When the POOP Hits the Oscillator

I have been asked to share my perspective (vision or nightmare) of what will happen when the Poop finally hit’s the fan. You asked for it, you got it.

No matter what happens, massive earthquakes, tsunamis Coronal Mass… you know whats, EMP’s (manmade or natural) the ultimate crisis will be caused by none other than an economic Crisis. How can I say that? Easy look at history. Japan was bombed to oblivion in WWII, received the first atomic bombs in modern warfare and still it rebuilt itself. Now, after being struck with a major earthquake of Biblical proportions and then crushed by a tsunami which in turn has caused the largest nuclear crisis in history, yesterday, the dollar dropped below the historic low of the dollar to the yen since WWII.

Hiroshima, Japan 1945

 Why? We have had no major earthquakes, tsunamis, major nuclear disasters. Our infrastructure is still basically intact. Japan cannot even operate their own factories because of the limited amount of electricity. It has to have South Korea build most of its automobiles. Japan produces no oil and negligible amounts of natural gas. The U.S. is producing oil and gas and discovering new fields and has developed technology to increase oil production from previously inaccessible oil strata. So if it had to do with natural resources, or major disasters the dollar should be worth 200 or more yen. Why is it that the yen is stronger than the dollar. Because the fundamentals upon which the dollar is based are collapsing. The dollar is only valuable right now because of the Bretton-Woods Agreement which came out of WWII. Everybody in the world has to buy dollars in order to purchase any internationally traded commodity. Otherwise we would be a poster child for economic collapse. Greeks would be saying, “It sure is bad but at least we don’t live in America.”

Detroit, Michigan 1945

So, we are lucky right? Nope. People around the world are waking up and are tired of the old Bretton-Woods banking arrangement. Countries such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and others are using their own currencies in commodity swaps with other nations. This will encourage others, which will encourage others to do the same thing. Pretty soon you will be wiping the poop off the oscillator with 100 dollar bills, because that and starting fires will be the only thing they will be good for.

What about EMP’s and Coronal Mass..uh..you know and what about… It doesn’t make any difference. If the American economy was healthy, say pre-1964 we could work and produce our way out of the problem even if we had to do it with steam power or horses. We did it once we could easily do it again. But our manufacturing infrastructure is destroyed and we don’t have the financial ability to rebuild. We have sold and traded all of our national gold, and silver is now called “an industrial metal.” Odd, for 5 ½ thousand years before this gold and silver were true wealth. America is now broke and the International Banksters are just waiting for the day that they can hammer the Foreclosure Sale sign in the front yard of the u.s. of A. for everyone in the world to see.

Hiroshima, Japan 2011

When Americans, out of fear, allowed Franklin Deranged Roosevelt to talk them out of their wealth and placed them under a Constitutional dictatorship form of government in March 1933 our end was sealed (I am currently considering an article on this and it will shock some and piss off the rest but I will document it if I have the time.) It has just taken a long time to get here. We are headed for foreclosure. (This is the second time I have made this point.)



(Stark contrast between the two cities. Hiroshima died in

an instant. Detroit is dying from rot slowly.) 

William Livingstone house, Detroit 2011



In foreclosure, an officer of the court posts a notice of foreclosure on the property for all to see. (Of course if you are BofA, Wells Fargo, CITI, Fanny, Freddie, or Peewee Herman all you have to do is grease palms with Federal Reserve Notes instead of following the laws of the land and skip all those needless steps. Hell, you don’t even need a deed, title or mortgage, just foreclose and make the property owner prove you are wrong. See what I mean?)

So what, you ask? The banksters will foreclose and their court is the Court of International Settlements? Who is the officer of the court? The U.N. is the high sheriff and is in charge of placing countries into receivership. Don’t believe me, ask Muamar Qaddafi. The U.N. authorized N.A.T.O. action in Libya, hello. You saw what kind of treatment Libya and ultimately Qaddafi received. The countries resources have been hijacked, international accounts frozen (read stolen), and now the largest reserves of the sweetest, lightest crude in the Middle East just got placed under the protection of the receivers in bankruptcy. Oh, and where is Qaddafi’s more than 9 billion dollars in gold bullion? Probably in the same place as all the gold bullion taken from the vault underneath WTC7 BEFORE it was never struck by an aircraft and burned to the ground against all the laws of physics.

Get my point? IF the American economy was healthy no disaster could stop America from coming back from the brink of destruction. Unfortunately, the DISASTER is our economy and we are over the brink. We are in free fall and it is not the fall that kills you but the sudden stop.

So what do I see as the scenario? I believe it will take place sometime after the 2012 elections. Why? Because the Federal Reserve has done everything in its bag of tricks, to keep this train chugging down the tracks, as it can. (Even if Ron Paul is elected I believe he will be either assassinated, the economy will be willfully imploded or a huge false flag event will take place that will destroy at least 3, possibly more, major urban areas.)

We are from the government and we are here to help!

In others words we are doomed? No way. This is America and there is at least one gun for every citizen, on average. Unfortunately, for the first year or so, most people will simply try to exist. Probably, (remember, this is my opinion and opinions cannot be wrong no matter how much they stink) two-thirds of the people in this country will die during the first two years after the fall. It will be a combination of events but about one half that number will be because of lawlessness, the rest due to disease or starvation.

I think it will take three to four years to stabilize the situation, i.e. kill the outlaws and use alternative forms of medicine before things stop getting worse. However, there is a rule of thumb that kicks in about this time. When the smallest kid in class kicks the class bully’s butt then everyone he ever bullied will try to kick his butt. It will be during this time that I believe America will suffer some form of invasion. Maybe, it will be under the auspices of stabilizing America, or restoring order or maybe just to settle an old debt. Here is a propaganda film that will be released soon. http://www.reddawnmovienews.com. I once heard Lindsay Williams say that that the Elite will always tell you bfore they do something. I was shocked. This was almost word for word what Zbigniew Brzinski said years ago when asked how he knew about a particular event coming to pass in advance of it happening.

