The Ultimate Exit Strategy

Transcript of Presentation:

Hello my name is Chris Duane; some of you may know me as Silver Shield from Dont-Tread-On.Me and the Sons of Liberty Academy. I want to welcome to this very important and possibly life changing presentation.  I have dedicated my life to waking people up to how the world really works so that we can end this cycle of debt and death throughout the world.  I believe that if people understood that the world, we can replace debt with equity and replace bombs with freedom and we can create a new paradigm for humanity.

Before you roll your eyes at another utopian idea, let me tell you that there is nobody more cynical than me, but I have seen with my own eyes not only radical changes in my life, but in others I have worked with. Things are speeding up.  It took thousands of years to go through the Agricultural Revolution.  It took hundreds of years to go through the Industrial Revolution.  It took decades to go through the Information Revolution.  Now we are on the verge of an Awareness Revolution where humanity can finally use the knowledge of all three Revolutions to build something that resonates with what we are and meant to be.

The thing that makes me most excited is that the old order is about to die of it’s own cancerous excesses, we do not have to lift a finger to effect change.  When this paradigm dies, humanity will finally have the knowledge, means of communication and the incentive to start a new paradigm where humanity can rise to it’s highest and best self.

Until that day, we have helped awakened and change lives of thousands of people all over the world.  We are in the process of creating generational wealth both in terms of real tangible assets, but more importantly living life fully awakened and totally free.  I am here today to announce something that should get you extremely excited about where we are going. I am going to cover my Ultimate Exit Strategy that I am sure you are all going to want to hear.  I believe this one game changing strategy will help you create real generational wealth.  I am also going to share details on my largest project ever, The Greatest Story Never Told.  I am going to be covering two new initiatives to better help serve you called the Silver Shield Report and the Maverick Mastermind.  Finally, I am going to cover the newest and best way to buy physical silver.  This is program is something that I have been developing for months with my friend and partner Drew Mason.  I have no doubt it will blow the doors off of the physical silver investment market and you will not want to miss this.  Before I get ahead of myself let us see what we have done here in a relatively short period of time.

Dont-Tread-On.Me in the past 8 months has had over 1.4 million visits, 690,000+ unique visitors.   Some of the most notable articles include the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, The 5 Stages of the Awakening,  The Trivium- The Key to Freedom,  The Two Coming American Revolutions,  Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers,  The Rise of the Anti Hegemon,  The Game Changer: Unite or Die,  A Decade of Denial and Deception and hundreds more articles. We now have 35 contributors to DTOM to help broaden the message and to grow our outreach program to awaken more people.  Dont-Tread-On.Me was designed to wake people up and lead them to the Sons of Liberty Academy.

The Sons of Liberty Academy is the culmination of 6 years in research and development.  The first and only formalized attempt at the awakening process on how the world really works. In February, I took the Leap of Faith in February and not only made the Academy for free, but left my 6-figure job to pursue this full time. We now have 18,000 members to our Free Sons of Liberty Academy and our Free Newsletter.  I know, without a doubt, we have changed a lot of lives forever through all of the hard work we have done to wake people up.  These two projects will continue to grow though and reach more people as a very dark reality sets upon humanity.  My hope is that this work will not help thousands, but millions of people as humanity goes through the 5 Stages of the Awakening.  Both projects have been great to do and have been hugely successful on all accounts; I feel it is time to move on to the next phase.

You all know by now I am not a small-minded individual that goes along with the crowd.  My hallmark has been to be counter-cyclical and stay ahead of the curve.  I did this when I sold my house at the top of the housing bubble in 2005. (600% ROI)  I did this by literally betting the house on Gold, Silver and Oil in 2005. (500% ROI and growing)  I did this by NOT investing in a new bank my partners started in 2007 (Estimated 60% loss in invested equity not accounting for inflation.)  I did this by walking away from my inheritance, my income, my profession, my home and family in May of 2008. (Estimated 60% loss in business with the entire debt still there.)  I did this by getting involved in teaching people about foreclosure investing in 2009. (Foreclosure business was very hot after the crash.)  I did this by starting DTOM and the Academy in 2011.  This staying ahead of the curve has netted an estimated 3,750% return on investment since I put the deposit on my house in 1999.  I do not know too many other investors that have done that ever, but I am sure there we not too many that did it in this past decade.  I am not telling you this to gloat, what I am going to show you today I believe will make that achievement look like nothing.

We all see that this Dollar paradigm that thrives on spreading debt and death through out the world is coming to a mathematically inevitable end.  This is going to be the single largest event in human history with the largest wealth transfer ever.  There will not be a single person on earth that their lives are not dramatically affected by this single event.  This is going to be horrible for most of the people out there, with the loss of entire life’s savings, the inevitable riots, starvation and wars.  I can also tell you that it is not going to be that way for everyone, everywhere.

I wrote an article called the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, because after doing 80+ One-on-One strategy sessions in a week in a half, I saw the awesome quality of people we have attracted with our message and that this is something very special we need to do something with.  I strongly believe that this group is going to create generational wealth not only in terms of silver, but in fully aware and totally free.  In order to take this to the next level we have to build a real community and have an exit strategy.  In order to for us to move forward I cannot keep spending my time trying to wake people up, I need to work with those that are awake to start building something strong.  Strong enough to build a new paradigm off of.

I have three big steps that I am going to announce today is our way forward as we head into these dark days.  This will only be available for the next week so please pay attention to what I am saying.  You may not quite grasp the magnitude of what I am about to propose right now, but I hope you have the confidence in me, given my track record to join me in this next phase.

  1. The first step is Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  2. The next step is Project: Constitution Silver
  3. Finally The Ultimate Exit Strategy

The first two projects are necessary in order to make the final project a reality.  Like all good plans, let us start this with the end in mind.


The Ultimate Exit Strategy.

The idea behind the project is that we can create a new paradigm, one that reflects our highest and best self. I am certain that this is very attainable at the local community level, but I believe we can reach much farther than that if we get enough critical mass.  My effort to educate people on silver has never been about $ profits. It has always been focused on the end of the dollar paradigm and having the real tangible wealth to survive and thrive after the single largest event in human history, the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.

