Two themes in the responses to the controversial ultimate exit strategy

Chris Duane’s article ‘my ultimate strategy’ caused quite a stir a few days ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the comments are now regretted by some participants.

I’ve been playing Psychological chess for nearly two decades now, and have seen life from a variety of perspectives.  My sixteenth and seventeenth years on this earth were a drug-induced psychotic phase of delinquency, one in which I ‘changed’ at a variety of levels.  My parents, and other loved ones including close friends’ parents stood by me, and even organised a tracking group when I went ‘missing’.  Oh, and I’m sure a second mortgage was accrued too.  I owe them a lot, which is one reason I’ve come to terms with facing the paradigm shift in such a bad location as the one I’m in – northern England.

I met probably a dozen shrinks, had two social workers, lived on a Psychiatric ward on a weekend, and in children’s psychiatric home/residential school during the week , all in a six-month period, spent a month back at home, relapsed, then spent a further eighteen months in a ‘regular’ children’s home.  The latter was great, I’d stopped most of the drug-taking, was attending sixth-form college – the English equivalent of the last two years of high school in the US – and best of all, the children’s home was co-ed 😉 I met many people in the new town I moved to, and I was very ‘free’.  I had no parents watching over me constantly and the staff at the children’s home thought I was great as I went out most of the time, never got caught for anything, and therefore didn’t make their job difficult with police visits.

Since that time, I’ve maintained a good relationship with my loved ones, and have garnered THIRTY ONE letters after my name – BscHons;PGDipPsych;PGCertRM;PGCE;MSc.  To be perfectly honest, I did most of the courses simply to avoid/delay/postpone the inevitable ‘rat race’ many people suggested I must enter.  My first venture into the rat race, incidentally, was immediately following my first graduation and I worked as a claims assessor in an insurance firm.  After eight months I realised the role was amoral, immoral, and not something I wanted to do with my life.  So I quit. I returned to University and simultaneously studied and worked as a part time teacher up until the point I’d acquired a professional teacher’s certificate, and a masters degree.

Teaching is often nothing but red-tape in the UK by-the-way.  It’s just a case of exam preparation with pre-scripted evaluations of pre-scripted ‘knowledge’.  It’s only at one-to-one thesis level that the student is ‘free’ in the current system, and only if the bureaucrats are not involved.  My thesis concerned the Pygmalion effect:  the experimental term for a self-fulfilled prophecy.  Not something the average dickhead bureaucrat understands, and not a topic they’d have their sticky paws on anyway.  I feel sorry for brainwashed Keynesians with make believe economics theory in their head.

The best thing my thesis guide told me was, “you can only learn so much from a book”.  This statement and the one from my Philosophy tutor, “Political correctness is the enemy of truth” are two pieces of guidance I’m grateful for.

I then returned to full-time employment in the role of behavioural modification therapist to a group of autistic children, mainly using operational conditioning as an intervention method i.e. no chemical-induced behavioural change through petro-drugs.  I enjoyed the role, but always craved to travel ,and so I undertook a TEFL qualification  and went to the far-east to teach English.  I spent time in many parts of Asia but was mainly based in either China or South Korea.  In 2008 the ‘alarm bell’ went off in my mind and by mid 2010 I was back in blighty trying to prepare a safe house for me and my family to move to.  My family refuse/cannot wake-up at this moment.  They will, and I’m hoping to be their guide when each of them ‘awakens’, which ultimately could be one-at-a-time.  I give silver coins to my nieces and nephews for their birthday and Christmas – ones with Kuala bears and rabbits on them to garner interest in their mind about REAL MONEY.

In my current position, I’m a support worker for those with learning disabilities and mental-health issues – which is low-paid – but as the economy sucked upon my return to blighty, I grabbed a job whilst I could and began preparation of the modern-day equivalent of 1345.

I hope I’ve convinced you, the reader, that I’m no naïve person when it comes to perspectives on life and aspects of psychology.  I believe the response to Chris’ article “the ultimate exit strategy” comprised of two themes: 1. Anger; and 2.Disbelief of possibility.

1. Anger

I get pi$$ed when someone asks me for some of my limited currency these days, especially those with “friends of the earth”, “Oxfam”, “world wide fund for nature” or some other state-sanctioned ‘charity’ label on their shirt.

Many are hurting financially and spiritually, and many thought that ALL Chris’s work would/should be free forever.  So anger was expressed at $30 for the SSReport and $300 for the Maverick programme.