It is at this time things get ticklish. About 100 million, heavily armed and motivated Americans will have absolutely little mercy on an invading army. I think an invading army from the west will be stopped at the Sierra Nevada’s or at worst, at the Rockies. An army invading from the east will be stopped in the Smoky/Adirondack chain and if not there then at the mighty Mississippi. It might even be an army from each direction, China/Russia alliance from the west and U.N./European contingent from the east. Remember, they are blaming the U.S. for their current fiscal problems. What happens when their problems get ten times or one hundred times worse than they are now?


I think they will have bit off more than they can chew and in the end we will triumph. But when will it end? One year? Two? Three? Ten? Will it turn nuclear or just stay conventional? Quien sabe?

America has been the biggest bully on the block for a long time, post World War One and a lot of people worldwide resent that. At some point in time we will be due our comeuppance. Unfortunately, there are several new bullies waiting in the wings. China and the Pan-Asian League? Maybe. Revised Russian/Soviet Empire? Possible. Make no mistake about it,some one will be ready to take on the old bully for a shot at the title.

A moose turd pie, no matter how you sugar coat it, still taste like a moose turd

Am I cynical? Well, like I’ve said before, I always thought of myself as an upbeat kind of guy. But my Mary Poppins attitude, that just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, is gone.

I listen to a lot of radio programs and I have listened to Alex Jones regularly for a couple of years. There are many things I admire about that young man but I have one criticism, not of Alex but for the mistaken believe that the Illuminati care one whit whether we know what they are doing or not. They really don’t care, as long as it doesn’t upset their timetable. When it does, they just back up and punt.

War and Depression are just Urban Renewal for the Elite.

These people, the “elite”, Illuminists, assholes, really do drink blood and eat human flesh from fetuses. They plot and plan the deaths of millions of people by any number of means. They own armies, parliaments, congresses and dictators. And, if a random dictator gets out of line, what happens? Ask Qaddafy Duck. They order their enforcers to go in and clean house and “foreclose” on the property, make no mistake about it. They will kill one million, two million, ten million or one hundred million Americans to foreclose on the greatest piece of real estate this side of Heaven. America is the final jewel to add to their “CROWN” jewels collection.

I am a simple country boy and I like simple logic. If we want to keep America, we cannot win by disclosing their names on radios or TV or satellites. We can only win, and keep our nation by killing them. To quote General George Smith Patton, “No poor dumb son of a bitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won the war by making the other poor dumb son of a bitch die for his country.” If we want to win this war, they, the elite, have to die. We have to pull them out of their hiding places, their bunkers and drain pipes and kill them as expeditiously as possible.

Now, having said that, this is not a call to arms. Like my other articles in the past, it is a call to get armed. You must get armed and become proficient with the weapons of your choice. Don’t run out and buy a gun and say I said for you to start shooting people. This is as far from the truth as anything could be.

What will America be like in the short term after the collapse? The first stage will be to HUNKER down. You will have to get to your refuge, make sure you have adequate provisions for your group and ride out the initial storm. The initial storm will proabably consist of a FORMAL declaration of martial law. Eventually, the National Guard and the military will walk away and return to protect they families, their loved ones. They are not fools, they know what is coming down the pike. I believe the initial storm will last one to two years. That is why I have repeatedly said that you need a minimum of one year’s worth of food for each man, woman and child in your group. You should have extra for stragglers.

Here is a word about provisions. I have told you what to stock and how to stock it and now we need to look at something very important, SKILLS. If your group consist of 12 adults and you are all computer programmers and have no other skill sets you are in deep doodoo. You need diversity of skills within your group. You need someone proficient in the following skillsets (minimum):

Medicine – no you don’t need to look for a brain surgeon. I would find an herbalist and/or nurse or EMT,

Firearms and self defense – you do not need to have Rambo in your group but you should have someone who is proficient enough with firearms to teach others and do basic maintenance and repairs of broken equipment. This will also be the person that will teach all of you to reload you own ammunition. Most people can be taught to use a few basic holds, punches and gouges to save their life in an emergency and this person should be proficient enough to teach it. Look for former military, cops, private security or martial artist,

Farming/gardening – at some point you will have to grow your own food to replenish your dwindling food stocks. This is as much an art form as it is a science. To find the right person look for the biggest and best gardens and start there,

Mechanics – this specialist will keep your equipment repaired and design/build new equipment that is better, more efficient or quieter than before. There may not be a big need for auto mechanics but since you can run diesels on any oil and older gas vehicles on wood smoke this may be the person that keeps you out of the dark during the dark ages. (Note: I am not telling you this, but a diesel truck will run on the oil taken from transformers on electrical poles. I did not say this and make sure you have waited until all electricity is dead.),

Nutrition – notice I did not say cook. This is the person that will keep you healthy by planning well balanced meals. If you plan on eating a lot of meat, foraged for the countryside, you better have a lot of milk of magnesia, Epsom Salts or Ex Lax on hand. Otherwise, the shit WON’T hit the fan,

Logistics – this is the discipline of having everything you need when you need it. If your logistician bought 7.62 x 39 ammunition for all your 5.56 x 45 rifles, you have a problem. This person has to be detail oriented in their planning. If you have dehydrated food for a year and no water, you won’t last long. This is a key person.

Communications – is necessary so you can at least hear what is happening. You can do this with a CB radio, shortwave radio or a HAM set. When you are used to getting information everyday, from multiple sources, to suddenly go cold turkey is frightening. IF there is a roving band of marauders/brigands headed your way you will want as much advanced notice as possible.

Everyone in your group must know every other persons skill. Each specialist much be able to teach what they know to others as well as do their job. Also, there will be a lot of unpleasant tasks that will have to be shared by all. All tasks should be on a rotating basis. Schedules should be posted and checked everyday by everyone. IN a survival situation there is no EXCUSE. Death is a reason not an excuse.

When asked what type of governmental system our group would use I told everyone that it would be a dictatorship and I am the dic. When it is time to fight or flee you can’t wait to have a discussion and vote. You have to move quickly or you will be dead. The leader of the group is just that. The leader may also be your mechanical expert or your gardening expert or no expert at all. The leader might be your “can do” person. That person that seems to be able to get anything done when no one else even knows where to start.

