doing, paying the taxes at the point of a gun so that they can continue their lifestyles of consumption without having to produce much of anything of real value to the world.

    Essentially, those who consume more than they produce are parasites. The parasites have grown to such large numbers they are now killing the host. You can feel it – the world seems sickly. And it is.

  • Coppertop

    Mr. Jobs created tremendous value, “jobs” aka. slaves and really really well marketed products. But unfortunately I have to agree with the SilverShield’s essay and bob’s comments. I only own one apple product and hated how they always try to jail me to their products with a ball and chain just to squeeze another dollar out of my pocket and put me into more debt just to enjoy that piece of junk gadget. Sony tried that with the minidisc walkman and look what the market did to their product!

    Apple on the other hand appears to have succeeded in this malicious business model that companies like sony, gm, ford, Mcdonnald douglas, et al have tried to do so many times but only have the market comes back with a big stick and spank them and make them obsolete! True capitalism does work. NO! You cannot created a shitty product and expect me to come back and blow more money to have it upgraded/repaired constantly you f***ing rip off artist. NO! You cannot create a car that explodes on impact and expect me to buy it. And NO! You cannot sell me an iphone and not allow me to do something as simple as change my own battery or use your shitty itune software to compress my already compressed mp3 music collection that I converted from my own cd collection.

    • Silver Shield

      I am a little pissed that my iPhone seems to get progressively slower the more new models come out…
      Planned obsolescence either technological or fashion is the fuel for the consumer model.
      This will end shortly.

      • Hahah

        Of cores it gets slower the updated OS is going to use more resources……close your apps when you are done with them. double tap the home button so the switcher bar shows up, hold down an app untill they shake, close the apps your not using by tapping the red icon.

  • Federico


  • Hans Pelleboer

    The broad strokes with which you paint the `collective’ I find rather troubling;
    all human activity beyond stone-age hunting / gathering is collective in nature.
    Highly organized collective efforts have provided us with reliable sewage processing,
    food supplies and health care. The high-tech sector forms the pinnacle of this process.
    How do you think you can get rid of the collective and still expect to have solar panels, for example, let alone construction steel or tools or even a band-aid for the finger that you slammed while building your mountain hideout?

    Do you know that it takes about 300 man years of Ph.D.-level engineering to
    design a new microprocessor? There is no single man capable of performing such a feat on his own. There is no scientist that can function outside a large clerical body, that is propped-up by the collective. Do you realize that all great artists worked either in the service of the church, the court or in prosperous bourgeois societies? –each highly developed collectives! Eliminating the collective means a world without universities
    or symphony orchestras, let alone leisure time. Indeed, the very fact that we have been able
    to become doctors, car mechanics and bakers, is due to the collective organization that
    has liberated us from the drudgery of having to be jacks of all trade, leaving no space to follow any bliss whatsoever. Science and the arts would be dead and buried. Returning to that state I would consider utterly bleak.

    • Silver Shield

      @ Hans
      Yes we can have solar panels without a “collective”.
      I teach people how to collaborate all of the time to accomplish huge projects. To help people find their position that resonates with their natural talents and motivations.

      A decentralized group of individuals can be much more productive than any hierarchical collective that seeks to jam square pegs into round holes.
      Look at your house it was built by a group of decentralized group of individuals who do and are experts in their own areas.
      Look at wikipedia or wordpress…

      While no single man in capable of designing a micro chip a group of them could.
      Some may provide capital, some labor, some paperwork.

      The difference is is it a group of valued, involved, interested individuals working towards a mutually beneficial goal or a collective that seeks to take the most from the individuals for the benefit of the collective.

      In one the individual is the most important, in the other the individual is sacrificed.

      This not only happens in companies but also governments.

      Our Founding Fathers gave us a political system of laws that protected the individual from the collective.
      We now live in a system where the collective has destroyed the individual and now the individual does not care if the collective fails.

      I hope you see the difference and I would be happy to explore this issue further with you, it is a very important issue because one way of life is ending and another beginning.

