The Ultimate Exit Strategy

Transcript of Presentation:

Hello my name is Chris Duane; some of you may know me as Silver Shield from Dont-Tread-On.Me and the Sons of Liberty Academy. I want to welcome to this very important and possibly life changing presentation.  I have dedicated my life to waking people up to how the world really works so that we can end this cycle of debt and death throughout the world.  I believe that if people understood that the world, we can replace debt with equity and replace bombs with freedom and we can create a new paradigm for humanity.

Before you roll your eyes at another utopian idea, let me tell you that there is nobody more cynical than me, but I have seen with my own eyes not only radical changes in my life, but in others I have worked with. Things are speeding up.  It took thousands of years to go through the Agricultural Revolution.  It took hundreds of years to go through the Industrial Revolution.  It took decades to go through the Information Revolution.  Now we are on the verge of an Awareness Revolution where humanity can finally use the knowledge of all three Revolutions to build something that resonates with what we are and meant to be.

The thing that makes me most excited is that the old order is about to die of it’s own cancerous excesses, we do not have to lift a finger to effect change.  When this paradigm dies, humanity will finally have the knowledge, means of communication and the incentive to start a new paradigm where humanity can rise to it’s highest and best self.

Until that day, we have helped awakened and change lives of thousands of people all over the world.  We are in the process of creating generational wealth both in terms of real tangible assets, but more importantly living life fully awakened and totally free.  I am here today to announce something that should get you extremely excited about where we are going. I am going to cover my Ultimate Exit Strategy that I am sure you are all going to want to hear.  I believe this one game changing strategy will help you create real generational wealth.  I am also going to share details on my largest project ever, The Greatest Story Never Told.  I am going to be covering two new initiatives to better help serve you called the Silver Shield Report and the Maverick Mastermind.  Finally, I am going to cover the newest and best way to buy physical silver.  This is program is something that I have been developing for months with my friend and partner Drew Mason.  I have no doubt it will blow the doors off of the physical silver investment market and you will not want to miss this.  Before I get ahead of myself let us see what we have done here in a relatively short period of time.

Dont-Tread-On.Me in the past 8 months has had over 1.4 million visits, 690,000+ unique visitors.   Some of the most notable articles include the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield, The 5 Stages of the Awakening,  The Trivium- The Key to Freedom,  The Two Coming American Revolutions,  Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers,  The Rise of the Anti Hegemon,  The Game Changer: Unite or Die,  A Decade of Denial and Deception and hundreds more articles. We now have 35 contributors to DTOM to help broaden the message and to grow our outreach program to awaken more people.  Dont-Tread-On.Me was designed to wake people up and lead them to the Sons of Liberty Academy.

The Sons of Liberty Academy is the culmination of 6 years in research and development.  The first and only formalized attempt at the awakening process on how the world really works. In February, I took the Leap of Faith in February and not only made the Academy for free, but left my 6-figure job to pursue this full time. We now have 18,000 members to our Free Sons of Liberty Academy and our Free Newsletter.  I know, without a doubt, we have changed a lot of lives forever through all of the hard work we have done to wake people up.  These two projects will continue to grow though and reach more people as a very dark reality sets upon humanity.  My hope is that this work will not help thousands, but millions of people as humanity goes through the 5 Stages of the Awakening.  Both projects have been great to do and have been hugely successful on all accounts; I feel it is time to move on to the next phase.

You all know by now I am not a small-minded individual that goes along with the crowd.  My hallmark has been to be counter-cyclical and stay ahead of the curve.  I did this when I sold my house at the top of the housing bubble in 2005. (600% ROI)  I did this by literally betting the house on Gold, Silver and Oil in 2005. (500% ROI and growing)  I did this by NOT investing in a new bank my partners started in 2007 (Estimated 60% loss in invested equity not accounting for inflation.)  I did this by walking away from my inheritance, my income, my profession, my home and family in May of 2008. (Estimated 60% loss in business with the entire debt still there.)  I did this by getting involved in teaching people about foreclosure investing in 2009. (Foreclosure business was very hot after the crash.)  I did this by starting DTOM and the Academy in 2011.  This staying ahead of the curve has netted an estimated 3,750% return on investment since I put the deposit on my house in 1999.  I do not know too many other investors that have done that ever, but I am sure there we not too many that did it in this past decade.  I am not telling you this to gloat, what I am going to show you today I believe will make that achievement look like nothing.

We all see that this Dollar paradigm that thrives on spreading debt and death through out the world is coming to a mathematically inevitable end.  This is going to be the single largest event in human history with the largest wealth transfer ever.  There will not be a single person on earth that their lives are not dramatically affected by this single event.  This is going to be horrible for most of the people out there, with the loss of entire life’s savings, the inevitable riots, starvation and wars.  I can also tell you that it is not going to be that way for everyone, everywhere.

I wrote an article called the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, because after doing 80+ One-on-One strategy sessions in a week in a half, I saw the awesome quality of people we have attracted with our message and that this is something very special we need to do something with.  I strongly believe that this group is going to create generational wealth not only in terms of silver, but in fully aware and totally free.  In order to take this to the next level we have to build a real community and have an exit strategy.  In order to for us to move forward I cannot keep spending my time trying to wake people up, I need to work with those that are awake to start building something strong.  Strong enough to build a new paradigm off of.

I have three big steps that I am going to announce today is our way forward as we head into these dark days.  This will only be available for the next week so please pay attention to what I am saying.  You may not quite grasp the magnitude of what I am about to propose right now, but I hope you have the confidence in me, given my track record to join me in this next phase.

  1. The first step is Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  2. The next step is Project: Constitution Silver
  3. Finally The Ultimate Exit Strategy

The first two projects are necessary in order to make the final project a reality.  Like all good plans, let us start this with the end in mind.


The Ultimate Exit Strategy.

The idea behind the project is that we can create a new paradigm, one that reflects our highest and best self. I am certain that this is very attainable at the local community level, but I believe we can reach much farther than that if we get enough critical mass.  My effort to educate people on silver has never been about $ profits. It has always been focused on the end of the dollar paradigm and having the real tangible wealth to survive and thrive after the single largest event in human history, the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.

I believe that when this event happens we will see two very different Americas when the dollar collapses.  With the collapse of the dollar paradigm, we are going to see massive decentralization of power as all power structures crumble to the most local and responsive levels.  Urban areas will have unprecedented human suffering, as those that are hopelessly dependent on the debt paradigm will be totally unprepared for its collapse.  This will lead to massive violence, as the worst in humanity will come out.  Think of Katrina with no hope of help for years, if ever.  Most of these cities will eventually be brought under some sort of fascist police state as Mayors like Mike Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel will no doubt bring the heavy collectivist hand down to restore order in their Kingdom. Police checkpoints, elimination of privacy, and some sort of government debt card program or something much worse.