Another person you should have is your Tactical Coordinator. In many cases I am sure that this will be your firearms/self defense guru, but not necessarily. These titles are not student body titles to be voted on by the student body in a popular election. They must be based on skill sets, overall proficiency and ability. Your tactical coordinator might be 25 years old or they might be 65, or older. One very important criteria you SHOULD look for: they should be a veteran of an insurgency style conflict. I did not say conventional war veteran. Insurgency/counterinsurgency is a totally different mindset or paradigm. In counterinsurgency your sniper is your reconnaissance, your artillery and your first strike capability. This is completely different from a conventional war’s needs.

Don’t be guilty of the same mistake I was. When planning my personnel needs I depended upon people, especially family members, that were expert in two or more categories. I have lost two very key and vital people from my group, and also my family, that I depended on heavily. I valued their opinions and i loved them dearly. I can never replace their roles in my family and it will take at least 6 people to take their places in the group, if I can find them at all. You must have a person responsible for a skill set and train everyone in that skill set. If you lose your farmer and no one else knows diddely about farming you are screwed big time.

I’ve said it in at least one other article and I will say it again. “Do not send your corpsman (medical guru) or your tactical coordinator onto a live battlefield.” The wounded must be brought to the corpsman and the information brought to the Tactical Coordinator. You cannot afford to lose these two in a battle.

How many people? Good question. Keep your signature small. Around eight to twelve active members (not counting children) is ideal, 15 is okay but never, ever go over 20. When you reach twenty, divide into two 10 person groups, not counting children and start over, once again based on skill sets. Keep families intact at all cost. Isn’t that why we are fighting, for our families.

So I’ll boil it down. I do not believe that the united states of America will have any government greater than line of sight communities before three years after the fall. Community communication and coordination will begin around two to three years after the collapse and progress from there. At some point in time, after most of the bad guys are dead and it is safe to step in and PROTECT America from herself, we will be invaded by the latest bullies of the banksters. In a prolonged insurgency war, we Americans will win out over the sorry bastards sent against us. After that, we as a nation begin to rebuild based upon sound money and sound business practices. That’s it. Remember, opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one and they all stink, just some less than others. I know it stinks. I know it is not rosy, but is it REAL. Quien Sabe?

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  • MPB

    Well, as always Country Codger, you don’t mince words and this may be your most direct and finest work yet! I for one had envisioned a lot of this possibly happening at some not too distant future point already but, as always you put a clear line of vision on it all details. I Thank you immensely sir as I continue to prepare!

  • AgainstTheGrain

    I have been thinking about some of the things mentioned in this previously, and I now have a better understanding of what’s next. This is great read, thank you.

    p.s. that article about the constitutional dictatorship in March 1933 sounds very interesting. I look forward to reading it if you decide to write it.

  • Ben

    Man Codger…I thought I was pessimistic. You have me beat by a mile. There is a small part of me that thinks we might be able to salvage some parts of this great country and rebuild from there. At any rate, I think you are right on about the coming collapse. There will be A LOT of mayhem and distruction.

    I imagine a lot of death and destruction as well. I think after it is all over, we will be lucky to be left with 90 or 100 million. I agree with the idea of an invasion as well. I am not sure how successful it will be but I am certain it will happen. I could see a two pronged attack as you suggested. I could also the U.S. giving up portions of it’s coasts. Perhaps the 3 western states and a few on the Eastern half of the U.S. This would basically cut the country into thirds. A larger swath of the middle portion would be under U.S. control. Chinese occupation in the West and perhaps Russian occupation in the East. I am not so sure those two powers would work well together. There are some old Russo-Sino hatreds that go back a long way. That could be dicey. My uncle spent 20 years working in China for one of the alphabet agencies in the U.S. government and he knows full well about the relationship between Russia and China.

    I don’t even know where Alaska would fit into the picture either. Would they get takne over by the Russians? I cold also see us ceding some land to Mexico. I would hope that this does not happen in my lifetime but I am not so sure. I know this whole country would not fold, there are still a lot of individuals who care enough to die for it. And it might be quite a task for Russia or China. One nice thing about this country is that it has a lot of aquatic real estate on both sides of the continent. It’s a nice natural barrier and they make for some awfully long supply lines. I am sure they could be dissrupted. Time will tell I guess.

    Great post.

  • colin

    Invasion of USA, do u think the euro land will invade usa? Or perhaps the euro land would be in same boat as USA, cause i think ECB and FED are the same monstor. and EAST will blame usa and euro for there problems.

  • Country Codger

    Thanks guys for the great feedback.

    I am not a pessimist but rather a realist and I am basing my conclusions on having witnessed the implosion of 4 different nations and the after effects of a collapse in 2 others.

    All central banks are OWNED by a combination of the Barron, Warburg and Rothschild families thru one mechanism or another. But the reason that the European nations might attack is because the U.N. tells them to. Remember, the U.N. functions as the high sheriff in foreclosure. If enough claims are brought before the Bank of Interantional Settlements and judgements rendered against the US then the collection arm may go in to claim the assets. It was the collection of these debts that drove Germany into hyperinflation in 1920-22 and ultimately WWII. It was the collection of these casued Robert Mugabe to order the printing of money which caused the financial collapse of Zimbabwe.

    It will take some time to round up my notes on the hijacking of our government but you cannot deny it because it is a matter of CODE, not law. The U.S. Congress willingly ceded their authority to the president and the Supreme Court was later hijacked, I think 1937, after FDR stacked the court.

  • rainmaker

    Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was once quoted as saying– “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”.

  • MPB

    @ Country Codger – follow up, (forgot to mention this in my first post). Despite my own four years of research, Chris Duane’s (SS) excellent work as well as yours and many others excellent work on how we got to where we are and the massive train wreck we are headed for, I really would be interested in the article you mentioned under consideration, on FDR , 1933 and the Constitutional Dictatorship. I am sure that would be very informative to many. Please keep up the Great work! Thank you in advance!