Whilst many focussed on the dollar aspect for the maverick programme, my mind focussed on two key-words, “application only”.  Stop seeing the world in dollars, folks – you’ll miss key points J

Chris wants to free-up time to focus more on those less angry.  I believe he’s done enough free counselling, given enough free financial advice, free general guidance, and free education than all the alleged ‘charities’ above combined.

I’m very grateful to Chris Duane.  He’s influenced the anger stage of my acceptance of the upcoming paradigm shift, which has enabled me to prepare more logically.  One of the first comments I emailed Chris at the start of this year was along the lines of:

“I want some magical power where I can gather together the b@stard Rothschild and co, put them on a rocket-ship, and send them into the sun to burn!”

Yup, I was angry.

As are many of you.

Hey, the DTOM is remaining free, and has a wealth of knowledge and a variety of contributors – each with a unique angle of the contemporary world.  The DTOM is a rich, informative, and hopefully entertaining blog that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Who set- up the DTOM and SOLA?  Have they helped you in some way?  I heard from some of my American colleagues whilst teaching in Asia that Americans can be ungrateful at times.  But FUCK guys – some of your comments were like a spoilt-brat from hell.  Hope some of you ‘man up’ and apologise.  And as for logging-out, then logging back in under a new pseudonym – well that’s just vindictive, pathetic, and childish Mr Black.

Throughout it all Chris responded to comments with dignity, and in my neck-of-the-woods that makes him a true Gentleman.

2.Disbelief of possibility.

I wasn’t sure how to linguistically categorise those in this category, but decided upon calling it those with a ‘disbelief of possibility’.  This group I could relate to, as it is indeed a highly audacious and ambitious plan.  That’s one reason why Chris needs freeing-up and wishes to devote more time away from those that are still very angry.

As I stated, my thesis concerned self-fulfilling prophecies and my research suggested the phenomenon includes many factors including agency ability.  If anyone is an agent of change, it’s Chris.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve to say on the topic and I hope the “Chris should work for free” brigade realise that it’s about a ‘bigger picture’ than the $US aspect of the SSReport.

All the best, and try to chill-out you angry lot J


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  • George Silver

    Try and get over yourself. I know it’s difficult but just try.

  • howard

    where u on perscription drugs or were u a drug addict in your younger years? what kind of drugs did you do ? and how did u overcome your addiction if you had one? I ask cuz i have a good friend that wants to quit very very badly but cant seem to kick the addiction….

  • Mr. Black

    I don’t regret my comments at all. Chris Duane quoting himself in his own articles, constantly referencing very basic concepts which can be learned in an entry-level college Psychology class and applying them to the situation caused by the dollar collapse to create some veneer of intelligence, and the credibility-destroying lust for a profit margin (not unlike those people Duane so vehemently rails against constantly) from the traffic of his website all serve to constantly remind me of the sound decision I’m making in writing Duane off. I really would like my question answered though. Was the lust for profits a recent occurrence based on the realization of how much traffic the site brings in, or was it the ultimate goal from the outset? It’s a simple question, and I think I’m not alone in my conviction that maybe a former used car salesman from New Jersey shouldn’t be trusted so hastily, so he should really consider answering it if he doesn’t want to lose all credibility from a large chunk of the Survivalist movement. Those of us that have been aware for many, many years, and have been preparing since before this site was online are a little more mentally acute than Duane gives us credit for, and want answers; straight answers. “Intro to Psychology”-influenced misdirection and Rick Perry-esque side-stepping of the question is unacceptable. Answer the question honestly if you’re capable of doing so, Chris Duane; if you dare.

  • Jango Fett

    With grammatical and spelling errors on literally every article he publishes, how am I supposed to want to give him thousands of my dollars? Even more disconcerting, how am I supposed to follow anyone that tells me to go “all in” on any form of investment. Let’s get real, people.

  • 1morOunce

    @ Mr. Black

    Didn’t you say that you were done with this site.

    So what is it ? Are you done with this site or are just a liar.

  • Mr. Black

    @ 1morOunce

    While your reply is a cheap attempt to try to discredit what I’ve said without disputing any of the arguments I’ve presented, I will take the liberty of addressing your arguments directly nonetheless.

    Q: “Didn’t you say that you were done with this site.”
    A: While this sentence is ambiguous in that it is framed like a question but punctuated with a period, I will assume it’s a question. Yes, I said I was done with this site, the word “done” not having any specific meaning contextually inferred nor implied. “Done” can mean a whole range of things; it can mean not giving credibility to, not openly supporting, not contributing to, or even not visiting as often or at all, the latter of which you obviously assumed absolutely.