I believe that when this event happens we will see two very different Americas when the dollar collapses.  With the collapse of the dollar paradigm, we are going to see massive decentralization of power as all power structures crumble to the most local and responsive levels.  Urban areas will have unprecedented human suffering, as those that are hopelessly dependent on the debt paradigm will be totally unprepared for its collapse.  This will lead to massive violence, as the worst in humanity will come out.  Think of Katrina with no hope of help for years, if ever.  Most of these cities will eventually be brought under some sort of fascist police state as Mayors like Mike Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel will no doubt bring the heavy collectivist hand down to restore order in their Kingdom. Police checkpoints, elimination of privacy, and some sort of government debt card program or something much worse.

The rest of the country is going to be hurt also, but the reaction to it is going to be much different.  Think of the Midwest floods that ravaged the central parts of the country.  You did not hear of mass shootings or looting, no, it was marked with neighbor helping neighbor. There will be parts of the country that will quickly adapt and go the opposite route of the collectivists in the urban areas.  We are already seeing 13 states proposing gold and silver legal tender laws Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Washington.  When this collapse happens, one or more of these states are going to embrace their nullification powers to limit federal power and embrace the Constitution and Honest money.  They are going to attract the best and brightest from all over the country because they will truly value honest people and honest money.

It is in one of these states that we can then set about creating a world that we would be proud to leave our children.  The tricky part is when and where?  We do not need to worry about this right, now but it is something to be aware and prepared for.  It is also foolish to invest our money now to create a community because silver is so cheap right now and land is relatively expensive.  We also don’t know the political future when this all happens.  The point is that somewhere will be a great place to go to where there will be tremendous opportunity to build a community or paradigm that resonates with what we are all about.

While most Silver Experts encourage trading paper silver or miners, they strictly focus on dollar gains of silver they miss the point of the tangible wealth.  One notable exception is Mike Maloney at, because he focuses on wealth cycles.  While I agree with Mike on Wealth Cycles and Ratio Investing, I covered this 2 years ago in Module 9 of the Academy; I differ from Mike dramatically on how to best profit off of that wealth cycle. (Both of our work is heavily influenced by Nikolia Kodratieff’s work.)

Mike believes that silver will get to the point where 500 ounces of silver will buy a typical house.  His plan would be to sell your silver to “the suckers” at the top and buy income-producing property on the cheap.  I feel my exit strategy is superior to Mike’s simply because I believe that I have a much more realistic vision of the next paradigm and my strategy will not only be tax free, it will go one step deeper than anyone has thought of before.

Let me just say that I do respect Mike and all of his hard work educating society about the merits of silver. I am sure that neither Mike nor I will not be so hard nosed about our current exit strategy that we would not change if the reality was different for both of us.  That being said I would like to offer a different view based off of the incredible amount of research I put into the Sons of Liberty Academy.

First, I reject the idea that silver is going to bubble top and that you must sell to “the suckers.” Even using the term selling to the suckers suggests the greater fool theory of investing and nothing could be further from the truth.  Humanity will be forced to see the root cause of the dramatic and global consequences of the largest event in human history with the collapse of the world’s economy.  This is going to be a paradigm shift where all of humanity rejects collectivism, debt and usury the three causes of the major collapse.  This event will scar humanity and they will not fall for another debt based ponzi scheme very easily.  Humanity will grasp on to, at some level, the real intrinsic value of gold and silver.  Maybe not the world over, but certainly in the 13 states that are already looking towards Gold and Silver as Legal Tender.

I believe this will lead not to a bubble top of silver where you will have to sell at the top to the suckers followed by a massive crash.  We will see a new paradigm where things will not be measured in $’s but in terms of ounces, simply because the $ will not exist.  I do agree that there will be a time where, relatively speaking, income-producing property will be very cheap when compared to silver and I certainly plan on investing in property when the time is right.  But how to best go about doing it, here again, I differ from Mike.

I will never forget that silver is money and ultimately why I am working.  If we are going to have a new paradigm where the rest of the world values silver, why would I simply sell my silver to buy income-producing assets?  First of all, I am sure it will be a taxable event to sell silver. This leads to an immediate loss of investment capital to deploy. Who knows what kind of windfall profits tax we might be exposed to, but even if the tax environment is good, why give up your silver?  Before I continue let me tell you a story of a boy named Conrad.

Conrad was born in San Antonio, New Mexico, the second of eight children. Before he was 18, Conrad had worked as a trader, a clerk, a bellboy, and a pianist. By age 25 he had also worked in politics and banking. In 1919, following the death of his father, Conrad left the army and went to Texas. He had intended to take advantage of the oil boom by buying a small bank. Instead, he found bank prices prohibitive and hotels so overbooked he could not find a place to sleep. When one owner in Cisco, Texas, complained he would like to sell his property in order to take advantage of the oil boom, Conrad struck a deal. Conrad pulled together an investment group and the funds were transferred within a week. The Mobley, in Cisco, became Conrad’s first hotel.

The hotel was booked solid, and Conrad and his partner, L.M. Drown, rented their own beds and slept on chairs in the office. They also converted much of the hotel’s public space into additional guest quarters. With the Mobley running smoothly, Conrad bought two more Texas properties in 1920; the Melba, in Fort Worth, and the Waldorf in Dallas–named after the prized New York hotel. In 1925 Conrad built the first hotel to carry his name, in Dallas.

With expansions well underway, Conrad consolidated his properties into a corporation in 1929, the same year when the stock market crashed. The El Paso Hotel was completed in November 1930 and opened with a fanfare. A year later, Conrad owned eight hotels and was more than half a million dollars in debt when a young bellboy slipped him $300–his life savings–so Conrad could feed himself and his family.

In 1931 the Moody family of Galveston, Texas, from whom Conrad had borrowed, took possession of his hotels when he defaulted on a $300,000 loan. The Moody’s then hired Conrad to manage their own and his hotels, now known as the National Hotel Company. Nine months later, in 1932, Conrad and the Moody’s decided to part. The separation, however, was in no way peaceful. The Moody family and Conrad sued and counter-sued each other regarding the terms of their agreement for separation, which Conrad  claimed allotted him one-third of the hotels and one-third of the stock if the arrangement failed to prove satisfactory.

In 1933, while Conrad continued to battle the Moody’s in court, the Moody’s defaulted on the loan for the El Paso Hotel, and Conrad managed to raise the necessary $30,000 to buy back that hotel. In 1934 Conrad settled with the Moody’s, who lent him $95,000 and returned the Lubbock, Dallas, and Plainview hotels.  According to Conrad, while Depression-era hotel owners saved less than one hotel out of five, Hilton emerged with five of his eight hotels, and he was debt free by the summer of 1937.

