After Armageddon

This History channel program shows one possible scenario of what America could look like after a worldwide flu pandemic occurs. While this program depicts a flu pandemic, the outcome would (could) be very similar whether it’s caused by a currency collapse, aliens attacking or a terrorist plot,etc. This worse case scenario has a very dark overtone, so be forewarned. However it does put forth quite a few things you might not have previously considered in doing your preps for when the SHTF. It runs about 90 minutes long, but it is broken up into 9 parts, each about 10 minutes in length. In case you don’t have the time to view it all at once. It begins with life as we know it today and ends up with a new paradigm, not completely unlike what has been discussed here on DTOM.
Part 1 is listed here, the remaining episodes’ links are given at the end of each video, so be sure to watch them all to the end.

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  • Mike

    I watched 2 of them……to intense so had to stop.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Since the planet is quickly approaching max carrying capacity, there will soon be only one of two choices:

    1) Let the massive die off, which *always* occurs in a population which overruns its carrying capacity, occur naturally and more or less randomly…

    2) Engineer the die off, so that specific groups are included and specific groups, excluded.

    Considering the true nature and all of the elite, which of the two scenarios do YOU think they will choose? BTW,this is precisely what Zbigniew Brzezinski was referring to when he said that it is now easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. Guess which side of the “die off” old Zbig and his daughter Mika will be on? Guess how much Zbig cares which side YOUR family will be on?

    Lovely folks, our “masters”, aren’t they?

  • Country Codger

    Hey Joe,

    I disagreed with Robert Rodale about the approaching of our planet’s maximum carrying capacity and he agreed in one of his editorials shortly before he died (or was killed in Russia). If every person (man, woman and child) in the United States was given one acre to live and grow their crops they could do so in the state of Texas alone. What about Alaska, Wisconsin, Montana, California, New Mexico and what about the rest of GD America. Quit reading the dumb son of a bitch Paul Ehrlich. I know the bastard personally. He is a limped di%^T& bastard. America can feed the world and has in the past. What is wrong is politics and the financial elite.

    Now, Joe, I am just a dumb Vietnam vet who went back to school and earned two doctoral degrees and cannot compete with all the wise M$%^&& F*&^ out there that tell you what to think and believe. But I am getting sick and tired of having their BS spouted back as gospel for me to swallow. I DON’T SWALLOW FOR ANY M(*&^% F %%(*!!!!

    I worked for the bastard Carter and was decorated in the White House by him and his NSC Z-man Brezenski and his whole damn flock. I saw NSM 200 and I went into Iran, Chad, Uganda, and started the damn crisis in July and August 1977 along the Egypt/Libyan border. Do you remember it? I do well. I wore a Russian uniform form the CIA and wore a French Corps de Strange uniform for the NSA, all within 90 days of each other, doing and undoing the same damn thing.

    Read Booker T. Whatley and Allan Chadwick. Those extraordinary, wonderful gentlemen will teach you what the true carrying capacity of this planet is and it is ten times what the damn Paul Ehrlich say it is. I am so sick of Liberal lies it makes me want to puke. UGHGHGH. There, I feel better.

    Chris, all you guys, please forgive me. I get so damn sick of the SH*&^. I saw the bodies of Americans GI’s filled with heroin and shipped back to the US for the CIA and George Herbert Walker Bush.

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about G.H.W.Bush and his buddy Manuel Noriega? Does anyone wonder why Noriega has never gone to a jury trial in America in almost 30 years? Because his testimony wound hang 2 former US Presidents. Does anyone wonder about the fact that the Panamanian Secret Police, under the command of Manuel Noriega used to “process” the U.S. G.I. bodies before they were forwarded to Ft. BelVoir? Oh, what about the fact the the drugs were flown out to Zapata Oil Company drilling platforms,(Zapata Oil owned by Geo. H. W. Bush) that produced no oil, to be flown to the U.S. by Petroleum Helicopters Incorporated helicopters to New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Layatte and Mena.

    Hey, here is a quaint question. Colonel Edwards, Geo H.W. Bush’s adjutant in 1980, requested that I return to military service, personally for the vice president. Shortly there after we bombed Libya and John Hinckley Jr., son of John Hinckley Sr., Geo. H.W. Bush’s business partner, attempted the assassination of Ronald Reagan.