    Q: “So what is it ? Are you done with this site or are just a liar.”
    A: Your flinging an insult at me without provocation shows me that you’re quite incensed by the argument I have presented here. That’s a little juvenile. I would instead suggest addressing me with some reasonable discourse and present some counterpoints to substantiate your feelings so you don’t simply come off as a guy who is angry, doesn’t know basic concepts of the English language such as the difference between a statement and a question, and flings insults at people on the Internet rather than engage in meaningful discussion.

  • Country Codger

    My hat is off to you Gareth,

    You had the courage to tell others what you had to overcome in order to take ownership of your life once again. Good Man. I have come to the conclusion that people in America have so distanced themselves with the qualities that built this nation that they can no longer distinguish between Colletivism and Community.

    My roots are from a background of Community building and I can recognize it as such. In America if you say, “Let’s work together” people jump up and down that you are a Collectivist. Like I have said before when a house burns down, you have to completely sweep off the foundation in order to start over again. It won’t be long before Americans will once again say, “let’s work together.”

    Good luck Gareth.


  • Silver42

    I don’t understand the anger. A lot of members donated to the site and that allowed people to prepare who could not afford to pay for the site. My guess is that the majority of the ones complaining probably haven’t paid anything yet.

    There are a lot of other survivalist sites and most charge you to join a newsletter or buy material to learn about it. The newsletter is only recommended, but a good way for most people to keep up to date with what is going on. If you don’t want to pay or can’t afford it, then you will still be more prepared than most people from following the free (unless you donate) site.

    Chris just goes through the normal psychological stages to prepare you for what you should expect. When learning this information, understanding the stages did help me to understand the normal process. I guess I could of taken an intro to psychology class, but with tuition costs I am glad I got it for free and used that money to buy more silver.

    Grammatical Errors – If this was a site where the answer to the collapse was using perfect grammar, then I would be worried. I am not going to sell my silver and call this site a fraud because there was a missing comma and a misspelled word in an article.

    Warning! There might be some grammatical errors in this comment.

  • Soveregn Patriot

    Mr Black, I appreciate your gusto. You have somes qualities that will serve you well through the paradigm shift. I see your angry and this is giving you energy and focus. Good, use it to better your position.
    With that being said I wish you and yours all the best.
    I don’t pretend to answer for Chris. I do feel compelled to share my take. Ones willingness to part with their money demonstrates their commitment level. When I move from a rhetoric to an action phase I want to work with those who are ready to act as well. Using peoples willingness to part with their money is a good stratagem to determine whom one will work with.

  • Jared Silver

    This is a disinfo site that happens to have interesting articles, which support the disinfo angle. Trusting some Schmo and pooling any money to make some imaginary profit is absurd, for one cannot borrow against their silver and lend it at the same time. This idea that one can have their cake and eat it too is the reason why the nations are in the situation we are in financially. Chris is using a banker ploy of offering something for nothing in hopes that the greedy few will take the bait. Of course, those greedy enough to fall for it will find that DTOM stole all of their silver and spirited away, never to be found again. Besides, why pay for info that is readily available? Listen to Chris when he says “trust no one”, not even him! Folks, don’t join up with those you don’t know in order to build some bogus community of silver owners, instead stay put and fight for the community in which you already live. The ultimate exit strategy is the plan to abscond with your wealth.


    • Silver Shield

      Tell me where the disinfo is?

      I have written hundreds of thought provoking articles like the 5 Stages of Awakening, The Trivium and the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.

      How exactly would that help the banksters?

      Examples not conjuncture please.

      @ $30 a month I do not see a Dr. Evil plot here.

  • Gareth

    @ George Silver: If I perceive your comment correctly, then I can assure you that I am ‘over myself’. Think someone missed the point of my srticle there :-)