That is the beginning of the Global, Billion Dollar, Hilton Fortune.

I have already beat Warren Buffet in the past 12 years and I think we are going to do much better than Conrad Hilton did because we are aware and prepared before the collapse. Now back to how to best profit off of this paradigm shift…

A better plan I feel is to NOT sell your silver to buy the income producing properties.  Let me remind you that these properties are going to be awesome investment and will have very little competition and extremely LOW price to earnings multiples due to the lack of credit.  A better strategy is to borrow against your real silver money and acquire income-producing properties.  This is a sure fire, tax-free strategy, which will be a win/win for us all.

Conrad bought that hotel in 1934 at 1 times earnings. Meaning that the $30,000 loan he took out to buy the hotel outright was paid off in 1 year’s time with the profits of the Hotel. In 1 year, not only did he have no debt but also he probably had no competition and even if he did, he would have had a huge competitive advantage over them since he had no debt.  If we borrow against our silver to buy income producing properties, theoretically, in 1 year’s time we would have ALL of our silver AND a debt free income producing property AND no loss of investable assets.

The best part is that this is a very repeatable event.

Now before you get too excited about this idea, I have a much, much better plan than that, but you are going to have to wait till the end of this presentation.

•Let me ask you a question do you like where I am going so far?

•Do you think I have thought long and hard about this?

•Do you think this is something that is achievable on a personal level?

•Do you think this information will dramatically change your life?

Before I show you all of my cards of the Ultimate Exit Strategy, we need three important things first.  They are the same three things our founding father’s needed when creating the American paradigm.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A unique way of looking at this is Life… is your past, Liberty… is your present and the Pursuit of Happiness is your future.

We have to have freedom in all tenses of our life in order to become really free.  If we want to build a new free society we need all of these freedoms also, only on a much larger scale.  I have created a way to make this happen.


Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is building the Intellectual foundation for the way forward and more important, the strength of a community to protect these freedoms.  I like the idea that we will be developing relationships based off of shared idea of deep issues like freedom and honest money and not just superficial issues because our kids go to school together or that we are family.


Life- Past Freedom– I believe that unless we know how the world really works we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. I originally set about to do this with the Sons Of Liberty Academy.  While I am extremely happy with the project and it is still without question the best awakening program out there, there is still much to improve upon.

The Greatest Truth Never Told

–Complete redo of the Academy

–More commercially acceptable

–Better Name, Better Structure, Better Content, Better Narrative and Better Produced

–Module One- Denial will be free for all to help spread very important lessons and to draw people into the a deeper understanding

»New YouTube Channel

–Modules 2-5 Videos available only on a new membership site

»Audio Book

»Digital Book

»DVD’s to follow

This huge project will lay the foundation and understanding for a new paradigm that will let freedom thrive. Once you have the understanding you need to do something with it…


Liberty- Present Freedom– Now that you are aware, it is time to prepare.  Here you need the know how and perspective to get your house in order.  While I love doing strategy sessions and I have done hundreds of them, they are not the highest and best use of my time.  I feel a much better way is through a new program called The Silver Shield Report.

The Silver Shield Report

•The Silver Shield Report will have a weekly webinar going over specific issues in the news and address the needs of our members.

•The Silver Shield Report will offer unlimited email support only to those members of the Report.

–(This will help cut down on the hundreds of emails I get and better serve you as most issues are shared by all.)

•The Silver Shield Report will also have new frequent guests to keep the discussion lively and diverse.

•The Silver Shield Report will offer new thought provoking exclusive content that will not be available to the public.

–(The only content I will furnish to the public is articles like “10 reasons why…” or Teaser Videos that draw people into new ideas.)

–The Silver Shield Report is a must for anyone that wants to stay ahead of the curve and develop leaderless resistance in his or her part of the world.


The Pursuit of Happiness- Future Freedom

Maverick Mastermind

Let me just say that this is not for everyone and is for the serious investors only but is one that I am most excited about.  I will moderate this round table discussion personally, twice a month.  Here we will develop the relationships and work on the highest level possible in taking the most positive and dramatic action possible both now and in the new paradigm. The discussion will be mainly focused on building business opportunities now and in the future, so that we have a strong financial foundation to help further our cause.  My expertise in running multiple businesses both in the real world and online coupled with my unique insight into our future provides a invaluable resource to those who would like to either take their business to the next level or simply stay ahead of the curve.  My hope is that this develops into a trusted circle that we can really count on we progress.  The Maverick Mastermind will be application only to ensure the highest quality discussions possible.

Maverick Mastermind is closed.


And now for what I am sure you have all been waiting for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.  So the goal is to leverage our real tangible wealth in the next monetary paradigm.  I want to first say that while I am confident that things will turn out the way I foresee them, I am not tied down to any philosophy.  I have always been able to go with the flow.

So I already showed you one way to best capitalize on what is to come by not simply selling your silver money and buying incredibly cheap income producing properties.  The better way is to avoid a taxable event and borrow against your silver to buy that income-producing asset to have the asset pay off your loan on the silver.

–That is a better way to deploy more capital and at the end of the day you have two assets with no debt.

–That is also a very repeatable process.

–This is also in the spirit of leaderless resistance that can be done by anyone when the time is right.

What if instead of being the borrower on these assets, we were the lender also?  What if we set about creating a truly new paradigm or community that truly resonated with who we were and instead of lending using debt, fractional reserve banking and usury, we lent as equity partners?  What if instead of lending for income producing properties, we were the investors in the next generation of technology and companies that resonate with our vision of a new paradigm? Companies and people who will advance humanity and not enslave it.  What if we could fund an educational program that would be the beacon of hope throughout the world?  What if we could all become neighbors and partners instead of going it alone?  If these ideas are something that resonate with you, you are going to love what I have been working on.

Now for something truly unique and it is the most forward thinking plan I have had.  You all should know by now that the real value of silver is magnitudes more than it’s paper price today.  I have said that simply having 1,000 ounces of silver represents 10,000 days of hard human labor.  From the earliest days of the Roman Empire roman soldiers were paid 1 Denarius for each day of service, which was 1/10th of an ounce of silver.  Factory workers were paid a dime for a days work at the turn of the century.  Even 2/3rds of the world today where debt money is not available people live off of $2 a day, which is less than a 1/10th of an ounce of silver.