  • I’ve always felt that our countries value system was completely screwed up. I worked for over 30 years (carpenter) and built many houses for movie stars, pro athletes, singers, etc. While being told if we look at them when they’re there, we’ll be fired(Gloria Estefan’s house). Without me (and others like me) they would have no place to live. Without them???

    Right now I’m closely following the NBA lockout. I hope they all go broke (greedy bastards). Go get a job for minimum wage or even 15-20 dollars an hour and see how the rest of the world lives. Tony Parker (NBA player) said he will go play in Italy during the lockout, for less than $2000. a month. GOOD

    I hope you lose your Bentley, Escalade and McMansion.

    • Silver Shield

      The day will come when your skills will be more valued in society then some one who can slam dunk.
      The meek will inherit the earth and we all shall reap what we sow, for good or bad.

  • Hans Pelleboer

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for your speedy reply! Please elaborate on the examples that you give, because
    as such they do not address the issue –yes my house was built by a small group of man
    ( myself included ) but the building materials and tools definitely weren’t; The logistics and scale of production required, for example, for concrete and extruded aluminum are staggering.( You know that America ripped-off Nigeria of its Hydroelectric power just to be able to feed its Al-smelting facilities?)
    Idem semiconductor fabrication; that requires a tremendously dense network of facilitating
    industries for the semimanufacture infrastructure; think highly-purified doting gases,
    for example, that have very little application outside the semicon field itself. How would you produce them, including the staggering amounts of energy needed for the production?
    Also –the generation of knowledge and the inherently dependent state of universities,
    whose 1000+ year old model I do not see easily superseded, and may easily succumb.
    How does your model provide for the generation of knowledge beyond the basic level?

    Wikipedia exists by grace of the existing substructure of the internet, which it did not generate by itself. I expect during the global cataclysm that all of us somehow
    anticipate telecomm and especially the internet to be the first victims, not to be
    resuscitated again; scale and energy consumption will simply be prohibitive.
    And I don’t own an iPhone either!

  • The present state of mass unawareness, ironically, is caused, in my view, by a once non-existent awareness. “The Awareness” of knowledge promised and delivered the expected result. To be like god.

    When the ancestors of present humanity were deceived they did more than just disobey God (which most assume is THE reason we have death in the present dispensation of time), they opened their minds to the world of knowledge. It is for that reason God sent our species away from the “garden” and the “tree-of-life” it bears. And he specifically states, per the text of Moses, that he did so because mankind, with unlimited life, and the new-found knowledge, would one day use that power to destroy God.

    In our present day, with limited time, most use the power of knowledge to self-indulge. For most, its done with innocent intent. For the majority, the solution to the problem is possible, but extremely difficult especially since the problem is not clearly defined by present mainstream teachers. The answer is a confusing one. To be aware of “The Awareness” sounds like a contradiction and really confuses the unenlightened. And even more difficult is that the cycle can only be reversed, permanently, through death and subsequent resurrection. Not an appealing solution for a instant-gratification culture.

    Whereas now the individual is born into knowledge and has little choice in the matter, a true individual spirit will eventually, with the right training, see the truth of the origins of evil/power/knowledge.

    Thanks for spreading the word! It lights a fire in my shoes to read your content.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ Hans Pelleboer:

    all human activity beyond stone-age hunting / gathering is collective in nature

    True. The problem is, today we are forced into collectives we would never choose – and not only this, but we are also expected to behave as if we are all happy members of a voluntary collective.

    Do you know that it takes about 300 man years of Ph.D.-level engineering to design a new microprocessor?

    We have been living with microprocessors for about 60 years. Vast majority of great achievements in human history happened in thousands of years without a single microprocessor.

    It’s not symphony orchestras or microprocessors we should worry about, but “How can we teach kids to do what feels right even as everyone around scares or seduces them otherwise?”

    the very fact that we have been able to become doctors, car mechanics and bakers, is due to the collective organization that has liberated us from the drudgery of having to be jacks of all trade

    Today you have no freedom to choose a collective and have no say in the rules by which your collective functions. Whatever liberates you from drudgery also liberates you from liberty.