The rest of the country is going to be hurt also, but the reaction to it is going to be much different.  Think of the Midwest floods that ravaged the central parts of the country.  You did not hear of mass shootings or looting, no, it was marked with neighbor helping neighbor. There will be parts of the country that will quickly adapt and go the opposite route of the collectivists in the urban areas.  We are already seeing 13 states proposing gold and silver legal tender laws Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Washington.  When this collapse happens, one or more of these states are going to embrace their nullification powers to limit federal power and embrace the Constitution and Honest money.  They are going to attract the best and brightest from all over the country because they will truly value honest people and honest money.

It is in one of these states that we can then set about creating a world that we would be proud to leave our children.  The tricky part is when and where?  We do not need to worry about this right, now but it is something to be aware and prepared for.  It is also foolish to invest our money now to create a community because silver is so cheap right now and land is relatively expensive.  We also don’t know the political future when this all happens.  The point is that somewhere will be a great place to go to where there will be tremendous opportunity to build a community or paradigm that resonates with what we are all about.

While most Silver Experts encourage trading paper silver or miners, they strictly focus on dollar gains of silver they miss the point of the tangible wealth.  One notable exception is Mike Maloney at, because he focuses on wealth cycles.  While I agree with Mike on Wealth Cycles and Ratio Investing, I covered this 2 years ago in Module 9 of the Academy; I differ from Mike dramatically on how to best profit off of that wealth cycle. (Both of our work is heavily influenced by Nikolia Kodratieff’s work.)

Mike believes that silver will get to the point where 500 ounces of silver will buy a typical house.  His plan would be to sell your silver to “the suckers” at the top and buy income-producing property on the cheap.  I feel my exit strategy is superior to Mike’s simply because I believe that I have a much more realistic vision of the next paradigm and my strategy will not only be tax free, it will go one step deeper than anyone has thought of before.

Let me just say that I do respect Mike and all of his hard work educating society about the merits of silver. I am sure that neither Mike nor I will not be so hard nosed about our current exit strategy that we would not change if the reality was different for both of us.  That being said I would like to offer a different view based off of the incredible amount of research I put into the Sons of Liberty Academy.

First, I reject the idea that silver is going to bubble top and that you must sell to “the suckers.” Even using the term selling to the suckers suggests the greater fool theory of investing and nothing could be further from the truth.  Humanity will be forced to see the root cause of the dramatic and global consequences of the largest event in human history with the collapse of the world’s economy.  This is going to be a paradigm shift where all of humanity rejects collectivism, debt and usury the three causes of the major collapse.  This event will scar humanity and they will not fall for another debt based ponzi scheme very easily.  Humanity will grasp on to, at some level, the real intrinsic value of gold and silver.  Maybe not the world over, but certainly in the 13 states that are already looking towards Gold and Silver as Legal Tender.

I believe this will lead not to a bubble top of silver where you will have to sell at the top to the suckers followed by a massive crash.  We will see a new paradigm where things will not be measured in $’s but in terms of ounces, simply because the $ will not exist.  I do agree that there will be a time where, relatively speaking, income-producing property will be very cheap when compared to silver and I certainly plan on investing in property when the time is right.  But how to best go about doing it, here again, I differ from Mike.

I will never forget that silver is money and ultimately why I am working.  If we are going to have a new paradigm where the rest of the world values silver, why would I simply sell my silver to buy income-producing assets?  First of all, I am sure it will be a taxable event to sell silver. This leads to an immediate loss of investment capital to deploy. Who knows what kind of windfall profits tax we might be exposed to, but even if the tax environment is good, why give up your silver?  Before I continue let me tell you a story of a boy named Conrad.

Conrad was born in San Antonio, New Mexico, the second of eight children. Before he was 18, Conrad had worked as a trader, a clerk, a bellboy, and a pianist. By age 25 he had also worked in politics and banking. In 1919, following the death of his father, Conrad left the army and went to Texas. He had intended to take advantage of the oil boom by buying a small bank. Instead, he found bank prices prohibitive and hotels so overbooked he could not find a place to sleep. When one owner in Cisco, Texas, complained he would like to sell his property in order to take advantage of the oil boom, Conrad struck a deal. Conrad pulled together an investment group and the funds were transferred within a week. The Mobley, in Cisco, became Conrad’s first hotel.

The hotel was booked solid, and Conrad and his partner, L.M. Drown, rented their own beds and slept on chairs in the office. They also converted much of the hotel’s public space into additional guest quarters. With the Mobley running smoothly, Conrad bought two more Texas properties in 1920; the Melba, in Fort Worth, and the Waldorf in Dallas–named after the prized New York hotel. In 1925 Conrad built the first hotel to carry his name, in Dallas.

With expansions well underway, Conrad consolidated his properties into a corporation in 1929, the same year when the stock market crashed. The El Paso Hotel was completed in November 1930 and opened with a fanfare. A year later, Conrad owned eight hotels and was more than half a million dollars in debt when a young bellboy slipped him $300–his life savings–so Conrad could feed himself and his family.

In 1931 the Moody family of Galveston, Texas, from whom Conrad had borrowed, took possession of his hotels when he defaulted on a $300,000 loan. The Moody’s then hired Conrad to manage their own and his hotels, now known as the National Hotel Company. Nine months later, in 1932, Conrad and the Moody’s decided to part. The separation, however, was in no way peaceful. The Moody family and Conrad sued and counter-sued each other regarding the terms of their agreement for separation, which Conrad  claimed allotted him one-third of the hotels and one-third of the stock if the arrangement failed to prove satisfactory.

In 1933, while Conrad continued to battle the Moody’s in court, the Moody’s defaulted on the loan for the El Paso Hotel, and Conrad managed to raise the necessary $30,000 to buy back that hotel. In 1934 Conrad settled with the Moody’s, who lent him $95,000 and returned the Lubbock, Dallas, and Plainview hotels.  According to Conrad, while Depression-era hotel owners saved less than one hotel out of five, Hilton emerged with five of his eight hotels, and he was debt free by the summer of 1937.

That is the beginning of the Global, Billion Dollar, Hilton Fortune.

I have already beat Warren Buffet in the past 12 years and I think we are going to do much better than Conrad Hilton did because we are aware and prepared before the collapse. Now back to how to best profit off of this paradigm shift…

A better plan I feel is to NOT sell your silver to buy the income producing properties.  Let me remind you that these properties are going to be awesome investment and will have very little competition and extremely LOW price to earnings multiples due to the lack of credit.  A better strategy is to borrow against your real silver money and acquire income-producing properties.  This is a sure fire, tax-free strategy, which will be a win/win for us all.

Conrad bought that hotel in 1934 at 1 times earnings. Meaning that the $30,000 loan he took out to buy the hotel outright was paid off in 1 year’s time with the profits of the Hotel. In 1 year, not only did he have no debt but also he probably had no competition and even if he did, he would have had a huge competitive advantage over them since he had no debt.  If we borrow against our silver to buy income producing properties, theoretically, in 1 year’s time we would have ALL of our silver AND a debt free income producing property AND no loss of investable assets.

The best part is that this is a very repeatable event.

Now before you get too excited about this idea, I have a much, much better plan than that, but you are going to have to wait till the end of this presentation.

•Let me ask you a question do you like where I am going so far?

•Do you think I have thought long and hard about this?