    @howard, who asks the only question here worthy of my 100% attention: I was young, dude. The first part of my ‘new’ life was six-months of truanting, and the six months I described above. How old is your friend? The ‘drugs’ I spoke of were hallucinogens and solvents – not a good combination. The quacks tried me on prescription drugs, but the nurses weren’t very savvy and I stuck the pills to the top of my mouth for a few days, and after that they ceased to check my mouth. They always assume if you’re gonna hide it, it’ll be under your tongue :-) In the DSM IV – the psychiatrists ‘bible’ – an idividual has to display specific behaviours for a full six months to be ‘labelled’ as a Schizophrenic, bi-polar sufferer etc etc. As many of my psychotic episodes were caused by LCD, ‘shrooms’, and solvents – things I couldn’t get hold of on a Psychiatric ward – my behaviour normailsed, and as I state: I played psychological chess with the useless b@stards. After going home for a month, I moved from a town far enough that nobody knew me, and close enough to visit my family…..once I was ready. Is your friend willing to relocate? If you want to talk to me in private, please email me at This is an email address linked to a pseudonym, my real name is indeed Gareth. I will check it over the next few days, and will respond to any concerns you have. Have hope, your friend could change.
    @ Mr Black: I cannot, and therefore will not answer on Chris’ behalf. You can ask me questions though, and I shall ask you one. Did you, or did you not, log off then log back in under another pseudonym?
    @ jango: I’ve marked hundreds of projects, essays, and classwork. Although I would pull-up students for incorrect grammar, spelling, punctuation etc, it really wasn’t the primary focus of my feedback. As for the ‘all in’ comment – how do you perceives the ‘all-in’ advice? I perceive it at a finacial level i.e. cash-out of stocks atc and into physical silver. ‘Mr Black’ refered to the eminent Mr Maloney in a prior comment. Well Mike states thst he’s personally gone ‘all in’ on precious metal with a 90%silver, 10% gold ratio. D Morgan is currently stating to have a 25% precious metal portfolio, upped from the usual advice of 10%. I’m ‘all in’ on silver, copper, and physical cash in the form of £2 coins – the latter are made of brass and curanickel. I’m personally not 100% into silver as in England – copper is very precious. People have been burgled and the thieves leave the TV etc and instead strip the wiring. Trains get cancelled due to people stripping the copper from the track. If you’re in England – get some copper! Chris, like other survivalists, advises to stock-up on food, weapons, and try to find a decent location to survive the upcoming paradigm shift. Up to you what you go ‘all in’ on, pal.
    @ CC. As always, it’s an honour to converse with you. Thanks for the recent advice by-the-way. Yes, people do conflate community with collectivism. There are millions packed into cities with a fear-they-neighbour mindset. Give me a small strong community of respectful equals that help and assist each other any day of the week.
    @ Jared: I don’t but into the ‘long con’ hypothesis stipulated my some on these bloggs. Ultimately though, trust yourself.
    @ Chris: It’s an honour to work with you, dude.

    @ all. I work full-time, and like to spend my spare time with my beautiful girlfriend. I’ll log-on again tomorrow if there’s any more comments, but not before.

    Good Luck

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    I have been compelled to write, but I wanted to very carefully consider my words before doing so.

    I obviously touched a nerve, last time, with Gareth, I actually think I bothered him more than I did Chris! Hopefully, Chris understands my POV. I never meant to “hurt” Chris, I figured since he claimed to have a thick skin, then one could speak their mind. That is what I did, though in hindsight I realize I did so more clumsily than I would’ve liked to. Honestly, I’d say the same thing I said before, but I’d phrase it differently.

    I like this place. I like the people here. I do not agree with everyone here nor do I pretend to have all the answers, but that’s part of the appeal. If all you ever do is surround yourself with “yes” men, then that is a dangerous palce to be (Chris, I’m not accusing you of this, I’m just speaking my mind.) There is indeed value in forming a “core group” to work with, but let us never forget that it is important to listen, and give voice to, those with differing points of view, else we get locked into thinking in a manner that is counterproductive. Remember, that “oddball” view you disagree with today might save your bacon tomorrow.

    The truth of the matter is, we are going to go through a paradigm shift. By definition, this means that we aren’t going to fully understand what it is going to be like on the other side. We can guess, extrapolate, use the wonderful information of guys like Country Codger who’ve “been there, done that”, the website of the Bosnian gent that Cunning Linguist has kindly shared with us. Chris’ knowledge of silver and investing as well as his thoughts on things In fact, each of us can give his POV and through the collective (not collectivist!) wisdom of all of us, hopefully we can all come out the other side intact and, maybe, better off. ALL of these things together can help us, each of us, formulate awareness, create a plan, and get prepared.

    @Jared Silver
    While I might agree that Chris is inaccurate and/or misinformed in some of his posts and in parts of the Academy, what leads you to the conclusion that it is true “disinformation”? That’s a pretty serious charge. Disinfo being the PURPOSEFUL spread of information you know to be false, usually for the control of information in a population. Do you really believe that? Convince me with an example, please. Again, I do believe Chris is wrong in some areas, both in his articles and the Academy, but I believe these to be honest mistakes and areas where reasonable men may simply disagree. Disinfo though? Let’s see your proof.