    Collective means a level of comfort that satisfies its average member, but no single creature is average. Entering a collective, a person measures what liberties he loses against the comforts he gains. Today I cannot choose, and to offset this, I am forced to be average.

    Some find their paradise in a supermarket. Some don’t. We dream of different things, we speak different languages, we are not from the same planet. But we are forced to smile politely and fund the same wars.

    It’s not my life. I don’t care about wars, supermarkets, cars, plasma TVs, gossip, elections, – but there is nowhere to run. I can choose gossip A or gossip B, car X or car Y, but I cannot choose “no gossip”, “no car”, “no war”.

    The whole thing is a lie: instead of letting me live with people I share values with, by the rules that make sense to me, it is illegal to think about anything other than Status Quo.

    BTW, band aid is replaceable by plantago.

  • TruthSeeker

    I really appreciate all the thought-provoking and insightful comments to this article.

    Chris and Hans raise some good points on the question of individualism versus collectivism.

    If I understand correctly, Chris espouses decentralised, self-oriented control whilst Hans is of the view that there are instances where collectivism is a necessity in order to realise optimal results.

    In my view, the answer to the question depends on the situation or context at hand. In deliberating over the approach to apply, the primary driver should be what serves best in facilitating a better community and ultimately a better society where people are able to live a life of substance and meaning.

  • And just as the “apple” (Tree Of Knowledge) gave forth light into the abundant unknowable microcosms of the universe, so the “Apple” continues to afford the dark light of knowledge.

    Coincidence? There are no coincidences.

  • Grammar Nazi

    “Did Steve Jobs Really Think Differently?” There, I fixed it for you.

  • shortnotgold

    I remember reading about the Hegelian Dialectic and I do believe that CNN has written another story that plays into this. The headline at CNN is “Occupy Wall Street: The tea party of the left?” http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/10/06/tea.party.left/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

    People, TPTB/W are playing us again. If they can’t fight the people they will attempt to pigeonhole us into some stereotype. It won’t work. It’s too late.

  • No man is an island unto himself. Technology-wise Steve Jobs did not do anything that was not based on what others had done, were also doing, or visioning to do. What makes people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates stand out is their business savvy, Machavellian instincts, and ability to promote themselves egomanically. I lived through those times in the 1970’s and 80’s in Silicon Valley developing software, electronics, computers, videogames etc. It was a rush for me for almost 20 years — and their were thousands like me there. Steve Wozniak was the real engineering creator of the two. The talking heads may say Steve Jobs designed the first commercial GUI but all he did was copy what workstations had been using for years (like SUN Microsystems) and put it in a smaller box. Bill Gates bought his OS from the estranged wife of its designer for peanuts and proclaimed it as his own. The media like to glorify personalities and those personalities tend to be ever-hungry for aggrandizement and ignore the fact that their work is really the contribution of hundreds of others.

  • Howard

    So much more out there for humanity to explore, I wonder if all “intelligent” species go thru this fiat monetary awakening stage in there evolution….

  • Hans Pelleboer

    –My purpose first and foremost was to get Chris’ idea of the Collective
    made explicit; it is now clear that he does not oppose voluntary collective effort
    per se, but the opaque, all overpowering, superstructure over us all. I am no friend of that
    either; I am a born and bred, sturdy individualist who, nevertheless, is painfully
    aware of the limits of that mindset: It takes a behemoth like GE to produce MRI equipment;
    unfortunately, nothing less will do. The moment that practitioners are cut off from
    present day medical technology, the state of the art will be forced back to the 1700s
    in one single swoop. Should disaster really strike, doctors will be utterly powerless.

    –We have been living with microprocessors for about 60 years. Vast majority of great achievements in human history happened in thousands of years without a single microprocessor–

    You would not be able to write these very words and disseminate them without this
    technology. The formal birthyear of the microprocessor is 1972, when Intel
    launched the 4004 chipset.

