Who Will Be the Most Dangerous Man In The World?

Someone out there is going to change the course of history.

You have not heard of this man and this man does not know it is he.

The man that I am talking about will not be a wide-awake patriot who sees what is going on.

This man will be the enemy of freedom and will have inside knowledge and reputation to permanently destroy this machine of lies.


What will this man be like?


He will lead three lives; a cold professional life, a warm and shallow social life and a dark, conflicted personal life, which no one knows about.

He has no guilt about the very real pain that he has caused, whether it is ill gotten gains, or death tolls.

He is excited by instant gratification, which gives him more financial or political power.

He is extremely smart and knows how to scheme and spin situations in his favor.

He is someone that is deeply involved in the machine of debt and war.

He has an arrogant attitude because he is thoroughly indoctrinated into the machine.

He is one of the most ardent and fervent supporter of this machine.

He is closed off to the truth and has pushed away those who love him.

He has committed legalized crimes against humanity.

He believes that the ends justify the means.

He believes that might makes right.

He sees the end of the lie.


He finds out that he was wrong about everything.

He is encouraged by the strength that he sees in “weaker” people.

He reaches out to someone that is of the of another political world.

He opens up and has deep conversations with this new friend.

He challenges this person with hard questions that he is wrestling with.


He has put the pieces together in his head and sees the absolute clarity of truth.

He latches onto one simple truth and it will split his world in two.

He no longer passively accepts the status quo; silence is consent.

He seeks redemption by plotting to destroy what he has created.

He creates a deathblow to the machine, that has nearly consumed his soul.

He no longer fears being called names like un-patriotic or traitor.

He is willing to take great personal sacrifice needed in order to strike this blow.

He uses all of his cunning skills, once used to do evil, now in doing good.


He does this without the support of anyone and is guided by something greater than himself.

He has found a new energy and passion about his mission

He takes a moment before he commits his world changing action and feels utter and complete calm.

He will cast the die of truth for his world to explode.


For the first time in his life, he is completely free.


We will be eternally indebted to this man and the men that follow him.


All men die, yet most never really live.








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