Vincent Price Of The Awakening

This video is not for everyone, but I really enjoy his “different” thinking.

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  • Mustafa Cohen

    Welcome to Kali Yuga! Enjoy your stay.

  • Ben

    Wow…brilliant…yet completely disgusting.

  • Silverfox

    I enjoyed the story of the end times for the banksters. Very fitting ending. However my thoughts couldn’t help but to drift to the coming new paradigm. May we never forget! May we never allow it again! May we always give more then we take!

  • SHAG


    • Silver Shield

      The Violence will not be from people watching this video, it will be a natural result of people going through the 5 stages of awakening.

      The violence will be from people waking up to a reality that they are totally unprepared for.

      They will naturally blame the banksters and there will be violence…

      They will blame business owners and there will be violence…

      They will blame the politicians and there will be violence…

      They will blame each other and there will be violence…

      The violence will end when they realize that they alone are responsible for their lot in life.

      Either through ignorance or complicity, they alone are responsible.

      This will lead to self abusive behaviors and suicides.

      Those that are left will then they will start the bargaining process, and depression.

      What a tragedy that could be averted if only people would question reality.

      The wise will be far ahead of the curve forging a new paradigm far away from the violence.
      Read the Ultimate Exit Strategy.

  • 1morOunce

    Amazing time lapse

    Completely absent is the strong smell. My wife and i ran across this exact situation at a WWTP pond i check. We were in complete upchuck hold down mode!!

    Now if they could get that smell to come though the video THAT would be disgusting.

  • Silverfox

    No one will be violent in the collapse if everyone is prepared for it.
    Have you prepared anyone? I have. We have. So go out and help all who you know to prepare. Help those that you don’t know. Help them all then we won’t have any violence. Good luck with your new mission.

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