Silver Shield Report #1

The first comment on the Silver Shield Report is in…

“This is like going to yoga class except its not yoga, its more like a “mental Kung Fu class”. Good session Chris I enjoyed it, maybe put up a webcam next time either way awesome stuff.” -Howard T.

The premier issue of the Silver Shield Report is out.  What started off slowly, turned out to become a very memorable report.  I must admit that I was a little nervous in the beginning, but found my groove very quickly.  One huge benefit is of this format is that I can better ferret out ideas and issues with no time limit.  Every interview I do, I feel like I have so much to say and no matter how long I go, there is always more.  The other thing is that I feel like I can delve into deeper issues than I could writing on the blog as you will see in this first issue. Check it out and let me know what you think…

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0:00 Warming Up and Intro

5:30 Format of Silver Shield Report vs. DTOM  Articles

9:50 Details on the upcoming 1st Meeting of the Academy Saturday October 29th, Strongsville Ohio.

13:54  Building Up To Where We Are- History of Academy and Dont-Tread-On.Me

19:50 Making The Break From DTOM

21:54  Listen to the Small Voice- Once you have developed your Trivium thought, it is time to go to the next level.

26:45 The Big Move-  Making huge moves in the face of logic and conventional wisdom.

29:57 Let Go-  Stop pushing for something that might make logical sense, but go with what is calling you.

36:12 Leap of Faith- The Strategy Sessions lead the way

37:26 Ultimate Exit Strategy- A further look into the deeper ideas about the plan.

39:48 The Paradigm Shift- my view on two different outcomes

43:21 The Horror Story Foretold-  Heretic Productions video tells a tale of inhumanity during the Anger Phase of the Awakening.

46:33 After the Anger-  My vision of what happens after the Anger burns out.

49:15 It will not be equally bad everywhere-  A different level of consciousness will arise to counter collectivism, debt and war.

51:15 Reaching higher than what we are-  Our time is coming.

55:06 Our Historically Significant Group- Smaller, more meaningful, historically significant group.

1:02:46 Further into the Ultimate Exit Strategy

1:06:21 Redemption- Eric Sprott, great minds think alike. (1:09:00 Jack enters.)

1:13:01 The Power of the Shun-  Cut the cancer out of your life at all levels.

1:17:59 The Normalization of Psychopathy in Society-  Look at what passes for entertainment and you will see why our society is in dire straits.

1:23:31 Fighting negative thoughts-  Very powerful information to lead a freer happier life.

1:36:14  Finding balance in your life-  You teach people how to treat you.

1:42:22 Live Strategy Session volunteers wanted- If you would like to to a live strategy session for the SSR, let me know.  So often our needs are the same and I think it would be interesting for the listeners to hear other voices.

1:43:23 Push the fence sitters-  Please send me testimonials about the first Silver Shield Report, or any of my other work to help grow our community.




16 comments to Silver Shield Report #1

  • howie trinh

    This is like going to yoga class except its not yoga, its more like a “mental Kung Fu class”. Good session Chris I enjoyed it, maybe put up a webcam next time either way awesome stuff.

  • Janet Podojil

    Chris, you’re ‘Of Course!” moment has left me chuckling,and how you deal with your kids is what I’m going thru with a husband with dementia. .
    Thanks for the “Duh!” moment!
    Really look forward to meeting you in person and discussing the transition in paradigms. This is where I’m most concerned.

  • Ann Socolofsky

    Good job on your first installment. I appreciate your efforts to remove the psychopaths from your life and it saddens me that you have had to deal with people running you down. Your wisdom and insight is inspirational.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    I am extremely exited about this and look forward to meeting everyone. I would like to get a discussion going if I could.

    Who’s making the trip and where from? I myself am coming from south Florida, I will be moving to a nice area in Georgia in a few weeks. South Florida just doesn’t seem like the greatest place to be when SHTF. The city I live in was the crack capitol of the world in the 80’s, so I think it’s safe to assume gangs will be a problem here.

  • papershop

    Anyone still undecided owes it to their future to at least try it for one month. There is so much more that comes across when you can hear someone’s voice vs. reading another blog entry. Intonation. Humility. Passion. Chris said he is even going to try to record the 6 hour dinner get-together for those of us who cannot fly in to Cleveland on the 28th. That just blew me away. In my book, Chris goes above and beyond the call in everything he’s been doing for us.

    In the coming days, nationwide, Chris is sure to be recognized more and more as a trusted authority. I would encourage you to make the most of this period of time while intimate gatherings are still possible.

    From Kansas City

  • Cory Barnes

    Chris, I really enjoyed the first Silver Shield Report and like always your approach and ideas resonate with me. I am glad I found your site and this really helped me understand how the world currently works and how to not get lost in the false truths that are put out there by the elite.