  • steve williams

    The NEW WORLD ORDER sick s.o.b.are completely nuts.They use the military of our country to force in the new world order but at the same time purposely destroying our economy and building chinese economy to will end of fighting us.These families like the Rothschilds ,Rockafellers,Warburgs,lazard,Seifs among the others aRE EVENTUALLY SIGNING THEIR OWN DEATH WARRANTS.sO MUCH INNER MARRIAGES HAVE MADE THEM RETARDED.tHESE iDIOTS HAVE GIVEN AWAY OUR u.s. ADVANTAGES IN TRADE,MILITARY WHICH IS NATIONAL SUICIDE.tHEY HAVE OUTSOURSED OUR JOBS ESPECIALLY OUR MANUFACTURING JOBS WHICH IS UTTERLY STUPID.tHE rUSSIANS,cHINESE ARE LAUGHING THERE ASS OFF AT US.

  • Ben


    Pessimissim isn’t a bad thing.

  • rainmaker

    Dear Steve, you are obviously at the Anger stage. All you say is correct (more or less) and you have every right to be angry. While the Elite are evil, greedy, heartless sociopaths, as a society and group, are we not just as complicit (or even moreso) for allowing it, particpating in it and debating it? Do you suppose the butcher really cares if the sheep being led to slaughter complain amongst each other about the state of affairs just before going under the knife? I don’t think so. If you put a frog in boiling water, he will immediately jump out. If you put him in cool water in a pot with a minor amount of heat he will stay in it until it boils and he is cooked through. Sorry about all the animal analogies, but they are fitting because that is how the Elite treat humanity, as pawns and animals to be sacrificed at will. You have three more stages to get to before the water boils while the butcher is sharpening his knives (bargaining, depression and acceptance). Once you get to acceptance, you may begin to take actions, most of which you could never imagine you would carry out (and probably cannot even now). Its hard to ferret out the truth from the dialectic, but once you get there, things will become crystal clear.

  • Country Codger..as always-you tell it like it is……or as it looks pretty well to be, my friend.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Silver Eagle

    Your vision sounds very much like the dream that George Washington had (or rumored to have. He (or rumored to) dictated his dream or vision to a staff member during the war.

  • Thanks ever so much for sharing your wisdom, CC. Printing and filing :)

  • Rick

    This would make a good leed in for my suggestion of becoming organized. Perhaps Chris (or anybody) could create a site or link where we could click on our area and be connected to others with listed skills that may be helpful for a group. I know it would be much easier and better use of resources than me going around asking freinds and neighbors if they would like to be in my new “cool” group. As most of you have discovered, when you mention this stuff to people you get looked at like some wing nut. Not to mention this is not something you want to advertise. Last thing I need is a bunch of nay-sayers breaking down my door to get my supplies WTSHTF.

  • Agent047

    Great read country codger. Very valuable advice. I want to start work on forming my survival clan. Strength in numbers. Keep up the solid work.

  • Country Codger


    You young people are probably pretty comfortable with indirect dealings with people but it makes me a little nervous just to think about it. It is extremely difficult finding people who will understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Here in Texas many people are preparing but to a lot of tese folks it is a daily part of their lives.

    Back in July I stopped in Ft. Sumner New Meexico to pick up some parts and had a wonderrful conversation with the gentleman I was buying parts from and we got into a discussion about the economy. He promptly informed me that the entire town was preparing for the coming crisis. I say this to emphasis the fact that there are good people out there getting ready. There are jeks out there looking for people to prey upon. Please be careful but by all means PREPARE!!

  • Robbie Zombie

    Country Codger you are wrong about meat and constipation. If you switch to a meat diet after consuming all the harmful grains in our current diet, if may take 4 or 5 days for the body to adjust. After that our carnivorous digestive system will handle the meat fantastically, and pooping is how it is supposed to be, effortless elimination of dried stools. You won’t even have to wipe your a-hole. Raise the grains for your animals, they have 4 stomachs and other herbivore digestive stuff like that to handle it.

  • Country Codger

    Hi RZ,

    I can only speak for myself as for s the effect of one’s diet. One thing is for sure, don’t feed your livestock grain. Most livestock animals are not equipped to eat grain. Grain is hyped by modern corporate agriculture because it adds useless fat to the dressed carcase. Most birds are equipped to eat grain because they have gizzards, all except carrion birds which have guts like people.

    The thing about calling human carnivores is scientifically wrong because of the structure of the instestines. Carnivores have guts equal to 1.5 times the length of the animal carcase. Herbivores have guts equal to 3 times the length of the carcase if the are ruminants. Bears, pigs and humans, too are in the class of omnivores (Eatus anythingus maximus–Wiley coyote)who have guts twice the length of the carcase. If you ever saw my grandson eat you would know that humans should be classed withpigs.

    Most aboriginal groups that still maintain traditional diets of rich grains and nuts have no intestinal problems, whereas most industrialized nations have very high incidences of digestive problems, a lot of which is associated with stress. To a large degree the overall quality of the food, i.e. the lack of processing is the key regardless of what type diet you have. It probably accounts for the lack of digestive prblems among aboriginals as well. Processed grains and the addition of “preservatves” is taking a terrible toll on perople in western civilizations.

    Thanks forthe comment and keep preparing.

  • I love discovering Country Codger. Where can I go to read more of his writings. Personally, I am not a group person, nor is my husband. I do have family camping experience (large groups 10-100 persons). So, I imagine I can adapt. Intuitively, I feel that two family members would arrive here to our farm/rural farm house. Both are city sleckers – one a San Francisco Liberal. Dealing with with such a different personality type can be kind of hard. I get resentful hearing someone *itch, when the problem is on my dime. We are already helping to feed and assist one elderly neighbor (got him on food stamps, and LEAPE for utility help). This has taken lighten the financial burden on us. Long story short, I realize the need for many of the expertise types you outlined in the article, but doubt I will attract or want them all. I am attempting to get a notebook, and library of needed literature for reference material. I still do not have the hidden location developed here on the farm (a place to run to in the event of an emergency, since our home sits on the a main Highway). The hidden location/cache is still on my list. I have only been stocking up real seriously for just about 3 years. I spent the two years prior worrying about what to do and could not figure it out. A drunk artist friend visited with me one night, and helped me see the light for the direction I would now be on. I remain grateful to her.

