The Secret To Living Forever

If you want to live forever, find someone you resonate deeply with.

Love them as much as you can, and make children.

Teach your children and your children’s children how to resonate with others…

and they will carry your spirit on, forever.

2 comments to The Secret To Living Forever

  • Silver
    This week, I became a grandfather for the first time. Beautiful, healthy little girl. I have three daughters, all are involved the arts, science, and “resonate with others”.
    Your words here resonate within my heart and soul.
    You are wise, my friend…and I bet also an “old soul”. Your ability to empathize truly comes from your faith in God. Your work commission of The Sons of Liberty Academy proves that you are self-less, a character missing in most people today. I look forward to meeting you in-the-flesh someday along our paths in this epic time of societal evolution.

  • Denise Bowles

    That’s exactly the type of legacy I want to pass down to my family! Of course I want them to know how to physically take care of themselves but it goes way deeper than that…being able to resonate with the people in their lives. Thank God for you and all the work that you do

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