    –It’s not symphony orchestras or microprocessors we should worry about, but “How can we teach kids to do what feels right even as everyone around scares or seduces them otherwise?”–

    Next to the Trivium the Classics have known and valued the Quadrivium for its
    tremendous formative and educational value. If you would like to hear a rousing
    illustration, get hold of Maestro Daniel Barenboim’s 2006 Reith lectures:
    he will explain to you both the Palestine conflict as well as the problems
    of European unification by playing a Beethoven Sonata. I challenge you to perform
    a comparable feat!
    And doing what feels right? Have you ever tried to feed a four year old his
    Cod-liver oil? That darn’ tootin doesn’t feel right, but woe to the little
    sprout if he doesn’t get his vities.

    –BTW, band aid is replaceable by plantago.–

    No , it isn’t; nearly all herbal poultices lose most of their potency when not
    picked fresh; so tough luck when you cut yourself in the midst of Winter in North Dakota.
    Also, countering Gram-negative or obligatory anaerobics requires way more levels of
    intervention, when you are restricted to complementary therapy. Keep those band-aids
    ready! And don’t throw out the Betadine either.

    My point exactly; all great men were great because they stood on the shoulders of
    giants; Everybody knows about Einstein’s work, but few are aware that the foundations
    for his theory were laid by people like Mach, who hardly anyone knows.
    Kamerlingh Onnes exploration of superconductivity was utterly dependent on the
    genius of his instrument makers that pushed the very envelope of what was possible.

    Does anyone know about making good low-tech solar panels? And no cheating; gluing
    prefabricated Si chips to a sheet of glass doesn’t count.

    In concluding; I hear the catchphrase `Hegelian Dialectic’ sloshed about like lukewarm
    soda. In all cases that I have been able to verify, the dialectic reduces to the
    classic Tertium Non Datur; i.e. the dilemma of false choice.
    As my philosopher friends are still discussing what the Hegelian Dialectic _IS_,
    let alone if it exists _at_all_, let us not add to the confusion by inappropriate
    use of terminology. Simple, classic, dialectic is all we need to explain the present
    mess we are in.

  • @ Hans
    You speak as if when our current situation ends, that all previous inventions/medical advancements will somehow disappear from the face of the earth. That we will all return to the stone age or something. Correct me if I’m wrong on this point.

  • Randa

    What I find fascinating is that Steve Jobs was an Arab (his father was a Syrian-Muslim)…….whoa! I happen to love Arabs.

    On a different note, here is good report from the Casey Research dudes:


  • Hans Pelleboer

    Yes, not exactly stone age but almost. We will still have the knowledge, at least for
    a generation, but our ability to treat will be curtailed. The medical art is interwoven with technology, should that fall away then the situation will be dire.
    We will still have access to the classical techniques — Reposition of a luxated shoulder, for example– but the bulk of our diagnostic and therapeutic techniques will fall away. What will be left of radiology without a working electricity grid and computers for image
    processing? How about major surgery without anaesthetic gases?
    Also Pharmaceutics will be extremely limited, and topical at best.
    We would, in many cases, still be able to diagnose, but therapeutically,
    our hands would be bound. The keyword is infrastructure, infrastructure.

    My core issue with Chris’ thesis is, that we are way more dependent on the
    facilities, provided to us by the collective than we realize.
    I have used thus far mainly hi-tech examples, as they are the most dramatically
    visible, but there is much more advanced technology around than meets the eye.
    Take a look at that most egalitarian, All-American institution, the builders market,
    and let your eyes wander over these high-tech screws and bolts, the space-age glue,
    the ball-bearings with submicron tolerances; only available thanks to the tremendous
    technosphere that –still– encompasses the globe.

    Logistics could present insurmountable problems; I utilize, for example, some 200
    medicinal herbs from the Chinese materia medica. Herbs that are difficult to grow and need
    lots of TLC; should international transport come to a standstill, then I wouldn’t know for the life of me how to get them into the country. Friends have tried to build `plantations’
    in central Spain, but results have been mixed.