The ability for average people like you and me to be able to accumulate that amount of wealth is historically significant.  I know of many that have multiples of even that benchmark.  Whether you realize it or not we are going to have a network of extremely wealthy and more importantly honest and thoughtful people, who did the hard intellectual work to invest in silver before the collapse.  The Silver Shield Report and more importantly the Maverick Mastermind is designed to leverage our individual power into something much greater.  How awesome would it be to have a couple thousand silver owners who resonate with each other on a personal level be able, to partner with each other to help shape a new paradigm?

This Ultimate Exit Strategy seeks to leverage not only the wealth we have, but the unique talents and abilities we have in this network.  The Ultimate Exit Strategy is to eventually create a bank or a Private Equity Group with the silver we have.  In this next paradigm silver will be money on some form or another, somewhere in the US.  Look at the 13 states already pushing for legal tender laws.  With the massive decentralization of power coming, I am confident that states will reassert their natural rights to nullify any federal laws that would prohibit them from taking control of their local power.

This bank will not be like the banks we know that rely on deceitful practices to enslave people with debt, it will be a place to store wealth and to invest wealth.  There will not be any need to loan using fractional reserve lending because the massive increase of our silver relative to other paper assets will be incredible.  I would not be surprised that the silver wealth on our little community could eventually buy New Hampshire. I am not joking.

Equity lending is really simple and moral.  Essentially the silver capital lends to the labor behind the new business venture.  The capital would own all of the assets of the company and the labor (investor) would invest his time and talent to succeed in the area of his expertise.  The loan will be made with no interest.  The benefit to the lender is that they would retain either stock or assets in the newly successful company.  The benefit to the borrower is that, one they will be able to get money, they will have a competitive advantage because they will have better terms they any of their competition, they will have experienced investors backing them up.  It is moral because it does not involve debt or interest.  If the venture fails then the both parties lose, but no one else.  If they succeed, they capital they make will help fund others dreams.

Another level is a community.  Have you looked around at America, it is one big commercialized strip mall that monetizes everything. It does not resonate with me at all.  I look at Europe and you see a much better way of life.  Less rushed, more relaxed, more education and a better quality of life.  There is nothing in the US that resembles this way of life, we can build something better.

Right after the dollar collapse this new entity whether it is a bank or a private equity will be able to monetize our silver when there is NO credit markets or money.  We will be able to buy prime land and get an Allodial title to the property.  All debt will become worthless including liens and bonds against property.  Is it out of the realm of possibility for use to buy a state park from a state in need of capital or a development or university that went bankrupt?  (Look at John Malone.) We could create a community that only uses silver or we could create debt free money to be used in the community.  We could encourage farming in the area with our bank to secure food and an export for our little economy.  With our debt free money, our tax-free land, food independence, the only thing left in the need for free energy.  We should be able to create energy projects to make out little community energy independent.  Designing a sustainable project will be very achievable, affordable and wise.  It will resonate with what we are doing.  Can you imagine how far we could progress as a community/society without taxes, interest or energy costs?  This is not a pipe dream, it is just too costly for us to do right now, plus we would have to deal with a myriad of bureaucracies.  In this paradigm shift there will be no local, state or federal authorities to deal with. (If there are I am sure they will be easily influenced like post collapse Russia.)

So here we are with the intellectual foundation built with all of the work from DTOM and the Academy.  We have a network of like-minded individuals that are going to be extremely wealthy not only because they have silver but because they can see how the world really works and stay ahead of the curve.  Now we also have the Ultimate Exit Strategy to make possible a new paradigm.  This is totally achievable in a local community, but I believe that we will have a far greater reach than just on a town level.  I believe that is we are in the right state; we can become a very powerful influence on a state level and possibly a national or global level.  If this plan is successful in one place we can then go about planning other communities all over the world using our first development as the test.  This leaves one last thing for us all to do before the collapse happens, get more silver! 


Project: Constitutional Silver

I have been working closely with Drew for a few months about making the best silver investment program out there.  Here are some of the things I felt it should have.

•I wanted to have it be the lowest priced silver out there.

•I wanted the ability to ability to dollar cost average in a monthly program.

•I wanted the ability to supplement the purchases to buy the dips.

•I wanted the ability to store the silver with the lowest storage fees.

•I wanted the storage site to be “off the radar” in friendly areas.

•I wanted to pool our purchasing power to get the best deal

•Most importantly I wanted to have a Exit Strategy for all of this silver.

Through months of talking Drew and I came up with this program.  We decided that we strictly wanted to focus on “junk” silver.  And for the purpose of everything going forward we will be calling it Constitutional Silver, because that is what it is.  Pre 1964 silver is actually the money we used to have and it is 90% silver.  We wanted to focus on Constitutional because it had the lowest premium. This coupled with our Ultimate Exit Strategy and having a bank made for a potent combination.

The other reason why is because it had the lowest premium, this will sky rocket as silver is needed for monetary demand.  Most people that are investing in silver right now have no intention of spending their silver.  I am a perfect example of this when I bet the house on silver in 2005 I loaded up on 100 ounce bars.  Now I see that I have a bunch of these big bricks that are going to be harder to get rid of and I wish that I had bought more Constitutional Silver.  Constitutional silver is already easily recognized as money. It is the lowest divisible silver and it is a great form for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.

There are two parts of this program that I felt that were needed. Most silver investment companies specialize in either physical delivery OR storage, very few do both.  The other difference I see is that there are either Dollar Cost Averaging programs or one time bulk buying.  When Drew and I got to talk about this Constitutional Silver Project, I wanted the ability to do everything.  I wanted the ability to take physical delivery and for those that want storage, we will have that too.  I am a strong believer of Dollar Cost Averaging because it provides the discipline to buy silver on a consistent basis. Whenever there are pullbacks in the market, which we are used to we can supplement the savings with bulk buys.  Through this Dollar Cost Averaging program we can leverage our buying power throughout our community. For any questions contact Drew Mason at

I know we covered a lot of stuff tonight, but I feel they are all “no-brainers” depending on your level of interest.  You can remain as you are and read DTOM and learn form the Academy eventually TGTNT.


I strongly encourage everyone to join us in a weekly webinar with the Silver Shield Report where I will share with you the latest information on our path to awakening.


The highest level of participation is the Maverick Mastermind groups that meets twice a week in a roundtable discussion led by me.  Here we will develop the inner circle to help guide and fund this effort.

Maverick Mastermind is closed.

