How to Drive Citizens Pitchfork Mad

Easily: by not letting them consume movies and books in which corrupt authorities get jailed, killed or in any other way rewarded their due.

This is how our mind works: We see plenty of corrupt guys on the screen and in print — some of them are fronts for the Elite, some of them are even more fictional. We can’t tell the difference, because both types are unreal and exist on the screen or in print. Some of these creatures get what they had coming, which lets our steam off a little, and we are ready to tolerate another day of abuse:

If somebody in the news is maced by a cop, I’ll just watch a movie tonight where cops get maced.

Both official news and movies are fiction. One neutralizes the other in our heads.  The more high-ranking officials meet their picturesque cinematic end, the longer there will be no changes in waking life.

Take, for example, Shooter — an action-packed 2007 film where all corrupt top brass are dead in the end. This is the kind of “art” I am talking about. This specific film dissipates a lot of anger.

To generalize, Robin Hood-type stories are another layer of protection of the system. A brilliant device to keep people juuuuust below the boiling point by offering a substitutionary sacrifice. Actually, it’s double brilliant, because we are paying with our own sweat and tears for the privilege of having our steam let off by consuming these products.

* * *

Howard Beale in Network who yells “I am as mad as hell and I will not take it anymore” is another variation of this device — we see someone do it and feel less of an urge to act ourselves: why bother if somebody’s on the case for us?

* * *

Karma and and Heaven-vs-Hell are yet another variations of the same device.

* * *

Stop consuming this kind of products and see what happens.

8 comments to How to Drive Citizens Pitchfork Mad

  • Prudentis

    Brilliant idea :) I would like to see it verified.

    Do you know of any studies proving that there is a correlation?
    A kind of katharsis just for aggression … hmmm interesting

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Do you know of any studies proving that there is a correlation?

    I have no doubt that adequate motivation can ensure a scientific proof for anything.

  • PlanetPrisoner

    Personally, I pack my lunch and eat it on the bench outside of Starbucks[using their WiFi of course], I occasion a local Office Depot-Only to get their bubble wrap packaging from their furniture boxes (which makes for perfect insulation of most anything!), I have a homemade hybrid HHO auto [makes GREAT conversation with the next guy while I fill my tank getting twice the mileage]………
    Long story short…it IS the little things that we can do which boils down to non-participation in most things that we simply do not need, while trying to share with others the fact that we do need to participate and are trying to eliminate all of these things that we can.
    …I had to see “Killer Elite” – Robert De Niro…..another good one ending in the fact that “it ain’t about the money”!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • And all this time I thought “Shooter” was an INSTRUCTIONAL video.
    My bad…

  • Lucid

    Your job is now to print out a ream of little stickers that read as follows:”This story ends with the bad guy losing. This is not the way your life is. Get angry”. On your next visit to the video shop you can attached one of the stickers to each of the DVD cases. If you can think of a more motivational sticker then feel free to create your own words.

  • C.H. Gruyere

    “Heaven-vs-Hell are yet another variations of the same device.”

    Hopefully you don’t find out you are wrong . . . the hard way.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ C.H. Gruyere: This is exactly how it works, thanks for the illustration.

  • Ross Hayward

    Right on! Its good to see someone thinking through the blinders. The Holy Roman Empire used the idea of Heaven vs. Hell in full effect of what you’re talking about. What are they hiding? Earth is a paradise, created not as a Heaven or Hell, but as a dwelling for carbon-based life to thrive in.

    By giving people a Heaven vs. Hell perspective, actual life on Earth is generally disregarded and its on that note the power hungry leaders swoop in to “control” the “temporal and meaningless” existence of life on Earth because the average person is consumed with thoughts of Heaven or Hell, both fictional fantasy. Hell, the only “Heaven” talked about in Revelation is the re-creation of Earth.

    Body + Earth = Soul

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