    Great article Country Codger. You have balls! I do pretty good with my intuition. Your forecasts does not seem out of the park for me. The “civil like war” transition is troubling to consider, but possible. It does not hurt to be overly prepared. Personally, I think too many people still want free handouts, and will only support a new government that will give them that – Even after a “poop” deal goes official.

    Keep writing. Glad this article found its way to my email.
    Enjoy, TEss

  • Robbie Zombie

    The human digestive system has guts equal to 1.5 times the length of their body too. A man’s digestive system is almost identical to a dog’s not a sheep’s.


    The useless fat might be a way they have confused you — why are nuts so good? because they are high in fat.

    Lions, crocodiles, and humans (plains Indians) eat the liver first — nutrients and 50% fat content. If you are going into survival mode and cut the fatty bits out you ain’t gonna do so well.

  • Robbie Zombie

    @ Country Codger.

    But don’t take my word for it. Do 1-week of an all-meat diet, and see how the plumbing works — you will be surprised by not even being aware of that function anymore, and a number of other tangible noticeable health benefits.

    There is 3-4 days of adjustment and cravings, but just be sure to drink lots of clean water (non-fluoridated if you can).

    I’ve done many experiments on myself, including a total blood profile before and after a 3-month carnivorous diet. Blood cholesterol made a colossal improvement on the fat and meat diet — went from high risk to below low risk. Big pharma want sick people, no wonder they reversed the food pyramid.

  • Country Codger

    Hi RZ,

    I lived on meat for thirty years. I have always drank and continue to drink non-flourinated water and non-chlorinated water. After they cut 3 feet of impacted colon out of my body I learned to do things differently. That is why I said i can only speak for myself. Maybe you are different. Maybe everyone but me is a carnivore but I am not. I have moderated everythng in my life. Most of my meat now is fish and poultry. I hope you and all the other carnivores in the world can be happy as such, feasting on just meat. I can’t. I don’t won’t my gut cut open again to take out a bunch a dried meat. Sorry. I’m old and hard-headed. You can argue all you want but you won’t change my mind or my diet. Remember, moderation in all things. (Here is an alternate strategy. Go on a 30 day fast and go directly back on a meat diet. See how that works out. May be great for you, I don’t know, but it is not for me.)

    Have a great evening. And keep stacking and start packing (meat, vegetables, grains or whatever but start packing.)


  • Robbie Zombie

    Thanks CC, and although I’m not going to fast for 30 days right now (I might have to later on), I am taking a day off tomorrow to get some more supplies. Great article.

  • Prudentis

    Lol, Country Codger

    I like some of your articles but USA being invaded? By whom and for what purpose?
    You writing about the invasion of the US is only because you
    1. suffer from paranoia
    2. largely overestimate US’ worth for other countries
    3. don’t consider the ridiculous cost/benefit ratio
    4. underestimate the fact, that the rest of the world will also suffer after an american STHF scenario and will not have the means to invade the USA (even if there was a purpose for it)

  • Country Codger


    I hope you know I was joking about fasting and then start eating meat. That is the worse then you can do because your body stops producing digestive juices after the fourth day and that eliminates the hunger. When you feel hungry again your body is calling for nuurishment but you have to start slow with broth and juices (non sweet) for a few days Then move to thin soups and thick soups and then start slow into meats.

    WIth the spare tire (Michelin Radial X) I have right now i could probably last 40 days.


    In my world only the PAANOID survive. All the guys that just took strolls down the lane looking for bad guys that I know of are dead. Tell me what the strategic worth of Vietnam, Bosnia or Kosovo was? Gold? Diamonds? Oil? Nope. The were FORECLOSED on. The Globalist want 90% of us dead any way so war is the easiest way. You can kill all the people you want and they thank you while waving patriotic flags and shouting Remember the Alamo, or Remember the Maine, Remember Lusitania, RememberPearl Harbor, Remember the Gulf of Tonkin, Remember 911. See my point.

    What was the cost benefict ration of Vietnam or South Korea, or Bosnia? Do I have to go through then again. There is no cost bnefit ration. This is not accounting. It is mass murder.

    I am not unestimating what will happen to the rest of the world but it is precisely why Russia and China have stopped buying U.S. debt. It is precisely the reason that the Arab nations have started accepting the Renminbi in deals with china. They also accept Indian currency and Russian currency now. Something unheard of 5 years ago. It is also a reason that Germany is fprinting the D-mark again. It helps mitigate the fall of the dollar and the Euro.

    The world is not run by sane people but by super rich FREAKS. They are sociopaths who think nothing of killing a few billion people if they have to, to get what they want which is domination, not just power but total domination. None of this sh*t makes sense but is according to their plan and they a 7.62 between the eyes. Their day will come.

    Thanks for your feedback and get prepared. Prices go up everyday, and soon 9-12 mos., it will be even more difficult to pack and stack. Good luck to you and yours.


  • Prudentis

    CC, actually none of your points contradicts my obesrvations.
    I agree with many of your points, like the current system having wars quasi built into it.
    It still doesn’t make sense to invade the USA.
    Is it some kind of kathartic reaction by aware Americans, that you see yourselves being invaded. For all the wars the US forced upon the Middle East? you think you somehow are up for retribution or the like? A real terrorist attack … maybe, but who can tell them apart from false flag ops nowadays? I sure can’t.
    Guys, you are still on the other side of the oceans for us europeans and even further away for Chinese and russians. Those being pretty much all the forces even remotely, theoretically able to pose a threat to the US …
    And then you still have by far the largest nuclear arsenals …
    This is ridiculous.

    And face it … you really do not need foreign invasions to f**k up your country. I think the possibility of intern turmoils of warlike proportions are much more likely than foreign invasions. In the end they have the potential for much worse outcomes (aside from nuclear responses) because of the morale hit. Aforeign invasion in the US would be like aliens attacking the world. A collective clingin together in the face of a common enemy …
    No, no, no. No elitist powers will make it that easy on you.