Regardless what level you belong to, I invite you to a one time only opportunity to join our Constitutional Silver program.  Even if you are not ready, I suggest starting off at minimum so you can increase it later.

I look forward to working with you all to move positively in the face of great challenges.

Thank you very much and have a great day!


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  • Mustafa Cohen

    Too bad that forum is not in the future. It’s a great community tool. While the one that integrates with WordPress is indeed very basic and probably a headache to maintain, there are way more professional options like Invision Power Board, for example.

    All in all, this looks like a watershed moment.

    • Silver Shield


      I like supporting authors that provide real value than just given free reign to anyone that feels like pissing on others.

      There are only two kinds of people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.

      Forums I have seen typically get invaded social predators that take pleasure in attacking those that think different than them.
      Eventually those that are creative and intelligent move on as they see that they are not valued.

      The best forum I was on and got me started on this road was goldis
      I got banned because I was defending myself.
      I started producing the Academy as a result.
      Eventually the site got taken down over a weekend and all of the best guys on the forum and all of the hard work they did building threads got destroyed, overnight.

      Having contributors like we have is a better way to incubate ideas.

  • Sterling

    Hello Chris,

    What a lively discussion …. I all bodes well for the future … I look forward to it ..

    anyway back to silver …. Has anyone seen Martin Armstrong’s latest ?

    I’d like to hear your take on this Chris…. especially the non-idea of a gold standard and the silver section at the bottom of the page … seems he has always had a long term view and he is a Good guy who gets it .

    on gold and silver

    General extensive essays

    this guy is no dummy

    Keep living and learning

    • Silver Shield


      First, I think it is funny how people are barking that I am charging $30 a month when Martin is charging $750 for a 1 day event… all course materials and dinners is included. :)
      The company I used to work for charged as much $2,500 a month for advice, albeit it was for house flipping which was very lucrative back then but still…

      As far as predicting the future price of silver in dollars is an effort in futility.
      No one knows the day and all that matters is that the day is coming where the dollar collapses and silver is a store of real tangible value.

      I am already planning on moving past that as the world will one day wake up to reality and spends years trying to figure out what happened.

      We will be moving forward taking positive steps to recreate our world with something that resonates with us.

  • Marijan

    I share your Christian beliefs but why not in the mean time do something that you feel is right? I do not think that Chris advocates for a New World Order or one currency. I do not think that we should sit in our bunker waiting for rapture. It could be tomorrow or in 50 years. We do not know: “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only” (Matthew 24:36).
    I think that this silver thing is just a way to be prepared for those times and way to use our talents which are given to us. Sitting in the bunker is not something Jesus had on his mind.
    Here is something about talents and use of them.

    Matthew 25:24-30
    24 “Then he who had received the one talent came and said, ‘Lord, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown, and gathering where you have not scattered seed. 25 And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.’
    26 “But his lord answered and said to him, ‘You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. 27 So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents.
    29 ‘For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. 30 And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

    I know “interest” is mentioned, but look at context…

    1 Peter 2:11-12
    Beloved, I beg you as sojourners and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul, 12 having your conduct honorable among the Gentiles, that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may, by your good works which they observe, glorify God in the day of visitation.

    What they are gonna observe if you hide in the bunker?

  • PlanetPrisoner

    …just landed in LA. Looks like many are troubled over what appears to be a capital commitment to a program that may not be as tangible as it could or should be….but does appear to have been well thought out.
    Members need to consider that it does take alot of cash to run a program such as has been opened up by Chris.
    SS last comment @David is the proof that REAL planning and work is behind this program. It is “bitter sweet” to speak the TRUTH. Chris is NOT looking for everybody, he is just looking for those who choose to be a part of this Exit Strategy.
    He knew and has stated that some were going to pass on the option.
    Too much whining here. You are either gonna be in or not.
    I think it would be a pity to lose all of the positive gains that SSR and the Academy have made. I have only been a part of this for a few months and have only contributed very little cash to Chris’s efforts, and did so only one time.
    I also see rationale in comments which tend to appear negative, although I feel that they are necessary in such an endeavor.
    I think what you are looking for is a “Think Tank”, correct me if I am wrong.
    My jet lag is setting in….will think about this more.

    Wake People UP
    RON PAUL 2012

  • George Silver

    There is only one real exit strategy.

    Wait for Silver to reach a ratio of approx. 20-1 to Gold.

    Then buy Gold coins like Eagles Krugerrands or Sovereigns.

    Only sell a Gold coin when you need something.

    I certainly wouldn’t trust a bank in the USA or someone on the internet.

    • Silver Shield

      Silver to gold is one way, but silver into businesses that will thrive in the new paradigm is something else.

      Some will move forward holding on, others will move forward letting go…

  • Gareth

    Again, WOW! Think i’ll check the comments on this particular post daily – it’s so controversial :-)

    I think Chris realises full well that many people cannot afford the maverick programme. He knows I cannot, but he also knows full well that I’m also still a little naive when it comes to econcomics/finances.

    I rememember proposing a ‘paper bullet and paper shield’ article to Chris. To which I got an abrupt response “I refuse to step foot in their casino”. I also think, that at first, Chtis may have considered my intentions were malevolent when I proposed shorting the banks – the paper shield aspect – and was a little aloof with me afterwards. He’s probably figured out by now that I’m just a little naive.

    The Maverick Program, if I’m perceiving it correctly, will not include people such as myself – naive to business/finance etc – but those that are very savvy business types. These are mainly two types: 1. Genuine entrepreneurs, and 2. Those that get the ‘nudge nudge’ from other ‘insider traders’ ie cunts!. I’m sure Chris will filter out those in group 2, and he and the other entrepreneur types will create a peaceful zone somewhere.

    The future will be 1345 style for many. That era has an uncanny resemblance to the modern era with usury practioners loaning out money that didn’t have. Oh, and the 1345 default/crash was caused by CHRISTIAN usury practitioners backed by the Vatican. It’s a good example to point out to those that conflate usury with anti-semitism.

    Usury is a behaviour, not an individual, and certainly not a race. Isury has fuck all to do with a persons creed. Parasites practice usury – it’s that simple.

    As for Chris being the ‘new Rothschild’ – that must’ve been the biggest insult he’s received for a long time. Rothschild is an utter thieving cunt that offers society nothing but war and debt. If you believe that, I suggest you don’t return to DTOM.