•Do you think this is something that is achievable on a personal level?

•Do you think this information will dramatically change your life?

Before I show you all of my cards of the Ultimate Exit Strategy, we need three important things first.  They are the same three things our founding father’s needed when creating the American paradigm.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A unique way of looking at this is Life… is your past, Liberty… is your present and the Pursuit of Happiness is your future.

We have to have freedom in all tenses of our life in order to become really free.  If we want to build a new free society we need all of these freedoms also, only on a much larger scale.  I have created a way to make this happen.


Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Project: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is building the Intellectual foundation for the way forward and more important, the strength of a community to protect these freedoms.  I like the idea that we will be developing relationships based off of shared idea of deep issues like freedom and honest money and not just superficial issues because our kids go to school together or that we are family.


Life- Past Freedom– I believe that unless we know how the world really works we are bound to repeat the same mistakes. I originally set about to do this with the Sons Of Liberty Academy.  While I am extremely happy with the project and it is still without question the best awakening program out there, there is still much to improve upon.

The Greatest Truth Never Told

–Complete redo of the Academy

–More commercially acceptable

–Better Name, Better Structure, Better Content, Better Narrative and Better Produced

–Module One- Denial will be free for all to help spread very important lessons and to draw people into the a deeper understanding

»New YouTube Channel

–Modules 2-5 Videos available only on a new membership site

»Audio Book

»Digital Book

»DVD’s to follow

This huge project will lay the foundation and understanding for a new paradigm that will let freedom thrive. Once you have the understanding you need to do something with it…


Liberty- Present Freedom– Now that you are aware, it is time to prepare.  Here you need the know how and perspective to get your house in order.  While I love doing strategy sessions and I have done hundreds of them, they are not the highest and best use of my time.  I feel a much better way is through a new program called The Silver Shield Report.

The Silver Shield Report

•The Silver Shield Report will have a weekly webinar going over specific issues in the news and address the needs of our members.

•The Silver Shield Report will offer unlimited email support only to those members of the Report.

–(This will help cut down on the hundreds of emails I get and better serve you as most issues are shared by all.)

•The Silver Shield Report will also have new frequent guests to keep the discussion lively and diverse.

•The Silver Shield Report will offer new thought provoking exclusive content that will not be available to the public.

–(The only content I will furnish to the public is articles like “10 reasons why…” or Teaser Videos that draw people into new ideas.)

–The Silver Shield Report is a must for anyone that wants to stay ahead of the curve and develop leaderless resistance in his or her part of the world.


The Pursuit of Happiness- Future Freedom

Maverick Mastermind

Let me just say that this is not for everyone and is for the serious investors only but is one that I am most excited about.  I will moderate this round table discussion personally, twice a month.  Here we will develop the relationships and work on the highest level possible in taking the most positive and dramatic action possible both now and in the new paradigm. The discussion will be mainly focused on building business opportunities now and in the future, so that we have a strong financial foundation to help further our cause.  My expertise in running multiple businesses both in the real world and online coupled with my unique insight into our future provides a invaluable resource to those who would like to either take their business to the next level or simply stay ahead of the curve.  My hope is that this develops into a trusted circle that we can really count on we progress.  The Maverick Mastermind will be application only to ensure the highest quality discussions possible.

Maverick Mastermind is closed.


And now for what I am sure you have all been waiting for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.  So the goal is to leverage our real tangible wealth in the next monetary paradigm.  I want to first say that while I am confident that things will turn out the way I foresee them, I am not tied down to any philosophy.  I have always been able to go with the flow.

So I already showed you one way to best capitalize on what is to come by not simply selling your silver money and buying incredibly cheap income producing properties.  The better way is to avoid a taxable event and borrow against your silver to buy that income-producing asset to have the asset pay off your loan on the silver.

–That is a better way to deploy more capital and at the end of the day you have two assets with no debt.

–That is also a very repeatable process.

–This is also in the spirit of leaderless resistance that can be done by anyone when the time is right.

What if instead of being the borrower on these assets, we were the lender also?  What if we set about creating a truly new paradigm or community that truly resonated with who we were and instead of lending using debt, fractional reserve banking and usury, we lent as equity partners?  What if instead of lending for income producing properties, we were the investors in the next generation of technology and companies that resonate with our vision of a new paradigm? Companies and people who will advance humanity and not enslave it.  What if we could fund an educational program that would be the beacon of hope throughout the world?  What if we could all become neighbors and partners instead of going it alone?  If these ideas are something that resonate with you, you are going to love what I have been working on.

Now for something truly unique and it is the most forward thinking plan I have had.  You all should know by now that the real value of silver is magnitudes more than it’s paper price today.  I have said that simply having 1,000 ounces of silver represents 10,000 days of hard human labor.  From the earliest days of the Roman Empire roman soldiers were paid 1 Denarius for each day of service, which was 1/10th of an ounce of silver.  Factory workers were paid a dime for a days work at the turn of the century.  Even 2/3rds of the world today where debt money is not available people live off of $2 a day, which is less than a 1/10th of an ounce of silver.

The ability for average people like you and me to be able to accumulate that amount of wealth is historically significant.  I know of many that have multiples of even that benchmark.  Whether you realize it or not we are going to have a network of extremely wealthy and more importantly honest and thoughtful people, who did the hard intellectual work to invest in silver before the collapse.  The Silver Shield Report and more importantly the Maverick Mastermind is designed to leverage our individual power into something much greater.  How awesome would it be to have a couple thousand silver owners who resonate with each other on a personal level be able, to partner with each other to help shape a new paradigm?

This Ultimate Exit Strategy seeks to leverage not only the wealth we have, but the unique talents and abilities we have in this network.  The Ultimate Exit Strategy is to eventually create a bank or a Private Equity Group with the silver we have.  In this next paradigm silver will be money on some form or another, somewhere in the US.  Look at the 13 states already pushing for legal tender laws.  With the massive decentralization of power coming, I am confident that states will reassert their natural rights to nullify any federal laws that would prohibit them from taking control of their local power.

This bank will not be like the banks we know that rely on deceitful practices to enslave people with debt, it will be a place to store wealth and to invest wealth.  There will not be any need to loan using fractional reserve lending because the massive increase of our silver relative to other paper assets will be incredible.  I would not be surprised that the silver wealth on our little community could eventually buy New Hampshire. I am not joking.

Equity lending is really simple and moral.  Essentially the silver capital lends to the labor behind the new business venture.  The capital would own all of the assets of the company and the labor (investor) would invest his time and talent to succeed in the area of his expertise.  The loan will be made with no interest.  The benefit to the lender is that they would retain either stock or assets in the newly successful company.  The benefit to the borrower is that, one they will be able to get money, they will have a competitive advantage because they will have better terms they any of their competition, they will have experienced investors backing them up.  It is moral because it does not involve debt or interest.  If the venture fails then the both parties lose, but no one else.  If they succeed, they capital they make will help fund others dreams.