    On a practical note; prevention, especially asepsis will still be in our reach;
    so boiling wound dressings and keeping stuff clean –obstetrics!– could still be done.
    But once the baddies are in, resources are limited. The two key factors here
    nutrition–including safe drinking water– and waste disposal; sewage treatment,
    can only be tackled collectively.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • john


  • Mustafa Cohen

    I understand that you admire comforts of today’s civilization. What I failed to find in your posts is the acknowledgement of the fact that free comforts exist only in a mousetrap: we pay for band-aids and symphonies with freedom to choose.

    It’s OK to have the following choice: 40 years of one’s own life on 90 as a marionette. But somehow it is taken for granted that we all choose the latter.

    I respect others’ admiration of symphony, but prefer my own experience. Every day is different. Every trek leads to a beautiful vista. Life with challenged is exciting enough itself without extra ornamentation.

    he will explain to you both the Palestine conflict as well as the problems
    of European unification by playing a Beethoven Sonata

    It’s a nice phrase that means nothing. If I want to know about Palestine or Europe, I will go there and live there. If my hands are full in North Dakota, I’d rather worry about North Dakota and rely on my knowledge of it than that of the most excellent violinist, who serves as a clown to TPTB.

  • 2 words
    Colloidal Silver

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    @Darrel Smith,

    Couldn’t agree more. You have hit it spot on.

    Gates also essentially swindled IBM as well.

    People who knew him basically said that Jobs was an asshole. I’ve heard that about more CEO’s than not. We admire these people and these companies, but computers would “happen” anyway. Without Bell Labs and Unix, there’d be no OS/X, no Mach, no NeXT. Apple, for years, sold people a truly horrible OS with a really nice UI. They have a truly awesome OS now. Apple fanboys used to LAUGH at Intel machines…ALL Apple machines are Intel based now because they sold people a bill of goods when they were using the non-Intel chips.

    We need to separate out REAL science and engineering from MARKETING. Science and engineering will always happen because that is what human beings ARE. We are creators!

    I have GREAT FAITH in humanity, despite some of the things I say at times. How can I not, when I listen to Beethoven’s Ninth?

  • Hans Pelleboer

    The heading of this page contains the phrase think different. The Arts and Sciences
    are just that, disciplines to learn to experience the world anew. Reducing that
    to the pedestrian vulgarity of `comfort’ is five steps too far, in my view.
    And Barenboim is a pianist and conductor btw. Could you at least give your clowns the
    proper names?

    I have worked with colloidal metals for nearly twenty years now and results have been mixed;
    great for fungal infections of the skin, for example, but pretty hazardous when used internally, especially with patients with compromised kidney function. Use with care, and
    preferably not for long, uninterrupted, periods.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    The Arts and Sciences are just that, disciplines to learn to experience the world anew.

    How is forced collectivism related to arts and sciences? Are paintings in Altamira worse than Barenboim’s music?

    Could you at least give your clowns the proper names?

    This is a recommendation that I spend time researching things that make no sense to me. I respect your interest in them, but don’t share it.

    This is my point: how can anyone be expected to feel fine in a group into which they were packed against their will? My idea of art and sciences does not require massive federal or global collectivism, yet there is no alternative.

    The “different” that Apple pretends to bring into the world is a nicely packed “same old”. Same with all mainstream news and media darlings, no matter how many Innovation Awards they give each other.

    How can you not suffocate, when you are swarmed by people who don’t understand this?

  • Thankful

    Yes, modern diagnosis and instrumentation is very beneficial in some instances; but there are many others where even the exposure to the magnetic fields or radiation is more hazardous than its benefit for diagnosis (great amounts of positive magnetism stimulates all growth in the body; cancer, bad bacteria or otherwise; radiation exposure over time increases our chances of cell mutation plus the negative effects of exposure to radio-active isotopes when imaging is done for the vasculature etc.) The “lets be sure” is not good enough here anyway to outweigh the risks, especially if your course of treatment won’t change no matter the result. Sometimes we think that just because a thing is common that it is good and perfectly safe without risks.

