Beware the Silver Ides of March

March has always been a tumultuous month. It is the end winter and the beginning of spring. It has been said that it comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.  March also has the ominous day of March 15th, the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated by Brutus, and 60 other conspirators in the Roman Senate.

Most of you do not know the real reason why Julius Caesar was murdered. It was not because he crossed the Rubicon and became Emperor for life. It was because he took power back from the Elite that strangled the average Roman citizen.  The Elite of the day plotted against this very popular Emperor from the time he started this new course for Rome. Julius Caesar’s reforms saved the Roman Empire from collapse and ushered in a new era of prosperity. Through his actions, he brought strength back into the Roman Empire.

  • He ordered a proper census that reduced waste in government welfare programs.
  • He restricted and taxed the purchase of certain luxuries.
  • He passed a debt restructuring law that lifted the burden of debt on the average Roman.
  • He passed term limits to Governors.
  • He passed incentives for Romans to have more children.
  • He spent a great deal on public works projects that improved the quality of life.
  • He limited the amount of land a Roman citizen could own and redistributed the land to working hands.

In short Julius Caesar used his dictatorial powers to take power away from the Elite that had rigged the empire to their personal benefit. With debts reduced or eliminated and the easy money policies of the Emperor, this improved the quality of life dramatically for the average Roman citizen. Julius Caesar’s popularity was legendary all the way up to his assassination.

Beware the Silver Ides of March. With this historical reference in mind I would like to make my own financial warning to the Elite that rig the system in their favor. Silver is the Achilles Heal of a quadrillion dollar, profit and control scheme that only the Elite benefits from. I demonstrated in my article the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, how buying physical silver can not only bring down this corrupt and unjust system but it will also act as a shield of protection for your family and assets.

I believe that this March could be the month that this paper silver suppression scheme ends. We will reach the physical end of investment silver on the CRIMEX. There is only something like 40 million ounces available for delivery. That is just over $1.2 billion in physical bullion left to hold up this facade. By everyone purchasing as much silver as they can, it will force the bigger players to secure more and more of this strategic resource. Once big investors realize what a scam all other silver investment vehicles are, they will want the real thing too. I encourage everyone to read this article and do your own due diligence before you join us in taking a silver stab at this corrupt and evil system that enslaves the world with debt and deceit.  This is not for the weak hearted and there is much risk in investing in silver. I have fully committed to this plan and I am encouraging others to be proactive in this non-violent, non-compliant resistance.

“Et Tu Silver Shield?”

4 comments to Beware the Silver Ides of March

  • William Leather

    Huge news ( if it is real )

    Youtube >>>>

    Currency Extinction Event; U.S. Pledged to the Chinese

    Please post if you think it is real .. and forward on..

    William Leather

  • real not fiat

    Agreed. Times long up. The Achilles heel has become a mortal wound. I care less what the price is now I buy every week. I cannot be a big player, but every 3 oz or more I can hold is 3 less the bankers have. I notice more aware, but the speed most increase in velocity. The situation handed to us is well beyond unacceptable.
    Just had the fortune to hear AJ in a rare live appearance from October 2010. God bless that man. As AJ reminded the crowd several times – NO ARMY CAN STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME!
    Bring it bitchez. Silver bullets and silver shields all the way locked and loaded.

  • It is unfortunately very true – the ‘elite’ as they call themselves, have literally deceived the majority of people not just in America, but worldwide, it seems – with their re-write of history, and their propaganda arm of their system, which can best be described as: the ashkenazi-khazarian mafia’s global fiat ‘casino-gulag’ currency system, fueled by cheap oil, weapons manufacturers, pentagon, cia, ‘al-ciada’, fbi, mi5, mi6, israel, mossad, BIS, IMF, World Bank,
    ‘fed’eral ‘reserve’, (and top-level secret societies, like upper-level Freemasonry) etc., and all the rest of us, serfs, via taxes and their enforcement arm in the U.S. – the IRS. Most people appear to have NO CLUE (yet), because of the absolutely incredible level of deception, that has been effectively waged against the population…

  • williamgoodnight

    Its now july i think this article was spot on. the Crimex was totally finished in may with silver hitting 50$ but was saved with raising of margin requirements to unprecedented levels which caused the price to fall 33%. The goons at jp morgue know their time is up, they have just given themselves a bit more time before everything unravels, perhaps we have until august 2nd but time is going fast and the end is nigh upon us. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES FOLKS, no one knows the day or hour but we can read the signs of the times. THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL.

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