Steve Jobs is Dead…and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself

There are a lot of subjects that I would like to write articles about, some are very difficult to write and some would be very difficult to read. I would rather write things that are so positive that everyone would smile for a week. Unfortunately, until we can relax and take a breather, we must, I repeat, we must continue to prepare for the coming collapse.

Let’s get this part out of the way. Whether or not we have a meteor strike, super volcano, WWIII or a global economic collapse we are running out of time to prepare. If a planet killer asteroid hits the Earth I hope it hits my house. How long can or rather do you want to prolong the agony of watching everything and everyone you love die? Now, if we have a global collapse, caused by a bunch of sociopathic klepto-bankster-criminals, I want to survive to the very end so I can volunteer for the firing squad to execute these bas#@%*&. Relax, chill 1,2,3 okay.

Let’s put everything in focus. Some disasters we can prepare for and some we can’t. For those that we can’t, don’t sweat it. Like I said, when Nibiru rips the atmosphere from around the world in a near miss I’ll have just enough time to bend over and kiss my butt goodbye before I lose consciousness. If you live a couple of hundred miles or less from the Yellowstone super caldera when it blows, you can bend over now or later. The choice is yours. But for almost everything else, after 30+ years of preparing, I am still preparing so that me and mine can survive and fight for as long as we need to or physically can.

Now, I am not a medical doctor, a health professional or a licensed consultant or diagnostician. So I cannot legally give health advice nor would I ever attempt to. So this is what I will do. I will tell you what I am doing and if you like the sound of it you might want to consider it for you and yours.

Either because of my military training and experiences or because I read boring journals written by boring medical professionals I have learned that after most disasters, natural i.e. floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or manmade, i.e. wars, famines, sovereign collapse, sanitation is a very serious concern. So you need to make provisions for adequate sanitation. That is not the purpose of the article and we can address that in a later article.

Cleanliness may not be the next best thing to godliness but it sure beats diarrhea, typhoid, sepsis and other ailments caused by a breakdown in sanitation. If it won’t kill you it may make you wish you were dead. Believe me, dysentery will have you contemplate suicide after a while. All these things can be handled with proper sanitation, care and medications.

Now if I were a medical professional, which I am not, I could write you and I a prescription to treat these things, but I’m not. So what I have done is adopted a different strategy. After years of treating my own farm animals and giving them shots or pills I have researched the harm of using animal medications on myself. Lo and behold, the same medicines work for people as well as animals in many cases, with no harmful effects, or if there are some side effects, the side effects are much better than not having these drugs on hand and suffering from something like, let’s say, death!

So, in my cool dry place I keep some medicines that are intended for use on animals. (For me to suggest that you use them is against the law and I would never do that. I know all of you are good, law abiding citizens and would never do anything that would in any way anger our overlords, uh sorry, public servants.) Here is a list of some VERY important antibiotics that can be purchased, in the U.S., without a prescription if for animal use.
(1) Zithromax
(2) Ampicillin also (clindamycin)
(3) Cipro also Cipromax
(4) Amoxicillin
(5) Doxycycline

Your pet Guppy MOLLY

Now I know you’re thinking what would I need these for? Okay, the economy has collapsed and your pet guppy gets sick, how are you going to treat it? Right, the above medicines will treat your pet goldfish, guppy or miniature catfish for the following problems:

(1) Zithromax will help Molly, your pet guppy, if she has a urinary tract infection, sepsis, ear infections, a sexually transmitted disease ((STD)(probably from hanging out with slimy eels)), abdominal infections and upper respiratory infections. So if Molly starts coughing and sounds congested you’ll be able to treat her. Now fish, who live in the water, probably get a lot of ear infections so this is really handy. Okay?

(2) Ampicillin will help Molly should she develop a skin infection, those nasty ear infections again, typhoid (off label use), gonorrhea and sepsis. Now, at this point, if Molly gets gonorrhea you need to put her in a separate tank because, if when the SHTF Molly is out chasing after strange goldfish or eels, she has a problem.

(3) Cipro is good for Molly if she is exposed to ANTRAX, urinary tract infections, typhoid (labeled use), diarrhea or if Molly goes to the pet hospital and comes back with hospital acquired pneumonia then Cipro will help here too.

(4) Amoxicillin will help Molly is she comes down with an eye, ear, nose or throat infection, once again gonorrhea (Molly, Molly, Molly), skin infections, typhoid(off label use) or upper respiratory infections.

