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I created this post as a companion piece to go with the After Armageddon one. This website I’m going to send you to is written by a Bosnian man named Selco. When it comes to surviving when the SHTF, who better to listen to than someone who has been there, done that.Having survived the war of 1992-95 in his country gives him some great knowledge about survival. While his English isn’t perfect, it isn’t so bad that you can’t understand what he’s trying to tell you. A lot of other bloggers have tried to cover this subject, but I feel Selco really has some useful information. As I said before, it’s not someones guess about the world WROL, it’s what he actually LIVED through.

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  • Really fantastic and useful link, thanks!

    Guy from my neck of the woods…

  • mong00se

    This one is pretty good too. This guy survived the economic collapse that took place in Argentina and he covers about everything you could think of.

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Thank you for these links, guys. They are excellent and probably more helpful than a lot of stuff on the web.

  • twisted titan

    I’m not a fan of ferfal……he is a fear merchant.

    if you follow his blog he one leave a reader to believe that there are still smoking tires in the streets roit going full tilt

    what ferfal doesn’t tell you that when the collaspe of the peso the only people that got hammered where those that lived in ALREADY overcrowed cities so any disruption of the status quo would have been catastrophic.

    since the collsaspe the people have learened their lesson as most people pay with cash everything. athe have zero trust in banks. houses are paid for in full …no mortages at all.

    I saw a documentary on the collaspe confirming my postion.

    ferfal is also a religious fanatic if you say anything to detriment of the catholic religion the men will litterally have a pyschotic snap meltdown as if he wish he could reach through the net at try to snap your neck.

    Just take what he says with a grain of salt ….there are documentaries on the collapse that much more acurate then the account ferfal gives


  • Ben

    I saw this on the history channel when it first aired. It was a great piece. It had a few flaws in it, but on the whole it was really well done.

    My favorite part. The water and power had been out for days and they showed a couple of guys stealing a huge flat screen tv. Why would they be stealing that item?

  • Cunning Linguist

    I caught that part about the TV’s too. It just goes to show a looters mentality, probably does really occur. It’s the end of the world,But… Free TV’s

  • Selcofan

    I read this a while back and could not stop… cool to see he is starting his own blog.

  • I would love to read up on the school. Thanks.

  • Thank you guys. I keep writing more on the blog now.

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