    The other stuff you say concerns me as well. Basically, people “trust some schmo” all the time, at least the first time, though usually we get references and referrals. Look, I think Chris is pretty much what you see is what you get. Sure, I’ve considered the possibility that he’s some military intelligence plant. Of course that’s possible. Rivero could be an agent, too. Hell, so could you or I, for that matter. That’s the primary reason I’m not giving him any of my money for either the Maverick program or even the $30/mo. plan. I believe that I can do a better job for myself and my family than he can. But others may disagree and the plan will work great for them. This is all fine as it’s VOLUNTARY. People have a write to charge…or not. You have right buy… or not. You also have to realize that Chris is allowing you to speak your mind, which I admire.

  • Mr. Black

    @Gareth: I did NOT log in under another pseudonym. Have Chris Duane cross reference Email addresses and/or IP addresses to confirm this if you don’t believe me. I know you want to cling to the idea that there is only one person disenchanted with Chris Duane’s scheme to rake in money from a site that has grown to several hundred thousand hits which is built on the pretense of HELPING people become aware and prepare for a monetary collapse, but it’s simply not the case. The fact of the matter is that the owner of this site is doing something very similar to Scientology: convincing people that they are a special “in the know” group that is somehow superior to the other survivalists out there, and that for just a “few” dollars per month, they can get exclusive information from the all knowing sage that is Chris Duane. You know, the guy who quotes himself right after he quotes people like Thomas Jefferson, as if he is somehow on the same level. That guy. Think about what you’re doing. Chris Duane is seeking “deeper relationships with those that care”? How so? To what end? Do you really think that the Internet will stay up after the dollar’s collapse? How meaningful is that “relationship” then? I’m sure it’s meaningful to Chris Duane, who is raking in at a minimum $30/month from you gullible schmucks, but there is no reciprocality there. You’re going to pay this guy $30/month to write a few paragraphs in a newsletter that isn’t even personalized to you? Hah! This former used-car salesman saw you guys coming! Think about how many of you people he has fooled, and how much money he is now making in a month from writing about things you already know about. Think about the fact that instead of paying some CRAZY $3,000 one time only fee to be one of his “masterminds”, you can buy several rolls of pre-’65 quarters and dimes that will actually BENEFIT YOU SOMEHOW after SHTF. Think about how many guns and cases of ammo $3,000 can buy. Think about the fact that this turd lives in New Jersey and will probably be dead within a few months after SHTF unless he bugs out somewhere FAR away and leaves you guys hanging anyway. Use your heads, people. There is no need to throw your money at this opportunistic, profit-minded former used car salesman from New Jersey. I used to like his site because it was a go-to spot to get quick hits of information regarding current events, but now that I know his information is possibly corrupted by the lust of profit, I know better than to blindly take everything he has said as fact. All I’m saying is for you guys who are considering throwing your money at this dude to sit down and think about this for a moment. It sure does sound like a scam to me.

  • Mr. Black

    @Gareth: Additionally, one more comment, not intending to seem like I’m spamming however I noticed that I was referenced in your post as mentioning “Maloney” at some point, which I never did. I don’t even have any idea who that is. A quick google search tells me that he is a guy who advocates investing in precious metals, which is not a new concept to the survivalist movement. Just posting to clarify the fact that I have been misquoted.

  • Gareth

    Hi all, the Mrs – not my biblical wife, can’t afford the wedding at the mo – is currently engrossed in a ‘greys anatomy’ episode, so thought I’d check back in for a bit.

    @ Joe: No, mate. Wasn’t miffed at you specifically, just the reaction in general. But like you suggest, the DTOM is indeed a blog of diverse views that sometimes conflict, and at times are even irreconciable. We’ve had strong atheistic ‘angles’ stating we should ditch all religion, followed by posts talking about Jesus and God :-) I’m agnostic by-the-way, so don’t fall into either camp on that particular topic. Think for yourself, buddy. Good luck.

