10 Tools To Liberate the Web

10 tools that fall under the common themes of enabling peer-to-peer communication and exchange, protecting personal freedom and privacy, and giving people more control over their data and identity on the web


I don’t understand the purpose of all tools on this list, let alone the way they all work, but I have a feeling this list can be important in the nearest future. If you have expertise and/or friends with expertise, please confirm or bash.

8 comments to 10 Tools To Liberate the Web

  • Citizen Doctor

    I agree about the importance of these things. I covered them in my article Decentralized Communication and added the link to Vanessa’s article in the comment area a week ago when it first appeared. I’ve been following this area, including Vanessa Miemis’s and Douglas Rushkoff’s work, very closely for a long time. There’s a lot that the Sons of Liberty community could do in this area. I’m glad you’ve drawn attention to the subject again.

  • lastmanstanding

    I’m curious as to how this will work when there is no grid?

    If kaos happens…electrical service will continue without interruption?

    It appears that some are not thinking, “outside the box.”

  • Mustafa Cohen

    While abandoned supermarkets and sacked suburbs are very possible, a nuclear war-style devastation hardly is: those who will vie for power will want something other than wasteland to rule, and thus will try to preserve as much infrastructure as possible. I don’t expect electricity and backbones to be permanently damaged simply because they are useful not only to humans, but to psychopaths, too.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    The EMP associated with a nuclear blast will decimate any electrical circuitry that is not hardened or protected. That means MOST OF THEM.

    It is very likely that after a disaster, and for quite some time, there will be no Internet. This is something I’ve been preaching a lot I’m 51 years old, those of us who lived before computers and Internet need to impress this upon those of you who’ve never been without.

    Trust me, the Internet is GONE once the SHTF!

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Joe, I count on there being no all-out war. Political crisis – as bad as it gets, economic crisis – even badder, local bloodbaths – plenty, Fallout 3 – hardly.

    But if you are right – well, the end of the world requires no preparation on our side.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    An EMP weapon can be deployed without harming anyone or anything, other than electronics.

    We could absolutely lose the Internet in many scenarios beneath the seriousness of an all-out war.

    I’m constantly amazed at how many preppers truly believe that everything else will turn to worms, but the Internet will be right there, ready to log on to! Uhuh, that’s not how it works! Basically, that’s how I will know that the SHTF. When the Internet isn’t there and there is nothing but “fog” on the AM and TV. Hopefully, my shielded shortwave radio will survive and I’ll be able to learn what happened from someone out there.

  • Health Warrior

    That is exactly why we need to have backups of all our important files in paper or other protected gear/computers. EMP proof all critical systems at home and figure out how to Ham communicate etc. after the fact. There is a lot to be done here to be sure.

  • lastmanstanding

    i’m with you Joe…the worldwide web will be GONE…I’m 50 and actually could care less if the internet was gone…it has served its purpose in connecting us…kids have been ruined by all of this bullshit technology.

    Kids would have to be kids again…that is NOT BAD.

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