Another level is a community.  Have you looked around at America, it is one big commercialized strip mall that monetizes everything. It does not resonate with me at all.  I look at Europe and you see a much better way of life.  Less rushed, more relaxed, more education and a better quality of life.  There is nothing in the US that resembles this way of life, we can build something better.

Right after the dollar collapse this new entity whether it is a bank or a private equity will be able to monetize our silver when there is NO credit markets or money.  We will be able to buy prime land and get an Allodial title to the property.  All debt will become worthless including liens and bonds against property.  Is it out of the realm of possibility for use to buy a state park from a state in need of capital or a development or university that went bankrupt?  (Look at John Malone.) We could create a community that only uses silver or we could create debt free money to be used in the community.  We could encourage farming in the area with our bank to secure food and an export for our little economy.  With our debt free money, our tax-free land, food independence, the only thing left in the need for free energy.  We should be able to create energy projects to make out little community energy independent.  Designing a sustainable project will be very achievable, affordable and wise.  It will resonate with what we are doing.  Can you imagine how far we could progress as a community/society without taxes, interest or energy costs?  This is not a pipe dream, it is just too costly for us to do right now, plus we would have to deal with a myriad of bureaucracies.  In this paradigm shift there will be no local, state or federal authorities to deal with. (If there are I am sure they will be easily influenced like post collapse Russia.)

So here we are with the intellectual foundation built with all of the work from DTOM and the Academy.  We have a network of like-minded individuals that are going to be extremely wealthy not only because they have silver but because they can see how the world really works and stay ahead of the curve.  Now we also have the Ultimate Exit Strategy to make possible a new paradigm.  This is totally achievable in a local community, but I believe that we will have a far greater reach than just on a town level.  I believe that is we are in the right state; we can become a very powerful influence on a state level and possibly a national or global level.  If this plan is successful in one place we can then go about planning other communities all over the world using our first development as the test.  This leaves one last thing for us all to do before the collapse happens, get more silver! 


Project: Constitutional Silver

I have been working closely with Drew for a few months about making the best silver investment program out there.  Here are some of the things I felt it should have.

•I wanted to have it be the lowest priced silver out there.

•I wanted the ability to ability to dollar cost average in a monthly program.

•I wanted the ability to supplement the purchases to buy the dips.

•I wanted the ability to store the silver with the lowest storage fees.

•I wanted the storage site to be “off the radar” in friendly areas.

•I wanted to pool our purchasing power to get the best deal

•Most importantly I wanted to have a Exit Strategy for all of this silver.

Through months of talking Drew and I came up with this program.  We decided that we strictly wanted to focus on “junk” silver.  And for the purpose of everything going forward we will be calling it Constitutional Silver, because that is what it is.  Pre 1964 silver is actually the money we used to have and it is 90% silver.  We wanted to focus on Constitutional because it had the lowest premium. This coupled with our Ultimate Exit Strategy and having a bank made for a potent combination.

The other reason why is because it had the lowest premium, this will sky rocket as silver is needed for monetary demand.  Most people that are investing in silver right now have no intention of spending their silver.  I am a perfect example of this when I bet the house on silver in 2005 I loaded up on 100 ounce bars.  Now I see that I have a bunch of these big bricks that are going to be harder to get rid of and I wish that I had bought more Constitutional Silver.  Constitutional silver is already easily recognized as money. It is the lowest divisible silver and it is a great form for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.

There are two parts of this program that I felt that were needed. Most silver investment companies specialize in either physical delivery OR storage, very few do both.  The other difference I see is that there are either Dollar Cost Averaging programs or one time bulk buying.  When Drew and I got to talk about this Constitutional Silver Project, I wanted the ability to do everything.  I wanted the ability to take physical delivery and for those that want storage, we will have that too.  I am a strong believer of Dollar Cost Averaging because it provides the discipline to buy silver on a consistent basis. Whenever there are pullbacks in the market, which we are used to we can supplement the savings with bulk buys.  Through this Dollar Cost Averaging program we can leverage our buying power throughout our community. For any questions contact Drew Mason at

I know we covered a lot of stuff tonight, but I feel they are all “no-brainers” depending on your level of interest.  You can remain as you are and read DTOM and learn form the Academy eventually TGTNT.


I strongly encourage everyone to join us in a weekly webinar with the Silver Shield Report where I will share with you the latest information on our path to awakening.


The highest level of participation is the Maverick Mastermind groups that meets twice a week in a roundtable discussion led by me.  Here we will develop the inner circle to help guide and fund this effort.

Maverick Mastermind is closed.

Regardless what level you belong to, I invite you to a one time only opportunity to join our Constitutional Silver program.  Even if you are not ready, I suggest starting off at minimum so you can increase it later.

I look forward to working with you all to move positively in the face of great challenges.

Thank you very much and have a great day!


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  • JD

    I can honestly say that I first was shown this site sometime near the beginning of the year. I was working every day, just doing what was making people content so I would not get argue with.. Weekends were spent racing or playing video games with friends. My father being military always spoke of how piss poor other countries were, and how the term “It ain’t that bad yet here” angered him beyond belief. He was always saying it was a matter of time before its our turn. What he preached was coming true slowly but surely. I dug into the sons of liberty academy and did outside research to verify it. As 20 year old I tried to sharply change and apply this to my life while I had the chance. I have moved up and work, have been pushed to deal with people and see their opinions and values. It has opened my eyes and I feel like what my great grandfather started with my family and our land/farm can now be passed on and improved upon. I have to say I have awakened a few but the ones that I though would grasp the SOLA have shunned it and went upon their way. I cannot wait to purchase DVDs or some form of transferable media to show this to others. Thank you.

  • skeptical

    what if silver does crash? history has shown that everything crashes at some point.

    • Silver Shield

      What is more likely to crash first, an unsustainable debt, consumer, war paradigm or a metal that has served humanity for thousands of years as a store of value that finds more and more uses every day?

  • Gareth

    Dear fellow academy member, please do as I do when I recognise valid and important information – get a paper copy. Cut and paste the above into word then print it out. Store it with other important information.

    To Chris, as always, my upmost respect and gratitude for your advice and work.

    Good Luck, everyone.


  • goshen

    Like it, but do you have to use graphics with expletives? It seems to degrade the presentation and I wonder who all(age and gender) will eventually view it.

    • Silver Shield

      I am sorry if a picture of an aircraft carrier saying fuck Iraq bothers you..
      I think it is hundreds of times more offensive what happens when a nation thinks that it is their right to say that to others with bombs.

  • Agent047

    Keep up the great work Chris! Great advice always.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    We could encourage farming in the area with our bank to secure food and an export for our little economy. With our debt free money, our tax-free land, food independence, the only thing left in the need for free energy.

    Sounds terrific. Question:

    Let’s say I want to join and offer my services, because I don’t have much silver. How will my rights and obligations compare to those of massive silver owners?

    I would expect large investors to see themselves as first class citizens, more equal than the others.

    In other words, what mechanism will keep this outstanding idea from quickly collapsing into another Soviet style pyramid, where labor is forced to work 16 hours a day for a handful of rice, while a few Founding Fathers (unreachable to the general public) sell energy to the outside world and distribute profits the way they see fit?