    Diagnostics are helpful, but we have become too dependent on technology (lab tests and diagnostic tools) and rely less on our good direct assessment of the patient. Just like any other time we rely too much on technology, like on the GPS and forget how to read a map. Way back when, when the assessment skills of the doctor were very good, they only used diagnostic tools for verification because most things you know by physical assessment (which you still do now, if you have had good training). Now it’s more of they need to cover their butts (CYA charting etc.) with these tests, and they are also big revenue for the hospital systems.

    You would still have ether and other anesthetics, but they are more tricky. We also have homeopathy, which was very popular and effective on the majority of infectious disease (cholera, typhus, scarlet fever etc.) the stats from the book The Logic of figures by Dr. Thomas Lindsley Bradford are from hospitals in the early 1800’s and early 1900’s when homeopathy was used in hospitals. The results and low death rates were very good 3 – 5% in many cases compared to the modern medicine of the time. With the advent of resistant organisms this is still a good option because the death rates from patient care in general are the highest of any disease. This art, when practiced well is a very real and positive alternative to modern medicine (not for bone setting and surgery obviously but for many acute and chronic diseases). The very reason homeopathy was shaken out of the common sphere was that it did not rely on diagnostic tests and imaging to determine the course of action; symptoms alone which can be evaluated through an interview and assessment were all that was required to find the correct medicine.

  • @Thankful – Well stated! I love it!

  • lastmanstanding

    You computer geeks crack me up! I hope you guys/gals can shoot as well as you can talk tech!

  • Hans Pelleboer

    These are all good points that you make –the CYA `test everything just in case’ attitude
    is extremely harmful, but that is not the point. Having access to diagnostics does not
    equal excessive use; it is central to the physician’s art to make prudent use of them, and
    thereby causing the least harm. But the moment we can’t use them at all anymore, that
    option is out of the window, and that is the state I described.
    My main concern, however, is losing the pharmaceutical arsenal.
    Although the standard physical diagnostics will give you nearly all the information
    you need in most cases, there are many instances when they are simply inadequate;
    finding a bullet inside an abdomen without the support of X-ray forces you to damage
    much tissue, and that ends up nearly always fatal.
    And resorting to ether anaesthesia without our present day adiuvants is really a
    return to barbarous times!

    Your refer to EM smog in the broadest terms, and these are an ongoing concern to me;
    the bandwidth and energy with which we are bombarded are ever increasing, and things
    are getting very close to the area where I surmise most Bioinformatical exchange takes
    place. This, BTW, is one of the reasons that homeopathy is getting ever less effective;
    too much interference.

    I, too, have made extensive studies of old medical techniques and
    my conclusion up to this point is, that nineteenth century practice in toto can not
    really be translated to our modern age; A prime factor was the physical location of the
    hospital in question: If their sewage and drinking water supplies were clean, then they
    could undercut the orofecal route, and that way, the road to recovery for the tyfus patient
    became way more even. The physical interaction with the patient
    was way more intense then; extensive bathing, massage and the like, immensely beneficial
    for the lymphatic system. The nutritional side of therapy was elaborate and quite refined; for example, the treatment of tuberculosis with beeftea; a process whereby large chunks of
    beef –say, ten pounds– were macerated and then the liquid pressed out, which the patient drank. Think of the manpower involved!
    Homeopathy played its role then, but was actually a small factor in a large organic whole.
    You see, it is all about scoring the right match; Belladonna 200x will probably remit scarlatina in about three days, but only when applied at exactly the right moment, in the
    right phase of the developing syndrome. Too little, too late, and you’re toast.

    Another point of concern that I would like to share, is the impoverishment of our
    foodstuffs; when you compare a nutrition table of the nineteenfourties with a contemporary
    one, you will discover, for example, that the amount of vitamins and minerals in a tomato
    has more than halved since then. I find that extremely worrisome.

  • @ Hans
    Being over 50 and having a somewhat checkered past.
    “Look ma No brains.”
    I have had the pleasure (???) of having had surgery(ies) using ether and other more modern anestethics. I can definitely agree with you that modern drugs are MUCH better than having surgery using ether. Less recovery time, no vomiting, etc.
    We have come a long way for sure.