    So there you have it. All your warnings and preparations may still be reasonable. But do not look overseas for the most terrible threats to your country!

    And one more thing.
    We here in Germany are NOT printing the Deutsche Mark. Trust me.
    I wish we were.
    If you have solid evidence, and I mean rock SOLID, then point me to it. But I doubt you have more than hearsay (which is a pitty :( )

  • Prudentis

    Oh and CC … you do realise, that after three or four days of fasting the body not only burns fat but also starts to attack your muscles and even bones?
    I would be very careful suggesting radical fasting without supervision.

    In my opinion and self-tested experiance, the best method to lose weight and gain fitness in preparation for tougher times is to reduce the calories per day to a few hundred under your daily need, (depending on your weight, gender and age, in my case -500 is the maximum) reducing the number of meals to two or three, not eating late, eating variably (fat, carbonhydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins, etc. in a good mix) and of course regular sports.

    You can lose about 10kg (22lbs) in about six months while continuing to live very healthily and for most, even healthier then they use to normally :)

    A woman would need longer, since they normally need less calories and weigh less so shouldn’t reduce as much as men.

    This is by the way the only working, healthy and lasting way of losing weight :)

  • Country Codger

    Hey Prudentis,

    If you are in Germany give me your input on these articles. I would like to think the Germans are too hard working and too thrifty to stay in such a failed pipe dream as the Euro. At some point the German people will get tired of bailing out the rest of Europe. Anyway, tell me what you think of these. Appreciate it.



    There are numerous articles but the all seem to boil down to the the statements of Phillipa Malmgren. I hope that the Germans leave the Euro and continues on by itself. It is a powerhouse nation and doesn’t need any of the others. If Germany allows Merkel to make these deals then Germany will be in almost as bad a position as the US.

    Good luck and God bless. We live in dnagerous time but we also live in exciting times, just get ready for the ride.



  • You know those 99%ers out there? Well, that’s about how many Americans are totally clueless about what’s coming, so they would likely call you, and me, a paranoid nut case. But those of us (.002%?) who’ve been watching for a long time can see the pieces being moved into place. And you’re right, they don’t care who’s watching or who knows what’s going to happen when. (Ooh, the elite let the cat out of the bag!)

    The plan has been in place for a long time and you’re not in it. But try telling that to the 99% glued to an image of America as the spotless white knight of the world. All those baubles, bangles and Walmart beads dangled before us have done the trick. It works every time as history points out. So the 99% are hooked, just as planned, on illusions of everlasting wealth, grandeur and progress, even as they’re being kicked out of their homes.

    I lived in Houston when Hurricane Rita forced the evacuation of millions of people, which isn’t quite true. TPTB mandated the evac; the hurricane never did hit Houston. It was a big test to see how it would go. It didn’t go well as the gas ran out and people got stuck on freeways for hours. I bring this up because of something I saw during a newscast of this evacuation. It was a very long convoy of white troop trucks, with heads poking out the back flaps like in war movies, heading north through Texas from Mexico. Some reporter commented that these were Mexican troops coming to the aid of hurricane victims. I never saw the news clip again and couldn’t locate it in any search.

    When the big poop hits the fan, they will come oozing out of those underground cities (bases) the 99% know nothing about (because it just couldn’t happen in America!), like swarms of Darth Vader-clad cockroaches, and nothing will stop them. This is part of the killing machine that’s been built while the rest of the nation has snoozed in their Lay-Z-Boy recliners. Mercenaries, from every part of the globe, mind controlled, armed to the canines with weapons even Gene Roddenberry couldn’t imagine are ready and waiting for the word. This is not your grandmother’s America anymore. So enjoy it while you can.

    And, for the handful who are reading this, you are at least aware. So you know that this is not the time to be bringing a child into the world.

  • Prudentis

    Hey CC,

    I will read the articles and give you my assessment but for now let me tell you, that most Germans never even wanted the Euro.
    And yes, many Germans would love to see the D Mark reintroduced.
    The probelm is firstly the current ruling elite, which does anything to prevent the Euro from collapsing even to the extent, that they want to pass the ESM in 2012, a system of open end bailouts for the Euro. If you don’t know the ESM, you should read the texts. They are frightening from the point of view of normal “Main Street” Germans. Here the original text:

    I would like for you to focus on Articles:
    8.1, 8.4, 9.3, 10.1, 21 and 27
    The rest is also relevant so if you have the time read the whole thing.

    Now see, there is only a very little opposition for this thing in the german parlament and this is very scary. Most peaple in the streets don’t even know that such a thing looms in the distance.

    And there is a second thing, why the Germans won’t do a single handed withdrawal of the Euro and it is based on history. There is still a very stron feeling of guilt for WW2 and responsibility for the help the Germans got after WW2. After all they were not left allone but received massive help and were so enabled to become one of the main economic forces in the world. Regarding France, for example, no german mainstreem politician would dare to go against france. It is wired into the national psyche and only leaving it slowly with the current generations.

    What is silently being discussed is a kind of north/south split of the Euro. Italy, Greece, Spain, … the weaker Euro participants would get the south euro and the northern euro countries the north Euro.
    It is not yet broadly discussed but got attantion even in mainstream media (ARD)

    The most prominent poponent of the NEuro and SEuro is Hans-Olaf Henkel (I think he started the debate) and he is a very prominent figure in Germany being the ex- chairman of the BDI (German Industry Chamber)
    IF he reassesses his position on France, this might actually get very interesting. I allready got a hint from another source, that it might be a good idea to only keep Euro bills with the code X as this is the German NZB code (national central bank code) Those are the numbers on the upper right corner on the note.

    Hope this helps and I will come back on the topic once I have read the articles you posted

  • Prudentis

    OK I have followed those articles and they are no hard facts.
    the sentence is:
    “[…] I think they have already got the printing machines going […]”
    Notice the I THINK

    I will however try to find german sources on that matter. stay tuned :)

  • Country Codger


    99.9% of Americans have no basic understanding of how vitally important it would be if Germany is or about to print the D-Mark. I have heard Bob Chapman say several times they Germany was printng the D-Mark and he said he heard rumors France was printing Francs. I want to believe it but I think it is too good to be true. Let me know what you find out.