    For most of us, the silver shield report looks like the most logical step-up. I pay for others insights from time-to-time. I pay for the trends journal, and I’m willing to throw some of my crappy sterling at Chris for his unique insight. I contemplated giving Weir some once, but remained on his ‘public road’ as he’s always the ‘end is tomorrow/next week’.

    Anyway, hope to visit one day, Chris.

    There’s a lot of advanced technology ‘out there’ that’s suppressed by the current elite, that could just well materialise in the future, advanced versions of MAGLEV could get me from blighty to Utah quickly one day in the future. As you’re well aware there’s gonna be a rocky-ride ’till then.


  • 1morOunce

    What’s the big uproar about?

    You either think the info is worth the money or you don’t!

    If you think it is, pay the money, if you are not able, find a way.

    If you don’t think it’s worth the money, continue to use what’s free.

    One of the things GREAT about America, is there’s still freedom to choose.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)


    Never meaning to compare Chris to old man Rothschild…it was my poor attempt at pointing out the old saw of Lord Acton’s of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I’m also often reminded of the words of Bill Cooper. Like him or hate him, he said that he never met a man who woke up in the morning who planned on “doing evil” I agree with him. That’s the danger. People who are “doing evil” seldom, if ever, THINK they are doing evil.

    Hitler is the classic example because, misguided as he was, he never personally thought he was doing evil and the world, at least at first, didn’t think so, either.

    That’s the danger of centralized leadership and why I always admired Chris because of his commitment to decentralized, leaderless resistance.

  • Silver Shield

    and what have I said that would counter all of the work I have done to support leaderless resistance and decentralization of power.

    A community that is built on honest money and honest individuals co operating towards ideas that resonate with them is a one that would best protect and help thrive that idea.

    It is not a new idea just reviving one that has since faded from 1776 and quite frankly an idea that is very needed as America falls for the collectivist trap of #Occupy.

  • SilverSavant

    If you think you might see a better way, then ask a question and pose a solution. Speaking criticism is not the way to go, especially when you use it against the very person who is providing the forum for speaking. IMO, the Occupy movement is for the pre-kindergarten folks who don’t understand anything yet. The only real movement that could be effective is an “execute the fed owners” movement. If you leave those people alive with all their money and power, you are just pissing in the wind and nothing will change for long.

  • Country Codger

    Hi Everybody,

    CrunchyConMama asked my why I have not participated and it is because of my computer. I just finished listening to the Ultimate Exit Strategy. It takes forever for me to load a file the size of this one and I wanted to SEE the video rather than just read it. So here goes my limited analysis.

    WOW! It will be difficult for me to comment on this in one email. This is an awesome project and one of great vision. Before I give my comments, I want to say outright, I CANNOT participate. I did not say I won’t, will not or don’t want to, but simply I cannot. I will touch on a few of the reasons later.

    First, the vision it takes to put something like this together is awesome. By doing something like this you avoid many of the pitfalls I stumbled over, through and around thirty plus years ago. Some of this is right out of the Napoleon Hill play book and therefore has great potential. Chris, you are to be commended.

    Second, I have been preparing for over thirty years, and right or wrong I am on a different path. Had I had this opportunity or the vision and ability to do something like this, I would have. But, alas, God did not give me this type of vision and I do not know how to acquire it. But I do have enough sense to admire people who do have it.

    My biggest problem is that, for the most part, I have had to GO IT alone for thirty years. What Chris is offering is a way to work together to build a future. This is not COLLECTIVISM but COMMON GOOD. It is one of the reasons that Asians and Hispanics have prospered so readily in America. They work for the common good of their family/community. Why do you think Latin countries and Asian countries are so ripe with nepotism? Because they look out for their FAMILY. It is why most natural born Americans can’t compete.

    As I was discussing with Crunchy, the people I planned to rely on heavily in my small community are now dead. Aside from my children I was the youngest person in my group. Now I am right up at the top and very few people younger than me. This is a huge problem, getting younger members.

    I can see how this would attract a particular age group, probably 30-50 years old, which is good. You are young, in reasonably good health and can expect 30-50 years more of an active lifestyle. GREAT!

    By the same token, my vision of what will happen after the collapse is different from Chris’ and probably all of yours’ because I have seen nations collapse. I have worked, usually for the government, on every continent in the world except Antarctica and have witnessed “transitions” in power in several countries and have a fair idea of what to expect. Does this mean I am right? No, but I am less optimistic about the outcome. I pray that your vision is correct and that mine is wrong. How often do you hear that?

    I hope to participate in the Constitutional Silver buying program if my buyer lets me. Von, my wife, enjoys her role as buyer and I end up with some outrageously good deals because of it. I would encourage everyone that wants to buy silver to join forces and get a bigger bang for your bucks by buying in a group plan such as this.

    Alloidial title caught my interest. I have successfully defended my property rights against the U.S. Government, the Zuni Indian Nation and the Navajo Indian Nation with alloidial title. Federal court judges know what it is and MUST respect it. Will a state grant allodial title in the future, I don’t know. If there are enough sovereign citizens in the state it will be quite possible. Otherwise, they will be giving away their tax base. The federal government has never challenged the states’ rights to tax land. (I think it is the Leavenworth vs. the Topeka RR case.)

    Now, I promised to touch on some of the reasons why I cannot participate. First, for me to do so would bring undo attention to what would are hoping to accomplish. Even though I am no longer working for the government, I am under a number of restrictions because of my past associations with intelligence agencies, i.e. I cannot leave the country until my passports are returned and a bunch of junk like that.

    Second, as I said, I am on a different path, one that is 30 years old. Where were you thirty years ago? Third, my vision of the end game scenario is different. Fourth, since my end game vision is different I would have dozens of questions that would have to be answered before I could commit, even if I could, as stated in number one above.

    This could be a very good opportunity for some. I think everyone must think, consider and seek guidance through prayer and determine whether or not this is for you BEFORE you criticize it flat out, and say NO!.

    Hope I still get to write for DTOM. LOL. We live in extraordinary times and extraordinary methods will be needed to survive. The times that we live in are exciting. We are standing on the threshold of something great. We will have the opportunity to do something that few generations ever have and that is to rebuild the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. It will take talented, strong and determined people like yourselves to do this. If it is outside you “BOX” so be it. But I know it has to be right for some. For those that “feel” that this is a perfect fit for you, i say go for it, good luck and God’s Speed!