    @ ‘Mr Black’: Only you know whether you have multiple pseudonyms. I’m well aware of a variety of techniques to camoflage one’s multiple pseudonyms. My real name, however, is Gareth. I intend to write an article at some point why I chose that on here, hint: think ‘strawman’. Anyway, I suppose I’ll have to accept it wasn’t you – as you state it wasn’t – and assume that someone set up a ‘Mr Black Fan’ account to extend and elaborate upon ‘Mr Blacks’ point………’s a stretch, but go on then i’ll allow you the benefit of the doubt. That said, I don’t appreciate been called the noun “gullible schmuck” and shall challenge this fundamental flaw you’ve ‘identified’ in my character. I have indeed signed-up to Chris’ $30 offer for some advice, and do not regret this behaviour one aota. If it’s $hit – as you seem to be implying with your ad-hominem insults to Chris, then i’ll simply cancel the subscription. Am I therefore, ‘Mr Black’
    A: a gullible schmuck: note this is a NOUN. Or am I;
    B: a participant in the free market

    @ ‘Mr Black’: When addressing someone else’s behaviour that you wish to judge ALWAYS use the adjective. For example, ‘Mr Black’, you state that someone is behaving ‘foolishly’, not state they are ‘a fool’ NOUN. You appear to criticize Chris’ knowledge of Psychology, but when assessing a Psychology student’s work, we were always advised to watch for the assessment of a pre-existing theory to a ‘real’ world example. The Fives stages adaption was not one I’d heard before, and it impresses me for a non-grad of Psychology such as Chris.

    @ ‘Mr Black’: You keep refering to the open fact that Chris was a former car salesman – what is your point? What stereotype in that mind of yours, ‘Mr Black’, is construed with the noun, ‘car salesman’? Chris is a businesman, most certainly, in fact that’s his primary skill. Look at how he’s managed to ensure sponsorship and advertising to keep this website up and running.

    @ ‘Mr Black’: Anyway, I don’t want to debate Chris’s morality and purpose with you anymore, as the topic has become boring to me. I’d like to talk about you though. You mention you’re a survivalist, any advice ‘Mr Black’? What’s your background? What can you contribute to minimize the collapse of an epic $quadrillion-debt-derivate-imlosion?

  • 1morOunce

    @Mr. Black

    There was no cheap attempt to discredit what you said.

    I made no insult, How is asking a question an insult?

    I made no argument, again, How is asking a question making an argument?

    Yes, my grammar is not as polished as yours. You got my point and answered my question.

    Yes, when i see the word “done” i think over or finished and not the abstracts you mentioned. So when i saw your post i was wondering if Mr. Black is done with this site why is expending so much effort in being “done.” I’m still not sure why.

    The attacks or insults are coming from you. But being the internet tough guy that you are i expected nothing less.

    You assume way to much about my feelings. I made my feelings clear, if you think the info worth the money, pay it. if you don’t,well then don’t. There’s nothing angry or juvenile about that.


  • AndyR

    @ ‘Mr Black’ & similar: I don’t understand why you feel that a profit margin is a bad thing? I have been through the Academy and don’t remember a single time where Chris even implied that business which made a profit were bad/evil/whatever.

    I am not a white knight of Chris’s work, ready to fall on my sword defending his every statement. I agree with you that much in the Academy can be found else where. However, the work that he has done is valuable to me because I don’t have to search down every article. I still look up things that peak my interest or which seem doubtful… and to be fair, almost everything has aligned by further research.

    At the end of the day, just as with any “goods or service”, one must decide for yourself if it has sufficient value to justify the price. If you decide it does not, don’t buy it.

    From what I have seen Chris welcomes (or at least accepts) criticism of his ideas on his site. What I don’t understand, and my question to YOU, is why you need to attack him personally for deciding not to give you his time and energy for free? What part of his message/lessons/etc lead you to believe that people should give their labor away for free and are not entitled to a fair return for that labor?

  • Howard

    I think mr black got ripped off from a car salesman sometime in the past lol

  • When did profit become evil? So what Chris makes a profit from sharing information you might have been able to research on your own? His program might have a value other than information like serving as a reminder to people, network of people with similar interests, and etc.

    You socialist fucks got this backward. You accept information as somewhat credible when its free and you go crying wild when he wants to charge money for it? Isn’t it the other way around?

    If you have to discredit someone for imperfect grammar and spelling (okay yeah it makes it hard to understand on occasion) you went to school for way too long. Language is a way to communicate ideas. The value of Chris’s work is not in its artistic composition of the words and phrases he puts together, it is in the ideas he tries to communicate to the readers.

  • Gareth

    @ nick: As we would say in these parts, “hear hear”. (I agree)

    RE Capitalism. Yup, they’re a few people with ‘blame capitalism’ written on a placard wandering the streets.