    I guess I am just another conspiratorial kook that all of you talk about in your comments and articles…but I was there. You can call me crazy. I’ve got names for the rest of the world too. God, I am sick of this SH&t.

    Good Night,

    p.s. there were numerous edits that went into this very mild response to the liberal theology that tells us what our planet has done, can do and will do. You are the recipient of that very polite edit. Good Night again.

  • Coppertop

    ^^^^^^^^^^HOLY CRAP! Just shit myself…

  • Country Codger

    I just get so mad at these people who think they rule us, our children, our loved ones it gets me so mad I could blow a gasket. I didn’t mean to sound like I was mad at Joe. I am not!! But I’ve heard Kiss-ass-inger and Z-man talk about Americans like we were trash (Thru their accents.)

    My wife gets mad at me a lot for getting mad. Checked my blood pressure and it was through the roof. Guess I’m gonna have to learn to forgive and forget or just quit writing. HMMM. Thant’s a tough one.

    You guys forgive the emotional tirade and like I said I’m sorry Joe if it sounds like I am mad at you. I’m not.


  • Cunning Linguist

    I warned you about the content here.

    Don’t hold back man, tell us how you REALLY feel.

    All kidding aside, while I’ve not been personally involved in events like you obviously have been. I’ve witnessed some things in years gone by that would curl your hair. The question becomes, how do we stop these bastards from continually acting as though they can do anything they please? (They can and do).

    My father had a solution to this problem, but I don’t think I should say it out loud. Or he’ll end up disappeared very quickly. Use your imagination…

  • crunchyconmama

    This is why you have to get out of the city at the FIRST sign of trouble and have a map of your city with multiple routes already scouted out. Have your bug out bags in your car already and if you are at home have your bug out boxes (with bulkier items) ready to grab and go. I’d rather feel foolish for bugging out at the first sign (triggers) and then it turns out to be nothing than to wait and see if it’s going to be really bad.

    I’ve only made it 3 minutes into the first video (where there is a traffic jam) before having to comment.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)


    Don’t hold back, sir! As I’ve said before, you’re one of the MAIN reasons I’m here and I appreciate what you have to say.

    I wasn’t actually saying that that I agreed with what the “experts” say is the carrying capacity of the planet, simply that is is in their plans to make sure that if any die-off occurs, they will be damn sure to be on the “live” end. I don’t pretend to know what the actual capacity is and I’m certainly not trying to promote Ehrlich (or anyone else for that matter) view on it.

    My true anger is the some place yours is. That these bastards use us, treat us like dirt, and think they are so much better than we are.

    Listen, i KNOW that we are being set up for a one-world Communist government. You’re preaching to the choir on that one.

    Please, write more! The history of what you have been through is amazing to me and you have a true inside on what really went down with what I’ve only read about.

    Could you recommend some other books, BTW? What do you think about Antony Sutton’s book on Skull and Bones? As you may know, he is the gentleman who found out that we were supporting the USSR and propping them up in order for us to have an enemy. The USSR could never have existed without American support.

    BTW, I never took you being mad at me and I appreciate all you have to write, I wish you would write more.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    @Country Codger

    Could you please consider an article on your own personal view of what the breakdown you envision might be like? I think of all the people here, you’ve been closer to the heart of the machine than any of us and have a pretty good idea of what the future might hold.

    I know you’ve written about your survival idea, and I greatly appreciate that, but you have hinted a few times on what you think might happen, just wondering if you’d care to go into more detail, realizing of course that no one knows exactly what might happen and when.

    BTW, have you ever run across anything in your work regarding the UFO situation? At the risk of sounding more of a nut than I probably already do, I’m very curious as to your own take on this. You’ve probably heard the story about Von Braun claiming that it was the ultimate “false flag”, but I’m curious if your own travels have lead you to any conclusions (that you are free to talk about, of course.)?

    Thank you for being here, BTW, it’s appreciated.

  • Country Codger

    Joe, CL and other very patient readers of DTOM,

    I might as well apologize for some stupid tirade I’ll go on in the future. I know you don’t agree with those blood sucking, anyway, I know but it is like the old saying, I am preaching to the Choir.

    I will write an article and mix what I think will happen in America with what I have seen in other places.

    You guys are doing a great job and I try to read each and every article and I really feel good because there are so many of ya’ll doing a wonderful job. This is no bull, just the truth.