  • Ronette Jemison

    Has anyone heard about I am still learning but apparently the Republic of the United States had been reinhabited with a de jure government as of last year. So far all branches of government have been re-established at the federal level and also at the state level. There is a link for every state in the union. Here is the link for my state Its my understanding that this has been totally peacefully and now they’re working on international recognition as the replacement for the defacto corporation we are governed by right now.

    Anyone know about this? Chris I would really appreciate your perspective. From what I know so far, they’re trying to establish local communities and they’re suggesting everyone convert to silver.

  • Dan of Texas

    Napoleon Hill said you should never expect to get something without paying for it. He believed that the people on both sides of a transaction should benefit. You can’t expect to be truly successful if you are only a taker.

    Let’s be honest, we know that one of the biggest problems in the U.S. Is that our society has taught us to feel that we are entitled. This should be one of the more important issues that those on this site should recognize. Take responsibility for yourself. Quit fussing about a fee. Let’s spend our time and effort on the solutions.

    God has given man the inalienable right of self government. Thanks for all you do Chris.

  • David

    Was interested on MMG but it seems you closed it, I had printed the Coupon to mail in $3K, I did this on Saturday, was planning on mailing it on Monday, Is it to late to send out my membership in the MMG? Please let me know, If so will the MMG open up again? Thanks

  • crunchyconmama

    Thanks, Chris, for bringing up the shortfalls of a “normal” forum and your example of goldismoney. While I still think that having a SOLA-graduates-only forum is still a good idea, I will continue to be grateful to have DTOM (a FREE service) as a forum. Thanks, 1morOunce, for pointing out to others on a budget that DTOM will continue to be free — lots of great ideas coming from DTOM — writers and [most] commenters.

  • Silver Shield

    Not for nothing, DTOM had 40+ original and very insightful articles this week and I added 3 new contributors.

    DTOM and the Academy will continue to grow as the world awakens to our music.

  • crunchyconmama

    Chris, I don’t understand. What do you mean by “not for nothing”? CCM

  • doug

    @ marijan
    Yes and amen..Ya I guess my comment could be perceived that I am holed up in a bunker waiting for the rapture but no I live a healthy vibrant Christian life.This site has definitely made me aware and helped me prepare as I am honing my survivalist skills,thank you Chris.DTOM was started as donations only as Chris worked hard to awaken the masses out of their slumber and has done a superb job at it,thank you again Chris.If Chris chooses to charge for his wisdom and insight or has a vision to take this to another level well just super and good for him as he should reap some harvest for the seed he has sown,I can’t begrudge him for that.The timeline for future events are always difficult to nail with any success as with the dollar failure and especially the rapture but I am prepared for both scenarios. If the Lord tarries and the dollars thrives for a decade or two,I am prepared also. I choose not to participate in the final exit strategy as a financial decision only.I am sure Chris will have some nuggets of wisdom and truth for his subscribers and God bless you all.
    I have read the back of the book (bible) and I know who wins.
    Matt.6-38 “But seek first the kingdom of God….” cheers

  • Mr. Black

    I’ve enjoyed this site for a long time, but it seems like those days are coming to a close. What started as a genuinely good thing has turned into Chris Duane trying to cash in on the amount of hits he gets on this website. I could overlook him quoting himself in his own articles, dropping psychobabble BS all the time, and doing back room-handshake endorsements for companies like DS Arms, but this is too much. It’s clear to me now that nothing said on this site can be trusted 100% because at some point, there is a profit made from the information contained herein, which potentially corrupts the message entirely. I am saddened by this news, but at least I know. I only wonder if this money making scheme was an idea formulated after the realization about the amount of traffic on the site, or was the goal all along. Either way, I’m convinced you’re a money grubbing turd, Chris Duane, and I’m done with this site. Good day.

    • Silver Shield

      @Mr. Black
      No psychobabble here…
      I have never heard of DS Arms…
      There is nothing wrong with seeking value for effort…
      I am walking away from a very fast growing site that will continue to grow to seek deeper relationships with those that value my effort.

      This is something we all should do in our lives, cut ties with negative social predators to seek deeper relationships with those that care.

      This may come off as psychobabble to you but it is just how I choose to lead my life.

      Enjoy yours.

  • mr. black fan

    I second every comment by Mr. Black above. Boy, it was always difficult for me to get past the psychobabble and narcissim of Chris to focus on his analysis to begin with to find the nuggets of unique content. It is very clear by looking at his pricing model that he is focused only on himself and making himself rich. Contrast his message with true visionaries like James Turk, Mike Mahoney, and David Morgan. No shameless self promotion by these individuals. “One time offer of 300/month or $3000 per month for mastermind” …. Pretty soon he will have his own commune and network marketing scheme. His message and followers seem like a cult to me. His “great idea” is to use silver to buy income producing property instead of selling the silver to buy income producing property. Someone has been drinking too much of his own koolaid. For the cult message, listen to his language, “Our vision, our network, new paradigm, mastermind, our individual power, our own bank, …” ad nauseum.

    • Silver Shield

      @Mr. Black Fan
      Some see the world with “Black” , negative, cynical eyes… I know I used to be one of them.

      Others see the world with positive, enlightened eyes… I will spend the rest of my life with that vision.

      (Sorry for the “narcissistic” psychobabble…)

  • Gareth

    @ Joe. I think you’ll find Hitler et al were backed by Rothschild – either directly or indirectly, so unless you think Chris is being backed by the usury practitioners there really is no comparison.

    I’m sure the Rothschild bloodline wake-up each day knowing full well that they’re a buch of evil, lying, thieving cunts.

    We have an expression in blighty that goes “living hand-to-mouth”, not sure if you guys have that in the States? Basically it means an individual has little currency/money left over after food&fuel purchases. I’m not quite at this stage and have a little bit of currency left after essentials.

    My point: If you’re living hand-to-mouth there are still ways to adapt yourself and prepare. Stay tuned in to DTOM for one thing – this forum’s free to all with internet access.

    When Chris set-up this blog, earlier this year, I offered to buy all the SOLA vids on DVD, as this would be my way of contributing to the spreading of knowledge. Apparently it would of cost $30k to produce physical DVD’s and so that option wasn’t taken.

    I’ve tried to contribute through a few posts – although I’ve not written one for a few weeks, but I’m attending a British Constitutional Group seminar this upcoming weekend and hope to report back here on that.

    One thing I’ve been alert to is WAR. That’s why I was delighted Chris allowed me to write articles for DTOM. I’m an Englishman, and some of the pictures on this forum represent soldiers that could well have shot dead one of my distant ancestors.