    • Silver Shield


      The idea that we would have a free community without debt, taxes, and be food and energy independent.
      Those that have silver would, if they are like me, would want to create new jobs and opportunities for those that have value to share with their time and talent.
      I love the idea of equity investing where we could have a smart capital base partnering with those of you that have ideas and talents that have value in the new paradigm.

      The mechanism is that any community we would create would be based on the individual and not some silver collective.
      Look at Hong Kong they took an island with no natural resources and created a level playing field for all to rise to their highest and best self.
      Why cannot we do that at a local level in a state that values honest money when the time is right.

      Any collectivist system will fail.
      I am quite sure that if it did rear its ugly head men like you and me would chop it down quickly.

      I am confident with those people we attract we will not have that problem, which is why I want to create this community now before the collapse.
      Afterwards I am sure that there are going to be a lot of desperate collectivists that are going to want to join the band wagon, and I do not want to deal with that.

      P.S. I like the way you think brother.

  • Futurecat

    I dont see the value in spending 997, 97, or 30 dollars per month on these things… Granted, you are doing discounted rates for the lucky ones who jump on early, if it is true that you can never be too prepared, then wouldn’t you say I would be better off spending that 997/300, 97/30, or 30/17 dollars on food, guns, ammo, water, and other supplies? Or is there some sort of implication that by paying into this, we will be provided valid information regarding free or low cost ways to obtain these? I realize I am being heinously critical, but believe me im looking for an answer, not tryin’ to thrash. I have been waiting intently for your announcements and am gglad your’e still goin strong Chris! Much love

    • Silver Shield

      I don’t mind people questioning me.
      All I do is tell people to question everything, including me.
      I have the thickest skin, I have to thinking and acting the way that I have in my life. :)

      All preps are useless without knowledge.
      Mental preparation is the most valuable preparation there is.

      I was in the Marines for 7 years and we had a saying, all plans go out the window when the first shot is fired.
      The thing that made us such a powerful force on the battlefield is that we had leaderless resistance where every Marine was a Rifleman and we improvised, adapted and overcame.

      DTOM and SOLA are great but the Report and the Mastermind are for those that want to sharpen their skills.

      If you feel like a $1 a day to buy another box of mac and cheese is more valuable than all of the work, insight, and vision that I am providing, oh well.

      The Silver Shield Report is so I can address more issues in the news and provide unlimited email support to those that value my effort.
      I will be providing commentary and ideas for us to positively move forward as when head into very uncertain times.

      The Maverick Mastermind is for those that could use my insights into their businesses and investments.
      My hope is that we build a trusted circle of individuals that we can forge a new paradigm with.

      I will not be writing that much anymore, it is not the highest and best use of my time, and I would rather be developing relationships now with those that get it before the collapse.
      I certainly do not want to be entrusting my life and fortune by partnering and living with those “johnny come lately’s”

      • Chris,

        All great ideas. The vision of the the community to come and remaking the world is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

        That in mind, a few thoughts:

        1) re the buying program… I can buy junk silver dimes or quarters right now on at 1.4% above spot, with a 1-time $20K investment, and without any leverage or group buying power. By contrast, you’d charge 5.5% for that – almost 400% more!

        2) When you spoke of growing food the onscreen image was of an expansive petro-chemical dependent, probably GMO monoculture. Now would be a great time to start educating people about Permaculture, including Polyculture and Perennial crops like food forests.

        3) Re Why not Gold. Your points about industrial utility are well made. I had the same in mind when I first bought silver over gold. However, I’ve heard the converse point well argued too: that once things crash there will be no more iPones etc, so the industrial demand will plummet, and with it the price of silver. By contrast, Gold always retains stable value precisely due to the lack of ephemeral industrial demand. I wonder if you could speak to that…?

        Best wishes.

        • Silver Shield

          1. Drew at Constitutional Silver is a good friend and it know his rates change faster than the website. Please contact him at about current prices. I have made three major purchases and he had the best deal I found anywhere when you consider everything. He also does stuff that no dealers do… Say you are a friend of mine.

          2. Any food solution would have to be organic and sustainable.

          3. Please read the Ultimate Silver Investor at the top tab to answer this question.

          • Thanks for the quick response Chris – I’ll drop Drew and email. And I have to make a correction to my earlier message – the Tulving deal I quoted would require a minimum purchase of $1,000 face. Adding in their $.49/oz premium would require a min spend of $24,581.70.

            Re organic sustainable farming – I really urge you to explore permaculture – a very profound science of working with nature to maximize output and minimize labor, all in the most harmonious and integrated way imaginable. Geoff Lawton is one to look up, doing amazing work- check out his trailer for “greening the desert.” Also anything by David Holmgren, or Bill Mollison, the disciplin’s founders, or Sepp Holzer who developed his own version in advance/parallel.

            Another thing to share with your is these this TED talk on “a Civilization Starter Kit” which holds TREMENDOUS promise for the vision we’re all here to co-create.

            All the best,


  • J.D.

    SATURDAY, 28 OCT. 2011??? 29TH IS SATURDAY!

  • Silver Rod

    FYI Saturday is 29th

  • mike

    Like Steve Jobs said, the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

    Go for it Chris.

    A brother in silver arms in the UK.

    • Silver Shield


      Thanks brother! I wanted to create an alternative form this Occupy This an That movement.
      A strong network of individuals who get it, and voluntarily work together, can do a lot more than an individual can.

      Some will be too cynical to see it others will resonate with the idea and that is what I want in my life.

  • AW

    S.S. Thanks for the info. I have always enjoyed your articles and interviews and have been amazed at the amount of time you have donated for the cause even though I will admit that I was already pretty awake by the time I came across your site via David Morgan. Honestly, the one thing that resonated with me most in SOLA and DTOM is that you offered most of your services for free and I felt an inherent concern for the little guy and our nation as a whole in your efforts. I do not blame you for charging for your services now that you have built a strong following but I will not be signing up. It is not that I don’t believe and support you or donate to good causes like the Ron Paul campaign or tithing/charity (which I do regularly). I am entirely vested in the PM space. We also have solar, guns, food, etc. If any of what you say is right (which I believe you are and my actions support my beliefs), then the amount of gains I will make in physical will be more than enough to support me and my family through this transition. I live a frugal happy lifestyle and am not particularly interested in building an empire of wealth so I can “be the next Berkshire” as you seem to wish to now do. A little too pleutocratesc/greed sounding for my liking. I do have great concern for my children and our country. I feel Mike Maloney has also done much of the same for the little guy and am greatful for both of your efforts and wish you both success and hope you continue some of your efforts into awakening the masses but I will only be following your free services. Information is free and it is out there if you want it. It does not need to be paid for. Good luck friend.

    • Silver Shield


      Thank you for your comment I hope that this vision is not about greed. I bring up Berkshire because so much wealth was created, it is not my fault they all chose to waste that blessing.

      I proposed a community so that people do not have to pull a Rambo and we can have debt free land, debt free money, and be food and energy independent.

      The Report and the Group serve different functions and judging by the response so far, a worthwhile investment for many.