    And the radio announcer says “OMNIWOMAN the crimefighter who is everywhere fighting crime.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t help that. That is just the crazy way my brain works, when it does work.

    No, I know exactly what you mean. The little town I live in is 120 miles North of Houston, and 10 miles off of I-45. It is also smack dab on Hwy 39 an alternate evac. route out of Houston. Had it not been for the fact that we had a garden and a year’s worth of food we quite possibly would have gone hungry. Our town was wiped clean, like locust in a wheat field. Everything was stripped from store shelf’s and all the gas and diesel were sold out. Luckily I had about 1000 gallons of clean cooking oil so I could run my truck and tractor.

    Our saviors, FEMA, brought in several trucks loaded with water and ice and only one truck of MRE’s. After everyone tried a meal or two I went around picking the cases of MRE’s out of the trash and took them to New Mexico.

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. Keep stacking and keep PREPPING.


  • Prudentis


    the rumors of the D-Mark being printed started in 2010 probably with the notorious German gold bug Eichelmann. I have found a few articles.
    I have read many very alarmistic predictions from him and his “sources” always are “insiders” and “inside knowledge” … yeah sure.
    I have yet to see a prediction he makes come true. He preaches gold taking off like a rocket, so this might actually work out for him, but he is you typical all time doomsayer. If you walk all your life predicting a crises, there is a big chance you will have some right.

    As to Germany leaving the Euro … I found no hard evidence that anything like this is seriously being considered. There might be plans for a Euro meltdown (hopefully there are) but just “printing the D-Mark” is not something the German government can just do like this.
    It cost us about 20 billion Euros to switch the economy to the Euro so it is not an act easily done overnight. There would be more than just whispering if something was really going on.
    I have read some articles considering scenarios of a New Deutsche Mark, what it would mean for the economy and how and when it could happen.
    In the long run, it would be the best thing for Germany. But a German solo attempt to exit the Euro is just fantasy. It would tear the Eurozone apart and destroy it. The switch to an independent currency will only happen after a Euro and Dollar collapse, and not before.
    If you followed the media coverage on euro politics, you would know what die-hard proponent of the Euro Merkel is. You will be hard pressed to find a more indecisive politician in Europe but considerng the Euro she is rock solid.

  • brian

    For those of you taking this article seriously and preparing.. If you are looking for an extreme long range rifle that will do everything. The 338 lapua mag is the way to go. I went to an extreme long range rifle class with barrett .416. The 338 was hitting targets that my barrett was out to 1955 yards.
    It did it with far less sound, recoil and cost per round.Accuracy was also better or just as good. You need lots of expensive equipment to hit targets that far out but when you have enough of our poplulation equiped and trained in this type of shooting the USA will be just fine.

  • Some interesting reading.

    @Rick: I wouldn’t trust anyone off the internet. In order to make contacts you need to get out to places where like minded people meet. And to try to be too friendly at first otherwise people may think you are a fed.

    Also get out to a Project Appleseed shoot. Most people on survival sites think they know how to shoot. Unfortunately that is not the case. Have you ever heard of Natural Point of Aim? How about using a sling to help build a stable shooting position? Do you practice shooting standing, sitting, and prone? If not get your rear out to an Appleseed. And it won’t break the bank. Women, under 21, military, and police are free.

    You might meet some life long friends at an Appleseed.


  • Country Codger


    Thanks for researching this for me. It was a bit obvious that all the US articles cited one person who was a former staffer in an administration that was pure EVIL. Had this been true the implications would have been phenomenal.


    Thanks for you feedback on the .338Lapua and the .416 Barrett. I have fired the Barrett 82A in 50BMG. The recoil was very manageable because of the gas operated cycling. The problem is that at 1000 yds I average 4 hits in 10 shots. I can do this with a.308, 30-06 and I can also get a teeny tiny better on the .303. (My Enfield is a true sniper grade rifle from the Korean era and when I found it it was still in cosmolene.) But my biggest problem is that because of Agent Orange exposure I have several problems resulting from it and I have noticed a slight tremble in my hands. Naturally this affects my accuracy. I am still dead on with iron sights at 400 yards on all my rifles.

    I encourage people with the skill to shoot long range get with Brian and get his input on the .338 Lapua.

    Good comments folks.

    Good luck and God Bless you all.


  • Prudentis

    I will keep looking for more info on the Euro / DMark thing and let you know if anything strange comes to my knowledge.

    Wow 1000 yards … I envy you guys :)
    I don’t even know of any long ranges here in Germany. As a hunter I have access to firearms but the standard ranges here are max 100m (109.3 yards)
    And I only have experience shooting .222, .223 and 30-06 on my rifles.
    Are you shooting those long ranges in prone position? The normal hunter shooting here is done in a sitting position, standing (with the rifle and left arm against a pole) and standing freehand.

  • Gareth

    I hope that you’re wrong about the rapid depopulation, CC, but cannot provide any evidence to counter your opinion.

    Thanks for telling it as it is – I can be waaaayyy too optimistic at times, and it’s important I get the odd reality check.

    Who the fuck would try and invade the US though? That’s the only part I cannot ‘see’ myself. Cut-off, sanction, intimidate out of N.Africa, yes, but actually invade the US? I dunno……

  • Country Codger


    When I shoot long range I am usually sitting but I also do employ the old shooting stick that the buffalo hunters used for their shooting. Sharps rifles used to come with a factory made shooting stick. I try to not use anything elaborate for shooting because combat shooting is usually in very adverse circumstances. I have shot (target shooting) in the rain, snow, heat (I hate heat. I have a disease called Reynaud’s disease and my hands swell up in the heat and are covered with wartslike blisters.) any condition you can think of.


    I hope and pray everyday that I will be wrong but my stupid military training keeps me planning for the worst and hoping for the best. So I have to plan for the worst. Imagine any country losing 1/2 to 2/3’s of their population. They will be sitting ducks especially if they have no central government.