  • Hans Pelleboer

    You poor thing! I hope they at least had muscle relaxants and laughing gas,
    otherwise it would have been real butchery.

  • @ Hans
    Your points are taken in thought and good debate. I believe the main issue here in all comments is “collectivism” vs. “cooperativism”.
    I say this in respect to SilverShield’s understanding of reality and the “Now”.
    Men DO want to strive to make life easier and do drive to invention. To a point, a collective forces sacrifice of individualism. When individualism is surrendered for the good of a collective, the organic ideas of the individual are diminished in that the thought that was devoted to pure invention/creation is contaminated with the subliminal individual thought directed to the collective. When individualism is allowed to be pure, then the invention/creation is also pure.
    As we move into a new paradigm, while considering knowledge gained [good and bad] over the past two centuries, we must allow pure individualism and completely reject any concept of “collective” or “union”. Striving individually automatically brings strength to positive societal evolution of overall thought…. in other words, the so-called “collective” advances organically, not mechanically.
    Rejection of the systems that have been imposed upon us, by the political paradigms and false capitalism, is imperative for our species to purify itself. This rejection period will be a difficult period for humanity, as SilverShield puts it- “This will naturally lead to anger, starvation, riots, revolutions, wars and death. While this horror story will play out, it is necessary to get humanity to reexamine what is it we are actually doing here on earth. We are not here to just consume at the expense of others, there must be something more to life than that.”
    Support the concept of breaking away from the current restraints upon us. To do so, we must deal with the real-world transition…..we must:
    VOTE RON PAUL 2012

  • @ Randa
    THNX for sharing the link, great story. Good luck in your son’s future-he will do well.
    It is tough for us to accept that original inspirational thought develops so wonderfully, only to become contaminated by the subliminal messages pounded into us daily by the warped capital concept and efforts of corporate globalism.
    Kinda like knowing how wonderful it was when our Republic was created and the world was amazed at this New Great Nation across the ocean…only to be diseased by the injection of democracy and deception.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • crunchyconmama

    @Citizen Doctor. Thanks for sharing that article. I’m so mad I could spit and swear! I heard, I think on Alex Jones’ show, that their factories in China have suicide nets because apparently there have been more than a few workers who decided to jump off the building rather than work in that hell-hole. Sobering.

  • jimbo

    People should watch “The Pirates of Silicon Valley. Steve Woznyack said how the characters in the movie were portrayed is accurate.

  • Keythong

    Steve Jobs never impress me, I hated even the idea of Apples’ ‘Gilded’ Cages, and pitied its groupies. I build my own computers because I can build to my custom requirements and not get stuck with corporate compromises; Apple would never allow that!

    I found this book duology fascinating; it has many interesting ideas for an alternative societal model:

  • Richard M. Bowman

    We all have our opinions and our right them. I, for one, think the man was (a) visionary. He saw what others didn’t. It’s as simple as that. whether he actually came up with an idea or not matters little. He saw the potential of another’s idea, and he approved and pushed it. Other companies didn’t. And in come cases, he saw new ways to design, manufacture or market products. Also, there will NOT be an “all of a sudden” move to or past a digital, tech, or any other “age.” Almost everything is gradual. Small and large steps are what make things happen.

  • amantay2

    I do respect Mr. Jobs as he influenced my consciousness, my pursuit and my inspiration. He was a hard fact, not just words. It’s not about gadgets. It’s about warrior. On a very tiny level. We still far away of complete understanding of his influence. I think that the path to awakening is through acceptance. Whether it is consumerism or communism, doesn’t really matter. Be where you are. Be conscious. Detouch your inner self, but be active as you are a perfect actor at any point. And observe. There is no past, and no tomorrow. It is all right here, right now. The very best time, the very best moment. No need to wait for the better. Be the best, or be the worse. Just be. Your heart is your path, be truthful to it. And then, even the worst situation could lead you right to the very treasure. It’s at your fingertips. Always

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