      For others it is not their thing and I respect that too.


  • Tyberious

    I agree with Futurecat! There are a million wealth promotion websites out there, each one promising a unique perspective on the up coming paradigm shift! I ask you “Chris” if your mission is to help people, why not for the benefit of your fellow American and mankind, make this information available and free to all? Your Karma will be happy that you did!

    • Silver Shield


      This is not a wealth promotion site and all of my work has been free.
      The Silver Shield Report will allow me to more effectively address what is going on in the news and in our community.
      It takes me hours to put together these articles. (Some of them weeks, like the Silver Shield and the Silver Bullet and A Decade of Denial and Deception.)
      In this format I can blaze through issue after issue and address those that do find value in my work. (Doing 80+ 1 on 1 Strategy Sessions in 10 days is not the highest and best use of my time.)

      I will continue to produce free work like The Greatest Truth Never Told but at some point I need to move forward and start shaping the future.

  • Dave

    You have a great Vision Chris, I love the idea of Constitutional Silver. Thanks for everything that you are doing.

    • Silver Shield


      Thanks I put a lot of thought into all that I do, some appreciate it, some don’t.

      The Constitutional Silver idea is one of the more solid ideas.

  • Dear Sir,
    Is it possible to receive the constitutional silver
    in Belgium?
    Will there be some tax or VAT?
    Is so, what is the extra cost?

    Best regards,
    Erik Flamend

  • George Silver

    So GoldMoney is NOT the best way to buy Silver?

    • Silver Shield

      George Silver,

      Can you get it shipped to you?
      Can you have it stored somewhere you can actually drive to?
      Are the premiums lower?

      Everything has a place but I believe this is the best that I could come up with.

      You be the judge.

  • Howard

    Count me in Chris , I’ll trade u 30$ of my toilet paper money for valuable information any day, I paid alot more for a garbage college education that did nothing for me, infact I learned more about money on ur site than the years I spent in business school, I’m not kidding ! It’s a buck a day people!

  • Howard

    Count me in Chris , I’ll trade u 30$ of my toilet paper money for valuable information any day, I paid alot more for a garbage college education that did nothing for me, infact I learned more about money on ur site than the years I spent in business school, I’m not kidding ! …oh and I hope we have a military in our new utopia cuz the zombies will try take it away from us … :)

    • Silver Shield


      Thanks brother!

      If people do not think my time, effort and ideas are not worth it then they won’t join.

      It is a free market… somewhere. 😉

  • James

    Borrowing against your silver may not work. As with ANY bubble, it is going to go way over its real value and crash back down. If you sell at the top (and by sell I assume you are buying land, real estate, etc with 100% of the proceeds) or cost average around the top, even with a tax penalty you may be better off than borrowing against it because even though money may be valued in gold and silver, it won’t be valued at the bubble top value, it will be valued at a much smaller value after the crash. Even though this value is far higher than the value today, you may be better off by selling at the top. For example: say silver goes to $1000/oz then crashes back down to $100/oz where it remains and holds and will forevermore since governments finally back money with gold and silver. If you sell at the top you will exit with 10x the value of money. If borrow against your silver at the top, and then when silver drops 10x you will only have 10% backing your loan than you had when you originated it, you are going to get called on it and default. After currency is backed by gold or silver there is no point in holding it anymore, you only incur personal risk and liability in doing so.

  • Sterling

    Thanks Chris for all you do and the research.

    I think silver is a great investment ,for now and into the shift that you speak of .. I think you would have to be brain dead not to feel it. You are on to something but please remember this Idea of a community based on wealth will last only as long as the human capacity to sacrifice for the common good prevails. The change we are looking for has to have it’s counterpart in spiritual “maturity” based on recognizing evil in our local community starting in our own heart -head knowledge; Otherwise this community will fall prey to the “human sins” that need to be challenged anew each and every day, silver or no silver.

    Keep on searching and growing, you & your efforts are much appreciated

    • Silver Shield

      Very good points. I believe the quality of the people we have attracted with our message is the kind of people whom you would trust your life with like our founding fathers.
      Any community we could form would be based on the individual and not some collective.

  • Curious


    Have you ever heard of William Guy Carr? This paradigm is intentionally being imploded, to give birth to a cashless “New” global currency. Your thoughts??

  • Bob

    Income producing properties?? With the whole world upside down where are the people going to come and where is the money going to come from to support these so called income producing properties. We already have many many people not paying their rents and trying to get them evicted is quite a challenge. commercial real estate is in the same boat.

    Unless I am missing something here it doesn’t sound like a great idea to me – perhaps you can enlighten me some more.



    • Silver Shield

      The world will go through the anger stage but it will not be the world over and not forever.
      There will be massive opportunities for the prepared individual.
      I think a much better idea is investing in a new paradigm community or new businesses that will free humanity.

  • MelTappenwasright

    Sorry Chris, you lost me too, its one thing to share your knowledge and, God Bless you for that, But I have been a silver investor since 1980 , and knowing that Big brother has the power to control / Regulate, and Confiscate at will, it is just a matter of time till it does so and you can bet it will be smack dab in the middle of a silver high, there not ever going to let go of their sheeple to fleece, when the people get fed up and come up with things like this it will pull the plug and create another way to steal the wealth of those who work the hardest for it.. your idea of leaderless resistance is right on and the more I talk to like minded preppers they feel the same.. silver will only go so far and food will take over as king. its not that there wont be opportunity in the big crash , but some feel it will be more in line with barter and trading in labor etc.. IMHO …

    • Silver Shield

      If someone tries to take my my child I will use any force necessary to protect them.

      If someone tries to take the ability to support and defend my family I will do the same.

      My question to you is how are they going to confiscate what they cannot find?
      The 1933 “gold confiscation” was really a ponzi buy back program that relied upon people submitting to the idea.
      This will not work this time especially when we find out that Fort Know is empty.

      Leaderless resistance is the best way for an individual to spread ideas, but at some point we will have more impact if we resonate with each other in a community.

      This idea is really for after the crash and not during.
      I want to only work with those that saw what was coming not the too late people.

  • MelTappenwasright

    Sorry Chris, you lost me too. “Tried to post but you shut me down”???????????

  • Gareth

    I’m ‘all in’ for the $177.60 deal, Chris. Discount for bank-wire?

    Probably the appropriate ‘stage’, and ultimately I doubt i’ll leaving these shores of Blighty. I shall remain with my family and fight Ghsndi-style.

    It’s a shame, but there’s a premium too high for importing ‘legal tender’ bullion to the UK.

    I wish those that build this this new world the best of luck – wherever their location, and hope the concept of a n outright ban on usury is accomplished in your area.

    As for those that move to a location with silver-backed currency, I believe that’s the ultimate strategy to nullify the elite’s tentacles – as the elite have no silver to debt-trap you…….lucky b@stards!

    • Silver Shield

      We will import you in when the time is right.
      You are exactly where you need to be to fulfill your destiny.


  • Mustafa Cohen

    Thanks for the reply.