    I hope I am wrong but what happens if I’m right and you didn’t prepare for the worst? Could be nasty, buddy. Oh, did you check into the “wristrocket” style slingshot? They really are good for small game. A lot of folks use marbles. Back when I was running the pistol range at Ft. Ord, Calif. I use to sift through the sand in the backstop and pull our fired .45 slugs. These are lethal on medium sized game. A head shot will kill a man if well placed. You can buy bullet molds and cast your own bullets. You might try black powder bullet molds and look for a .45 cal ball mould. Re-use printer’s plates if you can find them, lead sheeting off of old homes or wheel weights.


  • Gareth

    Hi CC.

    I totally agree about the preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I’ve even managed to get family members to stock-up on food with the idea of sudden snow preventing them getting food in winter. I know it’s a ‘white lie’, but as long as they’re stocking tins of food, they’ve got a chance when the euro implodes…..probably stage one for use this side of the pond.

    Not got everything yet, but printed off some of your links and will check them out this weekend probably. I’ve got the brickbat prepared, knives, and i’ve upped some physical training – mainly tai chi. I do need some projectile device though. Have you ever used a black widow catapult? If so, are they any good?

    The ‘worst’ I see is 1340’s era collapse. Countries/nations obviously didn’t exist at that time, but there were realms and the vatican was powerful. Usury practitioners went bust causing massive collapse and a massive depopulation in minor wars, disease etc. I do doubt any country will be in a position to invade a land mass like the US. I do ‘see’ warlords emerging in various parts of the world though…..which is basically the same thing. Someone told me that the currency in the late 1300s was………….people, i.e. literal slaves.

    Good Luck, and your military training is a massive asset that serves you well, buddy.

    As always, my respect, and peaceful wishes,

  • Gareth


    I can get to this place fairly easily, and pay in cash. They’ve slingshots and ammo. Any of them decent?


  • Prepared...

    Excellent article…I am an ex Major USAF and observed so much criminal actions…This has been the land of the Sheeple,…slaved not free, and anesthetized to forget what the word brave is.

    Prior planning prevents piss poor performance. I am an optimist by nature and have had two near death experiences where I consciously conscious went through the tunnel of white light with my light body eternal to three levels higher and consciously conscious choose to return.

    The end of the Mayan Calendar is this Friday, October 28th, 2011; not Winter Solstice 2012. The real world’s expert is http://www.calleman.com his last article is excellent.

    From Higher levels…we are moving from the 4th Dimension (3D + Time= 4D) into the 5th Dimension. …the Imaginable realm where all dreams come true….

    Perhaps mind over matter is not just a catchy phrase….

    The realities CC has shared IS based on truth and facts…AND,…focus on the positive dreams too…prepare for the worse…love based out of love for you and your family…

    Perhaps,…soon it is the end of the old ways….the lies exposed….real change evolves and humanity stops pooping in their pants…LOL eventually a toddler comes to dislike poop in their diaper.:-)

    Cold fusion has been realized but with held in order to dominate, manipulate and control…. soon it will surface… via morphogenic learning….

    Two of my favorite movies are The Patriot and Braveheart by Mel Gibson…that says it all….

    Be prepared…. sadly most Americans have their heads in the sands of apathy and ignorance…a deadly combo which always leads to violence.

    I live my life by…”Create as much fun and successes with harm to none,…don’t trespass on another spiritual/ physical sovereign’s life, liberty or property….

    When trespassed upon ( as we live in a free will reality) If I don’t win in the courts ( no longer use attorneys); I will defend my life, my loved ones on other battlefields….

    For Freedom, Love and Peace….Prepared.

  • Merezhkovsky

    I see a somwhat different situation. Obviously nation states are sock puppets. Transnational elites do exist, have existed, and shall continue to exist. All revolutions since the English Revolution have been Masonic. Consider : the Glorious Revolution brought in the Bank of England; the American one was inspired in Masonic lodges; the French Revolution Masonic; Garabadi was a Mason; The Confederacy saw her Vice President as a agent for the Rothschilds;
    the Chinese Revolution had substantial support from secret societies and Masons; Mao’s revolution can be presumed to be result of his Yale in China education; the Mexican Revolution was also Masonic; the Bolsheviks had financing from German bankers and H.G. Wells loved the outcome; Hitler financed by Wall Street. So in brief the objective is One World State. By any means necessary.

    The United States is already part of the SPP with Canada and Mexico. Most probably the USA can split up and then re-Federate into the NAU. I highly doubt anyone invades. However the collapse issue is quite real-I think likely 1/3d dead in two years. Again, part of the removal of the herd.

  • Country Codger


    You’ll get no argument from me.

    Does anyone remember reading the Alexander Hamilton’s wife was a distant kin of the Rothschild? It would be fitting since he proposed the First central bank in America.


  • Davidus Romanus

    US invaded? Don’t make me laugh. There aren’t enough ships in the world to carry the millions of troops and their supplies to our shores. Yes, we are in for some real trouble, but it won’t be that. And by the way, under martial law, all communications not licensed by the gov’t will be illegal, so you better keep your ham or cb radio silent until the gov’t totally goes away or else you’ll be in the bunk next to mine in the FEMA camp.

  • Country Codger


    I thought I made it clear that this was “after” the Crunch. You need 1. Read history because we sent millions of men and supplies across the Atlantic, twice, in ships much smaller than the Chinese have now, in the 20th Century. 2) Go to the Panama Canal Zone. The Chinese are already massing in Central America. Then check the Chinese container port in Mexico. Chinese troops are massing there. You can poo poo it all you want but that doesn’t change reality. It can happen. Will it? Who knows? Hope it doesn’t, but it can.


  • […] Your article is precisely on point in your descriptions of how the “groups” must operate and how the population will break down in the beginnings of the fall.  One can tell that you walk the walk.  You are truly valuable to many. […]

  • […] Your article is precisely on point in your descriptions of how the “groups” must operate and how the population will break down in the beginnings of the fall. One can tell that you walk the walk. You are truly valuable to many. […]

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