    It’s important to reach-out to people in foreign lands with messages of peace – that’s why I’m here on a US-based forum.

    So, Peace, and Good Luck.

  • Fishmonger

    I have a question and just wondered if you could address it, or possibly cover it in your newsletter. It is from the perspective of a “newly awakened” person who just found this site about 2 months ago.

    I see there is some differences of opinion to what the founder/owner/HMFIC is doing by charging a fee and moving forward with his life, whilst providing a service. I don’t expect anyone to work for free and of course, price and value are two different things to many people.

    I have enjoyed the SOLA videos tremendously, but still have not completed them all. The price is right (free) and the value is priceless. My question is, will SOLA still be free in the future? I think I would very much like to subscribe to the SS report for $30 per month, because let’s be honest, we have all wasted +30 per month on stuff we thought we needed. This could possibly be the best $30 dollar investment of my life.

    Chris, your work is appreciated and valued. Keep it coming!

    If you need any articles written regarding fish, lemme know. I’m your man.

    • Silver Shield

      The SOLA and DTOM will remain free and grow, nothing will change.
      Part 1 of TGTNT will also be free and put on a new YouTube Channel to hopefully reach a younger audience that we really need to win over.

  • crunchyconmama

    Thanks for the clarification about SOLA and DTOM. I was corn-fused. 😉

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Thank you for your last comment, Chris. As I have said and will continue to say, I believe you to be a good man. I am still concerned with the things I mentioned, but those are human failings, nothing to do with YOU, specifically. Jesus and Ghandi would be about the only two I’d NOT worry about and I’d be keeping an eye on them as well 😉

    You have to do what you have to do and I respect you for that. I hope you understand that I post because this MATTERS to me, not because I want to piss on anyone or anything like that. That is absolutely NOT my intention by any means.

    I appreciate everything you say, Gareth. I, too, only want peace and tranquility, the “fair go” for all, really, of everyone on Earth. Not a hand out or anything like that, but a tide that rises all boats, not just the “hyper yachts” 😉 Nothing I said was a comparison of Chris to those men. I could insert you or myself instead of Chris in what I said. I’m speaking of HUMAN NATURE, the failure of men in general, not anyone in specific. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I believe a fellow from your shores once said.



    P.S. Very glad this forum will be sticking around.

  • Silverfox

    Chris, in the paragraph starting “And now for what I am sure you have all been waiting for the Ultimate Exit Strategy” you suggested borrowing against our silver to buy an income producing asset.

    My question is… If I do that, who holds my silver? Me or them? If I hold it all is well. If they hold it then I’m nervous. Will the property be the physical collateral? If they hold my silver and I pay off the loan whose to say if they still have my silver. I may want it back depending what happened to the price in the mean time. What is to be expected in this case?

  • Kyle

    @ Silverfox Whenever you pledge an asset (physical silver) as collateral for a loan you can request that the asset be held by a third party. In this case the third party will be the depository. Once you pay off the loan your silver will still be there.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    A question that I think is being ignored:

    If the *reason* for holding sliver, and it’s eventual rise in buying power, is due to societal collapse, then how is it that many of you are basing this “exit strategy” on a society that resembles the current one?

    I hear talk of collateralizing the debt, tax implications, third party holding. Yes, all of this is quite applicable to RIGHT NOW. But I honestly think that many of you have not studied carefully the exact conditions of a country which has gone through a serious financial and social upheaval.

    This, IMHO, is a HUGE leap of faith and may be the fatal flaw in all of this.

    Chris, could you please spell out clearly what your vision of a possible collapse would be like and how, specifically, you plan on implementing all of this?

  • Silver Shield

    @ Joe WAL

    I am confident that we can create our own paradigm within a small community that will be a bastion of freedom in a world gone insane. It does not take a stretch of the imagination of 1,000 so like minded, silver loving, principled, armed patriots could do in a little community.

    I think we can reach farther than that and having someone that I respect as much as Eric Sprott hitting on the same theme gives me much encouragement.

    The plan will involve and adapt but the people and the principles will not.

  • Prometheus

    Good on ya, Chris. While I won’t be participating in the mastermind forum, I do appreciate all your hard work with SoL academy. (I only wish I could have gotten it to play through- frozen videos left a lot of gaps, unfortunately.)

    I’ve been working at a local level for about the last six months to do something similar to your exit strategy, talking with others in my community about plans to localize the government and food production, as well as training a local militia for common defense. Since I’m in the Midwest, I think this is a viable plan- as noted, we already have a culture of neighbor helping neighbor, and farms are still all around.

    In better times, I’d be interested in helping out with your group by subscribing, but right now, I need everything I’ve got coming in for food stocks, silver, firewood, solar panels, and ammo. I’ve also got medical stockpiles and a few other useful items like chem suits and geiger counters. It’s costly, as I’m sure you know, and I don’t know if the time is next week or in ten years- but when the day comes, I’m going to save as many as I can. Median income means making hard choices these days, and that means fortifying my own town as quickly as possible for now- would have been fun to see what you guys come up with, but maybe on some better day.

    It’s up to you, of course, but it might be an interesting move to leave a door into your gulch available for those who are friendly, and willing to trade value for value when the dark days come. If I do my job right, my community, at least, will be ready to trade with crops and silver- and it’d be nice to have a line on some others who are trustworthy, and exchange ideas for community guidelines and rebuilding once things begin in earnest.

    Anyhow, just wanted to wish you luck- hope to see you and yours intact on the other side.

  • speakerbox

    I am new to this site and I don’t know anyone and I get that this page is about contingency plans / silver but I just wanted to thank the author of the video series at TGTNT. For once I find a point of view on our way of life that I don’t disagree with. I even drew parallels between other ideas that are in motion in my own life and what you presented. I love it when things like that happen!

    As far as buying silver, like anything else I have to do the due diligence but this is something I will certainly consider.

    Thanks again and regardless of what we know, I am appreciative for your service to our country. God Bless

  • dave

    Im well in for all this end the fed, new money paradigm shift. I know its coming. But this article is slightly delusional at best.

  • susie

    Why is Maverick Masterminds closed? No one else is allowed anymore?

    • Silver Shield

      Maverick Mastermind will start when the Anger Phase starts.
      The Silver Shield Report was closed to the public in July.
      I am still offering Strategy Sessions.

  • Arnold

    Why Silver, why not Gold?

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