    On a related note, lately I have been looking at the history of Dukhobors. History has a sizable cache of examples for any ‘how-to’.

    • Silver Shield

      Very interesting.
      I am quite content to sit on a mountain and wait.
      I would prefer to have some interesting conversation and drinks with.

  • Spartacus

    Chris, your work is, in some ways, so important it’s difficult to put a price tag on. You are truly a visionary with solid ideas.

    However, James makes very valid point, and it is the reason I have not fully embraced your strategy of borrowing against your silver. The price of silver could fluctuate wildly after your borrowing.

    I can’t see how a lender would make a loan based upon collateral with a possibly erratic price. This, I believe, could be the Achilles heel of that strategy.

    Any further thoughts? Thanks

    • Silver Shield


      This will not be done is this paradigm where silver is considered junk… Literally.
      The borrowing I envision is one that first silver is recognized as real money and we will not have this paper games.
      Also we would be the lenders and therefore determine the risk reward as we make the loan.

  • Sean

    Chris, Can I join the Silver Sheild Report @ $30/month and have it taken out of my account monthly, or do I have to pay up front?… money is tight these days.



  • Tony

    Le’s see if i get this right. I like your idea of acquiring as much silver as possible. But then I will deposit it at your location. So when all shit hits the fan, you end up getting the silver… Claiming a total melt down of our society would prevent me from traveling to Ohio to get my commodity. Why not do the thing that one should do. Keep it at my home in a safe or some undisclosed location. That would solve the problem. Second, I like your idea of the master plan. One small problem…. Do you think that people who buy silver, gold and food haven’t a clue. Why pay to do something that my 6 yr old grandson could do on his own.
    You are a fraud or some stupid idiot who has done one simple thing. Forgot to think.
    If you want to read insight into silver read Jason Hammel. Silver stock report. He states buy and hold. Not this crap.
    Move to spam folder

  • mong00se

    This is in no way meant to be disparaging or over simplified. Just tryin to wrap my head around this.

    1. TGTNT, Silver Shield Report, and the Maverick Mastermind will be available for a monthly fee but you must purchase each one separate. Meaning if I sign up for the Silver Shield Report I’m not getting TGTNT thrown in as well, or if I get the MM I’m not getting the other 2 thrown in for free, correct?

    2. If you want to be a part of the Equity lending group/bank you need to sign up for the minimum Constitutional Silver program?

    3. The Constitutional Silver program is a one time offer that expires in a week or so and the minimum is $100 per month?

    • Silver Shield

      @ mongoose

      If you do the SSR you get TGTNT
      If you do the MMG you get the SSR and TGTNT

      The equity lending group is a bit inthe future and has nothing to do with the current programs.
      After building the intellectual foundation I amseeking to build a community where we get to know each other better.
      The SSR is the best format for me to go over what is going on and address specific concerns.
      The MMG is for the highest committed who share the same fire and vision I have.

      The Constitutional Silver program is exclusively for the members of the Academy.

  • Sterling

    Hi again Chris,

    How do we as a new community plan to deal with all the “other people” who show up at our doorstep that “DID




    • Silver Shield

      I am sure where ever we set up base camp will be off the beaten path.
      Another reason to take this out of the public is because I do not want to telecast everything we are doing.
      Most sheeple will think it is noise but soon their ears will perk up.
      I am cannot stress the importance of this right now.

      Once we have a community set up we can then go about developing new visions that will attract the best and brightest.

  • Sterling

    Sorry I mean the new 1% ????

    • Silver Shield

      How? By not being psychopathic manipulators.
      I feel we have attracted good people to our message and this will not change if they become bullionaires overnight.
      The founding fathers took power without losing their minds.
      I hope that we can be a beacon for humanity as they go through the 5 stages of the awakening.

  • Tony

    Would you listen to someone who in a previous statement told his readers to run up their credit cards and tell the banks to
    pound sand.

    More great financial blunders by an idiot on all levels

    • Silver Shield

      @ Tony

      I never recommended people buy silver with running up their credit cards.
      I did state that some were doing it but I never recommended it.

      I also stated that I would consider borrowing against my silver is it got whacked again but I have not and probably will not.

      P.S. You don’t have to beat around the bush with me. You can say what you really feel, I have a very thick skin. 😉

  • Shaun Raap


    I advise reading Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged, she wrote about this “community” in there. Great idea,

    We can start a community, anyone can join, Chris responded to Mustafa regarding this. Who ever doesn’t have anything to offer unfortunately won’t be paid, although we can support them.

    When you work, you get paid in gold or silver, and you spend with gold and silver. So anyone who doesn’t have gold or silver, will work for it and start life that way.

    This is why it is important to already own gold or silver. Today silver is cheap, super cheap.

  • Amy

    I would appreciate clarification that mongoose brought up. On a more lighthearted note, why “Maverick” Mastermind? It made me think of Sarah Palin – yuck!

  • Sterling

    Shaun Raap,

    thanks for the reference. I get the idea but it will be hard and will take some time to get used to the new reality. It won’t be easy.

  • Chris

    Saw an interesting quote today; “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Applied knowledge is knowing not to use it in a fruit salad.”

    Thanks for beginning to introduce applicable knowledge to the knowledge we have obtained so far in this quest for truth

  • LaMachinna

    AW – those are my thoughts as well.

  • Silverrbug

    If I buy silver on constitutional silver, is it all .999 pure 1 OZ coins and what type of coins are they? American Eagles, Maples? and do I need to buy weekly monthly or whenever I feel like? and what are the delivery costs?

    • Silver Shield

      It is only pre 1964 American silver coins. No eagles or mapleleafs.
      You can buy bulk and have it shipped or stored.
      Check out the site for details.
      I think shipping is like $25?

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    mong00se is right – while the general feeling is very positive, the whole update is a bit confusing. Is there a chance to see this post split into a few shorter ones, each with one message?

  • Maynard

    I have a respect for your intent to inform. I don’t agree with all you say, but I think differently now that I’ve seen SOLA. Most ideas resonate with me. However, this new plan makes my BS alarms screams like crazy. You’re using someone’s ability to pay as a screening method for those who are worthy to be informed? This really seems to go against the whole philosophy of the SOLA.

    Chris, I hope I’m wrong, but this really seems like an elaborate mass marketing technique. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for you to make a living, but again, this makes my BS detector go nuts.

    • Silver Shield


      I do not believe this goes against the spirit of the Academy. I have put in 60 to 80 hours a week burning my self out trying to push an alternative future out there.

      I am moving on to now working with a smaller group who values my efforts to make personal conntections with them to eventually build something real with them. The dollars are simply a filter to decide who values my efforts or not.

      I knew most people were going to be negative about this and chances are they are the same negative people who I really don’t want to work with anyway. No offense.

      I am sick of the doom and gloom out there and really have no use for it.

      I have seen a massive change in my life with all of my knowledge and going forward I only want to surround myself with others that truly get it.

      I know I have changed a lot of peoples lives and I hope DTOM the SOLA and eventually TGTNT does more of that.