    May I suggest such people change their placard to ‘blame usury’. Let’s be clear on the problem.

    A COMPLETE BAN on usury is what is required.

  • “Was the lust for profits a recent occurrence based on the realization of how much traffic the site brings in, or was it the ultimate goal from the outset?”

    Sounds like a “Did you quit beating your wife?” type of question, to me.

  • Prudentis

    The 5 stages of grief by Kübler Ross were first adopted to the awakening to the crisis by Chris Martenson, not Chris Duane.
    Please show me one article by Chris, which I will not be able to backtrack to other sources, often times better researched.
    I will however admit, that the condensation of information on some articles, makes this site still a good meeting point on occasion.
    That is, only if you are able to discern valuable information for further, deeper analysis, from Chris’ own, most of the time very biased and one sided beliefs, presented as inevitable truths and facts.
    But he allows critique on his site and as long as he doesn’t censor people like me, challenging his views but first and foremost his methods, I will keep reading and postinmg in the hope of being a much needid counterweight to this sites, often times dangerous articles.

    @Mr. Black
    Many of your views are very much like my own. I really do not see the uniqueness of any of Chris Duane’s preachings.
    I came here first on a link to the “silver bullet and silver shield” report being allready invested in precious metals at that time and found the article interesting although much too onesided.
    I have stayed for the following contributors’ posts and have tried on many occasions to voice my own concern, as there were many good articles mixed up with quackery, denial of real problems like overpopulation, oil peak, dwindling ressources and the like.
    Chris allowing those was enough to confirm the lack of interest on Chris’ behalf to adhere to a higher standard of information presentation. The site quickly bacame a pool for all sorts of conspiracy theory. There are allready much too many of those.

    But I have to disagree with you on one point. Chris tends to present his information (his beliefs most of the time) by compiling many bits of information into smaller, more easily digestible articles. This in itself is a value added product. So charging money for this work isn’t in any form “unethical” or wrong in my oppinion.
    You can argue about the content being worth those dollars, but that really is not the point. As long as there is a market for such information, he is free to sell it.
    But you are right on that he is just that. A salesman who changed his field of opperation. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with it, other than your correctly observed fact, that Chris stylizes himself as some kind of prophet.

    Chris, I really think you have to come back down from your high horse, if your plan ever was to help and not to sell your ideas for a hefty profit.

  • Gareth

    Hi Prudentis

    Oh, I wasn’t aware of Martenson’s work. I suppose that’s why I enjoy the DTOM and SOLA though. I work full time, have a social life, and mainly read about gardening and technical banking systems (strenge combination, I know). I’m employed in the field of Psychology – but the theories in Psychology could fill a city Library on their own – ie I really don;t have the spare time.

    DTOM and SOLA are succinct, and rich in ideas and solutions.

    Chris is similar to me in the sense I seek solutions rather than dwell on the doom&gloom. Some will relate to that, some won’t.

    Any, I aske Chris to block ‘Mr Black’, as he effectivley decended into insults. Mainly at Chris, but some directed at me. I’m not here to be insulted. If someone doesn’t like Chris’ work, or the work of other writers at SOLA, they should simply not read them – not set themselves the task of sabotage and insulter.

    Good Luck

  • 1morOunce

    @ Gareth

    I’m sorry to hear Chris had to take such measures against Mr. Black.

    I understand our freedoms are a two way street.

    Good Day

  • AgainstTheGrain

    This site is awesome because I know more about what’s going on in 7 months of SOLA & DTOM than most others years of google searches.

  • Gareth

    @1morOunce: I’ve no intention of asking Chris to remove Mr Black’s comment from above. Everyone should be entitled to their say. Thing is, if someone repeatedly throws insults around then they should be barred. DTOM is not only a source of info for many, it is also about developing a sense of online community. If you ran a community bar, and someone threw around insults, they’s be tolerated at first, but after a while the barman would throw them out and bar them for going against the ethos of the community.

    @AgainstTheGrain. That was the idea behind Chris’s work. Saves people countless hours googling things themselves.

    Good luck to you both,

  • I had signed up for two of the Chris Duane courses right away (as so it seems). It has been a couple months now. I am not real organized nor do I have a lot of free time. I still have more to finish. I have to figure out how to sign in again. Anyways, so far, the courses I signed up for are not a whole lot of info for me. But a few of the reminders are important, which I sort of went blank on in regard to keeping on a priority list.

    What I have determined from where I am in prep world is this, my food and water program is Ok to good. My practical application skills are fair, but I have not implemented everything yet (i.e.,trying out the new Coleman etc).