(5) Doxycycline will help Molly overcome a bad case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, malaria, diarrhea and e. coli. Knowing Molly you’ll need this one first if you live in the Rocky Mountain Empire (RME) states.

Flopsy the local cat

Now, if you are like me and Molly keeps coming down with all these sexually transmitted diseases take her out of the fish bowl and feed her to Flopsy the local cat. Otherwise, you can check a Nurses Reference on Pharmaceuticals or a Physicians Desk Reference to see what else these medicines will treat, in people of course because people and fish are a lot alike, and because depending on what size fish you are treating you may want to see the dosages for big fish, little fish or fish older than 12 years old, etc.

Okay, we know Molly is of questionable virtue and we want to store up some emergency meds just in case the little slut jumps in the neighboring fish bowl with Tom Cat the local miniature catfish. Where can I buy these medicines, you ask? Good question, because Molly will probably need them knowing her. Try California Veterinarian Supply, otherwise known as . They are a purveyor of fine medicines for problem fish just like Molly. Now here is a benefit of ordering animal medications for little Molly rather than running to your local doctor for the same thing. The medications from the local pharmacy don’t last nearly as long as the magic pills for animals. I guess it is because animals cannot actually read the expiration dates on the labels. Anyway, you can safely add 3 years to the expiration on Molly’s pills and they will still be good. Don’t use people pills on Molly since they are only good for 1 year. Okay? Hello?


So far this has been about Molly, but let’s say that Bossy the family cow gets sick, and they get sick quickly, especially after an economic collapse or a limited nuclear conflagration. I keep injectable meds for the same problems, along with the hypodermic needles of the proper size, in my cool dry place, so that I can get the medicine into Bossy’s blood stream much faster. Now most dosages for cows and horses are in so many CC’s per hundred pounds so you’ll just have to read the chart and adjust the dosage as appropriate.

Make sure when you buy the medications for Bossy that you get the proper sized needles, which are usually sold separate from the injector. If Bossy only weighs a hundred pounds you don’t need a needle for a 2,000 pound bull. Tell them that Bossy is just a couple of months old and hardy weighs more than a hundred pounds and you need a small needle for her. Where do you find these medications. I buy mine at TSC (Tractor Supply Company) stores. If you don’t have a local TSC, you can go to the local farmers co-op and become a member and get things at a discount (I’m sure you are not interested in saving any money by buying BULK items) or you can just pay the list price.

These medicines do work. They can be bought in bulk form and will keep much longer than the people medicines for some mysterious reason. The U.S. Army conducted trials on certain medications, evidently they were having trouble with problem fish as well, and they found that almost all medicines could be kept for at least one year beyond their expiration dates and many others could be kept for three or four years past the expiration dates. This study was called SLEP (Shelf Life Extension Program) and, if you have problem pets like Molly that are prone to illness, I suggest you Google it and read what it says.

Okay, I hope this little dissertation about promiscuous fish has helped you with your preparations for the future and the safety of your pets.

Happy Prepping.

5 comments to Steve Jobs is Dead…and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself

  • Crunchyconmama

    Printing this out, CC, and putting it into my TEOTWAWKI binder, filed under pet health 😉 You are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for writing this article.

  • RealityChick

    Yet another terrific and informative article, thank you!

  • AgainstTheGrain

    Great information and is much appreciated as I have been wondering about this subject for a while.

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    While most drugs, including most antibiotics, are perfectly fine years after their expiry date, I heard that Tetracycline (as in FISH-Cycline) becomes toxic once it expires.

  • Country Codger

    Hi Uppy,

    I haven’t heard that. But if it worries you I would buy from a pharmacy in Great Britain or Canada. I think you will have to have a prescription for most antibiotics in Canada though. The key is cool and dry. I always refer back to SLEP. The biggest difference between fish antibiotics and people antibiotics are the dissolvability of the fillers that are used. The fillers for fish are expected to disovle in water while the ones for humans disolve in hydrochloric acid in our stoamch so therefore they have to resist the hydrochloric acid to some degree. According to some people antibiotics cause cancer and will kill us all in 20-50 years as opposed to NOW. Duh, let me see, oh, okay I chose in twenty years. Hows’ that? I am sure that somewhere there is a study that proves oxygen is dangerous to human health.

    Yes, I am cynic and I am a skeptic, whoa, which is different from septic, okay?

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the hell out of everybody that has taken the time to fuss, cuss and muss about what I wrote. KEEP IT UP!


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