    My former employer back in the 90’s, EG&G, was the contractor out at Groom Lake. I was offered the contract to shut it down and move everything to Dugway in UTah. I turned it down because my youngest son had just been killed and my first wife needed a woman to make her feel more like a woman I guess. Feel sorry for both of them. Anyway, I had other things to take care of.

    What went on there I don’t know. Was there something there? Yes, but it could have been a whorehouse for Congress. (I thought that was the CFR) I don’t know. Will there be some kind of “visitation” in the future? I think so, but it will be the return of the Nephilim in my opinion. IWrote two novels that cover what I believe to be the history of the Nephilim before the Biblical Flood and the return of the Nephilim. Both of them are out of print. I don’t know of any plans to re-publish them. THey are what I call FACTION.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    @Country Codger

    LOL, I should join you and apologize for no-doubt putting my foot in my mouth in the future.

    Fascinating. I’m sorry to hear about your son…as your ex…sounds like you’re better off without her.

    Getting back to the UFO thing, my own take is that we may be dealing with two distinct phenomena. One being advanced technology from unknown sources. My own feelings are this tech is really terrestrial, probably captured from the Germans after the war and brought over along with their scientists. I could see some sort of antigravity being developed and kept as our most secret weapon, beyond even the atom bomb. But of course, I’m speculating as we all are, but there is evidence for this.

    Now, having said that, I think there is a spiritual component to all of this as well. You may recall some years back a USAF official as much as claiming that UFO’s were demonic spirits. I thought that was a pretty shocking statement from them. Jacques Vallee has also determined that UFO’s are not “hardware”, at least not all of them and not completely.

    CC, my own take is that the deeper I go into trying to understand the truth about our world, and that’s really what I’m interested in, the truth about things, and that way I can better plan for the future for me and my family. It amazes me to the extent to which these so-called “rulers” of ours profess to be “Christian”, yet in private, they practice rituals and such which can only be described as pagan, if not satanic, in nature. Why would they do this? I speak, of course, of Bohemian Grove, but I am sure things like this go on in other places as well. When confronted, they claim it’s all harmless fun, or as Nixon said, “the most goddamn faggoty thing I’ve ever seen”, but SOMEONE believes in this stuff, obviously.

    I’m not a particularly religious man, I do believe in God and was raised a Christian. I don’t particularly care for organized religion because I see how the elite use it to divide us. But the more I read, the more I have been saying my prayers at night, I’m serious.

    Thanks for your contributions, they are gems.

  • Gareth

    Quite a scary scenario, CL, the sooner we wake some more people up the better.

    @Joe: We call the ‘elite’ malthusians round these parts. The sick b@stards actually crave depopulation. In many ways, it’s them or us. Maybe a ‘rogue’ Navy Seals unit or a ‘rogue’ SAS unit could resolve this.

    @CC: WOW, what an interesting life you’ve had. Respect. I once had the pleasure to train with a Grandmaster – Jet Li’s teacher by-the-way – whilst in Hangzhou, China. I had a ‘welcoming’ meal at a restaurant about six-months into the training and at my table sat some eminent martial artists including my teacher and the current (in 2006) national win chun champion. They were all VERY humble guys – even pouring drinks for the newcomer – me. I was in awe that evening, and I sometimes feel that way with the company here at DTOM.

    Good luck, all, and
    Peace – at least for us serfs. The ‘elite’, well….f@”k ’em.

  • Country Codger


    I was lucky to study under master Ban Soo Han for a few weeks. He was hired by the government to train a bunch of us horse hoofed country boys how to keep from tripping over our own feet. I am quite sure he was glad when his contract was up and he could get away from me. But, yes he indeed was an humble man.

    As far as an interesting life, I don’t think so. There were 50 of us trained together and I think 7 of us are left. 25 died in one night. So I have had a BLESSED life. I am like JOE. Jesus did not establish any religion, I brush my teeth religiously everyday but i don’t think Jesus set up toothbrushing. Christ came because of FAITH. He did so out of OBEDIANCE. He died out of LOVE for us. I don’t find many places that teach in accordance with God’s Word. ‘Nuff said.