      Going forward choose to surround myself with those that get it on a much smaller level that values my effort than mentally dancing for those that either do not value my effort or piss on something they do not understand.

  • PlanetPrisoner

    You have been working. Interesting.

  • Howard

    Never bought junk silver before… I musta been brainwashed into thinking it was actually “junk” … No one ever says I got “junk gold” lol , only problem with junk silver is , it’s not as shiny as the .9999 fine silver, how can one b a pirate with silver that’s not shiny? Ugh … What to do what to do …

  • PlanetPrisoner

    There are many of us with varied skills. I am a pilot and also an architect. I have years of underground utility construction experience…..and this is just me.
    From what I have experienced in DTOM I am not alone, there are so many varied talents and skills.
    Soooo many things to work be worked out. Soooo many questions- who decides where the property is? -how much property is needed? ..I suppose this is the reason for the Oct 29th event…. short notice, my month ahead is usually pretty much planned ahead. Would this mean I would miss a chance to be in on the founding , because I have obligations 2 weeks out?
    This Ultimate Exit Strategy is something that would take much, much, much organizing….and LOTS leaving egos outside of the room, ya know?

    • Silver Shield

      @ planetprisoner.

      The beauty of freedom is that if something does not resonate with you, you don’t have to participate.

      If you have a better idea you can attract others to work with you.

  • Rob

    I won’t contribute unless you stop taking FRN’s on credit cards. I would contribute if you accepted only silver or gold specie as membership. It is hypocritical of you to ask for mammon to contribute.

  • PlanetPrisoner

    Reality setting in. I’ve got a bit of Devil’s advocate in me.

    Some, many people can’t just uproot and move to Utah!
    Some don’t like Utah!
    When the globalists hear of this, Utah will be a Chemtrail Bulls-eye!
    Taxfree land?
    There are always services needed in a planned community- fire, medical, school, elect/water/waste utilities.
    R U talking of living as an Amish?
    As for silver prices- I hope yours are super low! I don’t want to tell here where I get my silver-junk and bullion, but it is 90% of the time bought UNDERSPOT and has been for almost 2 years now.
    I would think a better approach might be along the theory of a co-op wherein individuals or even small community groups located anywhere in the country could be involved. Draw up some type of charter that organizes all into common-goal organization. Besides, being spread out would have a better chance of growth and by utilizing short-wave radio tech we could pretty much keep tabs on what the “others” are doing. Maybe even organize in the states that are already setting up sovereignty regs.
    You have a great thing going on now, Chris. Don’t look a gift horse in the ass, ya know? I think your DVD/Audio idea is great. I would even pay to come to a seminar here and there, as long as Guliani or Colin Powell or Gates isn’t there, heehe. You should think of doing a book series even.
    This Utah utopia idea is kinda way out there, even sounds a bit isolationist….help me understand a bit more on just a few of the hows and wheres and for whos if you can.
    I have grown kids that have moved all over the country, and a couple of young ones in another state with their mother. In younger, simpler times, this might work…maybe I am just not seeing the whole picture here.

    Calling for some “CountryCodger” logic here, R U there CC?
    RON PAUL 2012

    • Silver Shield

      @ planetprisoner

      I love devils advocates they get people to think which is why I am glad you are a contributor.

      Utah is just the storage facility we chose for the Constitutional Silver program.

      There are 13 states that are pushing gold and silver legal tender laws. ( personally New Hampshire is more my speed. )

      Tax free land is possible with an Alloidial title all debts will become worthless including the bonds on the properties that your property taxes pay the interest on. I believe that some states will be desperate for capital that they will sell their lands at very attractive terms and we will be ready.

      I don’t know about you but I plan on living a better life not an impoverished life. It will be a lot more slower but that is better. I am sure where ever we settle will have “civilization” near by.

      Yes you can buy silver for under spot heck cash for gold does it every day. You cannot buy like that in large sums on a consistent basis and the prices Drew has are by far the best I have seen.

      This new community will be a co opportunity place focused on freedom of the individual.

      The bank/equity will just be those that resonate with each other and want to pool our assets to push forward our vision.

      I know what we have done is great and I am confident it will flourish. Going forward I want to invest my time with a smaller group to make real world actions and not in the blogosphere. DVDs are coming and are apart of the real world effort.

      Moving from NJ to Ohio was a great thing for me. This next move is one that I feel will be the one that will really look forward to.

  • brian


    Appreciate all of your hard work! Congrats on “Moving On” to fewer deeper relationships. It is possible to make a bigger overall difference concentrating on a smaller like minded group. I will make every effort to get to Cleveland. I am in on the SSR and thank you for setting up CS. Exactly what I needed. Can’t wait for more.

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you for getting what I am trying to do. I hope to finally meet with you personally, it should be a great time.

  • gary

    Sounds fantastic. Have you done any work with Bix Wier’s Road To Roota theory?

    • Silver Shield


      I like Bix but I do not buy the whole benevolent banker theory. If anyone could have done it, it would have been Greenspan with his Ayn Rand background but. He got out while the getting was good. And has not dropped any bombs to tear apart what he created.

      The system will collapse of it’s own cancerous excesses not because some secret plan.

  • Futurecat

    I’m more than willing to cross the boudries of my own state to attend this meeting, however 2,500 miles and the travel costs associated with that are a little out of reach for me. I am not sure of the situations of others that would like to/will be there, but if nothing is set in stone, may I suggest a location closer to central U.S. to give more people a chance to attend? Or figure out who is on board and then figure out a location that works for everyone via alternate communication?
    Again, merely a suggestion.

  • bardian


    When I went all in in silver last year, my plan was to hold until someone started a bank in Mexico or some state out west like Utah or Montana. This is EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! I really wanna be a part of this. I think if we get enough people to invest their stash, we could really build some political influence and help Utah lead the way out of the collapse by secession eventually establishing its own hard money backed system.

    • Silver Shield


      Do you see how awesome it is when you resonate with someone?

      It will not take many of us to do something very special.

      The best part is that we will create a world that will allow us to be truly free and because we resonate with each other probably very happy.

  • Archangel

    Chris, I’ve been with DTOM & SOLA since the academy was paid for membership. I went through the whole academy, some modules multiple times. I was waking up prior to that (questions about 9/11 and a subsequent addiction to late nights on youtube). I found you on a link on an Alex Jones website after going through a painful hopeless feeling about it all. SOLA was instrumental in getting me fully aware. I am very grateful for this. I was always seeking the community aspect that was hinted at early on in the academy. I will do whatever I can to be there on the 29th. I will confirm once I look at flights. I am uncertain how the Greater Depression will play out with respect to silver, however I AM confident that the Greater Depression will happen and this will be time for a paradigm shift and a shift in leadership of the nation. Our greatest asset is eachother. The exit strategy might change, but the value of a master mind group will not change. The physical meeting is a step in the right direction. Thank you for the hard work.

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you for your words of support.

      All of my life I have been limited to people with limited thought. This is a way for me/us to work with people who truly get it.

      I know that resonating with a small group that do get it without the negative, limited thought people will be something I will enjoy incredibly.

      I hope to see you there on the 29th.

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