  • Michael McAlvain

    Chris your ideas just keep growing. This is the next level! Wish I could make the meet and greet but just can’t. I do hope you follow through with the idea of recording it for us all to hear.

  • George Goodman

    Great job so far, Chris.

    I think trusting in God is very much not a “straight” logical thing. You have to do what you feel at peace with, your gut feels at peace with, and not what your brain might think best. I really think you have something here.

    Please check out Free State Wyoming, and the author who started it, Boston T. Party AKA Kenneth Royce. At the end of his book Hologram of Liberty, he says why not set up an alternative money system based on something real. Boston is the real deal, and his books have been the most help for me (along with you) going from conservative to libertarian with the whole new paradigm. He tells you about guns and all the other tools for liberty. Boston’s Gun Bible is an incredible book, and everyone should buy it now for its gigantic practical liberty education.

  • Alfred Newman

    It strikes me that I’m pretty lucky to be here.
    Chris has put together the most comprehensive approach I’ve seen anywhere to meeting the challenges of the future going forward.Also, a person is going to get it straight here without the obligatory subliminal messaging or cacophonous white-noise accompaniment.
    The idea that Chris posed in which precious metals would not be sold but instead held by an individual or family and used as leverage to provide secure liquidity for opportunity and expansion is a viable and attractive model in my view.
    It kind of reminds me of Marc Faber; when asked when he’d sell his precious metals, he exclaimed “Never!” I tend to be in that camp, for me the dollar price is irrelevant.
    Hearing about your family was very uplifting for me. It sounds like Jack is full of “Hybrid vigor.” You are a lucky man. I hope he doesn’t want to join the Marine Corps…He reminds me of “Hoss”; remember ‘Bonanza?’ :)
    The trolls and shills that were harassing you were just a sign of the success of your work (- which, By-the-way is appreciated and marveled at from this corner of the Universe, thank you…) They were probably Bank of America employees…
    Lately I’ve been reckoning some Universal Law and searching for my perfect vector and trying to maintain that path once I get in the groove. I think to an outside observer it would more resemble a bumbling Inspector Colouseau. Now I know how he dodged all those bullets… he must have been doing something right.

    Was that where Moses was when he crossed the Red Sea? I think perhaps that’s where Chris is right now… 😉 Thank you Chris.

  • Alfred Newman

    About shills:

    Developing a host of loyal shills is a sign of success and indeed; a concentration of shills would suggest that someone is very afraid and would send a diseased and maggot-infested army of no-talent, half-literate minions of whom are paid to sit in Hotel rooms (probably massaging each others sphincters) while ordering out for pizzas on our tax dollars.

    That’s how they keep employment figures up and when it’s combined with institutionalized convict ’employment,’ dupes the masses and keeps John Williams at very busy…

  • david Brand

    Chris, Thanks for doing what I knew needed done, with all your efforts, but I did not know how. You have hit it out of the park. I’ve been gathering pieces for about 18 years and your work has brought the picture all together. I have a friend, Gary Kah,Hope for the world, who has been on the front lines exposing the the push for a new world order for over 20 years. He has a different take on the coming financial collapse. He thinks there will be a total revaluation of the dollar where we might see the loss of half or more of our savings. What do you think of this idea and how would its occurence effect silver? Thanks for your work!


  • Mark Hodak

    I’m a new member and thought I’d start right at Report #1. Very good kick off.

    A comment, from my point of view, of what I found encouraging;
    Finally, a place where not just negative aspects are discussed (very important however to provide understanding), but also discussion and focus on what happens next and real positive ideas that have the potential to lead to tangible change for the betterment of our lives (and possibly those of many others).

    I can’t say I’ve seen this to any great extent anywhere else. Most of the focus out there seems to only be on all that’s wrong with the world and how to survive and get rich. This is important but at some point comes the ‘now what?’, and it shouldn’t end with simply prepping to ride out the storm.

    Chris, I think you’ve got a winner here; many are starting to wonder just that, what happens when the dust settles. Thanks for pioneering this discussion. As you say, it “resonates” with me very much.

  • Jonathan Frammingham

    Great intro. Looking forward to listening to more.

  • Adam Hill

    “As full and bright as I am, this light is not my own. A million light reflections pass over me.” -MJK

  • Adam Hill

    Hey Brother,

    This is so good. I didn’t join a year ago, not because I didn’t appreciate your work, but because of skepticism. I should have trusted my intuition and joined. I resonate with your sentiments. The feelings and observations are the same- with a different context.


    • Silver Shield

      I would much rather have a few strong relationships than millions of people that would not lift a finger out of indifference. Glad to have you on board.

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