    @JOE I worked at the Superconducting Super Collider in Waxahachie, Texas for 8 years. I saw some pretty amazing things being developed. There was a German, in the 1930’s the developed anti-gravity technology and Hitler forced him to work on a “flying saucer” for the Reich. Luckily, the old boy was not stupid and stalled for 2 years until the war’s end. Unfortunately, the good ol’ US of A found out about it and forced him to wrk on the project in the US by holding his son prisoner. THe stress was too much and he had a stroke and the government released him and he died a short time later without building one for the US either. I had a Top Secret Code Word (EBI) clearance but it was not in my need to know. Sorry. WIsh I knew more, I think.

  • Gareth

    Hi CC,

    Sorry to hear about your fellow squadron members. One of the things that appealed to me about writing as an Englishman on DTOM, was the fact that I’m a ‘foreigner’ to most readers. I think us serfs have killed enough other serfs from other countries. I’ve an Iranian friend that I’m gonna try and contact – it’s be good if she wrote on here about life in Iran…….a counter to the warmongering cunts that try to de-humanize those in other countries.

    I tries to join the marines when I was 17, but when they checked my medical records, well………

    ‘Interesting’ is probably not the correct word I guess, but experience is everything – and you obviously have a wealth of experience.

    I went to a catholic convent school aged 4-11, and got a little bit sick of ‘God’ due to that life experience. I’ve muslim friends, buddhist friends, atheist friends, christian friends, and like Chris often states “two types of people in the world: ones that want to be left alone, and ones that won’t leave you alone”. I’m truly an agnostic – I really don’t know if there’s a God, but if there is, I hope he helps us all soon.

    Good Luck,

  • ewkeane

    Dear freinds, we must all do our part in keeping this revolution from turning red. Make freinds in the community at large, and do note who may be your enemy.
    Yep, and the two end of the world skinner box experiments (a test in LA, and one in Luisiana) makes some suggestions. Do prep for setting up safe markets where goods may be traded, and look to traveling salesmen for things you may not be able to make or get.
    There exist some data that suggests that the world pop may decline up to 1B in the next two decades or so. Could be war, could be plague. Vectors could be food in transit, see wisteria case in cantalupe.
    If the decimation strikes america, it could mean that the fate of 30 million US nationals is grim indeed. The military industrial complex markets are saturated, and that stock must be put to use. It could turn upon the people of america; civil war, giving an opening for invasion by hostile foreign nationals. China will preside, who like a vulture, will inherit the scraps. How will the western bloc react?
    I suggest keeping fit, leading a clean life of ballance. Getting 8hours of sleep is one of the keys to good health.
    Life is more fun if you know that you could go on a month long camping trip at a moments notice, so do get to know those things. Learn how to make a yurt, take game and tend domestic livestock. Knowing how to keep a truck or a can running is good to know too. Prepping to grow a food garden, and keeping one in season to harvest, is a thing the indians here in north america did for who knows how long? Meso americans domesticated maize (corn), beans and squash. Thank God for the middle easterners and Africans, who domesticated melons. The tomato was once thought poison, but brave epicures tested this fruit, and lived to tell of its virtues. All are easy to cultivate. Know these native ways and you will be all right, and so will a few of your friends, and perhaps a friendly stranger or two.

  • BlindersOff

    Training day is passing by and so is its luxury, and all its forgiveness. It is time to affirm what we are capable of, and what we must force our flesh to overcome, or perish. Losing toe nails to boots acquired in hostile country, eating worms and swamp snails for protein, carrying a small titanium revolver anally for over ten miles of backpacking when spies spoke of the checkpoint ahead … blood ran down my legs though I wrapped the pistol in wet paper towels and condoms…but I smile knowing I kept my weapon.
    I wish I could give you what I know, but it does seem fire tests and tempers, proves or evaporates. We all must find our way. For years I have trained, though I did not know I was training. I have served with the elite. I have served alone. Both have their advantage and obvious weaknesses.
    I was staying alive and the gravity of loving life takes over. Often times living is a choice though. This energy, this drive is what carries us on, and if blessed, home again. There is no tomorrow, no yesterday when it starts. These things are too heavy to carry. They will drown you, or blind you to a sword’s arrival. Only this current moment matters. Yes, we can reflect when the luxury of time permits over our sea of preparations, and so to, we can dream of future peace with gardens ripe and beckoning, and the love of another. But when the ball breaks and the sticks are sharpened there is only this day.

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