    OPSEC: The most important area of prepping that his course has brought to my attention is to start budgeting for the new metal doors and new locks. Get better windows. In the city our home would have a welcome sign up for bad guys. I live in the country, but on the main highway. If things get bad, our small rural community might manage OK. The non-preppers/old fashion types already have a couple months of food on hand at all times, and the skills to fix broken water lines, live without utilities for weeks on end without going mental, etc.

    I have been off grid for days and weeks at a time. I was off line with water for most of 6 weeks last year (one problem after another). Sometimes I did not shower quick enough. That was upsetting, as was the horrible smell of turds in the sewerline/stool. This year, I dragged in my hubby’s hospital bedstand toilet I have it set up in the garage. I still need to get my buckets of dirt ready for the poop and such. Anyways, hubby is paralysized and going outside in bad weather is not an option.

    Back to Chris’s classes, what I have taken from them personally -so far is this:
    1) I am better prepared with some aspects than I was giving myself credit for. This awareness lesses some anxiety or urgency for those parts of prepping.
    2) Yes I have guns and ammo, still not enough training, but I never forgot that was a priority. I have some formal training, and will get the bad-ass go out-of state kind some day when hubby is gone (most likely). We can’t travel too well.
    3) In the meanwhile, I can get that steel door going into the garage. I can’t afford zip right now, as a medication order is most urgent. However, I have started looking into the door. My pro-contractor consult can’t do the job, but gave me helpful info as I proceed to get the door purchased and installed by another. I learned that there is more to getting a door than just showing up to Home Depot with a truck. My hubby and contractor friend say I don’t need the door. I say yes. I would rather keep the bad guy out than have a desire or need to shot one.
    4) Hubby is trying to help me locate an answer to power issues with our pumphouse. He is disabled and with cancer, but his brain works great in the morning. Maybe we should consider solar panels, but the neighbors cattle might think the panels are scratch boards. As it is, I keep a electric fence up on the pump house when the bigger cattle are in the pasture (our tenents cattle). Our pump house is 1/4 mile away from our farm house in the cattle pasture. The cattle get watered first. What’s left is ok to shower with.
    5)Also related to Chris Duane’s class is the idea that we might need to bug out.We have second house in town, only 13 miles away. But if that becomes off limits, we would go deeper into our farm ground near the creek. I intuitively feel that would be safer and make for a guinuine hideout. My gut feeling is that the Govt. would try to relocate us. I hope to prep enough to avoid that senario. I want to get a alternate spot ready so we can remain out of sight.
    6)That brings me to another topic I have not rolled upon yet. If we bug out on our own place – where we pretend to have evacuated, then I would want to have the windows and door secure. I hope to get the roll down steel panels before then.

    In closing, I realize my banter may be off topic. It seems that most of the other commentors were not students of the programs being focused on. I am just an overweight 50 year old lady with her own physical disabilities who also has a husband with serious medical and mobility issues. I have reason to be concerned – maybe more than most. The courses systematically break things down in order for me. So far I have taken more confidence in knowing that I am on the right track than any particular prep knowledge. Would I recommend the course 40-days and 40 nights for everyone? – no. But for others, yes. The longer-term self study course has more to be covered by me. The tech access part to the program has been a challenge for me, but that might be more my problem than the Duane product. I had problems with time access concerns, and that was remedied. The staff have been more than responsive and patient with my inquiries. That part is appreciated.

    Finally, all the comments are of interest to me. I don’t see a lot of anger here on this particular article blog, or any shame in having it. I realize the anger was from a another article posting. People have there opinions. If we can’t get a long and tolerate each other here in cyberspace on a forum such as this, what the heck are we going to do in a world when SHTF.

    A balance of criticism and respect is a nice combination. Perhaps the folks that have been preceived as “angry” are also the “protective types.” It has been my experience that the characteristics go hand in hand when the real important topics surface.

    Thanks for reading, Tess of Kansas

  • Gareth

    Hi Sunflower,

    I’m glad Chris’ classes have been beneficial to you, and you’re not alone – most of us are in a location that has very few ‘awake’ people. At least you’re making preparations, which will ultimately help you.

    Do you not have an ‘r lad’ in your area/family? In these parts people frequently refer to ‘r lad’ and the expression refers to the most able-bodied male member of the family/close-friendships. If you do, perhaps there’ll be a moment in time when he will be around. Encourahe this if you can.

    Thank you for your comments and best wishes.

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